Having a membership site is one of the most lucrative online business models you can
own and...

"You Are About To Discover How You Too Can Benefit From A Membership Script That Is So Stupid- Simple It Almost Sets Itself Up!"

You've heard it all before...

But, let's get real here. Most of the membership scripts you find today can have you pulling your hair out and have your eyes crossing in no time. Trying to figure out how to install and use them can become a nightmare.

Time is money...

and when you purchase the latest and greatest script, you expect to have it up and running within a few hours. There simply is no time for debugging a script or figuring out why X, Y and Z files don't seem to work.

We have looked at most of the "high dollar" membership scripts, and while the features vary they have one thing in common... they take forever to learn how to setup. Some scripts almost require you to outsource the site set up because of all the features which are confusing and hard to understand.

You No Longer Have To Worry About All That Techie Mumbo Jumbo ...

...because now your life just got a little easier.

The Simple Member script has been designed so it is easy to set up and easy to use because we know it shouldn't take weeks to set up a site. There is no reason to spend all those wasted hours learning how to install and setup a simple membership site when you could have your own site up and running within a matter a few minutes. The bells and whistles that most 'big boys' use will be offered to you as well, but we are giving you the bare bones so you can get your site up and running fast.


Don't Let the Low Cost of Simple
Member Fool You...

While there are loads of low cost alternatives out there, they lack the power of the more advanced scripts. Low cost scripts often only provide you with a basic admin area and required you to build the content of the site yourself. Why bother spending all that time learning how to create a basic php page and add your content to it? Simple Member powerful tools you everything needed to run your site already installed and set up!

Here's even more powerful features you will discover with Simple Member....

Admin Functions:

Another problem with most low cost scripts is that they have very little power in the member functions. Most of them have very basic signup only and just log members into a blank member area where you have to design what members see. Again you end up having to learn how to code the pages yourself or outsource it. Simple Member has powerful member functions that control your member area and every detail of what members can see and do.

Member Functions:


All Those Features Are Cool, but I Didn't Stop There!...

In addition I have added in many more features into the admin that can make your membership site truly awesome. Simple Member has lots of great options on how you set up your site and can be controlled entirely from the admin area...

You Want Top-Notch Support and More?...
You Get It!!!

How many low cost scripts have you seen which have no support or offer no way to edit the code to customize the script? Many of the scripts found online now are either resell rights scripts where you receive absolutely no support at all or the seller has a less than up-to-par support desk which never gets answered.


"Okay, What's this Gonna Cost Me?"

You have a choice. You can waste your time spending months learning how to set up a membership site or you can have your money making site up and running within days or even hours. As you can see the Simple Member script is powerful yet easy to use... and at only $price it is a steal. At this price I'm almost giving it away!


Wishing you much success,

S. Kumar


P.S. I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee with this product. If you are not satisfied with my script just let me know within 30 days of purchase and I will refund your payment.