WP List Pro is a wordpress plugin that acts like an invisible list builder which collects the name and email address of a person who comments on your blog and subscribes them to YOUR autoresponder!

This plugin opens up the opportunity to add an invisible optin form on each page of your blog so that when people enter their details to comment on your blog, they are REALLY entering their details into your optin form!

You enter your auto responder code here and your redirect link here, and you are DONE!

Remember, like I said earlier

You've heard the numbers before, but let me give you a little reminder. Marketers from the IM niche or pretty much any niche for that matter, are making $1 per subscriber per month, every month.

Let's break down those numbers for you a bit more...

If Joe has a list of 10,000 people, on average his monthly income from that LIST ALONE should be at least $10,000! Now, start scaling those numbers up in your head...

Yes, it gets that good!

Now, check out this scenario, if 20 different people comment on your blog daily, with this plugin, you can capture these 20 people's name and email address and then redirect them WHEREVER you want! Sales page? Go for it. Affiliate offer? Sure why not! Literally anywhere.

Just like that

$20 in additional monthly revenue DAILY without you LIFTING A FINGER!

But what if I said that the deal even gets better...

Because you like to make things your own and I know you like to profit off of every product you own, I went ahead and built a 'plugin generator' that will customize this list building plugin from scratch so you can call it your own. Your name as the author, your sites in the links, your ads on the settings page, YOU GET IT ALL! (That is if you decide to pick up the MRR License of course)


bullet Driving Traffic to wherever you WANT!

Since the plugin generator lets you to insert your ads inside the plugin, you can drive traffic to CPA offers or even your own blog so that people keep you on top of their mind and you get to silently keep building that relationship.
bullet A Virtually Invisible way to build your list!

As some people are a little reluctant to put in their name and email address inside your squeeze page, trick'em a little with this plugin, entice them to comment and then BAM they get subscribed to your list!

I'm not going to use a script to tell you that this offer is going to expire at midnight-that isn't how I do business, but....

This is a limited time offer that I can only hold for a short time, so before I change my mind and decide to keep this plugin to myself and the lucky few who got in before it got pulled, grab your copy...

Value $37 ONLY $17