When I Met This Guy, One Question Kept Running Through My Head...

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In the next 3 minutes this online money-making maverick will spill the beans on exactly how you can get millions of hungry buyers on demand and bring in more money than you'll ever need!

Please Note: The information on this page has the potential to finally make you a millionaire starting this year. It is very important for you to take a few minutes to read everything on this page before getting started today.

Hey, this is Lisa Diane.

I'll admit it...

I've been trying to get this guy to spill the beans for a couple of years now. He's the ultimate underground "lazy" marketer raking in 6 figures a month with NO affiliates, JV partners, employees or even his own product! And this is no fluke. He's not a "one trick pony"--he's been pulling in a steady 7 figure income for years now.

Businesses pay him as much as $20K just for an HOUR of his time. (I charge $20K A DAY and I thought I was doing good until I heard his HOURLY rate! ;)

I met him a few years back at a Rich Schefren seminar. He was quiet and reserved, and honestly looked a bit lazy. He would stroll into the seminar mid-afternoon, unshaven in jeans and a t-shirt. He looked like he had just rolled out of bed.

After talking to some other marketers, I found out his name was Curtis Andrew A.K.A. "The Traffic Geek". He was an underground marketer that was pulling in six figures a month with his traffic methods. Talking to him later, I found out he was a very smart, down to earth guy. He left the seminar early to go on an extended cruise with his wife, but before he left we became friends and have been staying in touch ever since.

And let me tell you, Curtis lives like a rock star. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants. He takes extended vacations, records music in his own studio, skateboards in the middle of the day (while other people are working), and on occasion he actually works. That's what's really amazing--He really doesn't work that much and still pulls in massive amounts of money! I knew that if I could get him to reveal his strategies that you could also experience this lifestyle of financial freedom. (Not to mention that I really wanted to know how he rakes in all this cash without breaking a sweat!)

Since I first met him I have been trying to get him to release his strategies to the public. Besides some exclusive seminars and coaching sessions, he has never made this information available to the public. Well, finally after two years, I got him to reveal his traffic tactics.

Just to put it in perspective, Curtis has been paid over $20,000 for a single day just to teach his traffic strategies. So, if you are ready to change your financial future for the better, then pay attention...

Imagine Having The Power To Flood Your Website With 1,000,000 Hungry Buyers…By Tomorrow…And Be Able To Do This Over and Over Again Whenever You Want

This Is The Easy Way To Make An Extra 7 Figures—And I’m Going To Show You Exactly How To Do It!

From: Curtis Andrew
Underground Marketing Expert
Thursday, February 26
Chicago, IL

Dear Future Millionaire ,

I admit it. I don't like to work. But I do like to make money and that's really want I want to talk to you about. Let me ask you this question:

Aren’t you tired of watching other people effortlessly rake in millions of dollars online while you sit there and struggle for every dime?

I know the feeling. It took me years to finally figure out the missing link to making massive amounts of cash online. But, as my family and friends will tell you, once I figured it out, success came to me virtually overnight (and they still wonder what the heck I do to make all this money).

I’m not a self proclaimed Internet Guru or a used car salesman (nor do I play one on TV). I’m the guy that has been quietly raking in a small fortune from the comfort of my home for years now. I have no interest in sugar coating anything or making you read 15 pages of sales copy just to hear myself talk. This course doesn’t need any of that. To put it bluntly, you have more to lose by not getting your hands on this information than I have to gain if you do. I have literally gotten some hate mail from other underground marketers that don’t want me to release this course.

But I don’t care about that. I’m a straight-shooter so I am going to tell you it how it is…

80% of all people fail to make money online because they don't
know how to do this one thing:

Do you already know the #1 reason why people don't make more money online? It’s something that we've all struggled with...and unfortunately, you will continue to struggle online until you figure it out.

So, what is the missing link? It's simple really. It’s knowing how to consistently attract hungry buyers...it’s knowing how to generate web traffic on a regular basis.

I can also understand if you didn't realize that traffic generation is the biggest struggle for most people online. We are fed so much crap these days by the next instant guru that it can be hard to pinpoint the real reasons we aren’t making as much money as we should be. Of course there are many components to building a successful business online, but the most important thing, especially up until you make your first million, is being able to generate traffic.

You are not alone…

In fact, it wasn't until I figured out how to generate traffic that I was finally able to make a killing online. I tried practically every business too: adsense, mlm, affiliate marketing, and a whole bunch of other "business opportunities". I spent the better half of a decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying out anything that might be able to set me free me from my financial bonds... but nothing ever seemed to work!

Then I figured out how to get traffic on demand and my life changed forever. Having total control of how many buyers you can get each day is like having a cash machine on your computer. Once you know how to generate traffic on a regular basis, you will never have to worry about money again. Let's examine this idea further...

Traffic + Conversions = $$$$$$

You have probably seen this equation before. It is a simple way to break down how to make money with Internet Marketing. If you can get traffic that converts to sales you will make money. Easier said than done, right? This equation has been frustrating marketers for years as they struggle just to get by while wishing it were that easy. Well it can be that easy.

See, if you go to any of the major affiliate and CPA networks you will be able to view what the top selling products are for a variety of categories. You can even ask the affiliate managers of most networks to let you know which offers are converting well. This information is like Gold for people that know how to get traffic!

With minimal research, you can see which products and offers are already converting for other people. That means people are already making money with them. See, you’ve already solved one side of this infamous equation. Now if you could just get quality traffic to those offers, you could make a lot of money very easily. This is why the super affiliates and the online millionaires are the ones that know how to get traffic.

So, What If You Knew How To Get Traffic On Demand?

When I talk to people struggling online, I always think to myself: “If I could just show you my traffic strategies, you would have no problems making massive amounts of money online. You would finally be on the right side of the equation (the side with all the $$$$$$).”

It's very simple. If you want more traffic than you need to talk to Curtis. I have been able to grow my business 1,166% by using his traffic strategies. It is nothing short of amazing!



  -D.T. Kadman
 Brentwood, IL

This is serious: If you just knew how to get traffic whenever you wanted, your money problems would be over. You could literally make money whenever you wanted just by jumping on your computer and sending more people over to your offers…

Think about how your life would be different if you had this knowledge. You would have the kind of lifestyle that I live now. I work as little as a few hours per week. When I want some more money, I hop online and get some more traffic to my offers. It can really be that simple for you.

The Overnight Traffic System Can Finally Make It Easy For You To Make Money:

  1. YOP or OPP (Your Own Product or Other Peoples Products). You’re either selling your own stuff or other people’s stuff.

  2. Get on your computer and use these super stealth traffic methods to drive massive amounts of people to your offers (YOP or OPP).

  3. Set up a new bank account that is more appropriate for holding all the new cash you are now bringing in on a daily basis (and maybe get a second home right near the beach. BOYEE)!

Warning: Don’t lose sight of your main objective here. Yes, the extra money will be nice, but the real benefit is the new life you get to lead. Once you have the super powerful traffic strategies in the Overnight Traffic System, you can finally live life on your own terms. You can work from home or work on the road while you travel around the world like I do. It is time to experience freedom--the freedom to have absolute control of your lifestyle and finances!

I am giving you the same opportunity that I had--to become a millionaire and live the life of your dreams. In fact, you have an even greater advantage than I did. I had to work hard and spend lots of time and money to learn and develop the strategies that I am about to teach you. All you have to do is sign up and take action on what I show you.

See, the top guys in this business all know that traffic is the real key to making money online. It has been since the beginning of advertising--except it has never been easier to make massive amounts of money than it is today. Think about it. You could have the best product in the world, but if nobody comes to even look at it, you won’t make one red cent.

Not having traffic on the Internet is like opening a restaurant in a ghost town.

With the Overnight Traffic System you will never have that problem again…

You Will Learn The Same Exact Strategies That Make Me 6 Figures Per Month…

Let’s take a mental journey into your future... Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads. What does your future look like? What is an average day like? What exactly are you doing each day? Now picture this

  • Can you imagine having no debt because you make so much damn money you actually have a surplus of cash?

  • Can you imagine sitting around at your house in the middle of the day just chilling out--with no worries—but not because you are unemployed or a loser, but because you are filthy stinking rich?

  • Can you imagine being able to do whatever the heck you want with your life—travel, take expensive music lessons, buy your friends and family houses and cars, or just sit around playing video games all day in your custom home theatre…whatever floats your boat…you can do whatever you like

You might want to ask yourself the question that so many self help gurus are fond of:

“What would you do with your life if money was not an obstacle?”

You had better start seriously thinking about that question now. Because once you have the power to get millions of hungry buyers to your offers, you can virtually force your computer to spit out money whenever you want.

Seriously, imagine being able to go online right now and send thousands and thousands of people to an offer that you know already makes money. It is called making money the easy way and when you know how to do it; you’ll never go back to the hard way again…

There Is A New Millionaire Created Every 2 Minutes…Now It’s YOUR Turn…

This is your time. Forget the haters, naysayers, and washed up Gurus. If you want, you can get started now before the rest of the world catches on to this and make yourself a few extra million bucks…

Curtis, I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for your help. I took your advice and set everything up the way that you taught me. I’m now getting over 6000 hits a day and about 11% of those hits have been converting to sales. Over 600 sales a day! Next time I am in town, lobster dinner on me!



-Jason Berard
 Detroit, MI

Prior to using the Traffic Geek’s techniques, I never had much success promoting Clickbank products or any affiliate products. Fast forward to now, after applying his techniques and it is a whole world of difference. I have been able to quit my day job as my income from affiliate marketing has skyrocketed



-Eric Klein
 Auckland, NZ

I’m not sure you really understand the power of this information. You probably know by now that the right information can be the determining factor in the fate of someone’s life. In a war, if the opposing side has “inside” information, they can use it to win even if they have less man power.

You surely have witnessed a smaller weaker person outdo a bigger and stronger foe by using his brain. This is because information is power.

Look at most online millionaires for example. You could take away everything they have (well maybe leave their computer) and they would be able to build back their fortunes very quickly (maybe even quicker than they did it the first time).

So, how can they go from having nothing to millions so quickly while most people struggle for years with not much to show for it?

It all comes to down to the knowledge they had—the information they knew. This is the main difference between the Internet Marketing Rock Stars and the others that are working way too hard just to stay afloat.

Curtis Curtis Curtis –I’m really hoping that you don’t release this stuff. It just might change the game for good. Module 4 alone made me so much extra money. I didn’t even really know about that stuff at all, but now it seems so easy. I tried the process you outlined at the end of Module 6 and it made me $14,376 in one week! WTF have I been doing all these years? I wish I knew about this stuff years ago, it would have saved me a lot of grief...



  -Ameer Masood
 Portland, OR

So, now it’s your turn. I want you to have the information that will give you the power to bring in as much money as you want. I want you to have the marketing edge that crushes your competition. I want you to sit back a few months from now saying to yourself: “Wow, making craploads of money is super easy! Why did I always make it so hard on myself?”

No Fluff, Just Straight-Up Power Packed Money-Getting Tactics…

Ah, fluff. The abundance of it in our Internet Marketing courses today makes me want to cry (not really but it does give me a headache sometimes). But now that I think about it, maybe it makes me happy because when you see the Overnight Traffic System, you will be relieved that is not full of fluff and you will want to grab me a nice cold drink when you see me ;)

Seriously, I am not a fan of the fluff and adding BS info just to fill up pages.

  • If you want to read 200 pages about my life story rather than the specific techniques that can help you make money, this is not the course for you. (I’ll release my book of memoirs later…).

  • If you want to buy a course that claims to have all the secrets only to provide you with 80 pages on how to sign up for Google Adwords, this is not the course for you. (If you really need this information just shoot me an email and I’ll give you a link to Google’s sign-up videos…).

  • If you want to read 100 pages on the definition of Internet Marketing and the same rehashed information that is in every other course, this is not the course for you. (You can find better information on wikapedia than you get in some of these courses).

However, if you want to learn the actual Big League Traffic Techniques that I am using right now to make 6 figures every single monththan this is the course for you.

It’s Not Good Unless You Cringe…

Somebody once told me (it might have been Stephen Pierce—he’s a smart dude) that when creating a course—it is not good unless you add information that is so valuable it actually makes you physically cringe to give it away. I took this statement to heart and I have used this philosophy for everything I create. I won’t release something unless I have added so much quality information that it actually makes me cringe to release it to the world.

In fact, my wife who helped me edit this course (so if you see typos or misspellings I get to blame her) actually yelled at me from the other room after reading through the course:

“You’re not really going to release this stuff are you? Won’t that just be taking money out of your pocket because people will know your strategies now?”

Yes, I may be committing “profit suicide” by releasing my secrets, but honestly, I don’t really care about that for two reasons:

  1. I want to share my success with others so that they can be successful too. One of my original reasons for becoming wealthy was to help other people (believe it or not).

  2. I believe in abundance. Some people believe that to be on top, you have to keep other people down—like crabs in a bucket—well, not me. I don’t carry this scarcity mindset. I truly believe that we can both share in all the luxuries this world has to offer.

How Would You Like To Make More Money Than A Fortune 500 CEO?

Does it sound too good to be true? If it does, that just means you have to expand your beliefs a little more. We are the only ones that place limitations on ourselves. If someone else can do it, so can you! Seriously, stand up straight and be confident! Think about it. Every 2 minutes a new millionaire is created. There is no reason that new millionaire can’t be you…

Most people that make tons of money each year spent years and years of blood sweat and tears to get where they are at. Then there are the unique few that are smart enough speed up there road to riches by learning from the people that have already made it. You now have the opportunity to do this too…

The Overnight Traffic System gives you the traffic techniques you need to take your income to the next level. Just look at some of the golden information will be uncovered once you are inside:

  • The real key to making money on the internet and how to use it to rake in the money with every promotion you do from now on.

  • How to protect yourself from the third most common reason businesses fail.

  • The one thing you can do to turn instantly turn a losing campaign into a winning one-I will show you how I did this with one of my campaigns to turn it from losing hundreds per day to making over $500 per day!

  • How to set up your own ROI Radar so you are prepared for all the traffic you will getting before you start getting it.

  • Inside information on what you need to track in order to stay on the pulse of your traffic-getting efforts plus step by step videos on how to set this up.

  • The latest methods to dominating PPC in the current environment—not just the rehashed information that has been circling since 2003. These are the cutting edge strategies that I personally use to bring in 7 figures from PPC alone.

  • The seemingly complicated process of pay per click advertising broken down into four easy parts so you can finally make it work as your own cash sucking machine.

  • No fluff keyword strategies that can instantly turn the lamest campaigns into cash guzzling workhorses!

  • Keyword conversion strategies that can make you more money with less effort.

  • The Exact keyword tools I use to create super effective keyword lists that dominate the search engines.

  • The main thing that holds people back from PPC success and the 3 step process to turn that around.

  • How to virtually eliminate the chances of getting “slapped” by Google and advanced quality score techniques straight from the testing lab

  • Using “Profit Parasites” to suck out traffic from hosts sites for your own profit.

  • A hidden gold mine for getting traffic and making money online.

  • How to make serious money with the content network with the specific strategies I use.

  • Advanced strategies on using placement ads and how to exploit them to get even more traffic.

  • How to use one of the oldest forms of web advertising to bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors virtually overnight.

  • A new form of contextual advertising that can bring you crazy ROI and make you easy money.

  • The “List Leeching” tactic and how to build our list and make money from other people’s lists.

  • How to get hundreds of thousands of people to your offer or website with the latest underground traffic strategies

These Are The Same Strategies That People Have Paid Me Over $20,000 To Learn

I have built quite a reputation with my small business clients. They come to me for any advice they need on Internet marketing and traffic. They have even given me the name “The Traffic Geek”. Many of these people have paid me over $20,000 for a single day’s work just to teach them my traffic techniques.

You may think this is a lot of money to pay for a day’s work, but they were more than happy to hand over the 20K because they knew the results that I could help them achieve. Think about it. If you can add several hundred thousand dollars or more to your bottom line this year with the Overnight Traffic System, you would gladly pay 20 grand for this info.

When I first talked to Curtis I didn’t think that his marketing for the internet could help a plumbing company. Boy was I wrong. The Traffic Geek was exactly what we need to get our business back on its feet .I thought this economy was going to ruin us, but now we are doing better than we’ve ever done. Thanks Curt!



  -Joe Leapold
 Chicago, IL

It’s simple math really. Exchanging 20K so that you can make 100 times more is a no-brainer. People spend hundreds of thousands every year just to go to school and get the chance to maybe land a job that pays you even less per year. What if you could skip all that nonsense and just start making CEO level cash right now? That would be worth way more than even the overpriced tuition cost of a university.

But, I don’t have $20,000 to spend on this…

No worries. My whole reason for releasing this information was to give people access to it that can’t afford to hire a consultant like myself. So before asking yourself, “how much is all this going to cost”, you should be asking how much it will be worth to you to learn that same traffic strategies that I use to make 6 figures per month on the Internet.

When Lisa originally asked me to put together a course to unveil my strategies I thought for sure that we wouldn’t release it for less than $2,000. Even at that price you are getting a 90% discount compared to what others have paid. But Lisa wanted to make it cheaper and give even more people that chance to have access to this information.

So, I succumbed (she’s a very convincing woman) and agreed to give this course away for only $497. However, after deciding to give this information away for only $497, I got an onslaught of letters from clients and other marketers telling me I was crazy to release this for anything less than $1,000.

You know, they are probably right. Even at $1,000 you’d be getting an awesome deal on information that normally goes for 20K. $1,000 bucks to learn the insider tactics that I use to make over $300,000 in one month—that would be the deal of a lifetime!

Then I remembered something. I remembered when I was just starting out…trying everything I could just to make more money online. I remembered buying course after course trying to get some kind of edge in this seemingly complex industry.

I know that if I had the Overnight Traffic System when I first started, it would have saved me from years of hard work, struggle, and disappointment. If someone had released a course like this for me years ago I could have skipped all the BS and went straight to making massive amounts of money!

I want to give you the opportunity that I wish I had year ago

For a very limited time (first come, first serve) I am going to practically give this course away for only $97. After we give out an undetermined amount memberships, we are going to have to change the price back to the originally decided $497.

I know that I am shooting myself in the foot here by giving away my secrets for such a low price so make sure to grab it for $97 while you can because I don’t know how long we can keep the price so low.

Seriously, this is not a $97 course. You are getting access to an info-packed member area of “insider” 6 figure traffic tactics that people have paid over $20,000 for! These are the same strategies that made me $317,425.46 just last month. If you are ready to start making that kind of money, you need to grab this insane value while you can!

The Bad News…

This opportunity is very limited. We cannot possibly continue to offer this course at the current price and preserve the value.

There is a good chance that if you come back to this page later that the price will have been raised back to the original $497. In fact, we will be raising the price very soon, so if you are even thinking about joining, you must act now.

Do not refresh this page. Over 1 million people will be given a chance to grab this course today and we will only be accepting a very limited number of them at this price. If you refresh the page, the price may have already changed. Now is the time to grab the underground traffic strategies that can make you 6 figures per month or more.

I’ll even make it so that you have nothing to lose here. If you go through each step in this course and don’t increase your traffic by insane amounts, I’ll give you all your money back. That’s right. Not only can you get started today for less than a daily cafe mocha at Starbucks, but if these super powerful money-getting strategies don’t bring you more traffic—you get your money back!

People have paid over 20K for this information and then came back to give me rave reviews after the fact. I am so confident this course will massively skyrocket the amount of traffic you can get I will give you the…

No-Risk, Nothing-To-Lose, Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. I want to help. I am taking all the risk from you so that you have nothing to lose. I want you to experience these traffic techniques first hand and I’m doing everything in my power to make it easy for you.

Look, it’s not going to hurt my feelings if you don’t want to steal my secrets. People have been bugging me for a long time to release these secrets. There are tons of people hitting this page right now, joining up as we speak…

They know that whoever gets in to the Overnight Traffic System will truly have a unique advantage over everyone else. That is why people were actually mad at me for releasing this information. Whether you choose to join the ranks of the elite marketers and turn your computer into a virtual cash machine or sit by the wayside is entirely up to you…

Unfortunately after all this some people will still hesitate on this opportunity. It has happened before. As soon as we reach our membership limit and raise the price, we get overloads of emails requesting to get in at the discounted price—but we won’t be able to do that. The smart ones are ready to take advantage of this incredible opportunity right now and they are the ones that will get the incredible value that is being offered today.

Yes, I’m talking about you. It’s now time to join the ranks of the elite super marketers…

Are You Ready To Discover The Underground Tactics
That Made Me $317,425.46 In One Month?

Are You Ready To Learn The Insane Traffic Strategies
That Can Make You 6 Figures Per Month?

Join The Overnight Traffic System Right Now


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Let’s Do This!

To Your Unlimited and Never-Ending Success,

Curtis Andrew

A.K.A. “The Traffic Geek”

P.S. Do you think the people quoted in the testimonials above have any special skills or advantages that you don't? Believe me, they do not. Just like you, they come from different backgrounds and different ages. They are no smarter than you, and they certainly don't work 10 or 20 times harder than you.

The difference is that these people have discovered where to find the answers they need to make their dreams come true. Here's a BIG hint...they are learned the tactics in this course.

P.P.S. You must act quickly before the price goes back up to $497. Be warned that this may be the last chance you’ll get to snag the underground traffic secrets that can make you 6 figures per month or more. You can’t get this information anywhere else because it’s not offered anywhere else! You must act now to lock in your seat before it is taken by someone else!

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