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Have you notice there are so many article directories spamming the search engines and with so many authors writing for various niches today? That's just it; everybody is looking for free advertising to their website and brands themselves to be the expert in a niche. Below are some advises to help you to super charge your articles and turn them into a selling machine.

1. Research before you write!

Nothing is worse than writing an article without doing research on the topic. I once read an article with great topic, but the writer did not do his research and as a result, the article has no targeted keywords, the title is too generalized, no selling point in its content and no conclusion in that topic.

To avoid such mistake, you must first search for the related topic articles and take them as your references. Study those articles and do a further search to find what other area they miss in the topic you're looking for. Use websites like faq.com and answers.google.com to find answers to your questions.

Never forget to do a keyword research too. Search in overture and get a list of highest ranked related keyword, then choose a few of the top 5 keywords for your later use in writing article.

2. Make your article title eye catchy to your readers.

I highly recommend implementing copywriting methods in to creating an article title that sells. A title that catches your readers? attention for that second, you are already making sure 90% of your readers will read the opening of your article.

You can use words to create your own selling title such as: - Introducing: The Most Powerful... - Who else wants to... - 10 ways to increase your ...

If you ever got celebrity endorsing the topic you're writing in, you could start the title as: - Joe Vitale confirmed the benefits of... - Even Dan Kennedy says...

Use your creativity to create your own winning title.

3. Tell interesting stories and be personal in your writing.

If you are writing a review of a product, a service or an event, having a real proven testimonial in story form either from you or from your customers is always a killer to keep your readers to be interested in your content. Nevertheless this is the most powerful method to sell any products through sales letter. Why not use it and spice up your article When you're telling your stories, make sure you're talking to only one person. This is to make your readers feels more personalized in your article. Use the word 'you' and 'I' instead of 'them' and 'we'.

4. Be specific

Remember to tell your stories in specific. Readers just hate it when the story is stuck hanging and left them in confusion later.

If you're telling a story about a person, describe the person's appearance and the person's personality, such as 'he looks outrageously handsome wearing that expensive black sunshade', or 'She dance beautifully in front of her envy audience'. If you're talking about a product, describe its benefits specifically how it is a good product for your prospects. Make them being able to visualize images in their head with your words.

5. Please, be honest with your stories

If you lie, your readers will know. Even though they don't, they will catch you one day, and for sure you will get backfire for lying to them. So be honest on your facts! Deliver your readers with true stories and they will put their trust in you forever. For some reason, even though if it's true, you might want to avoid telling stories that sounds illogically existed or anything that sounds too good to be true.

6. Stick to the point and your niche targeted keyword

Whenever you're writing your article, stick to the point you're trying to deliver. I have read so many articles where the authors sway away from their point and lead the readers into another dimension of the world. Here's where the keyword words you got from your research from the start kicks in. Use your targeted keywords and mentioned them as many time as possible for keyword density in your content. You may not know this, search engine would list you high and it helps to get your content indexed quickly.

7. Do not hard sell

Nobody likes super hard sell salesmen who break in your door just to show you their products and force you to buy them. So please remember, don't use words that sounds too harsh and unacceptable to your readers. If you still not sure if your article content uncomfortable hard selling words, ask several of your friends and have them read over your article. This will sure brings you a lot of feedbacks which you will later make the correction to its perfection.

8. Finally, over-deliver whatever you are offering

Everyone loves to be surprised with gifts unintentionally, including your readers. Spend extra time to find information and over deliver your readers to what they have already respected to you.

Edwin Lim is a freelance copywriter living in Malaysia. For more article writing and marketing insights, visit his Website at http://www.webblogerz.com




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