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Maximize Your Amazon Affiliate Commissions And Skyrocket Your Google AdSense Profits By Generating Your Own SEO Amazon Stores in English, French & German... With a Click of a Button!


From: S. Kumar

I have three very important questions to ask you.

Question #1:

Would you like to create your own Amazon stores, loaded with category products and keyword-related products of your choice,  and "fully/heavily" armed with your affiliate links... with a click of a button?

That's right! One click!  I'm sure you'd like that.

Question #2:

Would you like to create your own Amazon stores jam-packed with hundreds and thousands of products, in English, French and German quickly and easily?

What could this do to your affiliate commissions? It could do the following:

Screenshot of Amazon commissions (Test: German)

Did You Know?

Online Language Populations (Sept. 2004)

Together, the online English, German and French markets constitute around 50% of all online populations!

Rank #1: English: 35.2%, Rank #5: German: 6.9%, Rank #6: French: 4.2%

The German market is very large, wealthy, and high-tech. It also has a large proportion of bilingual users who primarily search and browse in German but they are able to read English sites when they do find them, without the use of any translation software.

The French-speaking world is probably even larger than the German one, with about 150 million people spread around the world in many francophone countries.

Question #3:

Would you like to easily maximize your Google AdSense profits from your own multilingual, affiliate commission generating Amazon stores?

You see...

Google provides gateways for world internet users, which includes German and French.

Google spider (the website indexing & crawling tool of Google) crawls the web pages of your Amazon store.

When it sees that the content is in German, it displays German AdSense.  When it sees that the content is in French, it displays French AdSense.

If you answered "YES!" to all three questions, then let me introduce you to an awesome software solution:

Introducing... Multilingual Profit Generator!

Multilingual Profit Generator is a software solution that helps you generate multiple streams of income by enabling you to:

Create your own search engine optimized Amazon store(s) and web pages loaded with products of your choice (categories of your choice) and fully/heavily armed with your affiliate links... with a click of a button.

Create your own Amazon store(s) in English, German and French.

Maximize your Google AdSense commissions from the English, German and French-speaking markets.

Increase your affiliate commissions from any affiliate program through top and bottom ad space/banners.

And A Lot More!

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Multilingual Profit Generator Features & Benefits!

One of the most important things you need to know is that the Amazon stores that you create do not need any updating on your part ever again. All product details, including latest prices are pulled from Amazon live and your stores are auto-updated even while you sleep!

Insert your Amazon affiliate ID. All Amazon links will include your affiliate ID.

Create your Store. Here's a screenshot for you:

Create Amazon product stores in three languages. Choose your language from the drop-down menu:

Multilingual Profit Generator allows you to create three-language stores on your one domain.

Select the category you want:

English German French

You can search any category by keyword(s) and retrieve keyword-related products of your choice from that category.

For example, you might have a website about electronics. So, you would display products from the "Electronics" category.

What if you have a website about digital cameras? You simply enter "digital camera" in the keyword search box and presto! Your Amazon store is filled just with digital camera products.

Monitor and get an overview of how many products are fetched/retrieved per category, per language.

Preview products pulled from Amazon and delete the ones you don't want to include.

Links in created pages and stores are static, which are 100% search engine friendly.

Customize the formatting, look and feel of the text for each category, and colors of your generated Amazon pages/store to make them go along with your site theme.

Add, Edit, Manage banners. You can add ads/banners at the top and bottom.

Full control over your banners:

Track and control banner views and hits. Set maximum views, maximum clicks.

For example, if you set maximum views or clicks to 1000, and the banner is displayed 1000 times, it will not be displayed to the next site visitor.

Add your Google Adsense code, Niche Power Ads code or any affiliate code to the banner space.

You can add your Google AdSense code to your multilingual Amazon stores and automatically, the AdSense ads will be displayed in the language of that store.

Change the script name if you like.

No programming skills required.

Check It Out!

(Important Note for VIP Profit Zone members: These examples are hosted on our servers; VIP Profit Zone. Make sure you either create ones that have your domain name or you delete them)

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S. Kumar