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RSS is a simple technology to adopt to your SEO plan and it can boost your PageRank high.

RSS allows you keep your website fresh with new content and search engines loves content that is updated regularly. That's why adopt the power of RSS to your SEO plan.

Using RSS to Increase Your PageRank.

The power of RSS publishing must be a part of your SEO as it can get you a higher PageRank.

You can do this either by syndicating your RSS content or streaming others RSS content to your webpage populating it with fresh content. Both are important in you SEO efforts.

There are millions of dollars and multiple hours spent every day trying to increase website traffic, by both ethical and unethical means. There is so much demand for traffic solutions that people will go to any lengths to get ranked higher in the search engines. But did you know that you could increase your traffic by about 20% right now, with virtually no effort? All you need to do is incorporate RSS to your SEO plans!

This particular method of boosting traffic, however, is not a scam; its not an unethical ploy; it is a genuine method of increasing traffic via a future internet standard. The reason that you can increase your traffic so vastly is because you are getting in on the ground floor of a new technology which will revolutionize the internet and the way that traffic is distributed.

To understand what were about to tell you, you need to understand what an RSS feed is. Put simply, its a standard format for sharing your content instantly with users and other websites. People can quickly get access to teasers for your latest newsletters, articles, blogs, content and more, and click through to see the full version. This method of distributing your information is very helpful because it basically generates dynamic newsletters without spamming and without causing your visitor any grief at all. In fact, many users find RSS to be their preferred way to hear about updates as RSS is so fast, user-friendly, and (most importantly) dynamic.

A comprehensive manual on RSS for the common man is Rok Hrastnik's Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS. This gem will help you a lot with your SEO strategies with RSS.

RSS feeds are often used by news sites or blogs, as the content changes often enough to make it worth while. By using highly targeted RSS feeds, you can improve your site's web content without having to write it on your own if someone offers you an RSS feed of their site, you can add it to your site easily. This provides you with a good content base which will keep visitors coming back. The more information that people associate your site with the more important they consider your site.

The more important they consider your site, the more important search engines will consider your site. Providing RSS yourself will get lots of people to link to you and so potentially improve your search engine rankings. Why?

1. RSS feeds can provide good, relevant content for your website there are plenty of RSS publishers with themed content for you to choose from. These highly-targeted feeds will often contain your keywords, and so increase the keyword relevancy of your website. This helps even more than you may think as the key words will be within link or anchor tags. Search engines value anchor tags almost as much (if not more than) header tags (h1-h6).

You can surely improve your website SEO by providing fresh Regularly updated content with free RSS content from others. One great tool that can assist you with a hand-off-freedom is the Automatic Content Builder Software solution that can provide you with free RSS content.

2. RSS feeds can provide new, fresh content. When new content is added to them, the old content drops off, making sure that your websites content doesn't go stale. Most of your visitors will not visit your site if they find that there is nothing new between the first and second time that they visit it. If you want to keep your visitors where they belong, you have to have a good selection of content that is updated on a regular basis.

3. RSS feeds can get search engines to crawl your site more frequently daily in some cases. This helps your site to rank higher in the search engines, and gives you an advantage over your competition. Your RSS feed can do your SEO work for you.

A-Z about RSS is also another manual that demystifies RSS and that can aid you in your SEO efforts with RSS.

RSS feeds can be great for getting your newsletter, articles, or blog onto other people's sites, and that's very powerful, as long as you make sure that your RSS feed is adding more to your business than it takes. In some situations, you might find that including RSS on your page makes visitors click away from your site, as they find that sites content more interesting than you and people who click on RSS links might be less likely to click on ads. Use caution with RSS feeds, or you could be in for a shock.

How did you find this article on RSS and SEO? Many more articles with important tips for SEO can be found around this site. Read them too.


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