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How To Place Your Profit Elements "PE" - Google Adsense Ads, Affiliate Products Or Own Products In Such Positions So That You Extract The Maximum Profits!


What If you had a secret spy who would work all day long and keep a note of each individual visitor's activities on your website?

Dear Internet Marketer,

My name is Deepesh Agarwal, and apart from developing and selling software, I also draw a regular income as a publisher from Google Adsense.

In my 3+ years with Adsense and CPC Advertising, I have studied Adsense and PPC advertising in detail and have done numerous tests and analysis.

In these three years I have developed several adsense website's, but despite  receiving almost the same amount of traffic, the revenue of most of the sites was not at par with my other sites. My main revenue earning site had a CTR of more then 20%+ and this made me  hunt for better CTR.

After analyzing several of my adsense websites with my partner Gautam HN, we figured out few simple tricks to boost overall revenue. In this report with screen shots about using Adsense Splitter Software, we will be sharing three simple yet very effective tricks that can be implemented to achieve a higher CTR.

The report consists of 29 pages of, to the point, easy to understand, easy to follow information with screenshots and case-studies showing real world implementation and results along with the screen shot use of Easy Adsense Splitter Software for super effectiveness




Adsense Ad Split Test









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One of the most effective way to boost your Adsense Revenue is to increase your Click Through Ratio (CTR). The example below  demonstrates how an increase in CTR can multiply your Revenue.

Let Say to Earn $1 USD Per Ads unit, you would need...

  Ads Impression (Number of Ads Viewed) Click-Through Ratio Payout per click
Scenario 1 400 5% $0.05
Scenario 2 200 10% $0.05
Scenario 3 100 20% $0.05


Software - "Easy Ad-Splitter":


Split Testing is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to learn about your website's real potential. It doesn't matter if you are selling products or have adsense on your site, you have to split test to tweak your website to perform its best. Easy Ad-Splitter is an 'Easy to use', Adsense Split-testing software using which you can implement split testing within minutes very easily, as recommended and approved by Google. This software is developed by us and not available anywhere else and the usage is discussed in greater detail in the accompanying report.


Special Report - "3 Simple yet very effective tricks to Boost Your Adsense CTR":


In this report we will be sharing, Three Very Effective, easy to implement tricks that will help you achieve a higher CTR. The report is no-fluff 29 pages of information packed with screenshots and case-studies showing real world implementation and results.


Grab both of these tools at a simple price of $27.


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Yours Truly,

Deepesh Agarwal

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