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are looking to add dynamic content your flat HTML pages? Or maybe you're a web designer who needs to learn some new scripting skills to satisfy their customers. Whatever your reasons, this book aims to teach the basics of the PHP scripting language and how to access a MySQL database.

Arguably, PHP is the most successful and widely used of all scripting languages on the Internet today, combined with the powerful and free MySQL database management system it can provide a web developer with a rich environment in which to create dynamic database driven websites.

If you are a web designer who is used to dealing with flat HTML pages, you have probably wondered to yourself just how difficult can it be to add dynamic content? but of course you're not a programmer how would you know?

Introducing A beginners guide to the PHP scripting language and the my SQL database management system

"This step by step guide will help you better understand how PHP works"
This eBook is going to guide you through the art of PHP perfection.

I hate PHP is a complete beginner's guide to the PHP scripting language, once you complete the course detailed within you will have a fundamental knowledge of everything you need to know to get started in creating dynamic, database driven web pages.

Starting with the basics, this guide will take it step by step, utilising examples along the way, and by the end you will be proficient enough to start including dynamic content in your own websites.

Some of the things you will learn in the guide:

  • What is a variable?

  • How to display dynamic text in a webpage.

  • How to write code loops.

  • How to write IF statements.

  • How to query a MySQL database.

Once you have mastered these five basic fundamental concepts, you will have all of the tools at your disposal that you need to start developing dynamic, content driven websites.

Why lose out on those lucrative content management jobs to people who have PHP skills?

You can have them yourself if you just take the time to learn, we would like to help you learn by teaching you everything you need to make a start.

There is nothing in this tutorial that cannot be mastered by everybody, everything is explained in a simple fashion and many examples are given. We will also spill the secrets and shortcuts that the professional PHP coders use to speed up the development times.

Also included within this guide a list of further resources, more sources of free learning and links to many PHP related information sites, whether you want to learn enough PHP to extend your own website or start a new career as a web developer, this guide is a fantastic first step.

By following the many examples included with each tutorial you will be guided through the development of several sample applications, at each stage we will review what you have learned and we present you with a small test to make sure you understand it.

Why wait? The days of the pure HTML Web design are long over, refresh your skills and extend your repertoire by letting us teach you the fundamentals of PHP and the MySQL database management system.

The eBook, "I Hate PHP" is available right here just one short hyperlink away, fully downloadable you won’t have to wait for delivery, you can be reading it in minutes and preparing for your new career!

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