From: S. Kumar

Dear Infopreneur,

Let me ask you a quick question . . .

How many resale/master resale rights or private label products have you purchased over the years?

Lots?  Now, how many of them are just sitting on your hard drive gathering dust?

If you're like me it's probably hundreds. 

I've bought stacks of great products over the years that I just never got around to doing anything with - (Setting them up on their own is time consuming, and one thing most online marketers don't have is bags of spare time.)

If you could only get round to doing something with these products they could pull in huge profits for you...

What if a solution existed that allowed you to transform your collection of resell rights products into a killer reseller packages just like all those you've purchased in the past?

An easy to use application that effectively managed everything from creating one or multiple packages, compiled the sales page, managed bonuses, handled customer and affiliate management, monitored transactions - all from one streamlined admin panel.

Oh yes, and allowed you to accept both ClickBank and PayPal to accept payments.

I'm sure that sounds like an appealing idea...

Well the solution now exists and it's called 'Reseller Power Cart'

You Must Own This Amazing Software If:

  You're Sat With A Hard Drive Full Of Resell Rights Products That Aren't Making You Any Money.

  You Hate Creating Sales Pages Or Simply Don't Have Time To Waste Setting Up Web Sites.

  You Want An Easy To Use Streamlined Cash Generator To Power Up Your Profits.

  You Want An Affiliate Program That Practically Manages Itself And Can Be Set Up In Minutes Not Weeks Or Months.

  The Thought Of Setting Up A Payment System Or Integrating Payment Processors On Your Sites Keeps You Awake At Night.

  You Don't Want To Pay Hundreds Of Dollars For Other Scripts That Need To Be Integrated With Each Other To Do What This One Script Can Do.

  You Want A Solution That Will Enable You To Add Or Update New Products And Packages On The Fly.

    You'd Like To Be Able To Track And Monitor All Sales, Transactions, Customers, Affiliates Just Like The Pro's

  Need An Application That Allows You To Mail Out To Your Customers And/Or Affiliates Whenever You Like So You Can Sell More On The Backend.

  You Realize That Successful Marketing Means Focussing Your Time On The Things That Matter Not Spent On Program Setup Or Messing Around With Software

Screenshot Above Shows Just How Easy It Is To Create A New Package


Here's A Quick Summary Of What You'll Receive:

  Full Instructions On How To Use Reseller Power Cart Even A Complete Newbie Would Understand (Built Right Into The Script With A Walkthrough That'll Have Your First Package Ready In No Time.)

  The Amazing Reseller Power Cart Software That Will Allow You To Create Packages Quickly And Easily Without Any Kind Of Html Knowledge.

  A Built In, Comprehensive Affiliate Management Module That Lets You Search, Add, And Contact Affiliates With Ease. The Affiliate Panel Is Rammed With Features: View, Edit, Change All Your Affiliate Details. Add Promotional Tools Section Including Signature Lines, Newsletter Ads, Top Sponsor Ads, Solo Ads, And Banners

  Complete Sales Statistics Including Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Stats

  A Built In, Customer Management System That Allows You To View, Edit, Export, And Contact Customers Whenever You Want.

  An Integrated Transaction Manager That Lets You View All Transactions, Or Specify A Reporting Period For Specific Transactions. You Get Complete Sales Stats

  Integration With Paypal And Clickbank! (With The Option To Accept Payment With One Or Both)

Keep On Track With Built In Search And Customization Features


Have you noticed how many of the 'Online Guru's' are selling these big packages and making vast profits because of it? 

These packages sell simply because customers love to get great deals and added value when they make purchases . . .

 . . . If you'd like a share of those profits without spending months setting up your web sites or spending thousands investing in multiple scripts and software to manage it then Reseller Power Cart is the answer you've been waiting for.

Adding New Products To The Package Takes Just Seconds Before Uploading


If you've read this far, I'm sure you realize how powerful Reseller Power Cart is, and how it could transform your business profits overnight. 

You're probably already thinking to yourself, "This Sounds Amazing But It's Going To Cost Me A Fortune '

If you look around the net at comparable scripts you may be expecting this to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars...

But you'd be wrong,

Reseller Power Cart is very affordable and could be paying for itself almost immediately.

It would be terrific value at $497.00 (it would but it isn't)

It would be an Amazing Bargain at $297 (yes it would but it isn't that either)

At $197 it would be a 'no brainer' (but it's not even that )

In fact you can get your own copy of Reseller Power Cart for just $97

Sounds To Good To Be True? . . . Okay then check out my GUARANTEE...


Reseller Power Cart will absolutely amaze you, you'll love the incredible features and the huge money making potential it gives you.  But if you are not TOTALLY 100% satisfied FOR ANY REASON I will give you a complete, no questions asked refund for 60 days from the date of your purchase.  

(Now go and look at scripts with half the features and see if they stand behind their products like that.

You love it or you get your money back!  Order Now With ZERO risk!


Take Action Right Now And Secure Your Copy Of Reseller Power Cart

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Order today in total confidence with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.  We offer an uncompromising "total satisfaction" guarantee.  Giving You 100% Peace Of Mind!


To Your Success

S. Kumar

P.S. Did you catch my no questions or conditions 60 day money-back guarantee? Your purchase is completely, totally, 100% risk free!  Get your copy here

This product is brand new.  And I reserve the right to increase its price at any time. It's not an idle threat when I say that Reseller Power Cart is really worth $297+  Grab it now at this amazing price or risk spending three or four times as much


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