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  Here's Is A Very Special Offer For You


"My friends laughed at me when I said I was going to make money online with an internet business ... they're not laughing now!"

An Arsenal of High Quality, Hot New Reprint Right Products That Grows Every Month... And You Get to Keep 100% Of The MASSIVE Profit

A package which keeps growing with HOT new products every month!

If you are interested in converting your desktop PC  into a cash generating, money-machine that spits out $20 bills like an ATM, then this package is just what you've been searching for.

Dear Online Entrepreneur , 

I'll almost guarantee you've thought about starting your own "profitable" internet business at some stage. And I'll be willing to bet that you wish you had the "creative flair" and "know-how" to design a hot selling product that would rake in thousands of dollars in pure profit overnight.

Before I continue further...
I would like you to take this gift home for free!

YES ... you're right. Selling digitally delivered products over the internet has to be one of the highest profit businesses that you can start - if you have the right product or products to sell!

You see - you could start creating your own product right now. But, by the time you research what's in demand, work out how to create your product, and finally get around to marketing it, you've spent hundreds of hours and countless dollars, only to find that what you thought was a great idea is no longer "hot".

Why waste time trying to create your own product when 10 minutes from now you could own up to 50 high-quality products which you can sell for huge profits and little effort?

I have just put together a package of hot-selling products which surpasses any package you will ever see on the net. You see - I've put together a package of ultra high quality products (more than 50 of them in total!) This isn't just a collection of useless rehashed hype, but informative products which are hot! What's more, if you secure your copy before Today Midnight - , your package will keep expanding with a brand new product every month until the end of 2003! 

That's right - You are NOT mistaken - I'll add at LEAST ONE BRAND NEW product every month until the end of 2003.


Dear Aaron,

You have provided an invaluable opportunity for thousands to cash in with an info-business instantly!

You're right, it does take alot of time and effort to create one's own product to profit from (I've been through that myself), but here's where you offer an amazing alternative solution...

An absolutely GIGANTIC reseller package! But don't mistake this with another one of those run-of-the-mill packages found everywhere - this baby's packed with the BEST QUALITY products that people are willing to invest in! That's the difference - QUALITY.

You've also displayed professionalism and seriousness in helping people from the dealings I've had with you...thanks very much for your help.

One word Aaron - You've constantly OVER-DELIVERED!


Ewen Chia
Editor, the "Money Making Marketing Report"



The 2003 Info-Product Resellers Pack is simply sensational.

You weren't exaggerating when you said it was literally "bursting at the seams". It's actually overflowing with stupendous quality and value.

The savings that you offer are ridiculous and I must admit when I first read the price I thought there must have been a catch. But to my surprise there wasn't any. Just an honest to goodness offer that is impossible to refuse.

Your extra bonus guarantee sold me, heck are you off your rocker? I don't know how you make money on this deal.

All I can say is that if I can't make money with this package, then I have no one else to blame but myself.




So - Why Wait? - Order Your Package NOW


Still skeptical?

I'll give you 7 Rock-Solid Reasons Why Starting Your Own Info-Product Business Is The BEST Way To Do Business Online


Your setup costs are minimal. A basic hosting package and the rights to a few products is really all you need. Buy this package and you're almost there!
Digital information products are in high demand by consumers.
You don't need to have large sums of money tied up in stock.
Your customer will have instant access to your products as soon as their purchase is complete.
You can operate it remotely. Even when you are away from home, as long as you have access to the internet you can work your business.
You can put much of your business on autopilot, using autoresponders to answer email and follow up on prospects.
Once you own the rights to a product, every sale is pure profit! Your costs don't increase regardless of whether you sell 1 of the product or 100.

Forget Selling Someone Elses Product Though!

Sure, you CAN make money selling someone else's product but the real money is in being the PRIME SOURCE! Forget being the middleman - you want 100% of the profits, not just a paltry commission!

That's right - when you buy this package you'll OWN THE RIGHTS to the individual products and YOU KEEP EVERY PENNY when you sell them!

You'll also get access to only the highest quality, latest edition, new release products which WILL SELL - no more cheap ebooks which clutter your hard drive and never get read. These are premium quality, high demand products which are proven to generate a constant stream of customers.

The "Rave Reviews" are in! Check out what
others have to say about this package...


If I could talk to each of your website visitor's I would say only one

I would pay the $500+ dollars for every product in this package and you are giving it away for $50 bucks! There are more quality
resellable products in your package than most internet marketers will run across in their lifetimes on the net.

It doesn't matter if you are new to Internet Marketing or a Seasoned Pro with your own digital products for sale. If you miss the boat on this one there will be no time for anyone to throw you a life preserver because your profits will be sinking fast.

Great Job (AGAIN) Aaron.

Troy Pentico
Editor, FFAMall Gazette


Hi Aaron

Not only is your product 1st class, but your customer service is astounding.


David Maschke


Hey Aaron,

The ebooks and software that you've got in your package are truly
amazing! Wow... I can't imagine the time and money that you spent to put this whole thing together. Great job on packing in such great value into your program. I'm sick of seeing programs all over the net selling freebies and obsolete marketing ebooks at exorbitant prices. Your 2003 Info-Product Resellers' Pack is truely a priceless gem in the midst of all the trash and garbage!

Patrick Loh


To whoever reads this:

"Iím telling you. Aaron is MESSED UP! He has put together the most comprehensive internet marketing package in the whole freaking net. And now he is practically giving it away! Go on and capitalize on his "temporary lunacy". Get this package. Get it now!"

George Katsoudas


Hi Aaron,

Very rarely two qualities merge into one as a whole!

They are a superb product supported with unmatched service.
I experienced both in dealing with you over the last few days!

By the way, I am sure that 'The Info-Product Resellers Pack'
will give me back AT LEAST 100 times my investment in a very
short time!

And that's a marketers judgment! Willing to bet on it? :-)

Courteously -- S. Kumar

This package is literally BURSTING AT THE SEAMS with high class value!

Check Out The All The HOT Products That You'll

- All With Master Resell Rights!

(Click The Links To See Each Product In Detail)

The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle
Full Audio E-Book!
(Recommended Price - $39.95)
Magic Subscriber
The ultimate opt-in email capture software
(Recommended Price - $27.95)
Fast Selling Software
A HUGE collection of 23 awesome software titles
"This is a package within a package"

Sell individually or as a package
(Recommended Price - $34.95)
Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed!
Full Audio E-Book!
(Recommended Price - $19.95)
Create Popups In 2 1/2 Minutes
(Recommended Price - $34.95)
Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter
(Recommended Price - $27.00)
HTML Encryptor
(Recommended Price - $34.97)
Pay Per Text Marketing
(Recommended Price - $17.00)

Easy List Cleaner
(Recommened Price - $27.00)

Autoresponder Secrets Exposed!
(Bonuses on sales page NOT included)
(Recommended Price - $19.95)

Screen Shoot - It
(Recommended Price - $9.97)

Thumb Nail It
(Recommended Price - $9.97)
Armand Morin and Randy Charach's Internet Marketing Call
Full Audio E-Book!
(Recommenced Price - $49.00)
Pure Profit Software
9 Awesome, Ready-To-Sell Software Products!
(Recommended Price - $37.00)
Info Marketing Secrets Exposed!
(Recommended Price - $25.95)
Virtual eBiz
$6042 a month from anywhere in the world!
(Recommended Price - $12.95)
Brian Garvin's MLM Secrets
Full 4 Hour Audio E-Book!
(Recommended Price - $17.00)
10 Steps To Killer Web Copy
(Recommended Price - $17.00)
Website Toll Booth
(Recommended Price - $9.97)
IP Ad Web Sender
(Recommended Price - $29.97)



Reprint Rights Magic
(Recommended Price - $97.00)

Sequential Magic
(Recommended Price - $97.00)

Easy Resell Plus

Setting up your mini-sites can be a little time consuming but Easy Resell Plus takes all the effort out of the task by helping to automate nearly every process.

(Recommended Price - $29.00)




Brian Garvin's A + Affiliate Secrets

Full 3 hours of audio

Master Resell / Giveaway Rights


7 Simple Ways That YOU Can Make Money
With THIS Package

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money with this package. I am sure you can think of plenty yourself, but I will get the ideas flowing with these seven simple ways:

You can use the information and software to improve what you are already doing with your online business.
You can sell any of the items in the package separately and keep 100% of the profit! Almost all come with their own sales pages.
You can make your own unique package by mixing other products which you may already own the rights to and sell it for 100% profit!
You can create a membership site where members pay you a recurring monthly income to access your products.
You can use the "freebie" products to entice people to join your downline or program or as an incentive to sign up to your mailing list.
You can start your own online business offering a service or product that you have made by using the software in the package.

The potential of these products 
will amaze you!

Whilst I can make no guarantees as to the income you will definitely make, one thing is for sure. There are millions of people on the net who are "hungry" for this type of information. Just imagine how much money you could make reselling these "in demand" products. 

Take the example below whereby your average sale price is $20. Just one sale per day nets you an extra $7280 a year! And look at what happens if you really start to increase your efforts....

Daily sales
Average Sale ($)
Weekly Income
Annual Income


Four KILLER REASONS why you REALLY must order before Today Midnight

BONUS #1 - Value $???

I am convinced that you want HIGH QUALITY, PROFIT PULLING PRODUCTS that sell like crazy. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. So ....

If you order before

Wow - now there's a bonus that you don't see every day....

This in itself is worth hundreds of dollars. I can't tell you exactly how much right now because these products have not yet been produced! They will all be BRAND, SPANKING NEW! AND THEY WILL ALL COME WITH RESELL RIGHTS so that you can sell them and keep 100% of the profit!

BONUS #2 - Value $???

I will give you Ultra Templates v1.0 (a collection of 5 high quality webpage templates) with full distribution / resell rights! These are brand new so I really cannot put an exact value on them - but they are yours when you purchase this package.

BONUS #3 - Value $27.00

Not only will I give you Bonus #1 AND Bonus #2 If you order before Today Midnight - , but I will also give you your very own copy of:

Internet Copycatting
(With Master Resell Rights)

"9 Different Internet Business Models For You Too Copy and Profit From!" (Valued at $27.00)

BONUS #4 - Value $ 9.97

And as a final bonus (not that I need to offer one) - for the first 20 customers who purchase this MASSIVE PACKAGE, I will give a copy of:

WebMaster Tools - Black Label II
(With Full Master Resell / Giveaway Rights)

This is an outstandingly useful utility to help in every aspect of sprucing up your website!


I am sure that you would agree that these bonuses represent fantastic value but I really can't guarantee how long they will last! They are subject to change without notice and I can only guarantee their availability if your order is processed before
Today Midnight - 

BONUS #5 - Value $47.00

Robert Key's Paylock Generator

Encrypt all your Paypal links for complete safety and security.

Get the details here


Only for $57.97! Whopping Product Range!


We accept all cards!
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Now - The question I know you'll 
be asking yourself.

How much is all this going to cost?

Firstly, let's take a quick look at approximately what it would cost if you purchased all the products separately.

The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle $39.95
Magic Subscriber $27.95
Fast Selling Software (Hundreds of $$ if purchased separately) $34.95
Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed! $19.95
Create Pop-ups in 2 1/2 minutes $34.95
Ezy Ezine Ad Formatter $27.00
HTML Encryptor $34.97
Pay Per Text Marketing $17.00
Easy List Cleaner $27.00
Autoresponder Secrets Exposed $19.95
99 Web Sites You Should Have Bookmarked ..... $14.97
Screen Shoot - It $ 9.97
Thumb Nail It $ 9.97
Internet Marketing Call $47.00
Pure Profit Software (Hundreds of $$ if purchased separately) $37.00
Info Marketing Secrets Exposed $25.95
Virtual E Biz $12.95
Reprint Rights Magic $97.00
Sequential Magic $97.00
Easy Resell Rights $29.00
Brian Garvin's MLM Secrets $17.00
10 Steps To Killer Web Copy $17.00
Website Toll Booth $ 9.97
IP Ad Web Sender $29.97
PLUS Let's not forget those fantastic bonuses! $ ?????
WOW - That's a staggering $738 WITHOUT the bonuses! $738 +

And don't forget - both the Fast Selling Software Package and the Pure Profit Software Package are understated in value - they are two awesome packages themselves within this MONSTER PACKAGE!

As a very conservative estimate - this package is worth 
in excess of $738
and that's without ANY of the bonuses!

Include the bonuses and who knows what this package is really worth!

And because Bonus #1 is a BRAND NEW, HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL PRODUCT EVERY MONTH UNTIL THE END OF 2003 the earlier you order, the more products you'll get in the long run! That in itself is worth hundreds of dollars not to mention the sales you could generate from these BRAND NEW products.

In total, this package contains over 50 products that you can sell at 100% profit!

in resell rights packages

Enough is enough...

I am not going to try and convince you any further - THIS PACKAGE IS FANTASTIC - I know it - You know it - and so will your customers!

Therefore you'd be happy to pay $149.97 - right?

Well - I'm not asking anywhere near that for this package. Today - you can have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to everything here for just $57.97!

But this offer is only guaranteed until Today Midnight - ,

So don't wait one minute longer - as this offer could be withdrawn after this date.

Yes - I want to order
The 2003 Info Product Resellers' Pack

I understand that my satisfaction is 100% assured via your
100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Only for $57.97! Whopping Product Range!


We accept all cards!
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