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A Strong Indian Tea ( For a true Indian like me.) 0.50
Irish Coffee (Love it!) 1.00
A glass of fresh orange Juice 0.70
A coke (minus the pizzas!) 0.50
Glass of red wine - for my wife :-)) 1.00
McEwans Lager (Tapadh Leibh!! My loved one...) 1.00
Or, any Lager beer of your choice 1.00
2x6-Pack of McEwans Lager (6 for you-6 for me) 6.00
Bloody Mary (I am game!) 2.50
Singapore Sling 3.00
Chivas Regal (minimum 12 years!) 6.00
The great Indian Toddy ( I bet you have no clue!) 5.00
Mineral Water (Gulping while on projects 12-Pack!) 12.00
Champagne (if you really feel I am worth it!) 15.00



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