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'Website Conversion Secrets' With Master Resale Rights!

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", What If I Told You That You, Yes YOU Can Increase Your Profits by 100%, 200% or Even More Than 1287% Without Working Any Harder? Would You Let me Show You How To Do It?"

Give me 7 minutes and I will reveal the 40 most common pitfalls well-meaning entrepreneurs like you fall into when trying to create a money-making site. Itís a shame for YOU to not be living the lifestyle you desire... when you can do it so easily...


From: Ewen Chia & S. Kumar

Re: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!


Dear Internet Marketer ,

Get Started Today!


y marketing buddies think that I'm crazy because I want to practically give away the same methods they use to create money-sucking sites... all just to prove a point. In a couple of minutes, I will make you feel so excited that you will want to scream.

You see, I would like to share a concept with you that few people understand...

But before we go further... I would like you to take this totally free gift.

You can make many times the profits you are making now without paying one extra penny in advertising or hunting for extra traffic. It's easy if you make a few changes on your site's "ad copy"...

Here are some of the things you can learn:

  • The one common online practice that can easily backfire and actually cost you sales. You will learn how to do this the right way so that you make more profits.
  • A dirty little trick "stolen" from offline copywriters and how to adapt this to your website. Do this correctly and the visitors will be so involved in your site they won't even think of clicking away!
  • The 11 points you can't afford to ignore if you want your site to have any semblance of credibility. It's simple: Lose your credibility, lose the sale. You will understand how to do this correctly.
  • What can you learn from newspapers? Grasp this concept and the conversion rate of your site can increase by more than 114%! You will laugh once you see how easy it is.
  • Finally analyzed: Should you mention the "technical" features of your product in your web copy? Or not? And why? It may not be what you think it is.
  • An amazing powerful trick to skyrocket the number of people who actually read your salesletter! This can instantly double your profits and you can implement it quickly and easily.
  • Joseph Sugarman in his book "Advertising Secret of the Written Word: The Ultimate Resource on How to Write Powerful Advertising Copy" gives his suggested outline for writing advertising copy. Do you know what it is?

You will learn:

"How To Rake In Tens And Hundreds of Extra Dollars Every Day Simply by Making A Few Quick And Easy Changes to Your Website!"

"Hard-hitting Checklist For Increasing Any Website's Conversion Rates!"

 Ewen, "Website Conversion Secrets" is a great, no fluff, hard-hitting checklist for increasing the conversion rates at any website. I made a ton of notes as I read it... things to test and adjust on my sites.

 It IS the little things that make a difference, and when the cumulative effect of making a lot of positive changes is added up, it can be astronomical. Your book offers a laundry list of these things to look at in improving the website's structure as well as supercharging your ad copy.

 Your mastery of copywriting and direct sales principles shine through in "Website Conversion Secrets". My advice to any serious marketer is get a copy and be prepared to make notes in the margin... just like I did!

- Willie Crawford


aking money online is simple math. If you want to double your sales, try doubling your conversion rate rather than your traffic. If for every 100 visitors you receive to your site you make 1 sale, then you have a conversion rate of 1%.

But, what if you could increase the conversion rate of your site? What if you could "convince" just one more person to take you up on your offer? Then your conversion rate would jump to 2% and your profits would instantly double!

Here are a few more things you can discover:

  • A service that allows you to locate slow loading graphics and bad links on your site...and where to get it for free.
  • The one thing you have to keep in mind every time you create a website. (Hint :not everyone sees things exactly as you do).
  • What type of fonts should you use online? And why? What can you learn from direct response offline marketers?
  • Should you use Flash presentations on your homepage? Or not? And why? The answer may surprise you!
  • Explained: The concept of "themes" in your website. What is the importance they play in your conversion rate?
  • The 4 'little foxes' that can spoil the overall professional appearance of your website. Are you sure you are not making one of these mistakes as we speak?
  • The common temptation that many companies fall into when creating a website...and why it can spell disaster for you. You will learn how to avoid this fatal mistake.
  • What style should you use when "talking" to your visitors? Formal, informal or what? And why? So many people make this mistake it's not even funny!
  • Should your salesletter use correct grammar? Or not? The answer may surprise you!


    "Shocking - Simple Changes Drive Conversion Rate Up!"

     I was*shocked* to see how many things I've been doing wrong on my site!


     Thanks for helping me see the simple changes I need to make to drive my conversion rate up. Without your valuable information I would NEVER have known I was making mistakes covered by techniques #16, #25, and #26. And that's just the biggies!  Thanks again. I'm positive my bank account will thank you too!

    - Mark Singletary

I really need to ask you one question at this point:

How Many of These Costly Mistakes Are Causing You To Work A Lot Harder Than You Could Get Away With? And... How Much Time And Money Could You Save If You Knew How To Avoid Them Altogether?

  • A sneaky little trick that is almost too powerful to disclose. You will learn how you can sell a service that is on the pricey side and yet make it appear so cheap that your visitors would be crazy not to take you up on you offer! (It's ethical though)
  • How to answer common objections your visitors may have about your product or service. Be careful here. If you leave even one question unanswered, you could lose the sale and it would be a crying shame.
  • Are you sure that all your visitors want to save money? Or maybe there's something else you should aim at as well? Few people use this method but now you will be one of them.
  • A technique used by computer manufacturing giant Dell. The beauty of this is that you don't need Dell's millions to do it. You can do it as easily for free!
  • How to use this aspect of human nature to increase your sales even more! This is true almost 100% of the time... even if nobody admits it!
  • A strategy "borrowed" from the world of direct mail marketing. Along with the usual salesletter the mail order company includes something else in the package as well. What is it? And... how can you do the same on your webpage?
  • Pop ups: Do they work? Or not? Are they the most hated concept online? And, if yes, why do so many marketers who make thousands of dollars every month use them? The truth finally comes to light!
  • How to break up big decisions into tiny steps... and why it's critically important to be able to do so. Get this right and you will increase your profits even more.
  • How to use anchor tags to guide your visitors through your presentation and make it easy for them to give you their money.
  • A little secret to differentiate yourself from your competitors... even if you sell a product of exactly the same quality as they are.
  • How you can charge 5 times more for the exact same information... and your customers will be ecstatic to give you their money!
  • How knowing how to handle existing customers can mean some of the easiest money you made in your entire life. Why so few people do this? Beats me!

Oh, and just to prove to you how important knowing these things is, please tell me if...

Have You Ever Imagined Just How Many More People Would Be Eager To Promote Your Products and Send You Their Traffic If You Converted, Say, 3 Times More Visitors To Buyers?

It's 100%true. As a matter of fact, some copywriters have admitted in public that they make a lot of money without having a clue about "search engine optimization". However, even their competitors are happy to send them their subscribers because they convert so many of them to paying customers!

"Responsible For Untold Profits..."

 I can't recommend "Website Conversion Secrets" enough for any marketer putting together his first websites or changing existing websites because they didn't sell as well as expected...


 Technique#29 alone is responsible for untold profits in the world of marketing and if you do not master it... you're bound NOT to reach the top.


-Bogdan Ravaru


You will also understand:

  • The power of post scripts in your webs copy. Harness their power and watch out!
  • Explained: The concept of the "by the way" technique and how to use it in order to generate even more profits from your website.
  • Analyzed: The "AIDAS" formula. How this strange word can mean untold profits for the few people who truly understand it.
  • The ad copy style recommended by John Kennedy (he charges up to $50,000 for a salesletter). What could you do if you knew it?
  • The power of "bullets" and how to use their power to volcanically erupt the conversion rate of your site.
  • Should your products be cheap? Or expensive? And why? Where does the truth lie?
  • How to change your general statements into specific ones and why this little secret can virtually skyrocket your conversion rate.
  • The technique of "limited quantity offers" and why it's so powerful. Few people use (or understand) this concept.
  • The two main emotions that top copywriters aim at awakening. Do you know what they are?
  • The one point of your presentation where you should really "give it all" and why it can mean you getting the sale instead of your competitors.
  • How to ask for the order. Should you use multiple order options? Or not? Many people give the exact opposite answer of what they should in the above question!
  • How to strike your maximum profit point by using this advanced technique. This technique is used after you have finished your salesletter.

Finally: Now, you too can discover the methods used by some of the highest-paid copywriters in the world and make much more money with the same effort.

o you have any idea how much a good copywriter costs? If you "shop around", price tags of $10,000 to $15,000 for one salesletter plus 5-10% royalties on gross sales generated are pretty common. Stunned? Well, actually you shouldn't be.

Here's why:

A good copywriter actually saves you money. When you hear all the "gurus" making six figure incomes online, how do you think they do it? Exactly. They use world-class copy. They know that killer copy will put good money in their pockets. (Heck, you can't argue with the results these marketing mammoths get.)

"Solid Information - An Absolute Must!"

 Ewen, "Website Conversion Secrets" is another pleasant surprise from you! It's nice to see solid information in a format that any marketer can easily read and follow, to get good base foundation on web copy. It's an absolute must for all beginner marketers!

Thanks for another fine product!

- James Delcamp

But you know what the best part is? Even a top notch copywriter can get you lousy results! Yep, you read that correctly. Even if you hire a professional copywriter, your sales can be zero.

Here's why:

On the Internet, there are many more things that come into play. Does your page capture the visitors' names and emails effectively? Does it look good on all computers? Does it load fast? (For example, this page you are reading loaded in less than 2 seconds. And I can show you how to do that for your sites as well.).

"Website Conversion Secrets: How To Make Your Website Sell Like Crazy!" goes into much more than just "copywriting". It talks about the mechanics of the website as well. It's about building a complete site. It's about getting the sale. It's about making real money.

Website Conversion Secrets_boxcover_small

So, how much would you will be willing  to give for this information? How much are tens and hundreds of extra sales worth to you? I thought about a price that would make this fair on both of us. I'm not going to charge you thousands of dollars but I will not give it away either...

It's just It's 29.97, ok?

And... before you start thinking that there's a catch for this ridiculously low price, keep this in mind: This ebook is in digital format. This means that I will not have to spend any of my time writing your copy myself. You will click a few buttons and in less than five minutes you can have downloaded it and be discovering these secrets for yourself...


 "Easy To Understand Formula!"

Ewen, this ebook was just what I needed!

 I've read quite a few copywriting courses, but most of them left me feeling overloaded with information and unsure of what to do next.

 Your checklist of 40 techniques spell out the *most important* factors involved in website copy in an easy to understand formula. Now I can run your web copy checklist over my websites and seethe best ways to improve conversion immediately.

 I've just printed out your entire checklist because I just can't wait to apply these 40 techniques to all of my websites and see how much more money they can make!

Thanks for making it all so simple!

- Shawn C. Mason

However, there's something else I would like to make clear. You see...

It Gets Better Still -- You Don't Have to Decide Today Because Your Success Is 100% Backed By My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Listen up:

I'm convinced that no matter how long you've struggled until now, no matter whether you are a raw beginner or an old pro, this manual is going to change your ability to create sales generating sites forever!

I know, I use these techniques all the time. I believe in these methods so strongly, that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Here's my take-it-to-the-bank guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort and use any three of the techniques in this manual on your site, you'll at least double your sales in the next two weeks. That's right, sales you never would have seen without these techniques.

If you don't, I'll refund the entire cost of this entire package to you and we will still be friends just for giving me a chance to show you what this package can do for you.

Plus, as a token of my appreciation for you I will let you keep the manual. That's right. You don't have to send anything back. I won't even ask you to delete it from your computer. You can have it handy whenever you want and refer back to it time and time again... with my blessings. I'm that committed to your success and I absolutely refuse to have customers less than 100% satisfied.


 "A Success Blueprint For ALL Websites"

Ewen, all I can say is "THANKS"!

 "Website Conversion Secrets" helped me find five places my website needed improvement.

 I'll definitely be using "Website Conversion Secrets" as a "success blueprint" for ALL my websites.

- Dave Robinson

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That's why, with your permission, I would like to give you a gift worth a very real $197.

Here's the deal:

Download your own copy of the manual and I will also give you Master Resale Rights to the entire package! This means that you can resell this same package for 100%profits and even allow others to do the same.

Of course, you will get a professionally written website as well to help you sell the maximum amount of copies and keep 100% of the profits.

Imagine: Your very own product with a ready website that you will be able to start profiting from within minutes after you download your manual.

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On those terms, yes, I'm clicking the button below because I want to experience what it feels like to be able to create a site that pulls orders like crazy.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a secure transaction. This means that nobody can see your data and you can own your copy of the package with confidence. Thanks.
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Thanks for your time,

Ewen Chia & S. Kumar

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"The Psychology of Selling: How to Create Profit-Producing Sales Letters by Getting Inside Your Customer's Head!"

You will discover:

  • The #1 Reason Why Most websites FAIL to Make Any Profits... And, How YOU Can Join the Few Who Are Making Serious Cash Daily!
  • How to Supercharge Your Sales letter by Making a Few Simple Changes...
  • The Most Powerful Way to Influence Your Customers...
  • How to Triple Your Sales By Turning Objections and Flaws into Powerful Benefits!

And much more!


The Psychology of Selling

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"David Ledoux's 30 Most Dangerous Documents" is one of the most unique, inspiring and motivating training guides you can possibly get your hands on. Packed with FRESH articles written within the last year. One of the most unique, inspiring and motivating training guides you can possibly get your hands on.

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Mark Joyner's 
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Access this outstanding report that experts agree is the best writing on the topic of internet marketing ever! Learn exactly how multi-millionaire Mark Joyner, the "Tiger Woods" of internet marketing, increased sales for his products by 412% or more. All of the easy-to-use ideas in this 50 page report are based on scientifically verified marketing tests conducted by statisticians and marketing analysts hired by Mark. These aren't just theories and guesses - these are *specific* things you can do right now to increase your sales and they have all been *scientifically* proven.

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

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77 Ways To Skyrocket Your Website's Conversion Ratio
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Having a website with no revenue is a nightmare. These 77 tips are absolutely gems for you pick up, adapt to your trailing website and make it vibrant & sales fetching. The author Ray L. Edwards has given it all in grocery- list-format in succinct points. 

The Best-Kept Secret Tactics and Strategies to Unleash the Real Money Making Power of Your Website.

77 Ways To Skyrocket Your Website's Conversion Ratio

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Do-It-Yourself Site Check Up
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You will discover a couple of neat ideas for fine tuning your site for better performance. Or that will help you build a great site from scratch. This is a down-to-earth tips manual that you should have --if you dream of building a money making website.


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Infoproduct Myths: 7 Lies That Plague Your Business
...Whether You Realize It Or Not
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By Jimmy D Brown & Ryan Deiss
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You Will Discover...

  • 7 "overlooked" ways to create products faster, reduce refunds dramatically and earn extra profit that most people don't even think about...
  • 7 myths (oh well, let's just call them what they are ... LIES!) that can hinder you from making money with your information business ... you likely are believing several of them without evening realizing it!
  • Dozens of time-tested, proven effective tips for building extra profit with any information product business ... you'll go "behind-the-scenes" to learn how we make six-figure incomes online with infoproducts!


Web Page Personalization Script!

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"Go beyond personalizing the email messages in your autoresponder!
...Extend it to even personalizing your WebPages in real time!" 

This is a super-simple script that personalizes your web page, calls your  subscriber by his name and makes him feel good when he reaches your web page by clicking the links from your email messages! Your subscriber is 1000% inclined to buy from you, when he actually sees his name appears on the web page where he is directed to from your emails. You can make his name appear wherever you want on the entire web page.

e.g.: , If you are a subscriber of Learnhomebusiness.com, notice how I address you on this very same page!

And it takes less than 2 minutes to insert the code! This is a guarded script but you can have it for free!


This REPORT will pay for itself over and over again every time you EMPLOY these unparallel techniques! Don't forget that you make also 100% profits on every sale you make, so your cost is covered by selling just ONE! With our 100% guarantee, there's no excuse for passing up this incredible opportunity. Use any of the secure payment processors listed below to download the Website Conversion Secrets Now!


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YES! I want instant access to download the Website Conversion Secrets and begin using it right away! The No-Risk Proposition ensures that you get 100% money  back guarantee for 30 days and if for some reason you want the refund kindly send us an email. You will be issued a prompt and courteous refund. Every penny of it -No questions asked. Order " Website Conversion Secrets "  With Complete Confidence Now. Since I am ordering Today, I will also receive 7 free bonuses worth $538 given below: 


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Order the Auto Hits Machine Now!

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To Your Enduring Success,

Courteously -- S. Kumar


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