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- Does your sales copy sucks?...
22 proven sales copy writing strategies to increase web site sales - up to 5 times!

"Discover The 22 Insider Sales Techniques Secrets The Expert Copywriters Are using Right Now that has their Prospect's Rushing To The Order Page Like Bees To A Honey Comb, Every Time !"


How much do you think owning the 22 sales techniques knowledge base is worth to you? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands? More? !

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" , Just think about it. Which of the following would you rather be doing? Spending time with the kids, going out to eat, watching a good movie or trudging through creating a time-consuming sales page?

This fantastic software will help you shortcut your way to quickly creating professional-quality sales pages without all the html and formatting headaches!"


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" , You Will Also Learn To Write High Response Sales Letters In Just 25 Minutes & 6 Quick And Easy Steps That Work Every Single Time - Even If You've Never Written One Before ."


From: S. Kumar

Re: Revealing the 22 Sales Buttons


Infuse New & Tested Ways To Improve Your Sales Conversion Rates -  Today!


Dear Online Business Owner ,

Here is an important buying secret of the ages!

" 98% of all human beings buy products or services emotionally and then justify those purchases logically.

Read that again! It's one of the MOST important sales technique secret in the buying process.

Imagine sneaking into the mind of your customers the moment they arrive at your direct salespage, being able to influence their behavior and they swiftly buy from you gaining you not only profits but a valuable customer forever!

To do this you should know their state of mind , their emotions, their "gotta have it" feeling, their resistance and all other emotions that are important to make a sale from your direct sales page.

If you can do that, your sales will be on high-voltage! Period.


People necessarily don't buy what they NEED (example: Insurance)

.... But People mostly buy what they WANT! (example: Designer clothes)

‘Need’ is only a ‘logical justification’ for their ‘want’ which is emotional.

This simply means -- Your sales letter must enter directly into the heart of your prospects! You need to thoroughly grasp what goes on inside their mind and influence their buying emotions.

And that's exactly what this E-book will reveal for you! It will specially train you on...

How to get closer to your customer than you ever have before
...and in the process out-selling your competition like crazy.

Now answer this simple question ,

What you feel is the most important ingredient to your online business success?

Is it any of the following ...

  • Ebooks marketing

  • Software marketing

  • A string of mini sites

  • A big email list

  • High web traffic

  • Niche Sites

  • Affiliate programs

  • Writing articles

When you answered any of these, did you miss something very important from this golden list...

What is it? ...Think for a moment!

What is this missing important ingredient that runs through the above list and binds each of them with a golden thread?

It's Order Pulling Sales Copy Writing!!

... It's sales copy writing that converts your lazy prospects into anxious buyers!

None in the above list will work -- If the order pulling sales copy is missing!

Here are 22 secret hot buttons to come up with sizzling order pulling sales copy! And now you can read them as a PDF eBook! Or hear them in a sweet voice spanning in 36-Part-Audio Course!

Once you know these 22 exclusive secrets , you can innovatively use them to your advantage and transform prospective buyers into "sold" consumers time after time after time. Because as important as the quality of your product/service is to your success,

It's your ability to become a .....

Doctor of Psychology…
SALES Psychology....

...that is really going to open the financial floodgates to your bank account.

I can hear you asking: "Aren't Today's Consumers "Wise" To Sales Psychology Kumar?"

One thing that psychologists will tell you is that there's a big difference between what you know in your mind and what you feel in your heart.

  • Despite all consumers know about how advertising and marketing works ....
  • Despite all the built-in sales resistance they've developed over a lifetime ....
  • Despite KNOWING that a salesman's job is to convince us to do what's good for him (buy the product) ....

Despite everything we know:

We are ALL more susceptible to persuasion than we think,
...the kind of persuasion that does not make us feel like being persuaded at all!!

The true spirit of a sales copy is helping prospects make the right decisions -- the decision to buy from YOU. That's what this E-book will do for you: Equipping you to turn the sales table in your favor!

22 IRRESISTIBLE Secret Hot Buttons
That Make Consumers Spend Money Like Crazy ...!

  • How to appeal to emotions and win more sales the easy way
  • How to overcome any objections consumers have and arrive at a smoothly concluded sale
  • How to create the "gotta have it" feeling in consumers and let them buy the product on their own
  • How to melt away initial sales resistance that culminates in phenomenal sales closes
  • How to tap into the "primal" buying emotions and customers buy from you happily
  • How to instantly establish rapport which paves the smooth way to a clean and successful sales close
  • How to 'force' consumers to obey your hidden 'sales push' and they buy from you excitedly
  • How to use “sex appeal” by ethically exploiting this basic urge to generate buying frenzies
  • How to infuse “proof power” into your sales letters to transform them into magnetic sales message that rack up your profits and bring in the bucks
  • How to arouse your prospects inner buying drives so that she buys without lifting a finger
  • How to influence your prospect’s mind to trust you and believe your information that automatically culminate in a clear sale
  • How to bypass your prospects' conscious and "hypnotize" their subconscious to click on the order button

!- Now With 36 Audio Series Course
+ PDF eBook -!

sales technique - cover

Are you beginning to see why you really NEED this
22 sales technique book?

Once you possess the skill sets to handle the emotional reasons your customers use to justify their decisions, then you are pushing those emotional hot buttons on your website, in all your printed materials, advertisements, and presentations, as well as in your face-to-face meetings... practically on ALL conceivable sales situations. Period.

The mind-influencing sales language and techniques hidden in this ebook are highly powerful, extremely effective… and virtually irresistible.

These sales techniques are so powerful , that no matter if you sell:

bullet On the internet
bullet In the Yellow Pages
bullet Via Email
bullet Newspapers
bullet Magazines
bullet Radio
bullet TV
bullet Or the good old direct mail...

Actually, these proven sales techniques gives you an unfair advantage in dealing with people who aren’t familiar with them. This explicitly means you must use what you learn with care, applying then in an ethical way to unsuspecting consumers…and not unleash them to cheat people.

And the most remarkable aspect of 22 hot secret button is,

You Don't Have to Be a 'State of the Art' Copywriter!

I did it, so can YOU !

Heck, English isn't even my third language. Don't you think you can do better? It simply requires you to learn how to push these 22 hot buttons and you're on your way to a sales avalanche.

You don’t need to have superb writing skills or know everything about
sales copy writing in order to churn out sales pages that are profitable for you...

But to sell effectively, you need to be extremely familiar with the full range of consumers' feelings.

You must know why people buy products and services like yours and what makes them feel good about their decision. Highlight those reasons in your sales messages to make it more effective and practically irresistible.

This E-book and the 36-Part Audio Course will show you how to do that. Exactly!

Here's what you will discover in 22 hot secret buttons:

You Will Discover And Possess The Tactics To...

Acquire the skill sets on how to irresistibly answer the #1 question "What's In It For Me" by painting a compelling, overpoweringly attractive visual picture.


Sales Techniques to instantly increase your sales by putting into action the FIVE key emotions people say they were motivated by when making a purchase.


Special tactics on how to use a combination of "The 9 Basic Needs of People in the 21st Century" to sell your product or service in a snap.


How to turn apathy into interest. How to create the "itch" that needs to be scratched and make it abundantly and IMMEDIATELY clear that you can provide the solution to the itch.


Learn to anticipate and overcome sales killing objections and fears that keep your prospects from buying from you and turn them eager people willing to buy from you now!


Wonderful strategies to tear down walls of suspicion, natural distrust and skepticism (that your prospects have build thanks to decades over the top promises and out-and-out lies) and rapidly build your credibility.


Learn to doge and avoid the consumer's very sensitive "B.S. Meter" when it comes to advertising claims or anything that is exaggerated and will immediately send their arrow into the "red zone" that says, "Lies. Do not buy."


Result oriented strategies to establish your authority to persuade Doubting Thomas (or Doubting Debbie) to buy urgently from you.


How to convince people react to you positively like Santa every time your offer appears and have them enthusiastically imagine what fabulous 'gift' you have in store for them that will make them happier.


And above all 104 Consumer Magnet Capsules that will drive your customers wild with urgency and desire that catapults them into action … BUYING action.


3 incredible Killer conversion strategies that is sure to detonate your sales and profits to dizzying heights.


How to communicate with the media and reporters the way they like best to derive maximum exposure from your press releases

In a nutshell, you'll begin to create sales messages that,

Hold Consumers Captive from the Pre-headline to the Order Form -- Riveted!

If you look around you will find that high profile sales techniques, strategies and tactics sells for at least $97! This is primarily because the information they contain is explosive and far reaching to such an extend that they can coolly generate 1000's of additional dollars into your pocket!

I too was tempted to sell "22 Secret Hot Buttons" for $97.00, especially with the 36-part Audio Course and the sales page rapid fire software, because I am sure that the information it contains is simply dynamite! But being small businessman myself, I know how you feel about slightly high priced items that are necessary for conducting business.

So after giving it a lot of thought , I'm offering it at a very special, indeed a very low introductory price:

Grab '22 Secret Hot Buttons ' today for the special, introductory price of only $97.00.00 $47.00!

Here's how to order right now!

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Get instant digital delivery for only $47.00!

Yes Kumar! This is definitely what I have been looking for. I am eager to get started on '22 Secret Hot Buttons '. I fully understand that I will..

  • Download '22 Secret Hot Buttons ' in pdf format

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  • Get 30 days no risk Money Back Guarantee

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I've always been a big believer in delivering more than I promise, so if you've purchased anything from me on the Internet before , you can be assured that I've got these extra bonus ebooks waiting for you after you make your purchase. These ebooks are in the same theme just like 22 Secret Hot Buttons and falls into sales techniques, sales copy writing and website conversion secrets that are complete truths. I'm sure you'll immensely benefit from all of them!.


Magnetic Sales Letters
The ultimate collection of winning ads and sales letters
By Miguel Alvarez

This is an amazing collection of killer advertisings and order pulling sales letters that have generated thousands of dollars in pure profits. Now available for you to read, adapt and model on your own business!

Michael Kimble, a rather famous mail order millionaire offers, to a few select people, a copy of his own personal swipe file. This unbelievable material contains the exact same ads and sales letter Mr. Kimble himself has used to build a million dollar a year mail order business. All of these letters are tested and proven. All have made thousands and thousands of dollars... some of them have made millions!.

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The Impulse Buy
How To Get More Customers Spend More Money
More Frequently
By Danny Wall

1. The single greatest mind control technique there is. Adding just THIS ONE technique to your site will easily double your conversion ratios the instant you implement it.

2. How to get your customers engaged in your web site.

3. How to use the two most powerful emotions humans have to leverage greater sales on your web site.

4. Which technique can be used on your site to keep your customers hanging on your ever word, wanting ... almost begging you ... to tell them every word of your sales message.

5. -- The techniques goes up to 26 Mind Control Tools that you can immediately use in your Salespage!


The Buy Impulse - 26 Mind Controlling Tools

Value $29.97
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Website Conversion Secrets
How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy
By Ewen Chia

Ewen reveals the 40 most common pitfalls well-meaning entrepreneurs like you fall into when trying to create a money-making site. He shows how easily you can make a few changes on your site's "ad copy" that you can make many times the profits you are making now without paying one extra penny in advertising or hunting for extra traffic.

Website Conversion Secrets_boxcover_small

Value $29.97
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The 3-Minute Headline Creator Pro

"The headline is the most important part of your sales letter!!"

A simple way to create Headlines. Type in a few words, click a button and instantly create over 100 profit pulling headlines in less than 3-minutes!

1. All you do is type in your benefit statement which I'll show you exactly how to create.

2. Click a button.

3. Then click another button and instantly generate over 100 headline combinations for you to choose from!

That's it!

Retail Price $27
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"The Psychology of Selling: How to Create Profit-Producing Sales Letters by Getting Inside Your Customer's Head!"
By Bryan Kumar

You will discover:

  • The #1 Reason Why Most websites FAIL to Make Any Profits... And, How YOU Can Join the Few Who Are Making Serious Cash Daily!
  • How to Supercharge Your Sales letter by Making a Few Simple Changes...
  • The Most Powerful Way to Influence Your Customers...
  • How to Triple Your Sales By Turning Objections and Flaws into Powerful Benefits!

And much more!


The Psychology of Selling

Because you are placing your order today, you will also get a copy of Bryan Kumar's killer report!

Value $97
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Paperless Copywriting
By William Chen

"Do You Want to Learn How to Write Million Dollar Sales Letters?

"Paperless Copywriting" is a collection of training modules comprising eBooks, reports and other resources. The modules are as follows:

Module 1: Writing the Sales Letter
Module 2: Words That Sell
Module 3: Swipe File and Templates
Module 4: Autoresponder and E-mail Copywriting
Module 5: Advanced Copywriting
Module 6: Classic Copywriting Resources

Retail Price $97
With Master Resell Rights

Altogether you get 16 different products from this single pack, and that includes full reprint rights

101 Tips For Converting Website Browsers Into Buyers
By Jennifer Tripp

One of the most important pieces of information for any marketer to know about their website is the customer conversion rate. This is the number of visitors that take the action you want them to. For most sites this means making a purchase, but it could mean joining your mailing list, signing up for your forum or telling a friend about your site.

Here are 101 powerful strategies to improve your conversion rate!

101 Tips For Converting Website Browsers Into Buyers

Web Value $30

Writing Effective Sales Letters To Supercharge Your Marketing
By S. Kumar

Churn Out High Response Sales Letters In Just 25 Minutes and in 6 Quick, simple And Easy Steps That Work Every Single Time - Even If You Are Writing Your Sales Letter For The First Time!

Everything you're about to read is tried and tested material. This will apply to your business not just once, but for many years to come. It's an investment not just for today, but far into the future!

Retail Price $47
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!- Brand New -!

Kim Ender's Sales Page Rapid Fire

By using SP Rapid Fire, you too could be making professional sales pages just like this one with minimal effort!!

You can preview your sales page as many times as you wish while you're creating it. 3 Customizable Sales Page Templates Built In with it. You can save any sales page you work on (at any point) by clicking just one button! and has the ability to easily include your graphics, order buttons, automatic testimonial building, easy ezine sign-up web form integration and many more features!

Comes with a step-by-step User Guide!

Retail Price $47
With Master Resell Rights

!- Brand New -!

Phew...that's a good deal right?

Look, these strategies work - even if you're a dummy! (Hey! I failed my high-school and was forced to drop out, so I'm no superman either. But I DID pick up something on how to write "killer" copy. You too can!).

In 5 minutes from now you can begin to create a flood of new customers, who buys from you again and again and also refer others to you - just by using these 22 powerful secret hot buttons.

For a mere $47, you're equipping yourself to create your own money-making machines. Now, This is an exclusive product. It's not available on e-bay, membership sites or other sources. So take action now and start earning at the earliest beating all your previous records!

, What could be fairer than that? :-)

What I'm saying is don't decide now if "22 Secret Hot Buttons " is right for you...

Try it out for thirty full days - completely risk free.


Grab 3 Amazing products + 7 Super Bonuses!

22 secret hot buttons


YES! I want instant access to download the '22 Secret Hot Buttons '! The No-Risk Proposition ensures that you get 100% money  back guarantee for 30 days and if for some reason you want the refund kindly send us an email. You will be issued a prompt and courteous refund. Every penny of it -No questions asked. Order " 22 Secret Hot Buttons With Complete Confidence Now. Since I am ordering Today, I will also receive 10 free bonuses worth 641 given below: 


  1. Magnetic Sales Letters (With Master Resale Rights) - Value $47.00
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  3. Website Conversion Secrets (With Master Resale Rights) - Value $29.97
  4. The 3-Minute Headline Creator Pro (With Master Resale Rights) - Value $27.00
  5. The Psychology of Selling (With Master Resale Rights) - Value $97.00
  6. Paperless Copywriting (With Master Resale Rights) - Value $97.00
  7. 101 Tips For Converting Website Browsers Into Buyers - Value $30
  8. Writing Effective Sales Letters To Supercharge Your Marketing (With Master Resale Rights) - Value $47.00
  9. Sales Page Rapid Fire Software (With Master Resale Rights) - Value $47.00
  10. Special Extra Bonus: 22 Secret Hot Button - 36-Part Audio Series - Value $200
Yes! I understand that the $47.00 I will pay today is done with absolutely no obligation and no commitment. If I'm not 100% convinced that this total collection will be of At least 10 times worth the money I spend, then I will simply tell you and I will be issued a prompt and courteous refund -- no questions asked -- and I may still keep the 10 gifts worth 641.

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