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As an online writer someone asked me, why do I write about things that are not in my area of expertise? Well I found the question fascinating really and had one of my own. Why do online writers only write about one thing or topic when obviously they have personal interests in other areas and knowledge in those areas as well.

Why would I write an article about long-term in-home care? Well in my prior business we had franchisees who are nurses with burn-out before buying franchises. And the insurance industry and health care industry have always been car wash customers too. And I have been studying up on the issues having to do with Presidential Policies on healthcare and social security.

Additionally Greenspan is correct, social security is a time bomb. Hell look at the French President today trying to pass a "jobs law" due to rioters who are worried about jobs, benefits and healthcare? Meanwhile the EU is looking at France and Germany's borrowing saying this was not the deal when we all went to the Euro and everyone is wondering who on Earth will pay for it.

It seems long-term in-home care in the future will be a trend due to costs associated with Hospice, Hospitals and retirement homes. There are issues and I see that trend moving forward. I have been reading a lot on the subject, as I watch one of my grandparents deal with this issue.

The industry seems to be quite robust and aggressive, however as soon as something starts to move they tax the crap out of it. If it keeps moving they regulate the crap out of it and when it fails they will have to subsidize the crap out of it; you know what I mean? So that is why I wrote several articles on long-term in-home healthcare and insurance.

Meanwhile I told the questioner that; ?I made your last question into an article, so I will make this one into an article also.?


I make every question asked into an article. Why answer a question, a worthy question without giving the information to the world? Unless it is a secret may as well help everyone by putting it onto the Internet rather than, letting the information, observation, experience, knowledge or wisdom go down the drain!

Also not everyone is stuck in linear thought on this Planet. Figure a tenth of one-percent are non-linear problem solvers. Besides I am into robotics and artificial intelligence and see a number of killer apps for the long-term home health care industry due to nurses shortages. Everything is all one thing, everything is inter-related, there is no one category, industry or space. It is all connected. You should think like that. My question to other writers is not why I wrote an article on long-term healthcare insurance, my question is why haven't you thought of it and therefore why didn't you write those articles? Consider all this in 2006, when looking for content to write about.




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