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Getting into Google top results has become the first priority of most SEO efforts.

Once you get top ranking with Google, it simply means lot of free targeted traffic to your website. So no SEO experts can ignore Google.

The following article attempts to show you tips on SEO for Google.

SEO Tips for Google.

Google is still the most popular search engine out there, and they're not showing any signs of slowing down. Its important to know how to get on the right track with your SEO for Google. It is also important, however, to remember that Google is not the only search engine out there and that Yahoo is also a highly rated search engine which actually has more pop culture usage.

Before you can truly understand Google you must understand a little bit of the history behind Google. In the beginning, Google was considered by many to be the Geeks Search Engine. This changed as Google started delivering better and better results. Google slowly evolved into the most trusted search engine around, but Yahoo's advertising strength and popular usage has still claimed a large number of users. It wasn't all that long ago when Yahoo was the most popular search engine by far.

Google's search engine is based on PageRank (PR), a complex algorithm that was revolutionary when it was invented. This page rank is the primary reason that Google is so popular. The Page Ranking technology that Google has created and the evolutionary steps that Google has taken to increase the strength of its algorithm has made it a search engine giant which actually sets out to protect internet users from fraudulent web sites. Google has come to be a search engine that cannot really be tricked. Its kind of the integrity police f the world wide web. Basically, Google checks the number of links to each site in its database, and treats them as votes.

If you would like get a software help on getting high page rank, try PR Maximizer for your SEO plan.

Here are some tips on getting ranked high on Google:

1.The more incoming links you have, the better your chances are. Good links are ones that are relevant to your own page and link with text that makes it obvious that they intended to link to your site. Google has also recently integrated a new piece into its algorithm which makes old links better than new links. In Google's opinion, if a link withstands the test of time it is has to be relevant or else both parties would have removed the link after not seeing any positive action by Google. Basically, this is another one of Google's keeper of integrity options that have become so famous among SEOs.

Rank Retriever is a good software that can help you amass relevant links for your SEO plan. It gives you relevant, contextual and high PR links for your link exchange needs.

2. Links from authority sites, such as directories or non-profit organizations, tend to produce better results than links from commercial sites. Google likes to decide what sites are important. A site has some huge credential for being a spectacular source for quality information will be appreciated more than sites that don't have such strong affiliations with quality work and content. This will result in stronger, more heavily weighted links to and from this site.

So when you think of SEO for Google, links forms an important part. The logic behind this is that, if you get a back link from an authority site with a higher page rank, your site should be good. Hence the relevance of links in SEO plan.

3. Site elements to consider for Google are the title (including the strongest keyword phrase), the meta description (Google displays this to its users) and the body text (it needs to be highly-focused and use keywords well), as well as your onsite navigation.

4. Make sure that Google can spider the whole site easily. You'll probably want to have plain links to every page on your site at the bottom of each of your pages.

Remember that, Google is very strict on cheaters who use unethical SEO techniques.

Here are some things that Google hates:

1. Getting lots of shadow domains that all point to one site.

If any SEO expert advised you to do this, just give him the boot! He is just interested in your money and not in your website.

2. Using doorway pages.

3. Using falsified WHOIS information.

4. Sites that are "fake" search engines or spyware.

If you would like to do your SEO with a decent software, Try SEO Elite.

SEO Elite shows you the right way to go about your SEO that are acceptable to Google.

Google Facts and Fiction.

Google has an article on its site called Google Facts and Fiction. For example:

Fiction: Advertising on Google affects my rankings in the search results.

Fact: Advertising with Google neither helps (nor hurts!) a site's rankings on Google.

Fiction: Sites that are not HTML are not included in Google's index

Fact: Google is and does index as many file formats as possible, however there are some that it cannot index. File types Google is able index include: pdf, asp, jsp, hdml, shtml, xml, cfm, doc, xls, ppt, rtf, wks, lwp, wri, swf.

Everyone who wants to arrive at a correct SEO plan for Google should make sure they read this article, to avoid common mistakes.

Did you like this article on SEO tips for Google? You will find many more enlightening articles on SEO spread around this site. Do make use of them too.


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