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'The Buy Impulse' *26 Mind Controlling Tools*- With Master Resale Rights!

The Buy Impulse - 26 Mind Controlling Tools

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"Because You'll Discover ,  How To Get The Power of 26 Secret Mind Controlling Tools That Will Give You: More Customers Who Spend More Money More Frequently!"

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"30 Times Better"

"One sales letter using these techniques did thirty times better than our entire telemarketing department."

-- Mike Geier, VP, Marketing, Caledonian




From: Danny Wall

Re: 26 Mind Control Tools To Increase Sales



Dear Internet Marketer  ,

Get Started Today!


In a short while from now, I will talk about giving you the "The Kama Sutra" of marketing on the internet - Vividly and Clearly... 

But before that...

Aren't you just sick and tired of struggling to find enough money to cover your bills every single month?  Don't you want to finally end the worrying over your bills?

Don't you finally want success to come to you?

Before I continue further...
I would like you to take this gift home for free!

The sad fact of the matter is that fewer than 5% of the entire population of this country will retire in financial security. The other 95% will find themselves dependent on family, friends, and the federal government (and then on a program which no one is sure how long it will be around for).

I mean think about it.  Right now, your business is stuck and so are you.  You desperately want your business to do better, to make you more money.  And you lack something, and you know it.

I'll plug you into a process for implementing each and every one of the 26 mind controlling techniques on every single sales message you have.  This process will be easy to do, and will allow you to add these mind controlling techniques quickly and without effort, helping you to make more money.

How would you like to become one of the 5%?

How Would You Like To Become One Of The People That Everyone Talks About?

To Become One Of The "Internet Insiders"?

The Buy Impulse

How To Get More Customers To Spend More Money More Frequently!

26 Mind Control Tools

The Buy Impulse - 26 Mind Controlling Tools


"Skyrocketed 233%"

Danny, I can not even begin to thank you enough for your mind control tactics. I implemented just TWO of your techniques, and my conversion ratio skyrocketed over 223%. Not only that, but I used three other of your techniques, and my back-end sales went up by 57%. I simply can't thank you enough!

Patty Vortan

Continue reading, and I'll show you exactly how to get every last one of the 26 techniques that will allow you to control the minds of your prospects.  I'll give you every technique you need to obtain more customers, get those customers to spend more money, and get them to spend their money more frequently.

Imagine for a moment how much happier you and your loved ones would be if you no longer had any debt. Imagine how much happier you and your loved ones would be if you all KNEW that you had more than enough money to cover your bills ... as well as extravagant vacations.

How much would it be worth to you to have someone teach you the mind control secrets used by the most successful businesses on the internet? These secrets are so powerful, that the people that use them EACH make almost a million dollars a year.

Lets go one step farther. What if it was more than that? What if you were not only told what the mind control secrets were, but you were also taught how to implement them into your web site. Further, what if you were provided a "hit list" that would allow you to quickly and easily determine which mind control tactic you were missing so that you could add it to your page instantly and easily.


"Extra Profit...Several Times Over!"

A couple of weeks ago I made some changes to the sales copy on one of my web sites. I got so much out of reading "Buy Impulse" that I simply had to make sure that every one of the 26 techniques was working for me.

Well, I can now say with absolute certainty that "Buy Impulse" was worth every penny and then some - the extra profit from that web site has paid for the eBook several times over!

My sincere thanks.

John Taylor

Imagine with me for a moment the pure joy and excitement of knowing that you have MULTIPLE steams of income, each making you over ten thousand a month. 

  • Imagine yourself with lots of money.

What are you doing with it?
What kinds of cars do you own?
What kind of house do you live in?

I want to give you all of that and more.

Indeed, these mind control techniques are so well tested, so well proven, that they have been used by someone who was virtually homeless to make him $8,320 in 27 days.

Further, when he started he didn't have any products.

He didn't even have a COMPUTER!

$8,320 was made using only what he could get from internet access in a library.

Don't you think, with all your advantages, that you can do better than some homeless guy forced into putting up with the sporadic internet usage you get in a library?

I mean think about it. How many marketing programs have you spent (wasted) your money on in the last year or two?

Has EVEN ONE OF THEM, provided you the same fully tested, mind control techniques used to bring in the big bucks?

Has EVEN ONE OF THEM given you the EXACT SAME techniques used by the internet "chieftains" to bring down over $500,000 last year alone?

The simple FACT OF THE MATTER is that I know some part of you wants the mind control techniques I'm talking about. Techniques so powerful, the people who read your site will be riveted by your every word, and follow what you ask them to do like robots.


"Crank Up The Sales"

This is an awesome product for anybody in business (and I mean any business).  Applying the principles from this e-book gives the knowledge needed for any business to crank up the sales, by making the average customer hungry for your product

If you already think you're a master salesman, think again, this book touches on so many areas you're sure to gain valuable insight into an area you haven't mastered yet.

Allen Reed

Right now, just imagine how much better your business could do with these mind control secrets. Imagine the money you will make and the time you will save. Imagine how much happier you will be and ask yourself how much more content and free of worry you will be.

Understand, I want to provide you with a system that will give you an effortless, endless stream of YOUR OWN products to sell to an endless group of customers who come to you easily. 

What I'm talking about here is giving you "The Kama Sutra" of marketing on the internet.


Let me be clear about something.  These tools, if you use them, will provide you with a method to make unbelievable sums of money.  This means, you will have more time to spend with your loved ones, to enjoy them, allowing you to enjoy them to the fullest.

Anyway, these 26 tools are so good, that you could use them to manipulate almost anyone to do almost anything.  This includes getting people to order your products from you without you having to kill yourself to make it happen.


"33% Increase In Conversion"

Clifford, I rarely buy copywriting products because I simply choose to look at examples of sales letters and create my own swipe file. I was examining your sales letter to learn from it and it hit me like a 20 ton cement block.

I thought to myself, if his copy is this good I just have to get a more in depth look at his tactics. What I learned are absolutely the best tips on copywriting I have ever seen. I like how you don't fill your book with fluff. You get straight to the point and show us exactly what we need to write amazing copy. From using one of your techniques, I've already achieved a 33% increase in conversion.

Pretty amazing stuff!

Gary Huynh


We are frequently asked how we know these tools work, and where did they come from.  Well, these tools have been used by a very select group of people since approximately the 1920's.  The top marketing names on the internet all use these techniques (though many of them don't want to teach them to you).  As for where they came from ... numerous university studies have put names to these techniques, and helped people to understand how best to use them.

In this book, entitled The Buy Impulse: 26 Mind Controlling Tools to get you More Customers who Spend More Money More Frequently, you'll learn the most incredible mind control methods currently in existence. 


Techniques like:

  • The single greatest mind control technique there is.  Adding just THIS ONE technique to your site will easily double your conversion ratios the instant you implement it.

  • How to get your customers engaged in your web site

  • How to build your own credibility with them so that they will automatically believe everything you tell them

  • How to use the two most powerful emotions humans have to leverage greater sales on your web site.

  • Which technique can be used on your site to keep your customers hanging on your ever word, wanting ... almost begging you ... to tell them every word of your sales message

  • Which two "hot buttons" you can hit together that will create a powerful motivator for your customers to purchase immediately.

  • The single way that will get your customer to purchase your product while at the same time making it so that you NEVER have a refund request

  • Exactly what to do with your "satisfaction guarantee" that will make it one of the best mind control techniques on your site.  Right now almost no one is doing this right.  Implement this trick on your site, and you'll quickly find sales going up, and your customers actually appreciating your products MORE.

  • How to use your customer's own knowledge to get them to buy from you.

  • You get a powerful mind control tool that will get your customers to do what you ask them, when you ask them, and without asking you tons of questions.  They'll just do what you ask.

  • How to take any and every "flaw" in your product and make it a benefit in the minds of your customers.  Understand that this trick is literally a "competition killer."  Start using this technique and your competitors won't even know what hit them.

  • How to create such EXTREME value for your products in the minds of your customers, that they will consider every other competing product to be utter garbage.

  • What you can do to immediately boost sales right now.  This one technique was used by a computer consulting companies to sell hundreds of copies of their software in a single week.

  • How to put your customers in the perfect frame of mind, and think of your products in the exact way you want them to for maximum sales.


Of course, if I were to teach you all of that, it would make for an incredibly valuable system.  The fact is however that I'm going to go one step farther.  Not only will I give you the 26 mind controlling tactics, not only will I give you a process for implementing each tactic on your web site,

I will also give you, absolutely FREE ...

"REVEALED! The Incredible Secrets Of A Rebel Australian Copywriter Who Turns 'Do-Nothing' Ads Into Money-Making Machines In Less Than 30 Minutes!"

In the next 2 minutes, not only are you going to discover how to get thousands of dollars worth of killer money-making advice for just cents on the dollar!

(Comes With Master Resale Rights!)
[ $39.95 ! ]


10 Steps To Killer Web Copy

Copywriting Guru and Web Conversion King, Alex Mandossian reveals his simple step by step formula for creating copy that kills!

Audio & Transcripts

(Comes With Master Resale Rights!)
[ $
17.00! ]

In all, for absolutely no additional cost, you'll also be getting these bonuses.

Understand that you've already been given so much for free.  Newsletter articles, hot tips, secrets for making money on the internet.  You've been given all of this.

I want to give you more.  I want to give you these killer bonuses, and I want you to have the 26 Mind Controlling Tools to control the minds of your prospects. 

I honestly want you to make money.

Not only that, but the simple fact that you are reading this right now means that you are tired of struggling to pay your bills every month.

I know for a fact you agree you want to finally succeed, you finally want to be the envy of your friends, and you finally want to become a member of the "insiders circle" of people who are making an easy living on the internet.


"Great Read...Easy To Understand"

What a great read Buy Impulse turned out to be. It goes into all aspects required for writing effective ad copy. The best part for me was how each element was explained with a very interesting story making each point easy to understand.

I highly recommend this book.

Allan Wilson



"Big Difference To The Sales Figures"

Thanks for the opportunity to get a hold of something as powerful as 'The Buy Impulse'. I can think of nothing more powerful than finding out 26 ways to trigger a buy impulse from a customer. Some of the tips are so obvious that I wonder why I didn't think of them before.

This is powerful stuff and could make a big difference to the sales figures of any web site. Keep up the good work and the best of luck.

Terry Jones


You should know that right now, if you wanted to get all 26 of these mind controlling tools, there are only a very small number of ways to do so.  You could attend a seminar by Robert Cialdini (on the rare times he does them) and pay $4,500 for a seat.  Or you could attend a seminar by Joe Sugarman ... and pay $3,500.  You could attend one of my seminars for $1,500.  Or you could could head on over to Amazon and attempt to purchase and read every copy writing book in my library.  That would cost you over $12,500, not to mention months of time to read all of them.

Would you think $495 was a fair price if the techniques in the book helped you to make more than $10,000 in the next 90 days?

Patty Vortan used the techniques in this book to increase her income by over $34,000 over 90 days. 

Wolf Data Systems used the techniques in this book to increase the corporations income by over $150,000 in 42 days. 

Stephen Hager used the techniques in this book to increase the income of one of his San Diego art galleries by an unheard of $56,000 in only 9 days.

Now is the time for you to act, and I am going to make this easy for you.  For just the next few days, you can get all 26 Mind Controlling Tools, plus the great bonuses for the amazingly low price of ...


Yes, you read that right, only $197.00. But You Get it all for a Ridiculously low Price of $29.97!! Today!

Understand that a lot of people offer a "money back guarantee" ... and I am no exception, but I'm going one extra step.... 

Yes. I want instant access to download The Buy Impulse: 26 Mind Controlling Tools and begin using it right away! The No-Risk Proposition ensures that you get 100% money  back guarantee for 30 days and if for some reason you want the refund kindly send us an email. You will be issued a prompt and courteous refund. Every penny of it -No questions asked. Order " The Buy Impulse: 26 Mind Controlling ToolsWith Complete Confidence Now.

On those terms, yes, I'm clicking the button below because I want to experience what it feels like to be able to create a site that pulls orders like crazy.

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"Worth The Price And More"

While I've never written a testimonial before, I bought the Buy Impulse thinking that if I picked up one or two usable ideas, it would be worth buying. I was right about one thing, it is certainly worth the price and more. Every chapter has ideas and techniques that will pay for the book many times over.

Ken MacKenzie


At this point, you just need to finish what you started when you came to this site.  After all, you just spent your time reading this web page.  You've already agreed that you want to end your constant struggle with money.  Now you need to take the last few steps and you will be done.  The steps are easy and safe, so you can feel calm and relaxed when you take them.

Click Here right now for instant access to this amazing wealth building package.

Remember, the longer you wait, the less time you get to check out the package for such a small investment.  Wait too long, and you'll have to spend almost $400 up front to get it.


"Spur Customers To Action"

"The Buy Impulse" really zeroes in on the "hot buttons" that spur customers to action. I know it will help me immensely in focusing my own copywriting and creating irresistible offers for my market.

If you want to think like your prospects think and get inside their heads, then you need this book.

And I mean it too!

Jim Erskine


Order Secure Now - $197.00
Only $29.97 Today  for Everything
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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a secure transaction. This means that nobody can see your data and you can own your copy of the package with confidence. Thanks.
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Yours in Great Success,

Danny Wall & S Kumar


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With this nifty Software you will :

  • Never miss an appointment
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  • Prioritize your work
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Web Value - $29

"The Psychology of Selling: How to Create Profit-Producing Sales Letters by Getting Inside Your Customer's Head!"

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  • The #1 Reason Why Most websites FAIL to Make Any Profits... And, How YOU Can Join the Few Who Are Making Serious Cash Daily!
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  • The Most Powerful Way to Influence Your Customers...
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And much more!


The Psychology of Selling

Because you are placing your order today, you will also get a copy of Bryan Kumar's brand new killer report with MASTER Resale Rights valued at $97:

How much do you think owning this knowledge is worth to you? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands? More? Well, you will get a copy on the house (meaning without paying one red cent) just because you are taking action today!

How I sell 1000's Of Products Using The Net
By Marlon Sanders

The name Marlon Sanders is enough testimony for quality! Here are just a few of the things it reveals:

  • What types of products are easiest to sell on the PC
  • Where to find products you can sell
  • How and where to find customers
  • How to collect the money for your products
  • How to deliver software and eBooks digitally
  • How to get other people to inventory and ship physical products for you.
  • My 6-step hyperdrive sales system
  • How to get dozens or hundreds of people selling your products for you
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This eBook will pay for itself over and over again every time you EMPLOY these unparallel techniques! Don't forget that you make also 100% profits on every sale you make, so your cost is covered by selling just ONE! With our 100% guarantee, there's no excuse for passing up this incredible opportunity. Use any of the secure payment processors listed below to download: The Impulse Buy - 26 Mind Control Tools!


YES! I want instant access to download the 'The Impulse Buy - 26 Mind Control Tools' and begin using it right away! The No-Risk Proposition ensures that you get 100% money  back guarantee for 30 days and if for some reason you want the refund kindly send us an email. You will be issued a prompt and courteous refund. Every penny of it -No questions asked. Order " The Buy Impulse: 26 Mind Controlling ToolsWith Complete Confidence Now. Since I am ordering Today, I will also receive 5 free bonuses worth $202 given below: 


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Courteously -- S. Kumar


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