You're a very smart Internet site owner or marketer . You really don't need a whole bunch of hype in a sales letter to recognize a good profitable product when you see one. So I'm going to be very straight with you and explain why you need : "What Google Never Told You About Making Money with Google AdSense".
Who am I, from where did I emerge and why should you listen to me? 
Hi , I am Joel Comm.

I run a successful series of family-friendly web sites that continues to earn me generous income online ever since I became an Internet entrepreneur since 1995.

In 1997, --my game site, was purchased by a company called Yahoo! And today it's known as Yahoo! Games. My face is beamed hundreds of thousands of times everyday in the form of a cartoon avatar at the Yahoo Games game tables.

Through these many years , I've built dozens of web sites that satisfies thousands of visitors each day. There are many ways in which I generate revenue online, but I wasn't prepared for the revolution that would take place in the form of Google AdSense.

It was in June 2003 I signed up with Google AdSense. And I too did what many others did and still do. That is taking the code from the Google AdSense site and pasting onto my web site -- And then wondering why I wasn't making any money!

But finally I got smart. Something told me that I was leaving money on the table! So I began my testing madness on my Google AdSense code using completely legitimate means.

And What emerged from it changed my life !

From just $30 per day Google AdSense Revenue, I had Stratosphered to $500 PER DAY with just a few easy changes in my spare time. My first incredible 5-digit check from Google made me think -- I must be dreaming! "Something has gone wrong somewhere", I thought. "Google is going to call me up any moment and ask for their mistaken check back." But the dreaded call never came.

But deep inside me , I knew it wouldn't. Every time I logged into my AdSense account, the solid proof was right before my eyes: My Google AdSense stats!

Now closely observe the chart below?

This is a real, recent screenshot of my Google AdSense stats page. With Google's permission , I'm able to reveal Google Adsense Secrets, how to make money with AdSense and how much I'm making with Google AdSense. But Google asked me to keep details of my CPM and CTR private, so I have blocked them in order to comply with Google's terms of service. I'm not a renegade, respect them too much and I value my relationship with Google! 

(My Google AdSense Account Stats as of January 2005)
It's payoff time NOW !
All I did was to to make a few simple changes that had turned my Google AdSense pages into supercharged click-magnets and multiplied my earnings per click many times. In fact...

My click-through rates Skyrocketed by 300 PER CENT - in a matter of days!

That's me to your left reflecting the happy feeling of receiving a Google AdSense check via United Parcel Service (UPS) special delivery, a privilege reserved for those who earn a five-figure monthly Google AdSense income!

After relishing my newfound wealth, I began sharing my AdSense tips and tricks with friends and associates. Let me introduce to you some of them ...
Heard of Chris Pirillo? Chris is a leading technology guru online. His websites attract an extremely loyal following -- people who know that Chris is in synch with the pulse of the Internet and cutting-edge technology. His celebrated seminars attract hundreds of people eager to soak in what he has to say next. This is what Chris Pirillo has to say about Google AdSense Secrets...
"Joel saved my business with a fraction of the insight found in this eBook. Like many site operators, I had Google AdSense running on my site. It was doing 'okay.' Joel kicked it into high gear, and I will forever be in his debt." 

- Chris Pirillo (Lockergnome)
Familiar with The Internet Tourbus? Bob Rankin has been piloting this virtual email newsletter Jet since the Internet was young. A prolific technology author and an accomplished writer for the groundbreaking Boardwatch Magazine, Bob's readers of over 100,000 check their email twice weekly in order to keep up with the latest news and information. Bob has to say this about about my ebook and make money with adsense...
"Joel Comm's 'Making Money with Google AdSense' book tells you how to do exactly that! I've been using his techniques and now I'm watching my clicks and earnings go to levels I never thought possible."

- Bob Rankin (The Internet Tourbus)
Barbara Feldman, nationally syndicated columnist and radio show host, is an expert in providing a safe Internet experience for families. She applied the Google AdSense tips in my ebook and has this to say...
"The biggest mistake you make with Google AdSense is just sticking the code on your web site and then ignoring it. If you are ready to step into the Google AdSense big leagues, buy Joel's book (before he realizes that it's WAY under priced) and follow his advice. I did, and the results are amazing."

- Barbara J. Feldman (Surfing the Net with Kids)
Alice Seba is a leading Internet Marketing Guru. It took her some time to listen to my Google AdSense secrets, but check out what she says now.
"I just wanted to thank you for finally getting me off my duff to start improving my Google Adsense techniques. I spent a couple hours implementing your suggestions and BAM --- I have been making an extra $50 per day since. I can't believe I allowed myself to just "leave that money sitting on the table" as you are fond of saying. Thanks for creating such a great guide to increasing Google AdSense income."

- Alice Seba (
Here are others who have put my tips to the test and found them to be invaluable!
"Using the simple techniques outlined in Joel's book, I was able to triple my Google AdSense income, practically overnight. And I haven't even applied it to my main site yet!"

- Randy Cassingham (
"All I can say is you've written an outstanding guide and I am more than happy to recommend it to my readers. It is extremely rare to find a well written and straight forward guide like yours... it really is full of AdSense secrets info that I will be using myself! If anyone hesitates investing in your guide then they have lost out on an amazing, proven and invaluable system for cashing in on their sites' content."

- David Vallieres, Editor - "Turning Content Into Cash" -
Want to see more satisfied customers? Read these... 
My success with Google AdSense Profits wasn't one sweeping 'stroke of genius'. I didn't just stick an Google AdSense code on a web page and wake up next day to find thatů"HOORAY! I'M an AdSense Tycoon!" But after applying my Google AdSense tips, you should be able to see an increase the same day!

You know how hard you have worked to get the traffic you've got now. Isn't it time you got the most out of it?

Now, I have put together a special manual containing my most impressive Google AdSense tips and tricks. These Google AdSense secrets are available for the first time as an instant download.
What Google Never Told You About
Making Money with AdSense!
"A battle-tested Google AdSense Profit Manual that picks up where Google left off, handing you the secret keys to multiplying your Google AdSense income with a series of lazy, 10-second tweaks!"
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When I applied these tips and tricks for the first time to my sites , I increased my daily Google AdSense revenue stream 1600%! I grew from $30/day to over $500/day. If you want a refresher of what that looks like, scroll back up the page and take a look at my Google AdSense report!

Every chapter is overflowing with practical advice, screen-shots of actual web pages and a rare insight into the nuts-and-bolts that drive a successful AdSense profits business, including...
Astonishing ways revealed on how to optimize your web site for high-paying clicks, using legitimate response-tracking techniques and software.
How to pull highly relevant ads on-demand using Google Search and skyrocket your Google AdSense icome
Special tips on how to format your ads so your visitors will want to click them earning you a continual stream of CTR income.
Exclusive Kow-How on which colors, sizes, text color and borders will generate the most clicks
Very special techniques on how to position your ads for maximum response
Explore which elements can draw instant attention to your ads, no matter where you place them
Detailed instruction on how to prune out low-paying ads that steal clicks from your high paying ads
Proven information on how to add FREE articles to your site - Web sites with over 12,000 articles you can use revealed to you!
Information on where to find server-side scripts and software to track down the most "click-friendly" pages and search terms
How to analyze your server logs to dig out the hidden gold-mine in your website
Acquire the ability to read your visitors like a book, including:
what drives them to your web site (search terms they used to find your web site)
which ads they clicked and WHY
which pages they're visiting most often and WHY
how to diversify into new keywords without affecting the relevance of your existing pages
How to generate revenue on visitors even when they leave your site!
How to pinpoint which ads are making you the most money and which ads are producing the most clicks (and NO, those are not one and the same thing!)
How to narrow down to top-paying ads and pages with Google AdSense Channels
How to employ fool-proof testing methods and strategies with Google AdSense Channels (Unless you know this, you're shooting arrows in the dark!)
How to make Google AdSense work on forums and Internet communities, an incredible and powerful source of keyword-rich content that you can have created for free!
Privileged access to my own secret list of successful websites...See how I do it with real-life examples! (And much more, including hands-on examples and actual screenshots of web pages that are raking in the cash with Google AdSense!)
"In a nutshell , back breaking work for days, weeks and months of hands-on experiments, fool-proof tests and money-making ideas drawn from the best brains in web publishing --- all condensed into a set of easy-to-implement 10-second changes that anybody can apply to just about any web site...And start making more money within SECONDS!"
Monthly AdSense Impressions:
Clickthrough Rate (CTR) Average:
Average Income Per-Click:
Your current income:
With my tips, you could be making: Look how much money you may be LOSING!
Let's find out how much money
you are leaving on the table ?
Use my Google Adsense Revenue Calculator below. Here's how... 
I have already pre-populated the fields so you can see how to format them. NO dollar signs, decimal points, or other punctuation please!
Login to your AdSense reporting
Enter your monthly AdSense impressions in the top space of the calculator
Enter your average clickthrough rate (CTR) for the month in the second space. For example, a 1.5% CTR would be entered as 1.5
Enter your average income per click in the third space. We have included a .20 average, but to figure your own divide your TOTAL EARNINGS by TOTAL CLICKS.
Click the ENTER button to reveal your current income, and discover how much money you may be leaving on the table by NOT optimizing your AdSense!
"Making Money with Google AdSense" manual is worth thousands of dollars in potential AdSense earnings. I know, because earlier I have left TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on the table because I did not apply these AdSense tips and tricks sooner!

The AdSense secrets in this manual changed my life - and my lifestyle - and they can do the same wonders for you too, provided you TAKE ACTION NOW!

You may find other reports online promising the moon, but you have seen my AdSense earnings with your own eyes!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
I'm sure this will work for you, and so committed to see that it does, that if you apply the simple techniques I've outlined in my ebook and you don't see results within 30 days, I will personally review your site and make suggestions to help you increase your AdSense revenue. If you're still not satisfied, I'll refund your purchase price in full!

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Yours for greater AdSense profits ,
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