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If you own an Internet business, than you should consider writing articles as part of your online marketing campaigns.

Writing articles is a very effective way of marketing and promoting your website. It is one of the best marketing techniques that can have a solid impact on your business. You can be looked at as an expert in your field, as well as building credibility.

It seems that most Internet marketers struggle to keep up with the many ways of marketing their website and getting high search engine placement. One of the reasons for this is that the marketing methods that may have worked six months ago, may not work as well for you today. This is all due to the many changes that occur with Internet marketing, whether it be search engine placement or the newest marketing trend.

On the other hand, if you talk to any Internet marketer who has been publishing articles for many years, you will find that this is one marketing trend that has never changed. This has always been a great way to get added exposure.

How an author receives exposure is at the end of each article you as the author are entitled to a 5 to 6 line bio about yourself, your business or website. This is the point where a reader can be directed back to your website by including some background information with a link to your website. This will get you additional traffic to your website at the same time increasing the inbound links going to your site.

Publishing Your Article

Publishers build recognition and exposure to their articles by publishing them on their website, submitting them to magazines, newspapers, article directories, or to ezine publishers to use in their newsletters. There are many websites and newsletter publishers looking for articles with solid content that they can use.

To give you an idea of the type of exposure you can receive, lets take a look at submitting your articles to article directories and ezine publishers for an example.

When you submit an article to a directory, you are giving them full permission to publish your article on their website. Some of these directories are syndicated with other partnered websites, whereas your article will also be listed. Most directories make it easy for their viewers to find articles by having the option to search for an article by title or authors name.

Anyone who visits these directories is allowed to use any of the published articles for content on their website or to use in their newsletter. This is providing the article and the resource box is left intact with no changes, making sure there is an active link to the authors website.

With the thousands of visitors these directories can receive each day, your article can be picked up by a large percentage of viewers and used on their website or newsletter. The exposure continues with the possibility of that persons viewers picking up your article for publication on their website. It's like a snowball effect, your exposure can continue for years to come.

When submitting your article for publication in an ezine, you are giving the publisher full permission to use your article in one of his/her up coming newsletters. Depending on the ezine publisher, they can have a subscriber list of only a few hundred to well over 800,000 subscribers. If you grant permission for use of your article, each subscriber can use your article on their website. Like submitting to article directories above, your article can be picked up from the viewers visiting the subscribers website, also creating the possibilities of a continuous pattern.

As you can see just from the two examples, you can generate a great deal of traffic to your website for years to come. Not to mention you are building inbound link popularity, which will increase your search engine rankings.

The bottom line here is, publishing articles has always been a effective marketing strategy, regardless of all the changes to Internet marketing, or the new marketing trends. It can generate more business to your website than many of the other marketing techniques combined.


So if it has such a positive impact on ones business, why aren't there more webmasters publishing articles? The answer to this is simple, there are many webmasters that at one time or another may have considered publishing an article, but never followed through because they felt it would be too difficult. Some may feel that they wouldn't have enough information to write about, where others could be at a total lost because they don't know where to begin.

Writing an article is basically simple when considering most articles only contain 300 to 1000 words. As far as what to write about, that should be relatively easy to accomplish for most anyone. If you own an online business, think of all the knowledge it took to get your business off the ground. You can take that knowledge and start to create several articles just off what you learned in building your business alone. You can do research on topics of interest and put that knowledge into articles. The idea is you can write about anything you want and turn it into an informative article.

Besides learning how to write articles with interesting content, you need to understand a few basic principles. Never infringe on anyone's copyrighted material, your articles must be original. Always spell check your work and use spacing between each paragraph, keeping each paragraph to no more than 6 to 7 lines. Last but not least, always have another person read your work before publishing it online. You would be surprised how sometimes they can pick up mistakes you missed.

Copyright 2003-2006 - John Kovacs

John Kovacs is the CEO and founder of A Home Business Opportunity?. His website mainly focuses on supplying free marketing tips, resources and support for home startup businesses and Internet marketing. To get a step-by-step guide in building an online business, visit http://www.ahomebusinessopportunity.net To read more articles published by John, visit http://www.ahomebusinessopportunity.net/articles.htm




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