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Searching for a Forex Trading System that does what it claims? Then...

"The Hidden Truth About FAP Turbo: Is It Genuinely Conceivable To Make Money On Autopilot With A Forex Robot?"

If you have been searching for a Forex trading system, or even hunting for some way to make good money from the internet, then FAP Turbo may have cut across your path earlier. Now it's time to do a real test if all those bold assurances on their sales page for the truth...


In today’s time squeezed & recession hit society, increasingly people are searching different ways to make an extra income without sacrificing any more of their time.

It’s no surprise that automated income methods are becoming increasingly popular…but how come a lot of people are also getting conned at the same time.

One way to such assurances of near automated money is through Forex trading.

Forex trading isn't exactly a fresh concept …it’s been making people disgustingly rich for decade after decade.

The wonderful thing about the Forex (Foreign Currency Exchange) is that it will exist forever and will hold the potential to earn great income forever.

Add to that the arise of internet aaccess over the past decade, and you've a genuinely exciting chance to participate, without being forced to be “in the club”. Education or your experience does not matter in Forex trading.

All the same, such moneymaking opportunities certainly come with their set backs…

Firstly, like in any trading method, there's the incapacitating problem of bad money management in Forex trading. Many a wise trader have sacrificed their financial futures due to miserable money management. Whether it's a cash flow issue or not being able to identify a “get out point” or just plain greedy, bad money management skills are always a trader’s disturbing nightmares.

And then we have the immense array of complicated trading schemes. As a new entrant, it appears almost as if Forex trading is planned to appear as complicated as imaginable so that “you and me” can’t make it on the real action scene.

There are a lot of Forex strategies to approach Forex trading that makes numerous people feel as if they need to learn them all themselves or pay up a fortune for a wise man to cover their back and teach them the ropes.

May be a great idea, but for those of us who are time starved and even more starved on budgets, hiring a wise man or mentor is out of question.

Even, If you have overcome these two hurdles, then you will have to face the dreaded “Emotional Override”!. Your emotions, insecurities, restlessness, rational thoughts, logic and the creeping paranoia, all kick in and make you back down of a trade right at the crossroads where you should've been counting wads of cash.

Almost all traders go through this trouble and that's why the savvy trading guru on Wall Street will tell you: “The most authoritative skill you can have as a Forex trader is a firm mindset”.

But still, the idea of trading in the Forex market attracts many people and they think it's easy, but it’s not…and the training costs a lot:

Most Forex trading software costs about $1000 and that’s without any guarantees or support. Many such services are meant for folks who already know the ropes; but nothing actually caters for a “newbie” Forex trader, specially not in terms of the Forex robot trading method.

The truth is, many such Forex services out there in reality are scams too, with irregular services that accept your trading deposits and then abruptly vanish, leaving you in the cold. Some of these firms reappear again as a new new organization days later!

Still , with all the problems floating around, we were curious to know if there's any truth in the automatic Forex trading software - FAP Turbo that claim to resolve all of the above troubles of limited time, skills, lack of experience and mindset to eventually stash away our own small piece of the global Forex market from our living rooms.

Why did we chose to test and review FAP Turbo?

We came across a large number of people reporting about FAP Turbo on blogs, forums and in many articles. And that's when we felt that this software might be worth a shot.

Initially we were very sceptical, thanks to all of the scams, cheapjack systems and exorbitant costs often involved. But this FAP Turbo system appeared to be made for a beginner – at a cost that deserved taking the plunge on.

What will be revealed to you in this review?

You’ll be shown what really happens after you buy and exactly what happens behind the scenes.

After going through this review, you’ll be clear whether FAP Turbo is something for you or not. And finally, whether you will make money from your living room or not.

Go through these real tests done on FAP Turbo software and then you can arrive at a clear and balanced view on, whether this Forex trading software is worth your time and your investment.



S. Kumar
FAP Turbo
Review Date:
Friday 10th of April 2020

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Main FAP Turbo software
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Member’s Forum
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Lifetime Customer Support Presents...

FAP Turbo, as you know by now, is a Forex trading robot that automatically trades on your behalf the foreign exchange market.

The principle behind a Forex trading robot such as FAP Turbo is that you do not need to spend the entire day exploring for your trades and perhaps picking duds and losing trades.

Although no Forex trading robot can forecast or deliver 100% success rate (if they imply that, then they're lying to you!), the entire rationale of FAP Turbo is in removing the hard work involved, time spend and bulk of the risk in Forex trading.

It's like  you've a little side kick fellow worker hunting down all the most profitable trades happening around the world, via just an internet connection. Presents...

While we found the sales page hyped up and bearing down (and a little unprofessional design too) we chose to go ahead and cut direct to the order link.

Once inside the FAP Turbo’s membership site after buying, the layout and steps involved seem jolly clear and easy to follow.

You need to take 5 basic essential steps to get your Forex machine up and running. A few of these steps looked scary at first, but none of these 5 steps are complicated or confusing. It’s simply a case of setting up diverse accounts, optional extras, and installing the actual software itself.

Step 1 has some pleasant surprises like where you're informed to set up a brokerage (statutory requirement). The FAP Turbo bozos have done a deal with a hand picked brokerage firm so that you become eligible for $500 landing in your account when you’ve begun making a few trades…A good start!

The video tutorial makes the entire step very simple.

The 2nd step is the software installation itself. Once again, very easy to do as the full process is automated similar to installing any other regular program on your computer. Plus the video tells you what to do if you run into hiccups (generally you won't need to see them).

The 3rd step guides you to get your Forex trading system up and running and set up to your specific needs. Here you can set up a demonstration account (which they advocate) so that you can practice trading without actual money. This demo account helps you to understand how well your system works. Now that’s something great and appealing huh?!

What is left is just to activate your account in real and use the system when you are ready. The entirel software system is secured from piracy. Once again, easy stuff here particularly with the video tutorials.

Finally, Step 5 discusses using a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to run your software. VPS empowers you to run the software utilizing a remote server. This empowers your Forex Robot  to be online all day long and trade even when you are off line!

Imagine it like a protected computer that runs all the time. The main advantage of VPS is that your software will never, ever miss any profitable & lucrative trades because you're disconnected from the internet.

We should also tell you that a little extra cost is implied for using VPS…around the tune of $70 or so per month. Although not required, we promptly discovered that utilizing one will have substantial benefit when you begin actually making money from your trades (i.e. once you learn the ropes with your demo account). Presents...


During testing, what took us by surprise is that the proprietors of FAP Turbo really document their own progress week after week by video! The final result* of their automatic trades with the FAP Turbo software are recorded on video for everyone to see and fully proven to demonstrate how powerful the FAB Turbo system is.

Here are some of their such recorded videos

Strictly speaking, we’ve used the demo account for over a week and it does makes money. Period. Certainly, there were a couple of losses and dips which sort of frightened us, but if you simply allow it to get on and trade for at least a couple of days, you should see your trades level out and start making profits.

Under a week, we weren't exactly rich…but we made nearly $217 pure profit! Consider, it was a test and with NO work (minus the set up costs), it’s a truly stimulating deal.

Of course, you need to account the costs of set up, membership and the little sum that we already invested to start trading ($90 to be exact), but it's minimal counting the potential income one can pull in an entire month. Presents...

Understandably, this is an automated money system aimed directly at starters who either don’t know or care to learn the complexness of Forex trading. While anyone can effectively capitalise on this, it is a perfect bet for beginners who simply want someone else to trade their money for them and to get countable results. FAP Turbo is exactly that. Your companion in Forex trading.

Moreover, if your time is precious (like each of us) then this service is an apt solution! It takes out the complicatedness of Forex trading as well as totally automates your trading so that you don’t spend more than 15 minutes per calendar week checking your profits and earnings. Nice. Presents...

The extra costs to actually needed to make the most out of the system was a put off initially.

First, as named earlier on, the VPS choice which is, actually more of an essential if you really want to make the most money and squeeze the most out of your investment.

While, it’s only about $70, you're absolutely free to run your own VPS. You don't have to use the one they advise inside the member’s area.

Secondly, in spite of all the hoopla and wild lays of claim of untold wealth, the fact is that like any type of trading system you'll have to to put more money in to see greater returns.

Although the returns appear more stable and consistent applying the FAP Turbo trading system, you’ll only make good income when you're investing into the funnel.

Most starters will be more than happy to place $150 in to test the water every week, but do not expect life changing amounts to come drifting in over night.

Anyways, you must remember that there are some fees to be paid in the entire system which will cut into your profits.

However, having said that…

When you achieve a comfy level of consistent profits every month, you can well start placing greater amounts into your brokerage account to draw greater rewards. However, there's no such thing as a totally risk free system. There’s a nagging feeling that we could lose money and put additional money in to keep the ball rolling (but that’s an adventure with any trading system). Presents...

No doubt, the effectiveness of FAP Turbo trading software is second to none. While, many so called Forex solutions exists out there, we're yet to find one so affordable and simple to use as FAP Turbo.

Surely, it may take some days to get habituated to the software but when you follow the step by step video tutorials, it becomes easy to tap into an astonishing system to earn wealth automatically. All the videos are professionally made so that anyone can follow them quite easily.

True, some money will be lost but from the tests we’ve carried out, there's no denying that your profit will grow as you continue to trade on a regular basis. (However, this could be low if you don’t use the VPS choice as your trades will be disrupted as you log offline each night).

Moreover, we were highly impressed with the committed support provided inside the membership area. Additionally, you also get to access member’s only forum and a host of specific support telephone numbers for your different kinds queries.

These support back up is something that most other Forex trading services simply do not bother with. But the FAB Turbo guys definitely gives you that reassurance and it's indeed the real address here. Presents...



Like in real life, there's no way that making money is 100% guaranteed to fall into your lap every time. Just like the ordinary $1000 Forex systems that fundamentally do the same thing that FAP Turbo does, good days and bad days can be expected.

The hidden secret behind automated trading is that by allowing a robot to trade for you, there will be lower chance of you jump in early through fear or procrastination. These traders lose their shirt here, since they let their emotions or instincts rule their money rather than logic.

With a trading robot like FAP Turbo, your money is invested where it should be and the trades don’t stop on a whim or fancy because “you had a bad feeling”.

Surely, you'll be able to cancel the robot’s actions at anytime. But, by allowing it do its magic for a week or two (to start with), you’ll see where the 10 years of testing that went into the making of FAP Turbo system bares fruits.

If you’re searching for a sure and comprehensive guide to Forex trading from the bottom up, then save your money. On the contrary, if you’re a busybodied individual who is obsessed on the thought of making money without working hard for it, and on a tight budget to get the ball rolling (can be less than $100), then

FAP Turbo is one among the few Forex trading robots we’d recommend…

…not only because it is way down cheaper than the other expensive software trading programs, but it is also backed up with a solid customer support, proof that it works and a full money back guarantee for 60 days...

FAP Turbo Summary
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Overall Rating:
Quality Of Content
9 /10
Easy To Use
7 /10
Value For Money
8 /10
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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S. Kumar
FAP Turbo
Review Date:
Friday 10th of April 2020

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