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Ecommerce Automation System
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs eCommerce Automation System?

Anyone can use eCommerce Suit on any website... No matter what your products are, the size of your monthly budget or your experience level!

2. What are the basic functions and features of eCommerce Automation System?

A brief listing follows:

  • Ordering/Products/Sale/eCommerce shopping cart software: Sell through Authorize.net, 2Checkout or Paypal. Add an automatic thank you message that will be sent to your customers after their purchase. This will include their order information.

    You can easily create shopping cart and customize the order form pages with look and feel of your site. You can easily set up physical shipping rates based on price, weight or quantity for tangible products that automatically gets calculated when they purchase.

    You execute recurring billing. For e.g. if you have a membership site you can set it up where they are automatically charged X dollars every X days until they cancel. You can easily choose how long to charge a customer for a recurring billing and have an initial price that is different from the recurring price. You can even choose how often the recurring billing will take place and even a trial period for recurring billing. For e.g. let's say you want to give a customer a 3 day free trial..

    You can set up country and state sales taxes, Shipping Charge that will be automatically added to the order when the customer purchases. You can choose, on a product by product basis, whether to charge shipping and taxes.

    You can setup categories of products in your ecommerce shopping cart software to make it easier for your customers to choose and buy from you. For e.g. you could have an Ebook category and a separate Software category. The customer can choose to look at all the items in the Ebook category without looking at the items in the Software category.

    You can add custom "look and feel" to each product. You can add a header graphic, background graphic, change the colors and more. Even add a thumbnail image as well as a bigger higher resolution image for each product.

    You can see, at a glance, how your sales are. The columns are: Clicks, Sales, Conversions, Income, Expenses, Net Profit. You can easily export your sales data to industry standard CSV format. You can then use that data in Quickbooks or Excel or any program that can use the CSV format.

    You can add options to products like Red, Green, Blue.

  • Unlimited Autoresponders & Email Management: Set up an unlimited number of autoresponders as per your need. For e.g. you could have an autoresponder that gives follow-up information at any intervals you choose on an ebook you sell, a service you sell, and a "tangible" product you sell. Track all of them separately.

    Send each message in plain text or using HTML and and can easily be customized with 6 built-in fields (first name, last name, full name, company, site URL, email address) with unsubscribe link and in accordance with CAN SPAM laws. You can also insert a standard header and footer for each email that goes out.

    With one click you can easily send a broadcast mailing to one of three groups (affiliates, customers, subscribers) with the choice of sending the mailing to subscribers of a particular autoresponder.

    Filter out obscene words in outgoing emails. This is particularly important if you are providing services for others who may send emails out of the system. You can prevent people from signing up with "free" email addresses like Hotmail or any domains.

    After a subscriber becomes a customer, you can choose to move them over to a different autoresponder. Facility to manually add, edit or delete any subscriber's information and export all your subscribers from any autoresponders. The exported information that you can choose are: first name, last name, email address, URL, company name, phone, IP address, referrer, and date they signed up.

    You can quickly and easily create HTML forms to put on your own site for people to sign up with the choice of 6 built-in fields when building your form. You can easily create a popup box to put on your site. The standard popup box includes first name, last name, and email address. You can quickly test the popup without uploading it first to make sure it works as expected.

    If you are providing a service to others to use these features with their own accounts, then you can send those account holders a broadcast email.

  • Affiliates:  Easily set up a two tier affiliate program. This can encourage more sales and more active affiliates.

    You can choose whether to allow affiliates to sell a product on a case by case basis and also set different commission rates for each product. Easily set the duration of the cookie that is set on your affiliate's visitors computers.

    You can customize your affiliate "center" so it looks more like your own website, suspend troublesome affiliates ( For e.g. spammers), edit any affiliates information quickly and easily and manually add a new affiliate ( For e.g. for JVs.)

    You can see at a glance a report of all affiliate sales, set a minimum payout for affiliates ( For e.g. a minimum payout of $25), quickly add new text or graphical ads for your affiliates to use.

    You can provide an automated affiliate centre where your affiliates can see their statistics, get ads and links, see any stats for sub affiliates, change their details, etc. Each affiliate gets access to an ad tracker so they can determine if any advertising is doing any good. This will help them be more successful and sell more for you.

    Each affiliate who has earned a commission can have 3 statuses on those commissions: owed, voided, and paid. For e.g. if a customer does a refund then you may want to void an affiliate's commission. With one click of a button you can download information for affiliates so that you can pay them by check or via Paypal. You can then mark that affiliate as paid.

  • Ad Tracking:  At a glance you can verify how each of your ads are performing.  You can see Clicks, Sales, Income, Expenses, Profit, Opt-Ins, and Affiliates.

    You can use this feature as a redirect utility. Once the link is clicked on they will be redirected to any site you choose. Note that this isn't limited to tracking ads only. You can have an unlimited number of trackers.

3. Can the eCommerce Automation System accept any currency?

Currently the eCommerce Automation system operates through 3rd party card processors. If those processors accept multiple currencies then the eCommerce Automation "accepts" multiple currencies.

4. Can the eCommerce Automation System import current customers, products, subscribers, or other data?

Currently, no. Possible workaround: If you are technically savvy enough you could possibly import previous data into the database through myPHPAdmin IF the formats were compatible. Don't try this unless you are sure you know what you're doing!

5. Can the eCommerce Automation System notify the owner after a sale is made?

Yes! This is built into the system.

6. If a credit card is declined does it automatically give the customer other payment options?

This could be easily handled manually.

7. Does the eCommerce Automation System provide product specific autoresponders?

This could easily be setup yourself as you do in any professional autoresponder.

8. What is the difference between a member, customer, subscriber, and an affiliate?

Member: You would only have members if you were using the eCommerce Automation script and providing a service. If you were using the script for yourself only you would be the only member. A member can have customers, subscribers, and affiliates.

Customer: A customer is someone who buys one of your products or services. Customers can not have affiliates or subscribers.

Subscriber: Someone who signs up for an autoresponder sequence.

Affiliate: Someone who is trying to help you sell your products and services for a fee.

A member can have technically unlimited number of customers, subscribers, or affiliates.

A customer can buy things from different members and the eCommerce Automation system keeps track of all purchases from different members separate.

An affiliate can be associated with different members and the eCommerce Automation system keeps track of them all while keeping them separate.

A subscriber can subscribe to any number of lists from different members and the eCommerce Automation system keeps track of them all but keeps them separate.

9. Do I have to install this script on each domain I want to use it from?

No. While you can do just that if you'd like, the eCommerce Automation system is designed to service multiple domains with their own products, affiliates, and subscribers from a central domain.

10. Where do I change the various language items? For e.g. I want to change eCommerce Automation System to Jack's Coolest Automation System?

All language changes are made in the templates. If your eCommerce Automation system is installed at http://mydomain.com you would be able to change the templates at http://mydomain.com/admin/htmltpls.php. You can change the language in the emails at http://mydomain.com/admin/mailtpls.php.

11. Can I sell the script?


12. Where do I send my affiliates to for their stats, etc.?

You can have your own affiliate center separate from system's if you'd like. Otherwise you direct them to the login information found at http://mydomain.com/members/affiliates.signup.php where they can log in, see their stats, set up an ad tracker, and get ads and links you've provided. The affiliate login page will be different by member so you should really get your link from the URL above.

13. Where do I send my potential affiliates to sign up?

See the answer to #12 above.

14. Can I run it from multiple domains?

Of course! You may.

15. Can someone install the eCommerce Automation System for me?"

Sure! A professional technical team will do it for you for a nominal fee of just $60/installation! Currently there is a scheme going on where you can get the installation done for you for free!

16. What if I am not happy with my eCommerce Automation System?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed without risk. We are committed to your satisfaction. Simply email us within 30 days after purchase and we will promptly and courteously refund your money with NO questions asked. Period!

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