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    The Project Analysis Tool Kit . . .
    Quickly determine the Profit Potential of any project before you start . . .

    Easy to use, yet extremely powerful . . . can save you thousands the first time you use it!

    The Project Analysis ToolKit is an all-in-one, easy-to-use tool that helps you quickly determine:

    1. The profit potential
    2. break-even analysis
    3. projected income or loss
    4. start up costs of almost any project you are considering

    Project Analysis ToolKit
    -With 100%- 

    Dear Friend,

    What is the first step to do...before you consider a business investment ?  Undoubtedly, the first step is to make a thorough analysis of the venture to ascertain the success or failure of your project!

    The Project Analysis ToolKit is the quick and easy way to quickly determine the potential profitability of almost any project you are considering!

    This Easy-To-Use Tool lets you quickly find out if almost any project or venture is worth pursuing. Just fill in the requested fields with project information, press the 'Calculate' button, and see the results instantly!

    All you have to do is to plug in the basic info and quickly find out if your project has any chance of profitability. Project Analysis Tool Kit comes with 7 Super Tools that you can instantly put to use on any project you are working on. 

    Here is how these 7 tools can quickly determine about your business venture's potential success or failure in flat 5 minutes!

    1. Tool #1-General Product Development
      Simply add the details in columns provided, Press the 'Calculate' Button...and instantly you will know if you are in profit or loss!

    2. Tool #2-Web Vending Product
      This tool analyzes the potential profits or losses from web products you are considering marketing. Simply enter the information in the fields, then click 'Calculate'.   Results will be shown instantly!

    3. Tool #3-Subscription Web Site
      This tool analyzes the potential profits or losses with a subscription web site. Simply enter the information, click 'Calculate'.   Results will be shown instantly!

    4. Tool #4-Software Development
      Use this tool to calculate potential profits or losses with software development projects. Enter the information, click 'Calculate'.  Instant Results will be shown!

    5. Tool #5-Workshop/Seminar Project Analysis
      Use this form to calculate potential profits or losses from a workshop or seminar you are considering offering. Enter the info in 5 minutes, click 'Calculate'...Results will be shown Instantly!

    6. Tool #6-Video/DVD Product
      Use this tool to calculate potential profits or losses from Video/DVD you are considering creating and marketing. Simply enter the information, click 'Calculate'. Results will be shown instantly!

    7. Tool #7-Newsletter Worksheet
      Use this form to calculate potential profits or losses with a print newsletter business. Simply enter the information in the fields, then click 'Calculate'. Results will be shown instantly!

    Not only will you see the profit/loss potential of each of your own projects, but using the built-in templates you'll quickly learn what kind of projects are almost always profitable, and what kinds of projects are almost always losers.

    These powerful tools is a 'must have' for anyone developing or marketing products. You'll be amazed as you learn what kind of products can make you money and which ones are sure losers.

    With the Project Analysis ToolKit, You can instantly find out:

    • Potential profitability of any project or venture

    • Sales needed to break-even with any project or venture

    • Sales needed to make $10,000, $50,000 or $100,000 with any venture

    • Initial start up costs of almost any venture

    • Back end profit potential from different types of ventures

    You'll also be able to:
    • Quickly 'run the numbers' on many different ventures including books, DVDs, videos, software, newsletters, subscription web sites, seminars and workshops

    • Run different 'what if' projections by changing product prices, unit costs.

    • Find out the best price for your product - and discover why some prices might drive you out of business!

    • And much much more.
    Thinking about creating or marketing products on your own? Then you'll definitely want to possess the Project Analysis ToolKit to find out and arrive at sound decisions on your pet projects and it's chances of success.

    Having the Project Analysis ToolKit on your desk top is like having an experienced project developer at your side, showing you what it will take to make a project profitable and why some projects should be avoided at all costs.

    The Project Analysis ToolKit can be one of the best investments you ever make. It could save you thousands the first time you use it. And it might even make you money right away.

    If you order today, we will include the RESELL RIGHTS to the Project Analysis ToolKit and include everything you need to sell this product from your web site and keep every penny for yourself! (The Project Analysis Toolkit even includes a special tool to show why selling products like this can be a very profitable business for you!)

    The resell license includes a a sales page,  an order form, a 'thank you' page, and an instant product delivery system. Plus the nifty product box graphic (valued at $100 alone!) Upload it all to your own site within minutes. (Of course, selling the Project Analysis Toolkit on your web site is optional.)

    GUARANTEE: If Project Analysis ToolKit is not everything we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

    That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

    The Project Analysis ToolKit works with any version of Windows.

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