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JVManager - Medium Cover

Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas!

My Big Bag with Goodies for Internet Marketers! I will be here only until December 26, 2004! Hurry! Ho Ho Ho!

Access to Santa's BIG BAG is offered
You are cordially invited by Leanhomebusiness.com

Closes On December 26, 2004


If you are re-visiting this page after December 10
check the new Mystery Contribution added...


  1. John Delavera (coordinator)

  2. Allan Wilson

  3. Mike Filsaime

  4. Michael Rasmussen

  5. Ewen Chia

  6. Patric Chan

  7. Russell Brunson

  8. Jason Mangrum

  9. Adrian Ling

  10. Dave MacGregor

  11. Shawn Mason

  12. Dan B. Cauthron

  13. Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

  14. Paul Kleinmeulman

  15. Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

  16. Simon Hodgkinson

  17. Detlev Reimer

  18. John Taylor

  19. Yeo Feng

  20. Steve Boutelle

  21. Eva Almeida

  22. Josh Anderson

  23. Richard Quek

  24. Michelle Utter

  25. David Zohar

  26. Paul Barrs

  27. Bob Bastian

  28. Tracy Yates

  29. Michael Lee

  30. Alex Major

  31. Michael Nicholas

  32. Val Burnett

  33. Bryan Kumar

  34. Louis F. Burleson

  35. Alan Tutt

  36. Rick Beneteau (read the note)

  37. Kenth Nasstrom

  38. Earl Adkins

  39. Jeff Mulligan

  40. Michael Ambrosio

  41. Keith Baxter & Michael Wolf


  1. Jim Hubbard

  2. Melvin Ng

  3. Sean Walker

  4. Linda Wallis

  5. Debbie Hamstead

  6. Edwin Ryan

  7. Jeremy Gislason

  8. Pascal & Monica De Gaillande

  9. Iszuddin Ismail (aka Kidino)

  10. Gary Ambrose

  11. Hal Humphries

  12. Malacka

  13. Paul Cowen

  14. Joe Chengery III

  15. Bruce Gibson

  16. Richard Alcebar

  17. Doug Hudiburg

  18. Marvin Haycock

  19. Terry Telford

  20. James Yuille

  21. Nico De Baere, Erik, Todd & Arsen

  22. Mark Creighton

  23. Steve Yakim

  24. Kaviraj Kodai

  25. Lucio D'Alo

  26. S. Kumar

  27. David Pankhurst

  28. Michael Hopkins

  29. Rick Johansson

  30. Father Dave

  31. Andrew Peacock

  32. Pavel Lenshin

  33. Anthony Fesalbon

  34. Jane Mark

  35. Leslie Kane

  36. Viola Tan

  37. Russell Portwood

  38. Amar Mehta

  39. Gary Baker

  40. Richard Dean



Dear Internet Marketer ,

You are about to purchase the biggest package ever created in the history of Online Internet Marketing. This pack is so big that even Santa himself couldn't carry it. With over 80 JV partners you just can't imagine, how big this package really is and it's all yours for just pennies on the dollar.

But, Just Stop for one Minute and Remember....

Remember when you were a kid the excitement of Christmas? Do you remember what is was like on that cold Christmas morning when you would wake up, bounce out of bed and race down stairs, to see the most beautiful and biggest presents you have ever seen in your life. You would fly to that Christmas tree pick up the biggest present you could see and instantly start looking for your name on it. Holding it up to you ear, you shake it trying to discover what in the world is it. Without being able to contain yourself any longer and with a WHOOP and a HOLLER you tearing away the wrapping as fast as your little hands can move. And then you see it.... It's Beautiful! Just what you always wanted....

  • A Gigantic Electric Train Set...
  • A Big Red Fire Truck....
  • The Most Beautiful Doll House in the Whole World...
  • A Chemistry Set to Burn your Eyebrows Off...
  • A Gorgeous Porcelain Doll...
  • The Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle Known to Man...
  • A New Red Bike, Faster than Greased Lightning...

But, It's Time for a Reality Check... It's Time for a Marketer's Dream Package Such as Never Before!

" Santa Claus is Coming to Town With the Biggest Marketing Package in History Which Will Give You Everything You Will Ever Need to Make Obscene Amounts of Money Online! Trust Me on this One.

If you have ever wanted all the tools that you will ever need to kick your online sales into hyperdrive all in the one place at a ridiculous price than this is the package for you.

Stop the Insanity!

Don't Buy Memberships with Fantastic Resell Rights Products.. Separately!

Don't Buy the Hottest Software and Scripts Ever Created... One at a Time!

Don't Buy the Latest and Greatest Information... Piece by Piece!

You can Have it ALL, Right Now, in the Biggest Package in History and Santa is Staggering Under the Enormous Bag that He has Brought Just for YOU!

Just scroll and browse this page...

But this time ,
you get the whole Big Bag...
Not just the "present" you'd ask from this Santa, but EVERYTHING...


Santa Welcomes You:)

Santa's Deal Time!

Want to see what's inside?

Warning: “Good” Things come in “Small” Packages, But Wait Until You See What “Great” Things Come in This “Gigantic” Holiday Package!

Take a look below...


All The Above Can Be YOURS FOR 1 LOW PRICE...

Available ONLY Through Authorized JV Partners & Affiliates - Until December 26, 2004

Is An Authorized JV Partner

Click the images below or the links to browse the corresponding sites

For $497.00 You Get EVERYTHING

Click the images below or the links to browse the corresponding sites

Paul Barrs

This is what Paul advices!
Listen To 7 Audio Messages From Paul...

(Switch On Your Speaker)

Without doubt, this is the finest collection of Marketing Products I've ever seen Online. Over the next few dates I'm going to share with you *exactly* how you can "Make Money with this."

Next year is going to be a blast - and with the Santa Deal Time package, your life just got a whole lot easier!

- Paul Barrs   

Contributed by John Delavera


Your Complete Sales, Customer, Affiliate & JV Management System.

Value: $347.00

Special Offer Manager

Create your Special Offers in some seconds! SOM will manage them for you, expire them and replace all messages, and also add your customers to your newsletter or to any other autoresponder you'll define - all done for you 100% AUTOMATICALLY!

Value: $97.00


All the tools you need for running and maintaining a successful ezine - exclusively included: Anti-Filter tool

Value: $67.00

Buy Me A Drink!

Create Your Own "Bar" and Allow your customers & subscribers to show their Appreciation to you!

Value: $47.00



Buy Me A Product!

The Easiest Way to Create Your Paypal(R) Online Shop!

Value: $67.00
(included as a Bonus to
"Buy Me A Drink!" script)


Dynamic Pricing Generator

Value: $27.00

Customization Rights Included

Value: $17.00


 Contributed by Allan Wilson

Hi John,

Congratulations on organizing the best value for money Christmas present I have ever seen. The goodies you have amassed all in one place is sure going to be much bigger then anything I will find under my Christmas tree.

This package will help people to save mega dollars, gain a stack of marketing know how, receive brilliant software tools and also get hundreds of products they can resell and profit from. I strongly encourage everyone take advantage of getting all of these marketing gems at such a crazy price.

Allan Wilson

12-month Access to http://www.ebookresellerkit.com

Instant Access to Over $5,010.64 Worth Of Resale Rights (More then 159 Individual Products) You Can Start Selling Immediately!

Value: $145.00



Contributed by Mike Filsaime


A clone of Friendster.com and ISpyFriends.com! You can offer an online community that connects people through networks of friends for dating or making new friends.

Value: $399.00

Dont-Touch-My-Ads Clone

What if every time you "Stopped Typing," Your AD appeared on "Someone Else's" desktop!

Value: $249.00

Fly-In Ads Clone

Your Fly-In Ads Inventory virally grows itself so the traffic you get grows virally and passively. Fly-In Ads are not blocked by pop-up blockers.

Value: $199.00

Opt-IN BOOM Clone

OptInBOOM will get to work creating a subscriber base for you minutes after you place a single line of code on your site.

Value: $199.00


Contributed by Michael Rasmussen

How to Start Your OWN Highly Profitable Internet Membership Web Site

How You Can Quickly & Easily Start Your Own Powerful Paid Membership Site and Watch Your Income Take Off In Just Weeks!

Value: $47.97


Contributed by Ewen Chia

Hi John,

Never in my life have I thought you could pull this off...
this marketing package is HUGE!

You've done quite a 'service' for any marketer by bundling ALL the neccessary resources for profit-making here. If someone just apply and use these powerful package, he or she will no doubt be on the road to enormous success.


Ewen Chia
Download your 5 'little blueprints' to success here:

Turnkey Internet Profits

The Exact Formula For Online Profits Anyone Can Duplicate. How to Set up a Site Quickly... How to Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic to it... How to Make Money Working From Home in Your Underwear...And... Still Have Time to Goof Off On The Beach!

Value: $97.00


Contributed by Patric Chan

How to Make
More Money Easily

How Patric Started As An Ordinary Guy With Normal Income, Added an Extra $39,698.02 in ONE Month to His Offline Business By Using Other Peoples' Talent, and Made $11,288.17 Online as an 'Average Joe' When He Discovered the FIVE Ultimate Lessons for Powerful Wealth Generation - and How YOU Can Copy His Success with a Super-Simple, Step-by-Step Marketing Treasure Map!

Value: $47.00


Contributed by Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson's Secret Flash SE Boost Turns every jpg image on your site into a keyword rich search engine magnet. This new software will turn your jpeg files into flash images, and lace them with thousands of content rich keywords which will help to boost your search engine rankings."Turns every jpg image on your site into a keyword rich search engine magnet.

Value: $247.00 Not Sold Anywhere

3 Months Free Access to Digital RepoMan

How To Prevent Every Type Of Low-Life And Other Form Of Human Scum, From Raping You Of The Profits You Should Be Making… By Hijacking, Stealing… And Illegally Prostituting… Your Online Digital Products!

Value: $25.00x3=$75.00


Contributed by Jason Mangrum

Instant Marketing Miracle


The Amazing Software That Writes Outrageously Successful JV Proposals FOR You!
Value: $497.00


Contributed by Adrian Ling

RSS Made Easy
For the Busy Online Marketer

Understand how RSS works and get the Full Marketing Potential - in simple English!

Value: $47.00


Contributed by Dave MacGregor

How do you do it?

When you asked me to contribute 123Ezine, I would never have believed that it would be part of what is, quite frankly, THE Deal Of 2004.

Can't wait for 2005 !

Dave MacGregor
Easy Ebook PRO - The Easiest Of Them All

The Professional Way to Create Your Ezine

Amazing Newsletter Software Generates Your Profit-Pulling Ezine For You Quickly And Easily... In Just 3 Simple Steps! It Doesn't Matter If You're A Newbie Or Experienced Marketer, You Can Immediately Build Your Fortune On The Internet With Your Own Ezine Overnight, Guaranteed!

Value: $147.00


Contributed by Shawn Mason

Exclusive Offer

Unlimited Access To

1) Resellers Vault

To The Entire Digital Vault Containing Hundreds of Ready-To-Sell Websites So You Can Plug-In-Products And Create Your Own Irresistible Offers That Make You Money -- 100% Guaranteed

2) Best Deal Ever
A Product of Mike Filsaime

9 Software Packages that include EVERY TOOL you would ever need to run your online business.

Value: $197.00


Contributed by Dan B. Cauthron

Instant Sales Page Wizard and 9 MORE Handy Tools
WITH Resale Rights

Value: $47.00



Contributed by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian


How To Profit From RSS Feeds - 41 Ideas to turn your RSS feed into money in the bank!

Learn how I used just one idea to generate over $17,097 in profits - in just one week! Get 41 quick ideas to turn your blog & RSS feeds into money makers - It's easy.

Value: $37.00


Contributed by Paul Kleinmeulman



You have put together a Simply Mind Boggling Pack. You have absolutely everything that a complete newbie or an absolute professional could use. If people can't see that this package is just pure gold than there must be something wrong with them. Thank you for providing these
excellent resources at one fantastic and affordable price.


Paul Kleinmeulman
Get Your Own Health Niche Product Empirein Minutes with Private Label Resell Rights


SWFAudio Upgrade
The Easiest Way to Add Audio to Your Website!

Value: $67.00


Contributed by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta



How to Create & Profit from your own E-mail WorkShop$

A full guide on how to create profit-pulling e-mail workshops, eCourses & Tutorials in just 3 days to boost your web site's traffic, get more subscribers for your e-zine, increase e-book sales, build your image and your business... and cement your credibility!

Value: $57.00


Contributed by Simon Hodgkinson


Magic Button: The Ultimate Click Through Booster!

Quickly and easily create unblockable, attention grabbing web site buttons and triple your clickthrough rates in an instant - Comes complete with a monster bonus offer!

Value: $89.95


Ebook Explosion: Discover The Easy Way To Publish For Profit

Revealed are the fiendishly fast and sublimely simple methods anyone can copy to create massively profitable information products in just days - Ebook Explosion is the definitive guide to highly profitable info products and includes all the tools you need to achieve success.

Value: $47.00


Contributed by Detlev Reimer


AFFILIATE TURBO: Submit To Over 40 Affiliate Program Directories In Just 1 HOUR!

Hit a couple of buttons, walk away and drive massive affiliate traffic to your site where tons of resellers can start promoting your products. Let others do all the hard work bringing in huge profits for YOU... all at no extra cost!…

Value: $67.00


Contributed by John Taylor


Testing and Tracking

Learn how Testing and Tracking can multiply your profits by 317% or more!

Value: $37.00

Easy Article Manager

Find Out How You Too Can Create Traffic-Sucking Content Rich Pages In Less Than 3 Minutes flat...

Amazing Easy-To-Use Article Directory Script Instantly Generates Search Engine Friendly Web Pages -- Using Other People's Content!

Value: $147.00


Contributed by Yeo Feng

How to Sell just about Anything Online

How To Jumpstart Your Own Insanely Profitable Internet Business With Nothing Down... Even If You Know Nuts About Marketing Or Computers!

Value: $47.00

PLUS the never before published report:  "How You Can Make Money in 4 Weeks" (Value: $27.00)


Contributed by Steve Boutelle

An EXCLUSIVE interview from Terry Dean!

In this eye-opening interview Terry Dean reveals:

  • How did he start out on-line

  • What was his worst failure

  • What are the "pieces" of a successful Internet business

  • What are the essentials required for someone to be successful in an online business

  • How he got the idea for one of his products

  • What is the most important advice for someone wanting to start an online business today

  • ...and more!

Value: $67.00


Contributed by Eva Almeida

The eBook Basics Package

With Resale Rights

Write and publish ebooks easily using the tools in this incredible package of video tutorials, software, and ebooks.

Value: $99.00

Word Templates For Your Ebooks

35 contemporary Microsoft Word templates that you can use to create your ebook and then convert to PDF.

Value: $19.95


Contributed by
Josh Anderson

Audio Post Card Generator
First Time Released

Web Audio Recorder and Optimizer
First Time

Josh Anderson's Audio Postcard Generator and Audio Input Recorder/Streaming Web Audio Optimizer are components of the powerful multimedia solution soon to be released at http://www.WebsiteJukebox.com. Easily record audio files to digital format and optimize them to play over any internet connection then stream them using WebsiteJukebox™ technology.

Value: $94.00 ($47.00x2)


Contributed by
Richard Quek


ZOOM to Super Success

Quickly and easily tap into the ‘BRAIN’ of these Elite group(50+) of Internet marketers ....without having to waste your time and money....on all the rehash ebooks and ineffective tools and resources.

Value: $67.00

My Discount Vault

You no longer need to pay for the full price on any products or services for your online business from this moment on!

Value: $19.95


Contributed by Michelle Utter



Three (3) pack of solo ads to BN4OM newsletter list (19,000 readers)

Your 45-line business opportunity solo announcement sent to a very targeted list of online webmasters three times! The promotion doesn't stop there, as you'll receive 2,000 guaranteed web visitors and free ad tracking as well!


Get Instant access to ebooks, software, and website scripts, ALL with master resell rights and sponsorship opportunities that only EBA can offer. Included with this offer is 7 previously released products, a lifetime membership to EBA and a randomizer account for instant payments to your Stormpay or Paypal accounts!

Total Value: $290.00


Contributed by
David Zohar


Annual membership (PRO)
to CB-Top.com

Amazing Internet Business System Earns You Multiple Income Streams Every Month Promoting Your Own Internet Cash Generating Machine!

Value: $120.00


Contributed by
Paul Barrs


12 Months FREE Access to Paul's Private Site
"The Complete Guide to Home Business Success"

Value: $179.00


Contributed by
Bob Bastian


I'm one of your satisfied customers, and we've been exchanging emails for quite some times. Your products always have the BEST quality, BEST support with FAIR price (I said 'fair' because your products is definitely not for cheapskates).

But now you completely shock me....

You're creating a HUGE package by including ALL of your hottest products and ask 70+ sharpest Internet to contribute their BEST products... all for one LOW price!?

This is NOT crazy, John... It's INSANE!

Internet marketers and online business owners who *seriously* wants to skyrocket their online business in 2005 would definitely GRAB this package. It's too valuable to be missed!

Thanks again for creating such a great deal for us entrepreneurs :-)

Bob Bastian


Scroll Windows Creator
Master Resale Right and
Branding Rights included

No matter how technically inexperienced you are, Scroll Windows Creator will let you create eye catching ad that'll boost response from your audience... and you can add this to your site in under a minute, by following step by step instructions from the software.

Value: $37.00+67.00


Contributed by Tracy Yates


Start Your Own Tarot Business
Ebook + Resale Rights License

No longer pay for "Self-Proclaimed" Tarot Reading "Gurus" to tell you your fortune. Learn to do it yourself quickly and privately with this easy to follow ebook! You will be taught what tools you'll need to read your own fortune, where to get them inexpensively, how to use the tools, and how you can make a profit from using everything you learn all from the comfort of your own home! Plus, you can resell the ebook and keep 100% of the money!

Value: $24.95(ebook)+49.95(resale rights)


Contributed by Michael Lee


How To Be A Red Hot Persuasion Wizard In 20 Days Or Less!

Achieve Success By Unleashing The Magical And Extremely Powerful Secrets of Persuasion & Influence. You'll Discover The Exact Secrets, Tips, Techniques, And Strategies To Help You Get Anything You Ever Wanted In Life And FASTER Than You Dreamed Possible!

Value: $47.00


Contributed by Alex Major

"John, this has got to be the b-i-g-g-e-s-t Joint Venture package produced in the history of the Internet. There's so much here that even the Guinness book of records would struggle to get it all in!"

Alex Major

12 Months Subscription to a
PRO autoresponder account

Automate your tedious online marketing efforts, chop hours off needless work, and dramatically wind up your sales by as much as 450%!

Value: $139.85


Contributed by Michael Nicholas

Bot Surfer, The Worlds 1st Multi-Forum
Desktop Search Tool - Full Brander Included

You'll get UNLIMITED AD EXPOSURES just by branding and giving away this incredible FREE multi-forum search tool that people want to download like crazy!

Value: $37.00


Order Button Triggers
Explode Your Orders With The "Buy It Now" Psychology

You will learn what's inside killer sales letters that pull-in huge orders and how you can reproduce it easily without all the difficult learning curves and jargon…

Value: $97.00


Contributed by Val Burnett


SUPER MEGA Ad Package #1
This powerful advertising package
is yours for free!

  • 1 SOLO EZINE ad

  • 1 Top EZINE Ad

  • 1 Middle EZINE Ad

  • 1 Bottom EZINE Ad

  • 1,000,000 Top Sponsor Ads rotated through our network of safelists

  • 50,000 WebPage Text Ads rotated through our network of sites

  • 10,000 Banner Ads rotated through our network of sites

  • Plus 5 SOLO ADS with MBPSafelist

Ezine ads will be sent to 38,000 subscribers of  MBP BizMajic News  ezine, published since May 2001.

Value: $574.00


Contributed by Bryan Kumar


Money & Power
An Interview With Allen Says
Access to the Warriors' Forum
is Included

In this powerful ebook Allen Says Reveals Every One of His Powerful Cash-Producing Secrets That Anyone Can Use to Pull in Massive Loads of Cash From the Internet! You'll find out how You Can Create Automatic Money-Sucking Machines Using Low Cost or NO Cost Strategies Literally Overnight!

Value: $27.00


Contributed by Louis F. Burleson


The Web Copy ToolBox

Get Better Sales Results from Your Marketing and Sales Campaigns By Swiping the Top Insider Secrets for Writing Profit-Pulling Successful Ads and Sales Letters...You'll Learn How To Write Better Ads That Pull More Sales in this Powerful, Step by Step Collection of Copywriting Tutorials...!

Value: $97.00


Contributed by Alan Tutt


Keys To Power Prosperity
Silver Resale Rights Included

Discover the secrets that wealthy people have refused to reveal to anyone. Once you learn these secrets and start using them in your life, you'll be able to create as much prosperity in your life as you want!

Value: $79.00


Contributed by
Rick Beneteau

Note: Rick Beneteau kindly contributes with his best seller - see below. Rick, along with Drew Bledsoe, Anne Marie Baugh, jl scott and other marketers support  The 4th Annual Internet Toy Drive, in affiliation with the official U.S. Marine Corps "TOYS FOR TOTS" Program at http://www.internettoydrive.org - Click the banner for more information:



Success: A Spiritual Matter
Success Stories for those desiring Success
Plus Bonuses and e-mail course

Discover The Single, Little-Known But Incredibly Powerful Key Used By The Most Successful Entrepreneurs on the Planet to Unlock The Door to an Overflowing Cache of Wealth, Abundance, and Success! (And that key has NOTHING to do with any marketing tips, tricks, and tactics!)

Value: $49.97


Contributed by Kenth Nasstrom


The DSS Christmas
Software Package

Never before sold software bundle!

  1. KeyWord Pro – Helps you with your keywords' lists, De-duplicating them, sorting, capitalizing and more...

  2. GrabaThing – Small utility you can use by pasting in a link for something you wish to download. Great utility for when you receive links for videos, pdfs or similar files.

  3. Zipey Pro V 3.0 - Compress and uncompress over 15+ types of files!

  4. The Scout - This small utility will help you find and open with a click of your mouse, directories like, Cookies, Favorites, Start Menu, Systems Directory, My documents, and much more.

  5. Thumbs - This program will help you create thumbnails of your jpg files. Just choose the pictures (jpg) you want to thumbnail, choose where to save them, size, prefix and click go! This program alone can save you a lot of time as well as headache.

Special Christmas Value: $49.00


Contributed by Earl Adkins


Taking it Online - Basic Edition

It's taken me years to learn how to launch an online business. In fact, it was a struggle for some time just to manage learning the basics of what it takes to put a business on the "internet." I had to learn the process for designing my pages, uploading them, and even setting up payment links. There were so many technical things involved. I ended up spending several thousand dollars and hundreds of hours when all was said and done. But you don't have to... Earl Atkins

Value: $97.00


Contributed by Jeff Mulligan


CBmall - Gold License

The premier ClickBank affiliate storefront is an ideal way to create additional streams of autopilot income.

* Put the search engine on your site to make money from the results.
* Mention an appropriate niche page in your email series and collect commissions from any purchase.
* Subscribe people to the CBmall newsletter and let it automatically follow up for over a year with weekly emails that always include your links.
* Earn 50% commissions when you refer others who purchase a CBmall.
* CBmall has been a Top 10 ClickBank product for over a year.

Value: $97.00


Contributed by Michael Ambrosio


Laser Backup

 Keeping your MySQL
data safe

Amazing New Automated Marketing Software Can Virtually Guarantee You Never Lose Your Databases And The Vital Information They Contain! Back It Up Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Even Email It To Yourself Automatically!

Value: $39.97

Install Your Own Scripts

How To Install Virtually ANY Script On Your WebSite Yourself and Save Tons of Cash - Today! You'll discover what script installers hoped you'd NEVER learn. Just how SIMPLE it is to install virtually ANY Perl or PHP script on your website. Once you read this Incredible ebook you'll be telling your script installer to "Take A Hike"!

Value: $39.97


Contributed by Keith Baxter & Michael Wolf


This is a wonderful concept and one that I'm proud to participate in. For the price, this entire package is a steal!

Keith Baxter


Ranking Power 4

Discover a NEW secret weapon so powerful the search engines will have no other choice than to skyrocket your listings to the top and leave your competition wondering what just happened!

Value: $197.00

Flash SEO Software
1 day free access


Discover a new secret weapon that instantly drives thousands of highly-targeted visitors to your websites & improves your search engine positions in minutes.

Value $30.00

The Baxter Grabber
Enhanced version


Learn the Never-Before-Possible Advanced Strategy for Driving 723 Prospects Into Your Sales Process in Less Than 5 Days!

Value $10.00


Contributed by Jim Hubbard

Hi John,

I am at a loss for words.
I don't think the Adjective to describe this has been created yet. So until it is just pick any one you want and it will fit.

You must be exhausted putting together such a phenomenal JV Package. Thank You and I'll look forward to next years Blockbuster Deal.

If I'm finished with this one by then.

Thank You for your time,

Jim Hubbard


Membership Script Gold

Discover how to start your own Secure Paid Content Membership Site Quickly, Easily and Inexpensively and cash in on this lucrative business in the next 20 minutes!

Value: $37.00


Contributed by Melvin Ng


Internet Business Success Stories

Discover the inside money-making blueprints being used by average people, everywhere to make a fulltime living off of the Internet.

Value: $37.00


Contributed by Sean Walker


Wholesale Sources

Master Resale Rights Included

Buy Wholesale Direct at Low Factory Prices - The Most Updated & Useful Import Lists Ever Published... A Must For Every Wholesaler, Retailer or Direct Marketer!

Value: $67.00


Contributed by Linda Wallis


How To Be Mystery Shopper

Brandable Version
Resale Rights Included

Complete step-by-step details details on how you can be hired by concerned companies who will pay you to shop in their stores (or use their services), in return for an unbiased evaluation of their business!

Value: $24.97


Contributed by Debbie Hamstead


Crafts Niche Site

The Crafts Niche Site will give you a complete 10 page website filled with content and products! It has an RSS Reader built into the HTML to deliver fresh content and attract the Search Engines. It also includes 4 Crafts Resale products with Master Rights and also has Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate links built into it as well!

Value: $97.00


Contributed by Edwin Ryan


Marketing Forums List

Released For First Time
For SantaDealTime.com
Master Resale & Rebrand Rights Included

How You Can Increase Your Marketing Knowledge, Get Quick Help, Drive Visitors To Your Website, And Build Your List By Visiting The Top Marketing Forums Online!

Value: $47.00


Contributed by Jeremy Gislason

Lifetime Membership to ISOTrainer.com

Instantly Save 10%-80% on Advertising, Hosting, Copywriting, eBooks, Software, Traffic & Leads... Get a Steady Stream of Fresh Content for Your Ezine, Autoresponder Follow Ups or Website and... Strike Up Joint Venture Deals!

Value: $97.00


Contributed by Pascal
& Monica De Gaillande

The biggest and up to date package I have ever seen on the net for a long long time. A nice present to wrap up the year, Santa is earlier and his bag is full, what a deal!!!

Pascal De Gaillande

Amazing Templates
Unique Never Released Before Templates
Especially Designed for SantaDealTime.com
Master Reprint Rights Included

Create Your Own Professional Website in a matter of minutes... Quickly and Easily edit 24 ready made website templates with FrontPage or any popular html "WYSIWYG" editor...

The "Amazing Templates" can easily be edited with minimal experience, in matters of minutes your website could be online ready to take orders, while others are trying to figure out how to edit their flashy templates or waiting for their website designer to get back at them, you are already online taking orders.

Value: $47.95


Contributed by  Iszuddin Ismail
(aka Kidino)

 I don't know if there's is anything else that is worth this much money, yet costs so much less!

You can take any 10 products from the 100+ products that are listed in this package and pay the $497, you will still save tons of money.

It's like getting $100 for $6!
With all the knowledge, tools and services, Santa Deal Time is the only thing that you may need in 2005 for your business.

Iszuddin Ismail (aka Kidino)



DIY Ebook Cover - Ebook Cover Tutorial with Photoshop Elements

You Actually CAN Design Your Own Unlimited Supply of Professional-Quality, Eye-Popping, Profit-Pulling Ebook Covers and Software Package Graphics... in 30 Minutes or Less... Even If You Can't Draw, Can't Paint, and Flunked Your High School Art Class... And Save Yourself Tons of Money!

Value: $49.00
(Downloading version)

Note by John: The downloadable file is 420MB. You can order the CD for $20.00 if you want (normal price: $79.00)


Contributed by Gary Ambrose


One year of classified advertising on CashFromHome.com
in two categories.

Now You Can Stop Your Endless Search for Responsive Leads -- Even If You've Tried Everything Else Before!

Value: $198.00


Contributed by Hal Humphries

Wow, John! This 'Santa Deal Time' Package is utterly amazing ! I have never seen or been a part of anything so BIG and VALUE-PACKED online before. I feel privileged to be a part of it.

I've seen some brand new products on the net recently that are going for more than half of what you're offering here... and for 'JUST ONE PRODUCT'!

You're offering nearly '30x more value' for a boatload more of products and services !!!

If anybody can't see the value of this offer, they just fell here from another planet ! You've done a superior job here, John... 'Well done !'"

Your friend in Christ on the net,
Hal Humphries

Proofreading & Editing of your eBook
Special Offer for SantaDealtime.com only

Editing includes: checking ALL spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and verb tenses for a professional appearance and ease of readability. Visit the website here for reading the terms of this service.

Value: $200.00+


Contributed by Malacka


Blogging for Fun & Profit

Released & Delivered
For First Time Through

How to create, design, name, publish, and promote your blog for fun and profit. This detailed ebook explains everything in plain, simple, and straight-forward language so you get up and running fast.

Value: $47.00


Contributed by Paul Cowen


Google® Adwords™
Fast Start
Multimedia Training

Released & Delivered
For First Time Through

This step-by-step training includes Audios, Videos, Animations, Quizzes and Action Steps to help you get up and running with your first Google Campaign fast.

Things you will learn include:

* A little known keyword strategy
* What to look for in a winning sales page
* Common policy pitfalls

Value: $97.00

BONUS: Google Ad Critique/Brainstorm + Comprehensive Keyword Report to SantaDealTime.com's customers only!

Value: $120.00


Contributed by Joe Chengery III

Proofreading & Editing for 4 issues of your Newsletter

Special Offer for SantaDealtime.com only

I will proofread and edit your newsletter for verb tense, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity to make sure your message is as clear as possible to your subscribers. Visit the website here for reading the terms of this service.

Note by John: I have been working with Joe for over 2 years and highly recommend his services.

Value: $100.00+


Contributed by Bruce Gibson

Wow! Santa has really pulled it together for Web marketers this year!

This is a must-have Christmas mega-package; what an awesome way to begin 2005!

What I see gathered here is not just a collection of fine software and ebooks, but a tremendous pooling of the energy, thoughts and caring of a hundred or more individuals who have put a lot of effort into bringing this together for you!

Everything you need is "in the bag" to give you a great headstart in making the coming Year rich - the best ever. With everything you get in "Santa's Deal" you'd be kicking yourself if you missed out on this one. You will have access to some of the very best resources available anywhere - plus some New Releases... ~never been seen~ amazing Products and new Services. Don't miss out on this!

Bruce Gibson
http://My-Online.Biz  & http://My-Webspace.Biz

Multi-Domain Hosting
For 3 Months

You get a Full High quality Multi-Domain Hosting Account for 3-months for up to 5 Domains, professionally Hosted on a fast reliable Server and includes an excellent comprehensive Admin Panel. You'll have 500 megs WebSpace, 10 GBs bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and extra installed scripts as well as all the bells and whistles. The 5-Domain Plan is sold for $16.75/month but its yours  FREE for 3-months with this Package!

Value: $50.25

We'll also include Lifetime Subscriber Membership to My Online Biz at http://my-online.biz with many Bonus Products and Services. This pre-launch Program normally costs $20.00 monthly subscription, so its a saving of $240.00/yr. Membership includes virtually everything you need to run an Online Biz of your own, including several turnkey sites where you earn 100% of the sale.

Value: $240.00


Contributed by Richard Alcebar

Discover, Learn, & Master Guarded Money Making Secrets Foundation of Top Marketing Gurus & Internet Millionaires. Apply these Money Making Secrets today & Start Making Money Faster on the Internet for the rest of your life!

Value: $49.97


Contributed by Doug Hudiburg


Ideal Prospect Generator


Bring a sharp focus to your marketing efforts with this easy-to-use, sales-boosting, profit-pulling software.

Finally, Time-Saving Software That Precisely Targets Your Ideal Prospect For Increased Sales and Profit.

Value: $34.95


Contributed by Marvin Haycock


I think quite frankly one of the BEST deals that I've ever
seen and I would've be mad-as-heck at you if it wasn't all done in the spirit of the festive season!

Happy Holidays and thanks John Dela-Santa - you've made this good-boy VERY happy this year :-)

Marvin Haycock, S.A.M. (Secret Agent Man)


Multiplication, Marketing and MONEY

Released & Delivered
For First Time Through

Powerful Online Marketing Strategies That Have Stood The Test Of Time! The website for this product has not even been completed yet but YOU can download the full product EXCLUSIVELY through this special arrangement with John Delavera!

Value: $27.00


7-PROVEN Insider Secrets

Discover 7-PROVEN & EFFORTLESS Insider SECRETS That I Have Learned and USED From over 4,904 Savvy Marketers From Around The World To Ensure Maximum Returns on ALL of My Online Ventures AND Generate A GREAT Full Time Income Online!

Value: $17.00


The Platinum Software Collection

Resale Rights

Unrestricted Access To All of My Own Resources and Tools - All In One Place - Including Graphic Design Tools, Website Editing Programs, Autoresponder Scripts Ad-Tracking Software, ...And More!

Value: $197.00



Contributed by Terry Telford


The Business Professional

6 month membership

You're About To Discover Secret Strategies And Closely-Guarded, High-Profit Formulas From Marketing Experts Who Prove Beyond The Shadow Of Doubt That You Can Easily Make Money On The Internet!  It's Like Taking Top Marketing Experts Hostage, Extracting Every Ounce Of Profit-Pulling Knowledge From Their Minds, And Injecting It Into Your Veins!

Value: $179.82
($29.97 x 6 months)


Contributed by James Yuille

 "How to Gain and Retain More Customers Self-Study Guide"

A proven 150-page system sales people and small business owners  can use in offline training and consultancy business to improve their sales and customer service skills, written by an expert in sales and training, with professional experience of over 30 years.

Value: $97.00


Contributed by Nico De Baere,
Erik, Todd & Arsen

Credits to AskWebInfo.com PPC search engine

Value: $150.00


Contributed by Mark Creighton


How To... Investigate Any Business Opportunity

Resale Rights Included

If you are even thinking about doing business, you'll want this guide. Having this guide will quickly show you the ropes, but goes much further - to provide you with the real secrets of building the kind of income that can easily exceed what you make on your 'real job'.

Of course, one of the BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE parts of The How To Investigate Any Business Opportunity Course is the fact that you can actually sell this entire course and keep every penny for yourself! The ebook consists of 71 pages viewable online (154 pages if printed)

Value: $67.00


Contributed by Steve Yakim


Get The
Affiliate Advantage

Learn To Build A Massive Subscriber List While Marketing Your Affiliate Programs That You Can Sell To Over And Over Again... Regardless of what you are marketing on the internet, when you get The Affiliate Advantage, you will receive all the SOFTWARE & unique tools you need to generate REAL profits and success online. 

Value: $97.00


Contributed by Kaviraj Kodai

Virtual Portals

UNIQUE Script That'll Help You Explode Your Downline, Boost Your Subscriber Base and Online Profits Automatically, on a Shoe-String Budget and even Without any Product!

Discover and use viral marketing at its best to promote any affiliate or mlm program and generate insane incomes by selling automatically replicable websites, clickbank portals, ad trackers, url rotators and banner managers.

Value: $67.00

Additional scripts as Bonuses:

  • Clickbank Manager ($39.95)

  • Ultimate Support System ($49.95)

  • Clickbank Reporter ($29.95)


Contributed by Lucio D'Alo

"Inspired Entrepreneurs" program
$300.00 Gift Certificate

The "Inspired Entrepreneurs" program is a year-long business coaching/ consulting/ development and networking program for entrepreneurs who want to create successful businesses and fulfilling lives. Stats show an increased success rate of 82% for businesses that have ongoing coaching after a training.. So Inspired Entrepreneurs consists of weekly coaching, training and consulting teleconferences (and recorded online audio), a member forum, bonus offers and expert guests invited to speak on topics that are relevant and requested by the members. This is a highly member-focused training that handles real-time, real-world challenges from members so they can apply them and get results fast.

Total Value: $300.00


Contributed b
y S. Kumar

Hi John,

Nobody needs to salivate from a distance ever again!

You have thrown open the door to superior products
that inflame profits 'within the reach' of anyone who has
the burning desire to make it online.

And the one principle behind it needs to be appreciated, often said but rarely put into practice! ...a total 'Win-Win' situation for the customers, the JV partners and affiliates.

No two way about it!

S. Kumar


Sales Letters That Get You Immediate Results

Released For The First Time For SantaDealTime.com

Branding Application Also Included

Greatest achievements are usually propelled by simple power triggers. Here is a bunch of such powerful triggers that are destined to inflame your Sales Graph To The Skies!

Value: $29.97

Sales Doubler
Web Page Personalizer

Sales Doubler is an amazing sales tool with new technology that personalizes your web page, calls your subscriber by his name and makes him feel good when he reaches your web page! Your subscriber is 1000% inclined to buy from you, when he actually sees his name appears on the web page! You can make his name appear wherever you want on the entire web page with this new sales technique! Fully Brandible with your name, URL for re-distribution along with 13 affiliate IDs!

Value: $67.00


Contributed b
y David Pankhurst


The PromoQuotes
Windows Quote Program

The PromoQuotes Quotations program is a convenient Windows application that promotes your company's message. It's a desktop reminder of inspirational and significant sayings that is sure to please your customers, and that you can distribute (or sell) royalty free. Each day a familiar (or possibly not-so-familiar) quote is displayed (365 in all). Scroll buttons allow you view other days' quotations. As a handy reference of significant and important thoughts, it can't be beat!

Value: $45.00


Contributed b
y Michael Hopkins

Dynamic Popup Generator

Are You Ready to Enjoy a Massive Surge in Sales, Commissions and Subscribers using Profit-Building Next Generation Popups?

* Pressure Popups
* Unblockable DHTML Popups
* PictoPopups NEW!
* Conditional Popups
* Instant Opt-in Popups
* Rotating Popups
* instaMAIL™ NEW!
* And more...

Value: $47.00 


Contributed b
y Rick Johansson



Instantly Increase your Search Engine Ranking and Link Popularity. Boost your Targeted Traffic Now!

12 Months Subscription to our PRO Automated NON reciprocal within category link exchange service.

This is the option if you only want to exchange non reciprocal links with websites in the same category as yours. Combining the non reciprocal service with the category option gives you a very powerful set up that the search engines will love!

Value: $348.00 + bonuses


Contributed b
y Father Dave


Do you publish a newsletter that never reaches your subscribers' inbox? Do you write a great ezine, but wonder how many actually get to read it? With Ezine-Express you get a 100% successful delivery rate of your ezine and can also see how many people actually read it! Ezine-Express is based on Direct-to-desktop technology, just like the Fortune 500 companies use. Every time you upload an ezine to your server, a little icon in your subscriber's system tray flashes, notifying them that you have just posted a new newsletter! Yours free through SantaDealTime.com!

Value: $197.00 


Contributed b
y Andrew Peacock

RSS Responder

 If you're using email marketing today, are you also aware that nearly 40% of your emails might not be reaching your subscribers and customers?

"In 10 minutes, you could keep in contact with 100% of your customers and generate additional sales that you're currently losing through no fault of your own."

This cost-effective software allows you to use the latest technology sweeping the marketing world to...

Value: $67.00 


Contributed b
y Pavel Lenshin


You must have met Santa Claus himself.  There is no other way to explain how you've managed to prepare this fantastic Christmas Deal. Great Job!

Pavel Lenshin

Neo Profit:
Maximization Strategies

Attention Internet Entrepreneur Progressive Business Strategies Exposed! How 43 innovative strategies can Double Your Profits in 90 days!

  • Upfront-Profit Strategies

  • Up-Profit Strategies

  • Cross-Profit Strategies

  • Back-end-Profit Strategies

Marketing Strategies others would wish you don't know!

Value: $37.00


Contributed b
y Anthony Fesalbon

John "Turbo" Delavera Strikes Again!

I can't believe what I've found on your latest "Santa's Deal Time!" The list is so long that I almost run out of ink
printing this 50 page website.

This is probably the best deal I've ever seen for internet marketers so far.

Not only that, it showcases the most comprehensive tools, products, services and resources necessary to run your internet business, from affiliate management, website hosting and promotion, pay per click, list building, ezine marketing, copywriting tips and much, much more.

And at $497, who say's this is not a big deal?

Anthony Fesalbon
CEO/Graphic Designer

NicheMiniSite Templates

Finally…..You Can Now Instantly Cut and Paste Sales Copy of Your Chosen Niche Market Products from Nicheology™ and Start Making Sales and Profits Right Away Using these Amazing, Mouth-Watering Minisite Templates at an unbelievable price!


Value: $177.00


Contributed b
y Jane Mark
& Phil Basten- JPE Advertising

Instant Cash Magnet

Lifetime membership

Instant Cash Magnet-A Viral Advertising Power Machine that keeps on earning for you day in and day out. You Get our top priority 1000 rotations for life. It's an Advertiser's dream.

Value: $507.00


Contributed b
y Leslie Kane &
Ralph Benedict

250,000 Banner Ads at


Value: $50.00


Contributed b
y Viola Tan

Webinar Wealth Comes!

Released & Delivered
For First Time Through

Own an Online Business Either as a Product Owner or as an Affiliate?

Seminar Business Owner Reveals Little Known Secrets using Emerging Webinar Tools to Triple your Conversion Rates and Income - with Cash-In-Hand, Eager-To-Buy Prospects! These are Secrets that gurus are quietly doing, and are wishing you will find out too late...

Value: $67.00
Price Goes Up After
Dec. 26, 2004


Contributed b
y Russell Portwood

Affiliate Check System

Use the Amazingly Simple Tool that turns your website into an Automatic Affiliate Income Generator. Instantly! With free traffic included! Generate Commissions Three Ways

1. Secret imbedded affiliate codes produce income from the subscription form!
2. Create a surge of subscribers for your newsletter (or the newsletter we write FOR you).
3. Resell the system for added affiliate commissions.

For this special deal, your traffic is DOUBLED.

 Value $56.00


Contributed by Amar Mehta

Legal Protection Strategies Revealed

Released & Delivered
For First Time Through

Master Resale AND Customization Rights Included

The Only System You Will Ever Need to Protect Your Online Business From The Scum Of Hackers And Online Thieves, Save Thousands Of Dollars And Your Precious Time!

 Value $97.00


Contributed by Gary Baker

Home Based Wealth

Find Out How To Instantly Turn $1 into a Whopping $40 With Amazingly Simple Information Products You Make At Home...Guaranteed!

 Value $47.00


Contributed by Richard Dean

Plugin Sales Generator

Plugin Sales Generator is a professional sales system designed to give you full control over advertising on a single website or across multiple domains. Plugin Sales Generator is also a powerful sales, tracking, cloaking and joint venture system that allows you to organize your website products.

 Value $97.00

CB AD Generator

CB AD Generator is a professional and incredibly way of placing ads that earn you the most money on your WebPages. With CB AD Generator you can Attract More New Sales And Make More Money With Powerful Money Making Ads Just Like Your Using Right Now !

 Value $97.00

E-Cover Software

eCover Creation Tools is the most powerful tools in the business today for ebook, software, ezine, newsleters and cd covers. that allows you to create your own website graphic covers with ease. Note: Works with Adobe(R) Photoshop(R)

Value $97.00



Hi - John Delavera here, the coordinator of this offer.

I know that this offer is Big and I thank all contributors for adding their valuable products and actually stopping their business for 20 days just for participating to this Biggest Internet Marketing Event.

The purpose of everything offered to SantaDealTime.com is not making you to believe that you need ALL those tools in order to earn an income online...

As you can Listen To 7 Audio Messages Paul Barrs' Santa's Deal Time Audio Series (created ESPECIALLY for SantaDealTime.com just for educating YOU) the purpose of this *Super Deal* is to save you money and time.

Now, there is 1 more Mystery Contribution by a JV partner added in the last minute because his offer was quite different - and big too.

This Mystery Contribution is TANGIBLE.

Why so mystery?  

Because either for ordering this Deal or not you must first ask yourself a question:

What can I do with all these products and How can I do it?

You need to answer this question - either for ordering or for rejecting this offer.

In fact we all contributors know, that YOU can do ANYTHING YOU WANT with the products - with ALL or some of them.

You have all the new year 2005 to start or to improve your business. However, I asked Paul Barrs to create that step by step AUDIO TUTORIAL on how to find WHAT you can do and HOW to  DO it - through this offer. Since you're reading these lines chances are you have heard one or more of those audio .mp3 files.

Have in mind that this package has been CREATED for one basic reason... To save YOU money...

So... The MYSTERY CONTRIBUTION goes BEYOND Paul Barrs' audio HOW-TO  messages and tells you EXACTLY what you CAN do for earning an income online - given that you have the rights tools, the knowledge and you ALSO want to improve your life and/or business.

This TANGIBLE MYSTERY CONTRIBUTION (that means you'll receive it by mail) will unravel the net of all those products and services and make you to start thinking of ways on HOW to use them.

Actually, this is not a Mystery contribution at all...

You can listen to Paul's audio messages and he will reveal that secret to you. Just stay tuned. Or you can order today and see yourself:)

In any case, ALL the products above and all services have been added into this one TURBO package just to make you feel happy for this opportunity.

Think about it...

Visit the websites above.

Did you notice that ALL the products are currently OFFERED ONLINE FOR SALE.

Pick up 1-2 and you have the price of this Super Deal; however for 1 low price you get EVERYTHING.

I told you.


You have only some days to GRASP this Opportunity's Kiss Curl! And this is until December 26, 2004.

Of course you can order all or any of the products offered here in 2005 too. But this way... you will NOT save money. Neither  will you save TIME, because for the first time in Internet Marketing History you get the BIGGEST DEAL here and now...

So... Think Smart.

The price of this package could be up to $1,000.00 or more and we could still say...

"You get everything only on 10% of the total offer."

But actually, you get everything only for pennies... because ALL the products cost...


and you pay $497.00...


Because it's CHRISTMAS TIME!!!
Don't you believe in miracles?

Well.. this is a kind of miracle.
Not only because ALL those people *manage* to gather together in order to create THE BIGGEST AND THE BEST Internet Marketing Offer, but because in some days from now... you'll see, that if you DO NOT order you will lose money and also lose time: exactly what this Super Deal Offers to you.

Again... pick up 10 products from above and see how much money do they cost... More than $500.00? You get more than 100 products & services for that price...

Do it again... pick up 10 products and see how much money do they cost... More than $500.00? You pay less than that amount and save more than $11,000.00... Simple Math...

If THIS is NOT a miracle... then... how "Christmas' Miracles" are???

You see..

ALL of those people that contribute their products here will continue their life after December 26, 2004 - same way as you will do.

Since you are here, you are interesting to Internet Marketing... You will visit the sites of all contributors again. That's for sure. And you will see all of them SELLING their products for $47.00, $347.00, $540.00 and more...

If you get this Deal, you'll smile and say... "Ha.. That was in SantaDealTime.com - $347.00? OUCH! I got the whole DEAL for $495.00!!! Thanks Danny" - where Danny would be your name, John, Mary, Helen, or any other name.

Yes! You will smile and THANK YOURSELF for this wise decision to SAVE MONEY and also SAVE TIME by ordering this Super Deal.


"Order..." "Order..." "Order..."

You maybe think that's enough... This word is used enough.

This ...Delavera and his "team" want me to order. I don't want too... Enough...

OK. Enough...

Give me just 1 minute.

Just I minute - I promise.

And tell me. Tell me the truth - ok?

Imagine this scenario...

Suppose you knew someone that wanted to start a business online - say Steve. Or say Steve has a business already and wants to improve that business with new tools, etc.

So, now you are on the PRESENT... It's about Christmas 2004 and it's only you and Steve... and Steve says to you:

"I have $497.00 to spend but I want to ORDER ALL & EVERYTHING I NEED with that money for the next year coming..."

OK I said... I know you know this Super Deal here... No "Order now" implications...

Just tell me.

What would you tell to Steve?

Steve wants to spend $497.00 and gets the BEST DEAL for himself: EVERYTHING...

What would you tell him?

The truth please...

Would or wouldn't you tell Steve about SantaDealTime.com???

Come on ... OF COURSE you'd tell him...

At least you' say:

"Hey Steve...

Perhaps you have some of those products but I think not all... In any case just CHECK that site... SantaDealTime.com"

You know you'd do that, right?

So... please... tell me now...


Why would you suggest this offer to Steve?


Because you WOULD do that. If Steve was your friend and you cared about him. So, why would you do that?

Isn't because Steve..



And... while YOU'd suggest this "Super Deal" to Steve... then... I am really - really trying to understand...

... WHAT stops you from ordering now??

Sorry.. sorry... I said the forbidden word (Order) but I find no synonym, ok?

I am just wondering... since Steve would be lucky enough to get the whole package, then why don't you (thinking of another word.....)

... click here too...


Back to our offer again!

Total Value Of All Products & Services Included:
9 CDS - read below...

You Get EVERYTHING For $497.00

Be Sure to Have Read The Terms Of Service
and the Refund Policy BEFORE ordering.

Click Here To Order And Get Everything Now!

Provides it's own Bonuses!

These Bonuses Are Only Available From
Learnhomebusines.com and the
Total Value Exceeds $4000+!

Click Here To Know What It Is!

...and Its Additional To All that You are
Getting from the 80 Top Marketers Given Above.


Be Sure to Have Read The Terms Of Service from below
and the Refund Policy BEFORE ordering.

Click Here To Order And Get Everything Now!

And here is the

Visit this site to see what's included in the Mystery Pack.
Yep! Those 2 CDs are yours too:)
They will be shipped by Mike Lamb to you to the address you have already provided us when you ordered!

That's over 27 hours of timeless, strategy-filled, power-packed Moneyroom interviews with the profit-makers, dream-creators and income-generators of the Internet. And you can have them all to listen to at anytime, anywhere you go!

Order Santa's Christmas Deal Package Here!


Closes On December 26, 2004

Order Santa's Christmas Deal Package Here
along with $4000+Special Bonuses From Learnhomebusiness.com


JVManager - Medium Cover

Time To Get Everything That is Listed Above

Click Here to Order and Get Everything!


Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year 2005!