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  • The secrets of creating a successful freelancing business, learning how and what you need to get started, creating an effective workspace, using technology to develop your business and much more.

  • How to find, use and market your niche, by learning how to specialize in your freelancing field. After all, freelancing is all about doing what you want to do, and being successful at it. By discovering your niche, you'll learn how to develop your special skill into a contract generating machine.

  • 4 additional "bonus" strategies to help you to discover the special tips and tricks, which will help you during the beginning period of your freelancing career, allowing you to earn more contracts, fast, by avoiding common mistakes.

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Itay Paz
Date: Monday, 11:17 AM
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Dear Colleague ,

The time has come to forget all of those discouraging thoughts you have had about starting your own freelancing company. You can make your dream of becoming a successful freelancer happen. Trust me, I know, because not so long ago, I too was once in your shoes.

My name is Itay Paz and my ebook, The Freelance Success Ebook – an all around guide for how to freelance will provide you with all of the basic tools and information you will need to get your small freelancing business up and running with a great start!

By now you have probably heard or read a lot of garbage and myths that float around, in public circles or on the Internet, about the disasters of starting your own small business as a freelancer. How so many sweet freelancing dreams fail and fall to bankruptcy.

Don't let these negative tales steer you from your goals. I know what it takes to become a successful freelancer, and how to make your goals as a freelancer possible. I want to share my success with you, by offering you my ebook that is jam-packed with practical information, and backed up with its invaluable bonuses for only $29.95.

You Will Find Everything You Need to Know
About Starting Your Own Freelancing Company in
"The Freelance Success Ebook"

This freelance guide provides you with no-nonsense material that is all about quality. You won't find any excess fluff in the 100 pages you will read, only the best tips that will lead you on the path to perfecting and discovering the value of freelancing business ideas and finding your niche.

I guarantee that The Freelance Success Ebook will make all of the difference to the beginning success of your small business freelancing career, or I will give you your money back , with no questions asked.

I have no interest in feeding you a pack of lies about how easy it is to start your freelancing career. Let's face it, it takes hard work and dedication, to get your business rolling; and when it comes down to it, only you can provide yourself with this motivation. When it all comes down to it, you'll know that it has been worth the effort, when you find yourself in a rewarding freelancing career that you enjoy, and that generates a steady stream of quality contracts.

I believe in every word I say in The Freelance Success Ebook , and I know it will provide you with the direction, motivation, and skills you need to start your freelancing career.

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The Freelance Success Ebook

“Before reading this book, I didn't know the first thing about starting my own freelancing career. I had talked to other freelancers before, but nowhere else have I been able to find the detailed and thorough information I needed to get started, that has been provided by this fabulous guide.”

P. Form – Washington - Freelance Marketer

“Not only is the information in this ebook brilliant and useful, it is also straight forward and easy to read.”

Nicole Cummings – Amsterdam - Freelance Writer

“This freelancing guide has been the backbone of my freelancing business. I constantly refer back to its pages; and without fail the ebook always provides me with the answers I am searching for.”

Danielle Punti – London - Freelance Graphic Design

“Since I have discovered The Freelance Success Ebook I have gained the confidence I needed to get my freelancing career on the right track. Before this book, I never dreamed how successful I could become.”

Jason White – Toronto – Freelance Photographer

Order the Freelance Success Ebook now for only $29.95
Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back!

What can you expect from this no-nonsense, one-of-a-kind ebook?

  • How to start freelancing
  • Knowing what to expect as a freelancer when starting your business.
  • Knowing when and what risks to take when starting out as a freelancer
  • All of the best freelancing basics
  • How to reach potential clients
  • Where to sell your services
  • A beginners guide to marketing
  • Understanding accounting basics

But that's not all! We're also going to crack the code on...

  • Understanding the value of intellectual property issues such as copyrights
  • The value of technology , and learning what the Internet can do for your freelancing company, and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Knowing how to create an ideal work space that meets your business needs and provides you with the best working environment that will benefit both you and your business.
  • Finding the best Mentors : Knowing who to turn to when you have questions, and where you can find the help you need to gain effective answers and results.
  • Learning how to avoid scams
  • The steps to take when dealing with problematic clients

And much, much more!

Order the Freelance Success Ebook now for only $29.95
Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Plus, if you order right now you will receive...

Exclusive Free Bonus #1 - 10 Business Forms

10 Sample General Business Forms that will guide you on your path of discovery and understanding how to run an effective freelancing business; these include:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Accepting a Job Offer Letter
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Bid Request
  • Request to Beat Competitor's Price
  • “Unable to do Business at this Moment, Possibility of Business in the Future” letter
  • Press Release
  • Sample Consultant Resume

Exclusive Free Bonus #2 - Unlimited Free Upgrades

Our Free Newsletter - When you order now, you will also gain access to our free newsletter which has numerous tips and tricks, new information and much, much more.

Exclusive Free Bonus #3 -
Tips Newsletter

Our Newsletter - When you order now, you will also gain access to our free newsletter which has numerous tips and tricks, new information and much, much more.

Exclusive Free Bonus #4 - Save up to $100 on my personal coaching

Save by Using My Unlimited Free Upgrade Bonus Coupon– When you order my ebook now, you will discover that in the back of the book, there is a coupon. This coupon offers you up to $100.00 in savings, because it provides you with the opportunity of obtaining my personal and professional services. I offer you my guidance and full coaching support if you should ever need it. All coaching is private, so you can expect nothing but the best one-to-one experience.

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Just imagine how you can really get the ball of freelancing success rolling when you have these great bonuses at your fingertips!

Discover the Success That Awaits You and Order Now Risk Free!

I believe that The Freelance Success Ebook will start your freelancing business on the right track, and will serve as your number one guide that will help you deal with any obstacle that may cross your path; regardless if it is good or bad.

In fact, I believe in the success of my ebook so much, that if you are not satisfied with the information your receive from my product, I will provide you a full refund of your money within 90 days of your purchase guaranteed. No questions. No hassles. Just a sincere "Thank you" from us for giving "The Freelance Success Ebook" a shot.

If You Are Not Satisfied With My Ebook I will Refund Your Money With Our 90 -Day - Risk Free – Guarantee!!

In fact, it's more than a guarantee... it's a promise!

As a Successful Freelancer Myself, I Believe in Providing My Customers With 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Because Your Success Matters to Me.

It's time for you to discover the tricks and trades that are apart of the freelancing industry. You can achieve success beyond your wildest dreams, if you know how to make it happen.

Order The Freelance Success Ebook – an all around guide for how freelance , and find out how you can get your business on the market now!

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Itay Paz

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