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Ads In Da Box Will Help You:

  • Support for all types of adverts

  • Grouping scheme to classify ads in individual groups.

  • Easy installer with built in FTP

  • Absolutely NO MySQL DB installation required.

  • Produces codes for unlimited rotation of unlimited ads.

  • Ads can be rotated on onsite/offsite web pages

  • View statistics for impressions and clicks

Plus so much more...


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Hi Fellow Marketer!

Initially it started as one of those "nothing better to do" experiments. I figured if I can provide the visitors with the most relevant banner ads or text blocks 'ala Adsense' style I will probably gain more revenue from each of my sites....

....and it did!

Then I thought if placing static advertisements on a web page can boost my income potential, then why not rotate each ad/banners/text block on every reload or when the visitor clicks through the links on the site. This is in the attempt to gain maximum exposure for my ads without over cluttering my web pages with unwanted ads. I manually coded the script using free resources so that I can rotate an ad block easily......did it bring up profits up a notch?

...yes it did!

It's much simpler than you think. You just have to build a site for a particular niche, stuff it with Ads from your favorite relevant affiliate programs, market the site/s and you will see SOME profits coming in and an even easier way is to strategically place Google AdSense ad boxes on your web least that was what I did to earn a regular monthly revenue from sites I don't even monitor anymore......


But The BIG problem is.....

Dear Marketer, if you have tons of Ads you'd like to place on a page you might be getting into the problem of over cluttering your web pages and if you decide to cut down on your ads, you might lose on the top performing ones which might not get a decent number of views which equates to lesser clicks and an even lesser profit margin.

So you may have toyed over several methods of displaying as many ads on a single page without being obstructive to your visitors....and one of the best ways is to place rotating ads that changes every time it reloads.......but then again, if the visitor leaves the page without refreshing or navigating through your other pages, some of your Ads will lose view counts....

Then you continued on probing through some other methods which led may have led you to rotating Flash Ads or Gif images, this about solves the problem of not having ALL your relevant ads to have maximum exposure and view counts...but unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem of putting an Ad like that together... :(

The cost and time to create such an Ad is a turm off....


What YOU need is a system that:

  • Can rotate, most type of images, flash ads or even text ad boxes

  • Refreshes itself automatically with an interval I can control

  • Manages ALL ads for ANY of my websites so that I do not have to go through the hassle of installing it again for my other sites (one centralized ad management panel)

  • Has a grouping scheme that allows me to manage my ads

  • Does not need me to install any additional MySQL database...

  • Allows me to add 10s' or 100s' of ads which rotates EVEN when the page is NOT refreshed

  • Allows me to check the statistics of each ad and see the ads that are performing better than others

  • Automatically expire ad blocks or leave it to run forever


The Solution ....

Ads In Da Box!


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Here's how the Ads In Da Box Will Help you:

  • Support for all types of adverts including image advertisings (JPG, GIF and PNG), flash ads and text ads (like google).

  • Grouping scheme to classify ads in individual groups.

  • Easy installer with built in FTP

  • Absolutely NO MySQL db installation required.

  • Produces codes for unlimited rotation of unlimited ads.

  • Ads can be rotated on onsite/offsite web pages

  • View statistics for impressions and clicks

  • Preloaded with common ad sizes and you can even add in custom sizes too!

  • Easily customize the colors for your text based ads

  • Flexible and easy changing of refresh rates for each ads

  • Automatically expire ad blocks or leave it to run forever, it's your choice!

  • Password protected admin panel for managing the ads


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Quick And Easy Installation

Ads In Da Box comes in an easy to install desktop based script installer which allows you to set your sites in literally minutes...


Minimal Space, Maximum Exposure!

As compared to static ads, Ad In Da Box gives you the power to have maximum exposure against any other image ads:

Normal Banner Ads (Static)
Ads In Da Box Ads (Rotates All Your Ads)
Innovative Internet Marketing Tools


Self  Hosted

No subscription fee, no monthly billings, just one single investment and you can install it and run unlimited ads over unlimited sites!


Split Test With Ease!

Split test your banners and see in real time the ones that have the most clicks over views and build more profitable Ad campaigns:



Manage ALL Your Ad Boxes From One Centralized Panel

Password protection allows only you as the Admin to see your campaigns. Easy JS codes enables you to just copy and paste your ad blocks into any web pages even if they are not stored in the same server.

All you need is a server that supports PHP and you're ready to go!


Auto Expiration Of Ad Blocks


Customizable Sizes And Text Formats

Do you have custom banner sizes that you would like to add? Easy peasy....


Free Ad Box


Would you like to change the fonts/format to one single format for ALL your text blocks?


You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose but LOTS TO GAIN!


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If you have read this far, then most likely you're in the same business as I am...and we sure deal with a lot of internet stuffs and non obstructive ads is one thing that you can't deny to boost your profits! And for only the price of $24.95, this monster of a niche script can be yours now!!

While it will cost anyone a good $500 to get JUST ONE BUILT, you are able to manage unlimited ads from one single admin pane for only $24.95. And its 100% risk free which means if you don't like them, I will be the one begging on the street for're the definite winner in any case, left, right, top and bottom, you'll win, period!


"You CAN'T Lose 30-Day Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee!"


With this deal , you can only gain by getting your copy now!


Requirements: Windows ME/XP or higher, PHP

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Order The PRO Version
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To Your Success

S. Kumar

P.S.  Dear Marketer, this professional ad management solution can easily sell for for at least $97, don't you see.. in the next five minutes you will be able to change the way you profit forever!

P.P.S. Here's the deal. When I say that you can't possibly lose with this investment, I really do mean it.

Picture this: You get your copy now, you try it for 30 days, you make tons of profits and if we still fail to delight you, just send us an email and we will issue you a full refund. How's that for assurance?




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