Social Marketing Directory
2008 and Beyond!
The Final Authority...

The Social Marketing Directory is a Master Resource List - With Three Categories of Social (Web 2.0) Sites That You Can Use to Create Your Very Own Streams of Highly Targeted Traffic/Subscribers/Sales for Your Websites in 2008 and Beyond!

This resource guide contains:

Over 100 Social Networking Sites (i.e. MySpace, Squidoo, etc..)
Over 150 Social Bookmarking Sites(i.e. StumbleUpon, Digg, etc..)
And Over 180 Video Sharing Sites (i.e. YouTube, AOL, etc..)

That's Over 400 Resources to Help
You Make More Money in 2008!

To be clear:  This is a Master Resource List -
Refer to It Time and Time Again!

You could find all of these yourself, if you wanted to spend the time searching for them all, but I have already done that for you!

... PLUS - not only do you have the URL, but you also will have the Alexa Ranking and Google Page Rank for EACH SITE!

I've ALSO included a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.   :-)

AND and an Added Special for You -- I am Selling This Package With FULL PLR!
Your Download package will include:
- Social Marketing Directory 2008 and Beyond .pdf File
- Social 
Marketing Directory 2008 and Beyond Word File
- Social 
Marketing Directory 2008 and Beyond Excel File
- All Graphics and Salespage

AND I'm Going to Let You Have it ALL for...
ONLY $19.95!!!

I Know That This Resource List Will Help You. That I am Ccertain of!  
But Are You Ready to Take Action When You Receive It? You Better Be!


Rights Statement:

Full, Unrestricted Rights Come With This Package, Which Includes:

- The eBook
- The eBook Cover Graphics
- The Salespage
- The Excel and Word Source Files

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