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I'm a little amazed that more people aren't using social bookmarking to drive the traffic that their businesses desperately need.

Social bookmarking is one of the few no nonsense and completely effective ways to drive hordes of traffic quickly. It's easier than most other forms of traffic generation and when it's done right, can be successful for dozens of your sites, not just the one you are currently centered on providing traffic for.

For years now we've been hearing the supposed benefits of Web 2.0 websites. People are fascinated with social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook and have been hyping their effectiveness for years. All the time they ignore the true advantage that sites like Digg, del.icio.us and StumbleUpon have.

Social bookmarking is a system that allows users to save links to web pages that they want to remember and share with their online friends. Even though these shared bookmarks are public, they can only be shared with specified people or groups inside certain networks. The system is weighted to ensure that only the truly interesting sites will float to the top of the pile and reach viral status.

Social bookmarking can boast your traffic like no other system currently in use. Traditional traffic generation plans involve spending money on ads and hoping that the right type of people who are interested in your products will click on your ad and then follow through towards payment. This method is costly and incoherent. You don't know how interested these people are in buying what you are selling, but because they've clicked on your ad, you paid for them.

With social bookmarking, all you have to do is create a campaign and share it with your friends. As you grow more accustomed to each site's particular nuances, you'll learn the best way to create a profile and how to build a friend network. Bookmark Your Business is the only book that will teach you exactly what you need to know to completely monetize your social bookmarking.

How Social Bookmarking Can Work For You!

When I first started working online a couple of years ago, I was looking for my foothold in an industry that was already developed. I knew right from the outset that I was at a disadvantage.

I knew that I was the new fish in the big sea and if I was ever going to make money online, I needed to find some advantage, some way of carving myself out an edge.

I was already writing a blog and I was a big fan of MySpace, so I figured I'd be able to use my knowledge of Web 2.0 websites to my benefit. I knew enough about SEO to lead me to believe that I could use my social marketing skills to drive the traffic I needed to succeed.

So when I started my online adventure, I had high hopes.

In practice, my ideas weren't as good as I thought they would be, but they weren't horrible either. I was picking up new leads every day and I was even making a couple of sales. I was building my business slowly. I just wanted it to move faster.

I'm impatient, like most great marketers. I don't want to wait for a campaign to play out, I don't want to sit with my eyes fixated at a clock, waiting to see results. When I launch a new product I want to see results immediately.

With my network of blogs, social networking events, wiki pages and rss feeds I thought I was going a great job of finding customers, but I just wasn't doing it as fast as I was hoping for.

I was also unhappy with the amount of money I was making. It was ok, but I started working online to make more than just ok money. I was looking for the big paycheck, the one that could really make a difference in my life.

I knew there was a way to solve both of my problems at once - one trick that would bring a treasure chest of people who would all be starving to buy what I was selling.

I knew the answer was out there. I just didn't think it would really be in the place I checked first...

Since I had been using Web 2.0 websites from the beginning of my time online, I had an inkling that I should return to my Web 2.0 roots and check out some of the websites I had passed over initially. I had heard the benefits of social bookmarking, but I always avoided using them. The sites that I went to all seemed so complicated and confusing. I was never sure how to use them and how to get them to work for me.

I knew that if I wasn't using social bookmarking, I was missing a huge chunk of business. I sat down in front of my computer and planned to spend the entire day figuring out exactly how to use these sites effectively.

It ended up taking me longer than a day, probably closer to a week, but I was astonished by the power these social bookmarking sites had. I was making friends and joining networks, and pretty soon I built up my own network of customers who were interested in exactly what I was selling.

In all my time online, I had never been able to drive the type of targeted traffic that my business needed. With the help of the social bookmarking sites, I was finally able to find the customers who were clamoring for my products.

As sales started rolling in, I knew that had hit the jackpot. I continued refining my social bookmarking marketing efforts and pretty soon the process was on complete autopilot. Every time I had a new product or a new website I wanted to promote, I would just build on the network I already had in place and I'd watch the traffic surge in. I was amazed at the clout that these sites possessed.

Don't Pay For Uninterested Traffic. Get Dedicated Customers For Free!

If you are fed up with paying too much money for worthless traffic, social bookmarking could be your path towards finding the customers your business needs to survive.

Unlike PPC and other traffic generation solutions, social bookmarking is completely free. You don't need to spend a dime finding the clients that are looking for you.

Social bookmarking is ripe for marketing directly to the group of people who are most interested in your products. Whatever niche you are working in, there is a social bookmarking network that can be exploited. In most cases, hundreds or even thousands of networks exist.

If you want to give your traffic a boost and make more money than you thought was possible without spending money, then social bookmarking is for you. Learn how to do it correctly today with Bookmark Your Business.

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Social bookmarking gives you a unique opportunity to express your own personal take on information and resources, as well as promoting your own products in a relaxed and friendly environment. The process of social bookmarking allows people who share a similar interest to taste what you find interesting, and will create for you an online cyber-community.

This community will be by definition interested in your websites and will then recommend them to their friends or anyone in their other networks. The ability to go viral with social bookmarking is a clear advantage and should be the best reason you should be using it.

Contrary to popular opinion, social bookmarking sites are not complicated and are not a pain to use. They are created to be easy for people like us. They are designed so everyone can enjoy them and they are programmed to work.

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