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A Very Special Offer For You ,!!


Get prepared to witness some never before seen Internet Marketing Scripts...

", Announcing ... An Outstanding New Software That Lets You Create Website Scripts On Your Online Sales Letters And It's As Simple As A,B,C ... Unblockable Entry And Exit Popups, Launch Countdown Timers, Tell-A-Friend, Personalize Your Online Sales Copy, Plus Many More ... All with Just One hot Software!"

(Check Out Videos Below For Real Experience!)

You won't believe how simple it is to have professional sales boosting website scripts on your website really working their magic for you. This new software does all the hard work for you.

  From: Aaron Dwyer, Developer

  RE: Some Finest Sales Scripts To Boost Your Sales

Sizzle Your Website For Sales Today!

Dear Internet Entrepreneur ,

How many times have you sat in front of the computer writing up your sales page for your next big product and caught yourself thinking, geez I wish I could add some sizzle to spice up the page, and make more sales?.  

An Internet marketing script generator like:

  • An unblockable hover popup to display an email capture form
  • Or a special offer unblockable exit popup that disappears automatically at the end of the offer,
  • Or a changing date field that updates itself every day
  • Or the Latest tell a friend script
  • Or a simple script such as a print the sales page button
  • Or Timed offers that expire at a specified date
  • Or set up Contact Forms that cannot be hijacked by spammers
  • Or personalize your web copy
  • Or set up online surveys to assess what the market wants
  • And many more sizzling features...

 , You sort of know what you want to add, but not being a web programmer you don't know where to start. So you've got a couple of options at this point.

1) Hire a web programmer from eLance, Rent A Coder or someone local to you. Explain what you want to do (if you even are sure at that point what you want) and then go backwards and forwards with them through the project and wait to get something done in the hopes it will achieve your goal...


2) Search through the countless free (or paid) website resources online looking for a solution to your elusive task. Just when you think you've found a solution and worked out how to integrate it into your site, it just isn't what you are after.

You may get lucky and find a good programmer or find the right resource online and be able to integrate it onto your page but I bet you that if you added in your time as a dollar factor it would have cost you way more than you anticipated.

This used to happen to me all the time and still does, and being a stubborn web programmer, I go down the number two route and easily get to the end of a whole day looking for a script and then integrating it onto my webpage only to realize it doesn't quite do what I want and then I have nothing to show for it. Talk about frustrating and getting annoyed. Rinse, and then repeat the whole process the next day!


"Made $100 In Extra Sales In 24Hours"

(click play twice)

Andre Delano
Illinois, USA

Your time is precious to you, as is mine, and being a web programmer you'd think I'd have it in the bag, but it's just never that easy especially when using free resources online.

In the end , all you really wanted was a couple of profit producing site enhancements in the form of some website scripts.

For a very long time I have accumulated a lot of scripts over the years that do all sorts things to websites, but my most important ones are those that add profits to direct sales sites. Then it dawned on me 3 months ago...

“Why Don't I Wrap Up All My Sales Related Web Scripts And Have An Awesome Software Product Targeted Directly To Answer Internet Marketers' Needs?”

But being a programmer I thought that just wasn't good enough, because I knew of a couple of existing similar software products from a few years ago that did very well but became outdated and weren't updated, and whatever software I produced, had to have something that wasn't available anywhere else.

So I've since created a brand new software product (called Script Smart) that is a toolbox of powerful website scripts (including Javascript and PHP techniques) that are all targeted at increasing your websites sales. If you want to land a shark you've got to use a gaff hook, same with your website sales, to get bigger profits you've got to use all tools you can get your hands on.

Let me SHOW you with a video of what the software has in it

Video 1. VIDEO 1 - General Overview - 8mins

As an example you may be familiar with using popup web windows to enhance your sales, but with the blocking of popups common place these days you need to use something else. Some of you may have migrated your old popup code to the new unblockable hover technology, but , I bet that you have been asking...

“With The Demise Of Automated Popups, Now How Do I Get An Unblockable Exit Popup?

Some other software on the market will tell you they have the solution (which only works on older browsers), but the truthful answer is you can't! But you can get awfully close, using a couple of scripts, to mimic the behavior. Let me show you with a video 1 of the 2 techniques of solving the puzzle of how to target your prospect when they are leaving your site without having done what you wanted them to (i.e order from you or optin from you).

Video 2. VIDEO 2 - Hover Popup On EXIT - 5mins

As you can see , the potential is huge to capture your prospects that you would never have had an opportunity to get before. Not since the old standard popups were around anyway.

Let me fill you in on what other profit pulling scripts this software has in it that will help increase your sales profits ...

  • Do you have an offer that you want to limit to create urgency but don't want to edit your page every few days. Generate an automatically extending deadline for your offers...
  • Want to seem in-date even though you wrote the sales letter 6 months ago, use a self generating date to always appear current...
  • Popups are still a fantastic way of giving prospects more information than can normally fit on your page. They must be triggered by the user clicking onto something otherwise the popup blockers now built into ever browser will block them. Create a normal popup the right way, always good for videos or extra info... (just like showing the videos on this page)
  • There is nothing better to create a sense of urgency than a countdown (or time limit) on an offer. But make sure that you do something at the end of the countdown, like jump to a different page that doesn't have the offer or remove the offer from the screen... The choice is yours...
  • Most people like nothing better than to see or hear their name , it's been proven time and time again, so why not get your prospects name from your autoresponder or broadcast emails straight into your website sales copy... This software will allow you take advantage of this simple concept...

  • Entry and exit popups were abused shamelessly and now they are no more. But from those ashes rises the hover popup which is essentially a part of the same webpage and hence can't be blocked. There are many software products on the market today that can help you produce these hover style popups, but ask them if they can do an EXIT unblockable hover popup? Everyone said it was impossible and they were right, but you can get mighty close using a simple concept and a fancy script, and it works like a charm...
  • If you are still trying to grab that you wanted them to, then this is your answer. You need to stop them from leaving with something REALLY enticing, now you have that chance...last ditch effort to convert a prospect that is leaving your site without doing what

PHP Powered Scripts

  • Forget struggling to setup a contact us form, there is one in this software that has some fancy SPAM checking code to detect if the form is being hijacked by a SPAMMER. It happens all the time to the unsuspecting form owner, your site could be being used to relay SPAM via your contact form. Using some special code in your form will stop them dead ...
  • A Tell a Friend script is not effective unless you're triggering the "what's in it for me" for the visitor to promote you to their friends. This script emails you, the visitor, and their friend, all fully customizable, and of course SPAM hijacking secured.
  • Completing online surveys to find out what your market wants before you make the product is essential. Some call this the Flycatcher method, others Survey Capture, whatever you call it there is a format and method to follow to get the maximum response from your visitors. There are paid monthly services that do this one function alone. Collect the visitors responses directly in email and into a spreadsheet you can download at the end of your survey period. SPAM hijacking secured once again.
  • Do you ever get told by your list members that you've just sent out the wrong link in an email that didn't go anywhere, and they got the dreaded 404 error message webpage? Do you want to know if someone is snooping around your website looking for your downloads page in order to rip you off.? Do any of your website visitors ever tell you when you have a broken link on your page?

    Well here is a script that will email you when someone ends up at a broken page on your site. You can then take action on it straight away without having to rely on others letting you know. So powerful.

Simple Javascripts

  • Remind prospects to bookmark your page with a handy script that does it for them...
  • Produce a copyright message that doesn't need updating. Each year the date will click over to the correct year. There's no bigger turn off than a site that looks outdated...
  • Offer your visitors a simple yet visible prompt to print out your sales page for offline reading...
  • A fast and efficient way of redirecting a visitor to a new website or page that you specify... Excellent for timed offers that expire you can redirect prospects, or landing pages that automatically refer onto other pages.

Web Helpers

  • Never be stuck looking for a web color again from the standard 16 web colors. I've got a color wheel that allows over 256 web safe colors, with the ability to see multiple selected colors at the same time for choosing complimentary colors...
  • Create a page layout that the internet marketing masters use for collecting prospect names and email addresses, sometimes called a Name Squeeze page. It's a simple format that is used time and time again...
  • Cloak your affiliate links from Internet predators with a few clicks. Stop losing commissions that are rightfully yours! Not just a simple redirect, a complete encoded solution that is not human readable ...
  • Never put a plain email address on your website again. Stop the email spam crawlers from trawling your email address from your web site. Encode your email address and stop it from ending up in spam lists!
  • Don't know what Meta Tags are or how to format them effectively to assist the search engines in how they display your site. This software will have you setup your Meta Tags (the only ones that really matter) the correct way ...
  • Ever been stuck looking for that obscure keyboard character to display it online. Like proper start and end quotes for your headlines, or the Pound (£) sign, or Yen (¥) sign or any other. The full list is in here...
  • No more bland websites, you can create colored Scrollbars (IE5+ browsers only) that go along with your site color theme. All other browsers will just present their normal scrollbar. Great for "spicing up" your site. (If you are using IE5+, you are seeing this effect as we speak, check out the scroll bar on the right side of this page...)
  • Got so much to say that you can't fit it all in one sales letter. To many testimonials, or screen shots, or a trial chapter of your book. Creating a small page in a page is the solution, easy to setup using this software...
  • Creating links that handle all the features that browsers can display is no longer an issue. Show alternate link text, and title text the search engines pick up on, and show help text for the link in the status bar...
  • How to encrypt your code quickly and easily so that people can't get a hold of all the cool tricks you will be using on your page...
  • As an added bonus to this software, if you are really keen you can enter in your own scripts that you use on a regular basis. Setup your own variables that need replacing and viola you have a customizable script.
  • Of course if you don't want to go to the effort of adding your own scripts, and you have a sales related script that you use regularly and would love for it to be in this software to keep all your good scripts in one place, then simply suggest a script to me from inside the software, and I'll evaluate it. If it is a profit pulling winner then I'll not only add it to the software for your benefit, but I'll put your name and web address on it to give you more exposure as my way of saying thanks for making the software stronger for everyone.


"I Didn't Even Have To Know How To Use HTML"

(click play twice)

Glenn Dahlenberg
Brisbane, AUS

G'day Aaron

I fired up Script Smart the other day and I used it for the first time, no problems at all, it was really good thanks.

I found that the tutorials were excellent, anytime I had a bit of a problem I just looked at the tutorial and it stepped me through it.

I didn't even have to know how to use HTML.

Thanks very much. I'll be using it all the time in the future.

“But Scripts Alone Are Just Tools To Bigger Profits, It's How You Use Them Effectively That Matters”

All the big internet marketing names use website scripts to enhance their sales pages in one form or another. Beware though, they are just tools that still have to be used in the right manner to be effective.

So same as giving you a chainsaw and telling you to go and cut down a tree with no instruction on how to start and use the chainsaw may be a disaster to your health. You can run into similar trouble with a bunch of website scripts, not having guidance on using the scripts will turn your customers away in droves instead of adding to your profits.

Which is why this software comes with accompanying videos on using the scripts in real life scenarios. No good just giving you the scripts and letting you at it, the videos will get your creative juices flowing on how you can use the scripts to best advantage in your own application.

Let me say that if you don't currently use any scripts on your site or are sick and tired of finding the right scripts and going through the pain and agony of installing them, then this software will be your next big thing since sliced bread.

Here's why you should get this software now...

  • It's full of scripts that you actually will use on your sales letters, which means it's not fluffed up with crappy scripts that belong on a kids site.
  • This is my treasure chest of scripts that work with the sole purpose of pulling more profit from your site.
  • I actually use this software myself, and will keep adding to it each time I find or have a script suggested to me, and have success using it. I won't just put any old script in here.
  • I have extra modules (not scripts, but other essential tools for internet marketers) that I'm working on to add to this software and will be making them available to existing owners FREE.

Some of the scripts are simple ones, some are very complex, but rest assured that all are easy to install into your site.

As you could see in the videos the software has a preview mode so you can see your script creation before putting it into your website. No more to-ing and fro-ing between the script software and your website trying to get it right. This benefit alone differences this software from any that came before it.


Introducing - Script Smart!

"Every internet marketer should have this
in their arsenal of marketing tools!!



"Keep All The Best Scripts Under One Roof"

Hi Aaron

I just wanted to write and say 'thank you' for producing such a useful application with Script Smart. I've long had my favourite scripts but to have the best of them put together 'under one roof' is a real time saver. There are others too that I have stayed away from previously because of the apparent complexity but you've done a great job in making these available to everyone.

Thanks again,

Adrian Bold
Hampshire, UK



But I want to give you more. Try Script Smart today, and you'll also receive...

"Over $150 In Exclusive Bonuses  
Yours Absolutely Free!"

Bonus #1: FREE Script Smart Upgrades
(3 x $37 (major upgrades) = $111 Value)

Because I'm in the internet marketing game, I closely monitor the internet marketing arena and quickly add new features as the internet adapts. Also if any additional features are wanted in the software, I'll do whatever I can to add them, and then everyone benefits. This means that upgrades do happen over time. Even major ones.

With FREE upgrades up your sleeve, you won't ever have to pay more money to keep up-to-date with the software. Try getting that as a bonus from some other software makers.

The software will prompt you when a new release is ready for download so you'll always be up to date with the best scripts.

Bonus #2: FREE Script Smart Support
($47 Value)

There's support and then there's really good support. I pride myself on the support of my babies (I mean software)

You won't find this level of support in many products on the market, period, and I'm going to include it for FREE, no ongoing support fees here.

I've put together help videos for each script in Script Smart, giving real life uses of the scripts and how to use the software to generate the results you need. But rest assured that if you have any troubles with the software, your questions will be answered and solved in short order. Support is of course available 7 days a week.

Bonus #3: 3 x FREE Script Installs / Script Integrations
(3 x $20 = $60 Value)

You may just have a complex website where you are already using some scripts to pull more sales, but no matter how hard you try you just can't get your Script Smart scripts living in harmony with your existing setup.

You may want to install them into a Wordpress Blog site, or you may have a Membership site or a Forum site and have no idea what files to edit or if you'll break the system.

This is a not a support issue of the Script Smart software, this is an install / integration issue and to help you out even more I've got a bonus for you.

I want to take any fear out of you using these scripts on your websites that I'll put my money where my mouth is, and I'll integrate / install three Script Smart scripts for you into ANY existing website setup you may have for FREE.

You can understand that I have to put a limit on it, or I'd be installing scripts all day. If you need more done after that, just ask and we'll work something out.

I understand that after seeing the videos above and this webpage that you might already know how powerful this software will be to you, without even trialling the software. So either way whether you trial the software or not, here's the all important question you're thinking about at this stage.

So how much for this software. No fluff or hype. It's $67.

I have been told by many Internet Marketers at the Warrior Forum, that I should sell script smart for $97, but I won't, but because I want to keep this within the reach of those starting out and get you the benefit of adding and using scripts on your website.

There are no recurring monthly fees here, just a one time investment. You can have look around online or may have already purchased other software that does just ONE of the scripts that I've got in here for more than $67. So I won't harp on anymore about the value of it.

I want you to think about how much money you are leaving on the table if you're not currently using web scripts to boost your profits.

Stop wasting another minute of your time and sanity trying to get sales oriented website scripts going on your own.

You can download Script Smart and be installing profit pulling scripts in less than 20mins that you know are going to work first time out of the gate.

You can purchase now and go straight to the download page ...

Click Here To Order Now


Warmest Regards,

Aaron Dwyer & S. Kumar

PS. This webpage layout and all the scripts in it (and there are a few) were generated directly from the software. View the source to see which ones.

PPS. This is my personal toolbox of scripts and as such , as I come across new scripts and techniques they will get included into this software. I am proud of the scripts that I've assembled and especially the ones I've created and their ability to boost sales. I absolutely hate software that stagnates and doesn't get updated when things change, so since I personally use this software, you are guaranteed of it remaining up-to-date.

Click Here To Order Now


102 Feature-Rich-Extreme-Scripts As Super-Duper Bonuses!
Special And Only For You !
(Available Specially From Learnhomebusiness.com)

It's going to take a lot of time, if I start explaining the full potential and every details of this HUGE scripts collection. So instead of that, here are the bonus scripts in bullets. You also get Maser Resale Rights to this full set. You can sell them as a package or individually.

  1. 32 Feature Rich Scripts (3 MB download!) - that includes the ultimate ad tracking tool, affiliate master scrtipt to run affiliate programs, easy auction generator to run your own auctions, autoresponder script for your server, Shoppin cart, spam cruncher and many more...32 scripts for every online Marketer!

  2. 70 PHP Scrips (38 MB download!) - Includes ClickBank script that verifies the buyer for authenticity, Back Up script for your website, Content Manager, PHPmyNewsletter, Paypal Store builder and many others! Variety of scripts library that can be highly effective your site.

Note: Once you order Script Smart just contact me here along with your receipt and I will send you the download link within 24 hrs.


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Thanks for your valuable time,


S. Kumar
Authorized Reseller

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