Read what others have to say about the Sculptor 3 program.

... more money than I ever thought possible!

I am an active user of your Sculptor Software. I was downsized from my job 5 months ago and started to use your software soon after to try and get my mindset into the right place. I have subsequently landed a fantastic job earning more money than I ever thought possible. My whole focus on what is achievable has completely changed. I have also begun to make much needed changes in all other areas of my life.

Thank You!

— Helene Brown

... feeling wiser, stronger and more at peace!

Thanks so much for allowing me to experience your marvelous product. I've been using it parallel with a self-hypnosis program ... Sculpting in the morning, self-hypnotizing before bed.

The introduction of Sculptor into my self-improvement regime caused instant exponential growth. I am feeling wiser, stronger and more at peace each day. The program is genius. My whole day has become a more orderly, more fun place since it's been in my life.

Thanks - big time.

— joey clarke

... written in compassion and love for your fellow beings!

I wanted to share my experience with Sculptor because I find it fascinating how quickly and in what context my affirmations manifested themselves. I'm in my 2nd 12-day program and absolutely love how I feel when I write out the affirmations. Thank you for creating Sculptor. The software was written in compassion and love for your fellow beings. In Friendship

—  Carol

... It is an awesome experience!

This program is so powerful its almost scary. It has been an emotional awakening for me. I find myself in awe, crying, overjoyed, and I've only just started day 4 of my second 12 day program. Things are starting to happen in my life. I now have a relationship with God. Something I have been missing for a long time. It is exciting to see change right before my eyes and realize that I am making this happen. It is an awesome experience. I was not expecting this software to do alot for me. Believe in yourself and believe in this. It really works.

— Di Badylak

... best decision I ever made

I'd like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts about your program. I purchased it several months ago and doing so was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the years, I've spent thousands of dollars purchasing all sorts of "self help" books and tapes. Some have been helpful, some have not.

Your program is by far the most satisfying to date. Not only is it an effective stand-alone program, but I have been able to incorporate it into every other program that I use. I've even gone back to some of the old stuff that I deemed a waste of time and money. With your program, I've been able to utilize them in a different way.  It is truly amazing--a well thought out and well developed concept.

Additionally, your on-going support via the newsletters and the extraordinary amount of peripheral materials, sources, and resources make this program one of the best that I have seen.

Please feel free to use this letter and my name in your testimonials.

Thanks again,

— Debra Craig

... I look forward to doing affirmations!

“Sculptor embodies sound spiritual principles in a very easy to use format. The program is very easy to use - which means I actually look forward to doing my affirmations! I've been using the system for about 2 weeks and have already noticed significantly more business coming through the door.

Coincidence? I don't think so!

I would recommend Sculptor to anyone who want to produce changes in their lives.

—  Rashid Kotwal - Revealed Resources.


... can now stop buying all those programs!

“I am having such fun with the program!!! I know that I can now stop buying all those programs that state ....this is the last program you will ever need!!!.... I know because I have at last found the last one!!!”

—  Val Sherman


... so amazing!

“I bought your excellent program one of the last days of may and I got exactly what I was asking for: - a new apartment in three days. In the beginning I could not believe it, but it was real, and I was smiling and laughing the rest of the week, it was so amazing,”

—  Solveig

... I'll admit I really didn't believe Sculptor would work until I tried it

"Even my closest friend rolled her eyes when I told her I was going to order it. It was actually my husband who really wanted it. He's always looking for an easy way to make a buck. So I went along with him thinking I'd just ask for our money back. Now I wish we'd found Sculptor a long time ago. Sure my friends still roll their eyes when I tell them how my life is changing. But since we started using Sculptor, we have attracted a wealth advisor into our lives and we're in the process of buying a property that we estimate will generate about $60,000 profit for us over the next few months. So I say, let them roll their eyes. I KNOW it really works. While they wake up to the same-old same old, I wake up wondering 'what will happen today?'"

—  Ila Scott-Ford

... attract the amount of money I need!

“Am sure you get many emails but want to let you know how much I like this program. Am a realtor although am phasing into a new field, that of energetic medicine. Am (was) quite fearful about financial issues. However since starting the affirmation "I attract the amount of money I need"... day 6... have sold 2 big houses!”

Thanks for developing this program!

— Cathy


... shame I didn't find this years ago!

“I have been using Sculptor for just four days and it has really given me a boost. I am starting to use more of the features and know they are helping me stay focused during the day. I was one of those people that started very motivated and positive in the morning but by lunchtime this was wavering and often left my office late in the evening demotivated.  NOT ANY MORE! I've used the Sculptor with the subliminals on all day and done an auto repeat of the affirmations just after lunch, what a difference.  My afternoons are already more productive after just four days use.  I am a self help junkie, I have over 200 books and tape series but none of them have fired me up like Sculptor has. Shame I didn't find this product years ago!”

— Allan


... my life is finally being blessed

“I got layed off almost 24 months ago. Since I've been working steadily and have to give this sculptor the kudo's for helping me overcome my lack of success programming.

I thank God my life is finally being blessed on many levels and think changing my thinking about my worthiness had made the biggest difference.

In about 3 months since starting this affirmation work I've doubled my income and am now paying down my debt. My work has become a joy with personal and professional freedoms. This is exactly what I've wanted in a long time.”

— Franklin


... all desire to drink and  smoke magically disappeared

“I used your Sculpture 3 software in January this year to help me with an addiction to alcohol and tobacco. I had one session where I affirmed that I was healthy. Prior to that day, I struggled with being unable to stop using the substances for many years.  Since that day, all desire to drink or smoke has magically disappeared. I now exercise regularly and I am taking back my life. -- Thank you so very much for your wonderful work.”

— Carmen

… exactly what I needed

"Sculptor helped me take control of what should be in everyone's head, "my own life." I was using it for the simplest things to the most significant things. It supplied exactly what I needed, and it reminded me every day that the success is within me."

— Liselotte


… thanks for such a wonderful tool!

"Jeff, Sculptor is without a doubt the BEST tool I've found to keep me on track with my affirmations, and I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of all of the other life changing functionality you've built in. I can't wait to discover what else Sculptor holds in store. It's so interesting to be able to read where I was at on a certain date, and then see where I am now.  I could go on and on, but I'll stop now. Thanks for creating such a wonderful tool!"

— Michelle



... an immediate sense of "knowing”!

“Years ago I was on a very spiritual path, and every night did inner journeys, played self-hypnosis tapes, did a journal, etc., and had evidence at that time of manifestation. A major change occurred in my life, and little by little bit I ceased doing all those good things ... and within 18 months I had lost the inner peace, the contentment, etc. Over the last 7 years I have tried "desperately" to get it back, and tried to do it the way I had done it before. Somehow I was unable to be consistent.

I know that these things work... I also know that such things are more powerful if they are done in a combination. When I "accidentally" discovered Sculptor 3 I had an immediate sense of "knowing" this was my key. In the last 36 hours phenomenal changes have already commenced ... and with ease. Of course I am using the Sculptor 3, plus the subliminal package you kindly provided, and the desire to do the other things "journaling", "tape playing" etc is also re-awakening in me. THANK YOU FOR PRODUCING THIS!!!!“

—  Maureen

… very optimistic

"I've been using Sculptor for less than a week and already notice that I'm more aware of my thoughts and actions and feeling a little more in control of my life.  I'm very optimistic about a program that has such immediate results. I have also been very impressed with the quick responses I've received from Jeff over a couple of clarifications. Really helpful with keeping up the positive momentum. Thanks Jeff!"

— Jennifer


... no finer computer program on affirmations

"If you want to follow Henry David Thoreau's suggestion about sculpturing your life by changing your thoughts, you may want to receive some help from software. You will find no finer computer program on affirmations than Jeff Staniforth's Sculptor.

The program… includes an affirmation-writing course. It also offers a superb subliminal message program, so you can subliminally flash your messages on your computer screen as you work with other programs. Sculptor offers a lot more, so if you are serious at all about practicing affirmations, their web site is a must-see."

— Chuck Gallozzi - Author Roadblocks to Happiness and How to Overcome Them


... I love this system!

"Every morning I do the affirmations and things are starting to happen in less than a week. I started with the affirmation, "I now have a wonderful job, receiving wonderful pay." I recently began selling insurance, after being downsized from corporate America. I had six weeks of no sales and no income and decided to try your system, since you were offering a guarantee what did I have to lose. Just this first week two sales came out of nowhere and exceeded my goal of $10,000 a week in sales.

Another of my goals is to be debt free. Again this week an idea came to me to refinance my home at a lower rate and take some money out of equity. Acting on this idea reduces my monthly house payment, with a lower interest rate and allows me to eliminate all of my credit card debt. Would these things of happened anyway, maybe and maybe not.

Thank you for Sculptor 3".

— Herman


... absolutely amazed

"What an incredible product. I am absolutely amazed that there is something finally so wonderful on the market".

— Editor / Publisher - Power of One Metaphysical Magazine


... never looked back

“I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying sculptor, and that I have found a way to use it even with RSI. It seems very effective, and I am very grateful that I was able to purchase it. I have never looked back and have really enjoyed using sculptor. It is a great little package and I felt I had to let you know that I was very grateful for it.

I would again like to thank for the product, as it is fantastic”.

— Chris


... blown away

“I have used your Sculptor method and was awestruck at its beauty, simplicity and utility. It's a very practical, wonderful tool. I was blown away by its practicality, I just love it.”

— John Harricharan - award-winning author of the bestseller, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat


... enter the New Age

"Science is finally entering the New Age. With Sculptor 3, you can design and create the life you have always wanted. And it's easy to use."

— Dr. Donald Schnell, Leading Authority of New Age disciplines, and Author of "The Initiation"



... so in control

It's totally awesome, and I'm only on the 2nd day of my affirmations, but I feel so in control of the process thanks to this powerful program. Kudo's to you and your team for developing it, and I look forward to successful results in the weeks and months to come.

— Morley


... realizing a whole load of limiting beliefs

“I'm currently working through my third round of affirmations on Sculptor 3. I started using it for dream working. In the thirteen nights between deciding to start the course, and finishing it, I dreamed twelve times.

I'm now going to use it for something a little less completely internal - for working with prosperity and abundance. No major lottery wins, but I'm realizing that there are a whole load of limiting beliefs I have that I wasn't aware of - and I'm hoping to work with them one by one through affirmations.”

— Tanja

… enriched the experience

"I have used a similar methodology which was not computer based and found that Sculptor simplified and enriched the experience for me a great deal.”

— Diane Brennan


… mood turned around tremendously

"I found your site by looking up the meaning of a dream, it caught my eye. I called my husband and asked if he thought I should order it. We have really been strapped for money this year and have some really trying things happen. At first he said no he wouldn't be interested. That evening he asked me to order it as it had been a very disturbing day. We have been using the program for about 3 weeks, his mood has turned around tremendously. We are both in real estate, he in brokerage and I in new homes sales. Both of our businesses have increased. We are still on the mend, but things are looking positive again.

Dan has had some medical problems, ( a TIA - slight stroke) but we are praying and programming them away. God is healing him and will keep him healthy. Thank you for helping us at such a critical time with this terrific program.

— Vey Janosek


… more than I had expected

"I have been using it for 5 days now and the results are more than I had expected. Thank you so much for making this product available. I can hardly wait to see what the future holds...”

— Vicki


… no stopping me now!

"I can not believe the wealth of information you have provided in your program... It is mind boggling... But understandable... and I have just read the tip of the Iceberg...

I can see how your program can & will be a life altering program... If followed... Which " I WILL" follow... Once again.. Thank You.... Signed... Grateful”

— Lewis


… can feel my belly warm up and glow !

"Hello Jeff, Wow! I really like Sculptor, It's wonderful and just what I needed. I can actually feel my body around my belly area warm up and glow every time I run the program. I am deeply grateful that you have made this available and would like to keep in touch about my progress with it.

God bless you a hundredfold, and may you experience infinite success, prosperity, and joy in all your endeavors.”

— Bola


… such a versatile program

"I have been a believer in affirmations for a long time, but never had such a versatile program to work with, for me it was always, a book, or tapes. I have brain wave tapes but never everything and more in one program. More being in this case subliminal programs and something to tie it all together. I really like your program, I have it installed on my notebook so I can take it wherever (I am a pilot so I get around - I have even been down to Sydney a few times) I go. I'm very glad you had the foresight to create such a fine program.

— Mark


… my thoughts have definitely changed!

"I have to say that I was definitely skeptical about the Sculptor3 program but, after purchasing and using the program my thoughts have definitely changed from negative to positive in a relatively short amount of time. Your Sculptor3 program triggers the subconcious mind to respond beyond, the ability of motivational books or speakers. Then, after your quick helpful responses to my emails. I have to say that I am impressed to say the least with You and your program.”

— Terry C.


… More metaphysicians should know about this!

"I am just getting started as of last night using the software. More metaphysicians should know about this. I am so excited about this tool and pulling all my notes and lists etc. together in one place. You wouldn't believe the fun I'm having. This is the best tool since the computer. In all my 25 years of affirmations and journalizing I am estatic. I am so glad this is available.“

— Sharon.


… success already beginning!

You are providing an amazing service. I held off using because of the cost ... foolish idea. I started this AM using the Sculptor 3 program and can feel the desires in my mind and heart for hope and success already beginning to increase.

Thank you,

— John Gray.