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"If you have five minutes to spare, I'll show you how to gain thousands of newsletter subscribers, quadruple your sales, skyrocket your affiliate commissions and increase your website traffic by a staggering 500%...and it won't cost you a penny -- I'll give you this information for FREE!"

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From the computer of Jimmy D. Brown
Monday 8:24 A.M.
Re: An Instant Boost to YOUR Web Presence

Dear Friend:

This is simply incredible. A sure-fire method of increasing traffic, subscribers, sales and commissions in less than 60 minutes of work. And it won't cost you a penny. Talk to me here - where else can you find such a deal?

I'm about to show you a simple plan for...

    • Adding Thousands of Extra Subscribers to Your Newsletter!
    • Quadrupling the Sales of Any Product or Service!
    • Exploding Your Affiliate Commissions of Any Program!
    • Increasing Your Current Website Traffic By 500%!

In the Instant Boost report, you'll learn the simple secrets behind one of the few legitimate "can't miss" profit and traffic generating systems.

Instant Boost combines three of the most powerful tools in web marketing into one easy system...

    • Viral marketing.
    • Reprint rights.
    • Popup boxes.

And it works on EXISTING traffic (as well as new traffic, of course)...

Even if your current website traffic is only 5 visitors a day,
Instant Boost can turn them into thousands of visitors in just a few days!

With the incredible traffic generating power of Instant Boost, you can turn a sluggish website into one that pulls in more traffic than rush hour on the Los Angeles Freeway. (That's a lot :o) Here's the deal...

The Instant Boost traffic generating system can turn 5 visitors into 25 visitors. It can take those 25 visitors and turn them into 125 visitors. Those 125 visitors can easily be transformed into 625 visitors...

625 visitors can become 3125 visitors.
3125 visitors can become 15625 visitors.
15625 visitors can become 78125 visitors.
78125 visitors can become 390625 visitors.
390625 can become over 1 million unique visitors!

And we're not talking about some kind of "lotto" system where folks visit your website to get points in hopes of gaining some prize. We're talking about TARGETED TRAFFIC that is drawn into your system because THEY WILLINGLY CHOOSE TO visit.

But, traffic is just the beginning (as if that wasn't enough!)...

Everybody knows that the real money is in the list --
How would you like to gain thousands of extra subscribers to YOUR list?

Let's face it, the fortune is made with an opt-in mailing list. The Instant Boost system shows you *exactly* how to generate more subscribers --- even thousands of extra subscribers!

  • This isn't some kind of "trading" scheme where you give away your subscribers to another ezine publisher who in turn gives you his subscribers.
  • This isn't some kind of "checkbox" system where some poor subscriber joins 20 lists at the same time, and yours just happens to be one of them.
  • This isn't some kind of "collection" service where you pay for leads who "expressed interest" in the topic of your newsletter.

This is a system that generates subscribers who SPECIFICALLY JOIN YOUR MAILING LIST (and not dozens of others at the same time) at YOUR WEBSITE. They join through YOUR system, whether it be an email capture service, form at your website or email address. It is all done through the system that you currently have in place.

The Instant Boost system brings them to YOU and your current newsletter subscription practice takes over from there.

But, there's even more...

It doesn't matter what affiliate program you are involved in,
this system will show you how to EXPLODE your commissions...

Not earning enough sales from your favorite affiliate program? Even if you are, wouldn't you like to earn more?

The Instant Boost system walks you through an easy-to-use formula for increasing your affiliate commissions AUTOMATICALLY without any additional effort. Once the system is setup, there is nothing more to do. It will help you earn more commissions by remote control.

And it works for ANY affiliate program. In fact, you can use the system to promote MULTIPLE affiliate programs simultaneously!

Just a few of the things that Instant Boost can do for you are...

    • Increase your eBook downloads.
    • Increase your free report requests.
    • Increase your lead generation.
    • Increase your affiliate referrals and commissions.

Affiliate programs are a GREAT tool for generating more profits. I use them myself to earn thousands of extra dollars each month. Now, you can also see a significant increase in your affiliate commissions. I don't care who you are or what program you are involved in...

...with this system you can earn up to 500% more than you are earning now!

You'll also sell more of your OWN PRODUCTS,
And if you don't have any products, you can easily get them...

The Instant Boost system also shows you how to sell more of your own products. In fact, you can even see an increase of up to 5 times your current sales!

We'll show you *exactly* how to give your product sales a quick turbocharge and pull in even more profits.

Don't have your own product? Don't worry! You'll be able to sell the Instant Boost manual itself for $25.00, if you want! Yep, this entire course comes with 100% royalty-free reprint rights. You can sell it for $25.00 and keep every penny for yourself!

And, you'll also find "secret" products that you can sell and keep all the money. Setup your entire infopublishing empire and really earn the profits! NOTE: These are NOT outdated reports, a collection of worthless eBooks or any other kind of junk. These are high-quality products written and published by one of the web's most respected "gurus."

You'll learn how to spiral a $10 investment into thousands every month.

Sounds too good to be true, is this really FREE?
You betcha! In fact, you can access it all right now...

The Instant Boost system is a complete, 30-page course. It sells for $25.00. However, I am able to offer you a 100% FREE COPY (you enjoy all the benefits, including free reprint rights!) if you will simply refer five people to this webpage.

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    Believe me, they will THANK you for sending
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    these results?

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