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  Here's Is A Very Special Offer For You ,!!

'Project Together'- Master Marketer’s "Crazy" Idea Causes Cyber-Quake!

What if YOU Could Learn What Makes YOUR Target
Market Tick- And the Research Didn't Cost You a Dime??

" Discover the Most Unusual Collection of Marketing and Success Secrets Ever Created...

...By The Most Unlikely Source You Could Ever Imagine: Your Ezine Subscribers!!


From: John Delavera & S. Kumar

Re: Learning From Real No-Hype Guys To Run An Online Business Successfully



Dear Internet Marketer  ,

Get Started Today!


Let me tell you a story...

I have been using my soul as a "pen" to write each of the Turbozine's issues on Saturdays for the past 2 years.

The main subject of my newsletter is "how to make money on the Net..."

Yes, I was one of the people crazy enough to select that subject - the most difficult subject one could deal with: Internet Marketing. I was crazy enough to bet with myself and win the challenge...

But before we go further... I would like you to take home this totally free gift.


I was (and am) continuously thinking about all the thousands of people - readers of my newsletter...

  • What do THEY do for winning this "Internet Marketing" game?
  • What are THEIR hopes, fears, secrets, successes, and why did
    they decide to pursue "making money online..."

Questions kept coming...
I finally compiled all the questions into a list.

A list of 17 questions for my subscribers.
I Wanted To Know...

1. Who are you?

2. What made you deal with the online market?

3. How long did you think earning an online income was impossible and what made you change your mind?

4. What were the first and/or worst difficulties you faced in building your online business?

5. Who inspired you and why?

6. How did you discover what you could sell online?

7. What products have you created so far?

And I wanted to find out what are the BEST RESOURCES available online today by the very best targeted market: the BUYERS!

8. Please give your suggestions for the following services that you have ALREADY used:
-a domain name registrar
-a hosting service

9. What are the tools you’re using (software and/or services) that you can't live without?

10. Name 3 of the BEST products or services you've bought so far.

Mmm... everybody today talks about affiliate marketing.
Is it because it's "where the money is?"
And how well affiliate marketing stands today - I mean: REALLY!
That thought generated the next question:

11. What are your thoughts on affiliate marketing? Are you satisfied with your sales as an affiliate?

I also wanted to know THE BEST methods someone could use for attracting sales and subscribers... Not by buying leads... Not by spamming people... Not by waiting some years to create a list... I was looking for suggestions that could bring INSTANT results... So, next questions were:

12. Up to this point, what is the best tactic you’ve used to attract subscribers to your ezine?

13. Up to this point, what is the best tactic you’ve used to get the most sales – either as an affiliate or as the owner of a product?

"Do you want to know a secret? There is no secret..."
Is this true? Next question:

14. What would you tell new people who want to make money on the Internet?

15. ???  More about QUESTION 15 below... ( A very Important one!)

Are you a programmer? Or an ebook reader?

Then you really need to read the answers to the following question... PRECIOUS knowledge... for ebooks, software and scripts you'd create: JUST WHAT THE ONLINE MARKET NEEDS!

16. Describe 1 software application for your computer OR a script to use in your server OR an ebook you'd like to read, that you have never found available online.

So... Give Up OR Fight?
This is what the next and final question reveals...

17. Feel free to add your comments for the readers of this ebook.

That's how the idea for this project was born.

Some months ago, I announced the idea to TurboZine and asked anyone that would like to participate in this project to answer the 17 questions...

I could not imagine what I started...

Have YOU ever tried to work TOGETHER with people?
Have you ever reached SUCCESS together WITH your friends?

This is what has been done here.

I asked my subscribers to bare their souls and share- 'warts and all' - their efforts, experience and expertise on (of all topics!) "Achieving Online Success!"

Each contributor was asked to describe their struggles and successes, their heartaches and hopes – and yes, even their suggestions and secrets...

Today I can proudly present...


28 Wonderful, Successful People Together In This Project Sharing The Same Passion:
To Succeed Online


S. Kumar S. Kumar, India
Earl Adkins Earl Adkins
from USA
Peg Bastin Peg Bastin
from USA
Ellery Coleman Ellery Coleman
from USA
John Taylor John Taylor
from UK
Floyd Fisher Floyd Fisher
from USA
Jojo Alcabao Jojo Alcabao
from Philippines
Kenth “The Designer” Nasstrom Kenth 'The Designer' Nasstrom
from Sweden
Laura Childs Laura Childs, Canada Steve Yakim Steve Yakim
from USA
Viola Tan Viola Tan
from Singapore
Jane Fulton
from USA
Amar H. Mehta Amar H. Mehta
from India

Justin Koh Justin Koh
from Singapore
Rob Vanandel Rob Vanandel
from The Netherlands
Michel A. Di Iorio Michel A. Di Iorio
from Canada
Robin Roelofsen Robin Roelofsen
from The Netherlands
Paul T Cowen Paul T Cowen
from UK
Paul Kleinmeulman Paul Kleinmeulman (and his family!)
from Australia
Robert Stead Robert Stead
from UK
Steve Richards Steve Richards
from UK
Sherif Osman Sherif Osman, USA
Steve Boutelle
from USA
Ehab Elsherif
from Egypt
Lewis Leake, Jr
from USA
Tali Sarnetzky
from Israel
Joe Chengery III
from USA

The 'Together-Project' is a completely Voluntary and Collaborative effort...

  • Viola Tan helped me to format the contributions, compile them, and contributed with some unique ideas I applied to this project...
  • Joe Chengery and also Viola helped me to edit and proofread the copy...
  • Anthony Felsabon created the killer graphics you see on this page...
  • Steve Boutelle wrote the first sales letter I used for this page...
  • etc.

I know what you're thinking...

Have I lost my mind?

Why in the world would I want to get – and publish – the thoughts, opinions and experiences of my own readers on the very subject I have mastered?

And how could my subscribers compete with the information, products and services that have flooded the Internet Marketing niche from pros like Terry Dean, Corey Rudl, Declan Dunn, Yanik Silver and dozens of others...?

A Lesson from "The Genius"

You remember who Albert Einstein, the Master Physicist was, don't you?

Once he was asked what he did and answered:

"I am a student of the science of Physics."

Hold on- this GENIUS practically invented modern Physics...
Why would HE, the Master, call himself "a student?"

The answer is simple: he realized that although he already knew much about Physics, there was still even more that he needed to learn, and he was willing to discover and learn that knowledge.

The Most Unlikely Source of Knowledge

Taking a cue from Einstein, I am proud to say that I have found a new source for discovering proven and useful information about online marketing. Because...

"I am a student of the science of Internet Marketing."

The Birth Of An Online Bombshell...
Introducing The Together Project:
Real Life Success Stories Of Down To Earth Average People!

I received 28 submissions for the Together Project from most unlikely sources ...but successful people!. The responses were as diverse as the people who sent them, like:

  •  A medical doctor from Egypt...
  • A former IT Support Engineer (ex-Radar Engineer in the Royal Air Force!) from the United Kingdom...
  • An Ezine editor and (now a top known marketer!) from a remote village in India... (Guess who!)
  • A former magician who is both a licensed mechanic, Microsoft® Engineer and cosmetologist...
  • A stay-at-home mom with her own online business...
  • A University network technician from Sweden...
  • A blind student from Israel...
  • A Dutchman who makes money with board games...
  • A Software Project Manager with an IT MBA from India...
  • A 60 year old medical assistant from Delaware...
  • The Wealth Seminars Coordinator from Singapore...

Just to mention a few.

They came from across the globe, from every age group and from every walk of life.

What Can You Learn From Them?

Well how about these for starters:

  • Tried 'n' true hosting solutions
  • Proven software products
  • Tested methods for attracting ezine subscribers
  • Tested methods for attracting MORE SALES
  • Products that did NOT work and also the BEST OF Products
  • The truth about what it takes to succeed online
  • Little-known Free Marketing Resources
  • Affiliate Marketing tips straight from "the trenches"
  • What really goes on in the mind of your prospect/customer
  • Effective Success Secrets of "the Little Guy or Gal"
  • Niche Marketing ideas outside the Online Marketing arena
  • Who's the 'real deal' and Who's 'just blowing smoke'
  • Above all, derive inspiration from these gritty, courageous people!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg . . .

Thanks to the Together Project, YOU can have access to the resources comprised from people who aren't afraid to "tell it like it is."

Here's the list of the categories with the resources included from
all 28 contributions:
General Internet Copywriting Security
General Internet Marketing Games E-mail Marketing
General Home Business Hosting E-mail Client
Affiliate Marketing Resources Product Creation Search Engine
FTP Viral Marketing Inspiration
Testing and Tracking Resale Rights Products Stock Market Trading
Insurance Traffic Surveys
File Organizers Note-taking Travel
Web Design Bills Reduction Dog Lovers’ Resources
Buying Urgency Wealth Creating or Money Making Concepts Public Domain
Speech to typing Linking Graphics Design
PDF Creator Communication Devices Payment Processors
Organizing Clickbank affiliates and products Health Products Keeping your lawn
Making your craft affordable Programmers Ebay
Productivity Tools Shopping Cart Personal Development
Effective Ads Personal Training All in one Product Fulfillment
Online Bookstore Sales Yard Sales
Dating Manual Managing Time Paid Membership Creation
Forums Article Management Joint Ventures

That's right: No sugar-coating - no filler or ‘hype’; just straight-from-the-heart content from ordinary Real People sharing the same passion for what they are doing...

Attention: You'll get an additional ebook of 34 pages with ALL THE RESOURCES included from all contributions categorized as displayed above.

Your Personal "Blueprint for Profit$!"

The Together Project could become your very own "Profit Map!"

Think about it:

  • Of the twenty-eight contributors from all over the Globe, isn't the mindset and experience of at least one of them similar to people in your own niche or list?
  • Where else could you find a ready-made list of hard-won success secrets?
  • Starving for an article or ebook idea? Find one in here!
  • Looking for inspiration for yourself or your list? You’ve found it!
  • Want to find sound advice for "newbies?" Get it "straight from the horse's mouth!"
  • Need a no-nonsense product review? Find 'em here-the good and the bad!
  • Searching for a webmaster, copywriter or programmer? Discover potential sources for each inside!
  • Can't find someone to JV with for your latest product or idea? Here's a ready-made list of potential partners...
  • Want to find a good mentor? Find out who makes the grade inside!
  • Frustrated and don't know where to start? Let people just like you show you how!
  • Given up trying to find software that does ____? You'll be surprised at the products they've discovered - most of them are FREE!
  • Need a new and proven affiliate product to promote? Get the real scoop from real people!

- And these are only a few of the "obvious" suggestions . . .

Now, you can stop 'beating your head against the wall' trying to find out "What makes your market tick..."

All you need to do is be like the Genius:

  • Have an Open Mind;

  • Be Teachable; and

  • Apply What You've Learned!

Here is Question No. 15...

15. If you could ask any question to one “Guru,” what would it be and who would you ask it to? (The sort questions which an average guy itching to succeed online asks a Guru!)

Guess what?!

Mark Joyner, John Reese, Yanik Silver, Perry Marshall, Jimmy D. Brown, Joe Vitale, Willie Crawford, Paul Barrs and Mark Hendricks ANSWERED many Top Questions posed by the contributors and thus sucked themselves into the Project!


In addition to the ebook of this project, you'll also get great answers to the following questions posed for the FIRST TIME...

Jimmy D. Brown Jimmy D. Brown answered this question for Rob Vanandel, The Netherlands (133 words):

"I would like to know from Jimmy D. Brown what percentage of his profits he makes from backend sales (the affiliate links in his e-Books)."

John Reese John Reese answered this question for Floyd Fisher, USA (167 words):

"Outside of God and Family, what is your most important relationship and why is it important to you? I would ask it of John Reese."

Mark Joyner Mark Joyner answered this question for S. Kumar, India (152 words):

"I would ask Mark Joyner, What was the real reason for him to leave the Internet Marketing scene when he was going great guns? I am not fully convinced of the explanations that he and others have given. Or was it a ploy to sell 2000 copies of his parting CD at the rate of $1000 a piece?"

Note by John: To tell you the truth I did not expect Mark to answer this question, but he DID! Thanks Mark!

Perry Marshall Perry Marshall answered this question for Earl Adkins, USA (110 words):

"I would have to ask Perry Marshall, 'What is the sure-fire  formula that will ensure sales with Google keywords with any campaign?"

Brian Tracy answered this question for Ehab Elsherif, Egypt (28 words):

"If I could ask a question, I would ask it to Brian Tracy and the question would be how would I become your student? Your writings have affected me greatly and tremendously."

Joe Vitale Joe Vitale answered this question for Peg Bastin, USA (199 words):

"I would ask Joe Vitale.
How could I be sure I was getting my money's worth from a seminar?  I'd hate to think I spent more than a thousand dollars and the motivation only lasted a day or so. Is there any criteria to help determine this beforehand?"

Willie Crawford Willie Crawford answered this question for Lewis Leake, Jr, USA (261 words):

"I would like to have a talk with Willie Crawford.
I 'know' Willie through the Warrior Forum. He always seems to have time to give advice and help whenever asked and asks nothing in return. One of those all around good guys that you do find on the Internet. I would probably want to know how to get beyond affiliate marketing."

Yanik Silver Yanik Silver answered this question for Joe Chengery III, USA (52 words):

"I would like to ask Yanik Silver of http://www.PublicDomainRiches.com (also the author of Million Dollar Emails, Autoresponder Magic, 33 Days to Online Profits) if there is a way to do online research and take that information and turn it into an ebook, ecourse, software product, etc. legally? I keep thinking that there is a way to do this without getting in trouble with the law, but I'd like to know for sure. Thank you!'"

Craig Perrine Craig Perrine answered this question for Laura Childs (256 words):

"Who inspires you? Who pushes you forward to keep learning, trying and growing as a marketer?"


Paul Barrs Paul Barrs answered this question for Paul Kleinmeulman, Australia (17 words):

"I would probably ask John Reese, but Paul Barrs had to delete his entire list he said he was building it back up to 30 subscribers per day, that’s not much but I like the consistency, I can’t even imagine that as yet. But I’ve learnt that you have got to expand your mind so you always reach for bigger goals."

Mark Hendricks answered the following 11 questions for Viola Tan, Singapore (375 words):

1. How do you get a person to strongly desire to endorse you, your product/services and be able to profit all involved people?

2. If you are broke and have zero connections and your bills are due in 4 weeks, you only have an internet connection and phone/fax lines, step by step, what will you do to set up profitable JV deals?

3. How do you make a good estimate of a person's database size, traffic to the relevant and right sites in order to ascertain if the potential partner is a good JV partner and that the JV will be profitable? What other factors make a possible person you are looking at an irresistible JV partner?

4. What do you do to ensure that the JV proposal is an irresistible one?

5. What are your thoughts on JV brokering? (If appropriate) What is a profitable JV brokering model?

6. What do I do to be in a position to attract profitable joint ventures?

7. What series of steps to take/questions to ask in order to know what my potential partner desire and what drives/motivates my partner?

8. When should we say 'No' to a joint venture idea (by ourselves) or proposal (from others)?

9. When will YOU say 'No' to a joint venture?

10. In internet marketing seminars and workshops, when we have a chance to interact with other internet marketers, what can we do to start off in joint venture deals?

11. How can we use forums to attract profitable joint venture deals?

And although I do not consider myself a Guru:) I have been asked and thus answered the following 2 questions

...by Kenth Nasstrom, Sweden:

"How do you fit all those different projects you get involved  in when you get immersed in online marketing into a day? It seems like you never have any time left when you have a fulltime job next to starting up an online business. I guess you did not start doing this fulltime either, so how did you do it yourself?"

Here is MY answer to Kenth:

"It's the passion ALL people mentioned on this page share that keeps me awake until 4 a.m. for dealing with what I have created so far. As you have already read in my newsletter, my favorite way to get a break when working on a project is to conceive a new project:) It just happens and when it does, I just do not stop until I see the project finished. And as I have already told you, ANY product can be better. Being a perfectionist is good and bad; good because everything you do is almost perfect and bad because you can always wait making everything perfect and then officially releasing it. So basically, yes, I am a "do-er" as you write in this project's ebook:)"

and by Robin Roelofsen, The Netherlands:

"Is it after staying up for like 24-48 hours without sleep you dream up all new and profitable ideas? Seriously John, do you have a recipe for getting this ideas and pushing them to a finished product?"

Here is MY answer to Robin:

"There is a recipe:

1/8 inspiration
1/4 education (technical knowledge)
1/8 right tools
1/2 HARD work

Believe it or not, this is THE recipe.
To be specific, my inclination is to easily grasp the vulnerabilities of any system, whether it be the Internet, an offline business, a relationship, whatever. When I apply this "talent" in the online world, I can see how a certain task can be automated. And then I plan a software that will make the automation possible. Everything else, from the development of the software to the building of a website, is a matter of hard work, the resources you use and how well you deal with technical matters."

You will get ALL the other answers too.
They're all in the project:)


Did You Ask About Bonuses???
How About
17 of them?
(Worth $500!)

I also asked my contributors to give away a Bonus to all customers of this project; a product or a service they created or offer. And here is the list of the Bonuses YOU ALSO get when you order...

Bonus #1

6 months hosting for $20.00

Contributed by Floyd Fisher

Bonus #2

1 website critique of $80.00 value

Contributed by Earl Adkins & http://www.turnkeygold.com

Bonus #3

WebMarketing101 eGuide: Creative ideas to help market your business on the Internet, through email and other vehicles. Learn how to create a plan for marketing your business, analyzing your market, advertising troubleshooters, advertising freebies and much more.

Contributed by Jane Fulton & http://janes-place.com

Bonus #4

Physis Towards Aliveness: A four week e-course and manual to help you create the life you love.

Contributed by Robert Stead & http://daseinsolutions.com

Bonus #5

Sales Doubler: an amazing free sales tool (Value $67.00) with new technology that personalizes your web page, calls your subscriber by his name, and makes him feel good when he reaches your web page by clicking the links from your email messages! Your subscriber is 1000% inclined to buy from you, when he actually sees his name appear on the web page to which he is directed to from your emails. You can make his name appear wherever you want on the entire web page with this new sales technique.  (Value $67.00)

Contributed by S. Kumar & http://www.learnhomebusiness.com

Bonus #6

Become A Global Home Business Pro - This 18 Chapter Brand New eBook Has an Exclusive chapter fully devoted to Building an AD-Machine! You will also find this eBook useful in many other ways as it’s loaded with home business resources, Freelance Resources and much more free stuff! You can also customize it With Your URL and ClickBank ID for Free!  (Value $17.00)

Contributed by S. Kumar & http://www.learnhomebusiness.com

Bonus #7

Traffic Generator Pro: Generate traffic through numerous Start and Exit page programs.

Contributed by Sherif Osman & http://4u-software-downloads.com

Bonus #8

Affiliate vs MLM - A no-nonsense look at the differences between Affiliate Programs and MLMs.

Contributed by Steve Richards & http://www.e-readit.co.uk

Bonus #9

EZ - Redirect Generator: A generator that can shorten affiliate links, conceal affiliate links, repair link errors, and channel all traffic through your domain. (Value $30.00)

Contributed by Steve A. Yakim & http://www.TheAffiliateAdvantage.com

Bonus #10

Branded version of Webmaster Tools III - Black Label Edition + a free subscription to the newsletter, 'Black Label Edition.' 35+ wizards in one unique interface, offering access to thousands of scripts, and dozens of user-friendly Webmaster solutions for your Website problems. 

Contributed by Michel A. Di Iorio &


Bonus #11

Instant Site Personalizer: Personalize Your Site In Less Than 2 Minutes... Increase Your Profits Instantly!  (Value $37.00)

Contributed by Amar Mehta & http://www.netnsoft.com

Bonus #12

An EXCLUSIVE interview from Terry Dean (Value $67.00) NEVER RELEASED BEFORE!

In this eye-opening interview Terry Dean reveals:

  • How did he start out on-line
  • What was his worst failure
  • What are the "pieces" of a successful Internet business
  • What are the essentials required for someone to be successful in an online business
  • How he got the idea for one of his products
  • What is the most important advice for someone wanting to start an online business today
  • ...and more!

Contributed & released for the FIRST TIME by Steve Boutelle & www.ProsperityUnleashed.com 

To tell you the truth...

This Project surprised EVEN THE CONTRIBUTORS!!!

Here is what they told me after they read the final ebook...

John had always been known to create products that assist online businesses in making huge profits by SELLING NOW and SELLING QUICKLY and automating as many aspects of the business as possible so that we can WORK LESS and MAKE MORE MONEY online.

Now John does it again!  With this collection, just the gurus' answers (including the much awaited return of Mark Joyner!, the 'million dollar a day' man John Reese, Brian Tracy and many many more) to YOUR burning internet business questions is priceless by itself! If you are a newbie, the sharp, pointed questions John asks harvest strategies used by current practicing internet business owners right here and now that will help you to focus on making money online.

If you are an experienced internet marketer, the answers shared by current internet business owners will help you understand the mindset, challenges and circumstances facing YOUR CUSTOMERS - and what they are afraid to tell you!

So what are you waiting for?

Viola Tan

Hi John,

I just had to write you about the Together-Project...

What a wonderful job of gathering so many people together for such a good cause.  John, keep the inspirational spirit of helping others, the reward will be great!

Awesome job.

Earl Adkins

Hi John,

You've outdone yourself. The Together-Project is far better than I anticipated. I haven't finished it yet, but I can't stop reading it.

Getting many of the gurus to answer the most important questions from the participants was pure genius.

Ellery Coleman


All I can say is Wow!

Not only was that an awesome read, but a valuable resource for months to come! Even though I've been making money online for 9 years, I'm relatively new to the online marketing arena - and I learned a lot of different tricks, tools and mindsets by reading this collaborative book of yours!

There's something here for everyone as your contributors range in age (students to grandmothers), education, location (there are so many countries represented!), and talents. You know there's one area that these people don't differ though...their passion to learn and grow and their desire to be a success! If you're new to marketing, this book is for you!

Laura Childs

This book gives me hope that I can finally make it online!  
It's a huge volume of advice and tips from ordinary folks who have a dream.  They share the resources they've used, and how they got where they are today.  

Thank you John for showing us we can succeed if we work together.

Peg Bastin

Hi John,

I really enjoyed the ebook. It was interesting to read about how others got started and approach Internet Marketing. I even found a few that think like I do.:-)

I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I think it's great that you don't have to be making a million dollars before someone wants to hear your story or point of view. I feel that we can all learn from one another and that's great!

Thanks again,

Jane Fulton

Dear John,

I just had to tell you how much I identified with the stories I’ve just read. Therein lies a wonderful collection of dreams, methods, tools and inspirational words for the new generation of ‘Netrepreneurs’, written by those who are doing it right now!

It is nothing less than a boot manual for Internet Marketing - a ‘must read’ ‘how-to’ for the budding enthusiast and future ‘success story’ of the WWW. The interesting twist is that this time, it was written by the grunts…

A structured and innovative approach to foxhole marketing – written by the warriors in the trenches. Congratulations on your insight and determination.

Michel A. Di Iorio, Copywriter

John, thank you for such an inspiring e-book!

It's very encouraging for all of us to read these 'behind-the-scenes" journeys of both seasoned Internet Marketers and the up-&-coming ones. I can't think of another work that covers the mindset and learning experience as in-depth as this one, so to all aspiring netrepreneurs, read "Project Together" and you might see YOURSELF in a situation similar to these accounts. An Absolutely Unbelievable Project!"

Justin Koh


I am impressed not only with the scope and magnitude of your project but I am even more impressed at the amount of really good information that I got from reading this ebook.

I had not expected much since there were no "big-name guru's" mentioned as contributors.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at the success most of these ordinary folks are having developing their internet businesses.

You can feel the passion and pride that each of them feels as they describe their learning experiences and their successes.  All are very optimistic about the future of the Internet and their internet businesses.

Thanks for putting it all together.

Lewis Leake, Jr.

John Delavera's latest creation is simply Mind-Boggling!
Who would have guessed that a literal Vault of Online Marketing Knowledge resides within the hearts and minds of those whom most would consider "amateur marketers?"

As a student of online marketing since 1999, a subscriber to (and reader of) tens of marketing ezines, and a veteran of Four Live Online Marketing Seminars, I am totally astounded at the River of resources, Wealth and Success Principles, and know-how tucked away within each contribution... In spite of my own depth and passion for the subject, I still learned something new with nearly each passing page!

Forget theory and ditch the hype! If you're serious about online
marketing, grab your copy today: it's a Marketing and Success Crash-Course from real people who are Doing Something Now!"

Steve Boutelle,
Premiere Online Info-Strategist (TM)


Your Home Study Course
on Online Marketing and Success

Thanks to the Together Project you not only get a Home Study Course on Online Marketing and Success 'taught' by 28 people whose experiences form the Core Curriculum,  you ALSO get Top Shelf advice and wisdom on specific topics from several of the Best-Known and Legendary Online Marketers! AND to top it all off, you get not 5, not even TEN but a Huge Package of (17) Bonuses!

Bonus #13

The customization rights for the Special Report:

How to Start With Internet Marketing:

Create, Sell & Promote
Your First Ebook in 41 Steps - even if you have never earned a dollar online yet!

(Value $47.00)

Contributed by
John Delavera &

Bonus #14

Viral Marketing Tutorial

The MASTER customization rights for ebook:

Viral Marketing Tutorial

Master Viral Marketing In 5 Lessons!

(Value $17.00)

Contributed by
John Delavera &

Bonus #15: 2 Special Reports

Viral Marketing TutorialHow to dominate any niche

Report #1: How to Create Your Own Viral Ebook (Now YOU Can TOO!)

Report #2: How to Dominate Any Niche Online (Now YOU Can TOO!)

(Value: Priceless!)

Contributed by
John Delavera

Bonus #16:

50% Discount for Your Professional Hosting
Check the company at www.my-hosting-web.com
You can choose from a series of packages (simple web hosting to dedicated appliances; the discount applies to all packages.)

Special Note: This Bonus can be withdrawn at any time in the future. Grab now!


Bonus #17

All the Bonuses added to this Project In the Future!
No time limits...
(Value: Pricele$$)


What are you waiting for?

Risk Free 100% GUARANTEE

The Together Project™ comes with a no-questions-asked 30 DAY money-back guarantee. Order today, see what's inside, get the feeling of this amazing VIRAL product. You have 30 days to decide if it's good for you. If you don't like what you get , just send an email and get your money back – and also, keep all bonuses. Anything better than that??

PayPal Users


John Delavera & S. Kumar


LEGAL: This ebook is supplied for information purposes only and the material herein does not constitute professional business advice. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher and the contributors are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice.  The reader is advised to consult with an appropriately qualified business professional before making any business decision. The contributors & The Internet Company do not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from the business decisions made by purchasers of this book. Your success depends exclusively upon your capabilities and there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money by just purchasing this product.

10 MORE Super-Duper Bonuses! Ultra Special And Only For You!
(Available Specially From Learnhomebusiness.com)

Sublimal Black Book - Create Your Own
Commercial Hypnotic CDS!

Make Subliminal CDs - Tapes, Mp3s Using Your Home Computer!  

The Studio Quality Multi-tracking Software which is included with this package! - Not only does this auction include recording software but it includes alot more! (See Below!) - Best of all this entire package includes FULL resell rights! - Whether your into making subliminals or you just want to purchase this package for the recording software, this package is great for anyone with a computer looking to make some great recordings


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“Automatically create stunning Auction Ads that really hit potential bidders between the eyes without ANY programming!”

Auction-O-Matic produces great results but also saves you time preparing your advert for submission. Because of the simple way everything is laid out, it only takes you a couple of minutes from start to finish. The end result is a stunning interactive auction advert - even if you're a complete beginner. Nearly everything is done automatically for you, in fact all you need to do is 'fill-in-the-blanks' as instructed.

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Secret Pop-Up Maker

SecretPopup Maker will let you make hidden-timed popups that appears long after they leave your site!. You can set them to appear 30 seconds, 1 minute...or 30 minutes later after they vanished from your site . So you keep making money even out side your website!.

"It Keeps selling your product...long after the visitor leaves your site!!

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Online Information Publishing
Success Stories

Mark Joyner says ...

"I was first introduced to him on a Monday afternoon and by Thursday morning one of his marketing ideas put an extra $12,500 into my bank account."

Know who he's talking about? Alex Mandossian!

And He Reveals His $10,000-A-Month Secrets!

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Autoresponder Unlimited V.2

Robust and feature packed, AutoResponder Unlimited is an Easy-to-Use Software application that installs on your web site.   It delivers instant information to your customers, prospects or visitors, and then follows-up with them automatically day or night...365 days a year.

Autoresponder Unlimited is the number one choice of website owners because it has the same powerful features of other autoresponder services and software but without all the cost!


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Website Conversion Secrets
By Ewen Chia

" No matter how long you've struggled until now, no matter whether you are a raw beginner or an old pro, this manual is going to change your ability to create sales generating sites forever!

You can make many times the profits you are making now without paying one extra dime in advertising or hunting for extra traffic! Just make a few changes on your site. That's it! 


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Secrets Of Business in the
New Millennium
By Merle

We live in amazing times. If you're running a small business, and have been thinking about moving it online, or you already have an online business, or maybe you work full time and run an online business in your spare time, this book is for you.

" With only a modem and your PC you can literally run your business from anywhere in the world!!.

Within these pages are some of the most useful resources for small business owners.

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Program Your Mind to Unlock Profitable Ideas
(Creativity eBook for Infopreneurs)

By William Coronel & Jeff Esguerra

You have read brief chapters on Internet Marketing and self-publishing books claiming that you can easily create your own infoproduct...they then continue on --in=dept detail--how to package the product, how to create sales letters, how to build website, how to use effective promotions...and more!

...and you have yet to create that infoproduct! Why?

This is a focused guidebook that will help you unlock profitable ideas within you that you are passionate about, then sell them as digital infoproducts!

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77 Ways to Skyrocket Your Website's
Conversion Ratio
By Ray L. Edward

Having a website with no revenue is a nightmare. These 77 tips are absolutely gems for you pick up, adapt to your trailing website and make it vibrant & sales fetching. The author Ray L. Edwards has given it all in grocery- list-format in succinct points. 

The Best-Kept Secret Tactics and Strategies to Unleash the Real Money Making Power of Your Website.

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Getting Rich In America
By Robert Imbriale

Welcome to the book that will transform the way you look at money!

In these pages, you are going to learn the secrets of the rich and how you too can apply what they know to your life so that you too can become wealthy.

This book was written because the author truly believes that anybody who wants to, can become wealthy - all they really need is information they can act upon!

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Flooding your
Mailing List With Subscriptions and Email Box With Sales notifications WITH Ideas From ''Project Together!

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