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Writing an article and having it published is one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote your business effectively, and possibly at no cost. It will also help you build your credibility as an industry expert.

First of all, you must keep in mind that you should not write an article to directly promote your business. Because an article is not a sales letter, nor an advertisement. If you write it as a sales letter or an advertisement, it will have no chance to get published.

The proper way to promote your business through your articles and get free exposure is to add several lines at the end of each article, under "About the Author" headline, where you may give a brief information about your business including your website URL and contact information. It should not be longer than 9 lines.

The tough part is the Internet is full of articles on almost every subject in all the categories. Everywhere you turn you can find plenty of articles to choose from, making it tougher to get your articles noticed, let alone read.

Even if you get your articles noticed, it's only the beginning. To hold your readers' attention, you must give them good quality content.

In this page we are going to provide information on what are the key elements of writing successful articles and how to get them noticed.

We will also explain how to turn your articles into an unstoppable profit generator. To take advantage of this golden opportunity you don't even have to have your own product or service.

How to Choose a Topic

Most writers write their articles on simply what they want to write. But, this is not a good way to write an article. The most recommended and effective way to write an article is first to decide on a topic that most people in your target market is already interested in. To find the topic that most people in your target market are interested in, you must do some research.

In fact, you should always do the research before you decide on a topic to write about. Think about the enquiries you receive from your customers. This will give you a clue on what information they need mostly. You can choose your topic from these mostly inquired subjects.

Another place you can go for researching for a quality topic for your article is the forums. For your tourism and travel related business you can try going to travel and tourism related forums. Observe what they are talking about, what they are looking for, mostly. The best approach is to find a problem many people are trying to find a solution. Then write an article that resolves this problem.

You can send your article to newsletters, magazines, and other related publications. You can also recommend your article sending a message to that forum, too, including the URL of your article. This way, while you are helping them resolve their problem, you would get the opportunity to find anxious readers to your article, to expose your business, and to increase and strengthen the credibility of your business, which will be followed by a steady profit soon.

How to Find a Title to Your Article

The title you will choose for your article is extremely important, because the title will grab the attention of the people to your article and make them read it. So, you should take your time, do some brainstorming before selecting a title. Because it will determine the success or failure of your article.

Your article should provide the readers with a benefit. You can emphasize the biggest benefit in the title. This will make it very compelling. But you must make sure that the article would really provide the readers with the benefits promised in the title. You must be very careful not to lose the good reputation you had built. It's very important to keep the readers' trust alive.

How to Create a Quality Content

You should always keep in mind that it is vital to provide your readers with valuable and useful information in your articles. The articles which are nothing more than sales materials will not have the chance to get published. Even if they get published, they would hardly find readers. Readers need to find valuable information to educate them further in the selected subjects of the articles.

It's very important to remember that people are extremely busy. They don't have time to read useless written material. If you really want your articles get published and read by your target audience, you must give valuable information in short paragraphs.

Don't write long articles. As we emphasized above, most people have very limited time to read books and articles. Make your articles easy to read, give as much valuable information as possible in short paragraphs. Make it short and simple, but valuable.

You can be sure that your poorly written long articles will not have much chance to be read. Writing articles which would not have readers will have a negative impact on your reputation and credibility. You would lose your publishers and readers. Then you will have to stop writing articles.

In order not to lose a great opportunity to get FREE publicity, through which you can promote your business powerfully, even more effectively than expensive advertising campaigns, then definitely try to write articles, giving valuable information in five or six short, simple and smart paragraphs.

About the Author: Sevim OR has been an online marketer, owner and operator of several Marketing websites since 1997, offering all businesses awesome exposure, powerful marketing, millions of impressions to substantially increase sales, revenues & ROI, at:


By: Sevim OR




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