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It is often said that there is a ?book? inside of every person and I'm convinced this is true, but what about articles? Well I don't believe that we have to aspire to be a Freddie Forsythe, or a J.K.Rowling to put together a collection of Articles that can promote our Web Sites or Blogs.

For someone who is not used to putting pen to paper it can seem a daunting task but once you get stuck in and have your first article published on an Article Directory wow there will be no stopping you.

For sure, getting your article written and formatted and then the tortuous journey through the submission page would make you weep for the first few attempts. Don't give up?it does get easier the more you write and the more you perfect your techniques. It is still time consuming but then nothing that is worthwhile comes easily ?can we agree on that?

What's the whole big deal about writing articles? for your Web Site? Or Blog? And submitting them to the major Directories on the Web? Well there are a number of points to consider.

1. A Web Site needs fresh content on a regular basis. Where are you going get this?

2. It's not really that feasible to hire a ghost writer when you are starting off since you are unlikely to be able to afford them.

3. Your ideas and expertise are all inside you .How long do you think that it will take you to pass all this onto a paid writer? To get him or her to create your message? It's no contest. Certainly not until you have created financial stability.

Even then I doubt whether the paid writer can produce the insider feelings that you yourself will do. Your own personality will shine through in your writing and if it's new customers and clients that you are endeavouring to communicate and forge new relationships with, then only you can do that.

4. If you are terrified of the keyboard then you gotta bite the bullet and get some keyboard training. Yes it's a slog but it will be worth it. Doing my third Computer course six years ago and starting at 8:30 am sharp in front of the PC, it was quite a shock to the system but a half hour or so of typing practise with Mavis Beacon every day for several months was enough to dispel the fear and give me a few words per minute that even impressed my impatient teenage daughters. You can do the same!

5. Later when you are successful, or at least on the way, you could leverage your valuable time by hiring a copywriter if it's hard hitting sales copy you are after. I personally would prefer to spend valuable resources on being trained, to produce my own magnetic copy rather than have someone write copy that I put my name to.

6. Later when your apprenticeship is over it will be nothing short of a breeze to crank out excellent persuasive copy and information to your readers, clients or web site visitors.

7. Directories play a big part in the ?GETTING YOURSELF KNOWN? process and this is where the Newbie Author has the same resources available to him or her as the experts that have been doing it for years. There are literally hundreds of them on the Internet and quite a number of really large and successful ones that you should consider. EzineArticles.com are perhaps the best known and growing really fast with about 18,000 authors worldwide; GoArticles.com are another worth submitting to.

8. You are special and very Unique and have a priceless fountain of Life experience and many areas of expertise in which you excel! Don't doubt that for a moment. It is precisely these vast Rivers of knowledge and specialist skills that you possess, that will provide you with a never ending stream of ideas for your Articles. Your Web Site and Blog visitors are looking for what they don't have currently but what you yourself, definitely do! What's that??your status as an expert in your particular field.

9. We all know that the birth and explosion of the Internet has perhaps been the most staggering advance in the area of Communication, Education, Information and Knowledge the World has ever seen. Everyone is thirsty for information and if you have just what the person is looking for, then they very often will gladly pay for it. Which is where you come in?

10. O.K. here you are with a mountain of expertise that you want to share with your fellow travellers and until now it is perhaps only the very well connected and educated and of course Persistent that made the breakthrough to Success, Fame and dare I say it? Fortune! Fortune Fame and Success mean vastly different things to different people.

Perhaps it might come as a surprise that the struggle through life that most people endure really doesn't get any easier, just because you get older and wiser? Unless You Yourself make it happen by first creeping and then gathering speed out of your comfort(or discomfort) zone, and getting plenty of advice along the way, nothing is going to change.

11. Get yourself educated into the ways of the Web and that takes a lot of time in front of the screen, and you will then have the confidence to dip your toes into the icy water and nothing will ever be the same again. We haven't talked about all the benefits of getting your Articles Published online that's for the next Article.

12. Do it now, right away get that first Article written and published? You can only find out to what heights you can soar if you Spread Your Wings. A bit like the fledgling leaving the nest for the first time and if you are an Eagle that is one helluva way down to the ground! So what to do? Take a deep breath, close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself on the Podium and voila it's just like Orville and Wilbur at KittyHawk all those years ago. Where would we all be today without those two Pioneers?

So be a Pioneer in your own chosen field and fly with the Eagles!

Robin Piggott is in his first year as a Blogger and is sharing his exeriences, both on the Road and on the Blogosphere through his Website and Blogs.Take a peek he would love to have you stop by!(especially if you are a Newbie Blogger or Learner Driver)



By: Robin Piggott




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