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Dear Friend,

As you know, the money is in the list. However, sometimes it can be difficult to motivate people to subscribe. In addition to that, sometimes you might want to create urgency in upcoming events or limited memberships and you might feel the need to force opt-in registration before-hand.

However, as many online marketers know, getting people to 'take action now' can be difficult because usually there is little incentive or 'spark' that gets them off their butts! However, that has now changed...

Introducing The Opt-In Motivator!

This is the MUST HAVE tool if you want to motivate subscribers to take action and join your upcoming tele-seminars, memberships or even if you just want to test the effectiveness of each opt-in page you have.

2 Ways To Motivate People To Subscribe

There are 2 simple ways to motivate people to act quickly.

1.) Limit The Total Number of Subscribers

 - This motivational tactic tells visitors that you will only limit access to something of value to x number of subscribers. For instance, they will see there are only 200 people allowed to subscribe and there are only 47 spots left! Imagine if you are hosting a tele-seminar and people see spots are being taken away by the minute!

Another way to use this method is to limit a FREE report. As of now, free reports are considered to be nothing special and have very little value attached to them. Imagine, from this point forward, you only allow 200 people to read this report. How many more people will be willing to opt-in compared to when they visit a plain old opt-in form?

Of course, you can limit it to 500 people (or any number you prefer) or you can create a TIME campaign.

2.) Limit The Amount of TIME People Can Subscribe

Imagine if you are offering a free membership or even free software. While most people take squeeze pages for granted they also realize the importance of time-sensitive deadlines. By having your opt-in pages offer real-time countdowns, even to the second, your visitors will realize that if they do not act now they WILL LOSE OUT forever.

The best part about all of this, though, is that it is fully automated. All you do is use a form in the admin panel and the Opt-In Motivator does all of the work for you. Of course, being able to motivate people to subscribe is the most important benefit. However, there are other benefits that come with this tool.

With The Opt-In Motivator, You Will Also:

  • Receive Real Time Reporting On Referring Traffic

        Will real-time reporting, you can determine which sources referred traffic to your opt-in page. So, you will be able to tell if it comes from search engines, affiliates or even e-zine articles. In essence, you will be able to see which sources are providing you with the traffic needed to build your list. This information will help you determine which referral sources are worth your time and which ones are not.

  • View Keywords From Google, MSN And Yahoo

        If you receive traffic from Google, MSN or Yahoo, you will see it instantly in your admin panel and you will see which keywords were used to bring them to your opt-in page!

  • Receive Real Time Conversion Ratio Comparisons Between Different Campaigns

          There is a lot of money that you can lose if you do not know how effective your campaigns are. Pay attention to how many subscribers you receive as well as how many conversions you receive. This is just another reason to invest in the Opt-In Motivator.

Basically, you are receiving 3 powerful tools in one:

A.) A Handy Opt-In Ratio Measuring Tool

B.) A Handy Stat Tracker For Your Opt-In Pages

C.) A "Fire In The Pants" Motivator To Get People To Join Your List/Seminars/Etc

Think about what it would normally cost to have this developed or to have 3 unique tools that perform these functions.

Of course, I want you to be excited about your investment. That is why I am also offering you:


If you feel certain features are missing, or need to be improved for your benefit, simply notify me and I will update you and the entire customer base. This script is YOURS not just to use but it's yours to shape. This is an investment in your business and it is critical that I make this as close to perfect as humanly possible!

Of course, I want you to be happy with this script long term. However, I feel it is important that I give you an added incentive to take action. So, if you order today, I will also include...


Think about this for a second. Not only is this script dirt cheap at $7 (regular price is $27), but you also can share this with your customers as a bonus AND you can offer it to your membership! However, you CANNOT sell this script yet. PLR and RR will come later...

And of course, I stand by my product so I offer you:

Your 30 Day 100% Zero Risk
Money Back Guarantee

Feel Comfortable With Your Investment

Test Drive the Opt-In Motivator for 30 days. If at any point, you are convinced it cannot help you create urgency in joining your opt-in lists than I will give you your money back.

Review Everything That Awaits You
  • An Opt-In Motivator That Tracks Stats, Conversion Ratio And Works To Boost Your Opt-In List While You Sleep

  • A FULL 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • FREE Updates For Life

  • FREE Bonus Rights AND Membership Rights

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Thank you for your time. I look forward to serving you again in the future.


Joel Holtzman