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Articles - the newest and hottest way to get links to your web site, build your profile and encourage people to your web site - but they only work if they get read, passed around or published. So do you want to encourage people to do this?

Well you've decided to write your article, you've got your subject now you want to get going 'BUT' you want it to be read don't you, maybe put into an ezine or onto a web set? Yes thought you did. After all why waste all that brain power for nothing?

Well articles should be read, but sadly many are not. Let's examine 7 things you can do to give your article the best possible chance of life?

1)Write about something that you know about and write it with a different slant. You see so many articles all saying the same thing that you wonder why people bother. If you really know your subject, then try a slightly different aspect to it ? use a bit of humor, ask a burning question and answer it. ? See our header. This not only makes it easier to write the article but also makes it more interesting to read.

2)Write a catchy headline. When your article is listed on an article directory it is listed by the headline with a short introduction underneath. Your headline should grab the attention of the person browsing for articles. Some people use searches on the sites and others use software to extract groups of articles. (This is the secret of many of the AdSense web sites with hundreds of pages that are being sold.) It therefore stands to reason that your headline should contain some key words as well. Overall your heading should be attention grabbing, concise, answer your readers questions and intriguing. All that in less than ten words? It's an art.

3)Summarize in your introduction. You've got your attention ? now you need to entice them to read and hopefully publish your article. Your introduction should also be key word rich ? this helps with it being rated high in search engines, but also encourages people to actually click on the link to read it.

4)Make it easy to read. Use short paragraphs with bullet points and sub headings. Keep away from jargon and cultural slang. The internet is international with American English and UK English being the prime languages ? but not everyone is strong in these languages. So write to people who learnt English at school. Make the article easy on the eye and easy on the brain and people won't lose interest.

5)Keep it interesting. Answer the questions you posed in your heading and summary. Give your article a start, middle and conclusion. Keep to the point and don't meander from one subject to another. Use examples and short stories to explain more complex ideas.

6)Write with authority. Make your reader believe that you know what you are talking about. We do because we have published a considerable number or articles, reports, ebooks and books. We like to think that it comes over with our writing style and content.

7)Don't make it a sales letter. Articles are to inform and encourage people to click on your link in the resource box. Many article directories won't publish your articles, people get turned off because they are looking for information and ezines and web sites won't publish some one else's adverts ? so don't do it. Learn how to write informative articles ? if you make it interesting and informative then people will come to your web site to get more!

Lastly remember to put your business and web site details in your resource box.

Copyright 2006 Biz Guru LLC

Lee Lister writes as The Biz Guru, for a number of web sites including her http://www.clikks.com where she sells her informational products. With over 20 year's management and business consultancy experience with businesses large and small as well as being a serial entrepreneur, she now helps others set up, develop and market their businesses. If you would like more help and assistance in setting up your article marketing system then visit http://www.clickingbusiness.com for advice, assistance and some great products.




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