The most effective marketing tool of its kind...

A Simple, Beautiful, Effective, Sales
Magnet That Grabs Your Visitors' Pleasant Attention and Demands


And Makes Them BUY...

Fly-in Ads CreatorThere has been a MAJOR change on the internet that has cost internet marketers millions (maybe billions) of dollars.

Today we bring you a solution to correct this shift (hence losses), or you risk losing out on thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars.

Like most internet users, you've probably come across web "pop-ups". Don't you hate them when they pop all over your computer with so many windows you can hardly shut them down?

So how do these internet marketers expect to intrude my privacy like this, annoy me, then expect me to buy whatever they are selling on these "pop-ups"?

Why is it that so many ISPs have come up with more and more aggressive methods of blocking these "pains in the neck"?

But still you find more and more marketers are using them...

The reason is that "pop-ups" CAN be very effective and very profitable tools if used properly.

Fly-in Ads Creator is a friendly, "layer" that is not blocked by pop-up blockers

It has such captivating effectiveness that it closes sales for you and skyrockets prospect subscription every time.

Dear Internet marketer,

I have seen quite a variation of these tools, and have had a share of their good and bad side. But I thought none of them offered what "I" wanted.

You see, I put myself and my needs first as a customer or internet surfer. I then imagine all my customers would like to have what I'd like to have.

It was with these unique needs in mind that I decided to create a product that would fulfil these unique internet marketers' needs, at the same time not annoy their potential customers by imposing themselves to their potential customers, but rather provide more effective sales and prospect capture.

...And of course, not get blocked by "pop-up blockers". After all , what use are your ads if your prospects cannot see them?

And so I created Fly-in Ads Creator

Fly-in Ads Creator is a "secret weapon" for creating wildly successful online campaigns that will boast staggering conversion rates. The reason internet marketers are buzzing about this wonderful tool is because it fulfills their marketing needs like no other. When you install Fly-in Ads Creator on your web site:

Floating ads Grabs your visitor's pleasant attention It will grab your visitor's pleasant attention

flying ads are effective It will have an appealing effect on your visitors' psyche

hover ads capture attention It will always demand INSTANT attention - comes with a choice of unique creative designs that capture attention

Slide-Over ads close sales It will close sales for you

Slide-Over ads close sales It will skyrocket prospect subscription for later follow-up giving you the opportunity to close sales later

Slide-Over ads close sales It will not be blocked by pop-up blockers

If you are not using Fly-in Ads Creator on your web site, then you are losing money.

Fly-in Ads Creator is VERY easy to create and implement on your web site.

Some people call them Slide-Over ads, hover ads, sliding ads, flying ads, floating ads, or slide-in ads, etc. The only difference is that Fly-in Ads Creator technology is so effective it's like having a LIVE salesman that closes your sales for you on your web site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fly-in Ads Creator is quickly becoming a Must Have little gem is meant for every serious internet marketer with a drive to make money online. It's no common "Pop-Up", but a POWERFUL sales tool whose commanding instant attention is impossible to ignore, yet so pleasant that it BEGS your visitors into ACTION.

Since we started using Fly-in Ads Creator on our web sites, our subscription rate has gone up by as much as 300%. Don't forget, on a lot of our web sites, we still used to have pop-ups, but their effectiveness had obviously long ceased.

Employ this wonderful gem affectively and watch it catapult your sales, affiliate commissions, and prospect subscription sky-high overnight.

Quite literally, Fly-in Ads Creator puts money in your bank


Imagine employing a simple, pleasant tool on your web site that takes like 5 minutes to implement, and it closes a sale with almost EVERY person who visits your web site. Even while you sleep! If used effectively, this HYPNOTIC technology will make any web site sell products like CRAZY! Fly-in Ads Creator penetrates the clutter and commands ACTION.

Ever wondered why your web site always seems to receive visitors, yet barely makes any sales?

Ever wondered why you seem to get scanty sales only when you "promote" heavily? Then everything stops when you go to sleep?

The key is ATTENTION

The key to turning your web site into a "cash cow" is to GRAB your visitor's attention. And make them take ACTION (e.g. BUY). "Pop-Ups" will annoy them, and and force your visitors to close your web page, never to return. Fly-in Ads Creator literally pleasantly freezes your prospects right on their tracks and gets them to act on your sales message NOW!

And make you money!

Suppose you use "Pop-Ups" in your marketing campaigns. We know they have been quite successful internet marketing tools. Unfortunately they have lost their popularity and usefulness with time:

Here are some hard facts about "Pop-Ups"

:-( They annoy your prospects

:-( They rarely convey the desired message

:-( They are intrusive to your prospects

:-( They turn your prospects off!

:-( They are blocked by Pop-Up blockers...

...and easily turn Internet Marketers' dreams into a nightmare

The sad truth is that almost everyone offers Pop-Up blockers. The once incredibly profitable tool for internet marketers is now slowly becoming a dream. Here are some amazing numbers from the most popular services that offer Pop-Up blockers:

  • Google toolbar - target: 300 million monthly surfers
  • Alexa toolbar - target: 10 million users
  • AOL 8.0 - target: 35 million subscribers
  • Earthlink - target: 5 million customers
  • Netscape - target: 52 million users
  • Other Pop-Up blockers - target: very high ...Just search "Pop up" on google; most of the results are for Pop-Up blockers.
  • Internet Explorer SP2 - target: Almost every internet user!


So who in the world sees your ads any more if you still use Pop-Ups?


Fly-in Ads Creator is NOT blocked by Pop-Up Blockers

Fly-in Ads Creator is NOT a Pop-Up. It is actually loaded as a layer on your web page, so it cannot be blocked. And it comes in a variety of many beautiful very effective variations guaranteed to close sales for you.

We all know that TIMING is everything. Any advertising tool needs to appear at just exactly the right time, when your prospect is in the right state of mind to receive it! You can time Fly-in Ads Creator to appear immediately the web page is loaded, or delay it to any number of seconds

Every design of Fly-in Ads Creator comes with a timer that allows you to control when you want the popup to appear. This gives your prospects some time to read the first few lines of your sales letter... then Fly-in Ads Creator slides gracefully with your action message.

Its like reading your prospect's mind... and telling them EXACTLY what they want to hear.

This tool can explode your conversions beyond anything you've experienced before. It's carefully designed to turn their website traffic into pure Gold.

I'm so confident that you'll Fly-in Ads Creator will make a significant increase in your sales and prospect subscription that i'm willing to give you a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase. And yes, you can keep all your bonuses with no questions asked.

That's not all! I'm offering you a clean 50% Discount

Guaranteed Only if You Order Before


Only $89.50

30 day money-back guarantee

Normal price: $179

Fly-in Ads Creator does not require you to install anything on your computer and is compatible with all the major browsers. Just select a few options, create your Fly-in Ads Creator with a few clicks and you are ready to put it on your web site. It's a break-through technology that is so simple to implement that it's simplicity defeats its enormous power to transform your web site into a cash magnet.