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How to Expand Your Business Growth By 500% Just By Outsourcing Your Tedious & Complicated Tasks to Freelancers For Only 5 Bucks Each...Starting Today!"

"Fiverr Videos is JUST NOT another video floating around on theory! It's a real chip from true and proven results..."

Dear Time-Starved Internet Marketer ,

Quickly consider this...

FACT: Outsourcing and hiring people is a sign that your company is growing.  

BIG PROBLEM: Outsourcing can become costly if you don't know how to do it right

Wrong!  With Fiverr's $5 a job system, you can easily outsource tons of tedious and complicated business tasks to fiverr virtual assistants for just $5 if you know how to use their system correctly.

Sure, it will not solve all your problems, but it can solve a lot of them, if know what your way around with fiverr virtual assistants. You can't jump in with two feet, without knowing anything, or else you lose money and lots of time.

That's where this video series comes in to your rescue...


Fiverr Outsource Secrets
9 Part Fiverr Video Course

Fiverr Outsource Secrets Videos

What Can This Video Series Do For You?

Fiverr Outsourcing Secrets will reveal to you how to outsource correctly, by hiring the right freelancers on Fiverr. There are tons of fiverr virtual assistants you "could" hire, but to be truthful, a lot of them aren't the ones you want to hire. In fact, a lot of them will just waste your time.

Give it a careful thought ..., if you are trying to run your whole business all by yourself, it can only grow so much. By hiring or duplicating yourself, you can expand and grow your business through the roof.

Of course, you can take the time to do the tedious and time consuming tasks yourself and receive that silly $5 compensation yourself! But is that really the most effective way to do your business?

By outsourcing to fiverr virtual assistants, you can focus and devote your working time on the core productive activities, such as promoting your business! And give the errands and other time sucking tasks to your freelancers. If done correctly, you will have savings and reduce overheads.

This step by step, 9 part fiverr video series, takes you by the hand and pin-points on how to correctly outsource your business tasks using Fiverr machine.

Here's A List Of The 9 Part Fiverr Outsourcing Video Series In Minute Detail

Fiverr Video #1 - Introduction and How to Use Fiverr

In this video, you will be given an overview of this 10 part video series, so you know what to expect. You'll also know what tools you will need and what you need to understand (concept wise), and how it all works.

This makes sure that you know what to expect and how all the pieces of this outsourcing system, fit together.

It is also wise to know what you need to outsource before you jump right in.  For example, what takes the most time? What are the most tedious tasks? You need to think about the basics first. That's what you'll tackle in this video.

Fiverr Video #2 - Key to Finding Good Fiverr Freelancers and Avoiding bad ones

The biggest mistake people make, is jumping in with two feet without knowing how to find good freelancers.  You see, not all freelancers were made equal, so you need to know what you're looking for while you outsource.

5 bucks may not be a lot, however it will add up and without doing it correctly, you could also waste time.  Time is money.  

Fiverr Video #3 - Article Writers / Researchers

There are a decisive & specific methods I use to sift through all of the article writers on Fiverr to find the best one.  

You'll discover these methods in this video.  You'll also dive into finding researchers, people that can do the tedious research for you, especially when you are writing the content yourself, creating the content, creating a product, and much much more.

Fiverr Video #4 - Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is very easy, and anyone can do it.  

BUT it can often be a tedious time consuming task!  In the end of the day, Social Bookmarking works great.  It helps you get indexed into Google and other search engines fast and gets you the targeted traffic you need.  

However, you'll want to find someone to outsource this to and you can get do it for five bucks here and there.  At Fiverr, there is a special way to find good social bookmarking freelancers and you'll discover just that in this video.

Fiverr Video #5 - Social Networking / Facebook Fan Pages

Social Networking is booming.  

In this video, you will find out how to use Fiverr freelancers to run your social networking such as Facebook Fan Pages and much much more.  Some of these tasks are a little more technical, so if you are not technical savvy, then you'll definitely want to pay close attention to this video.

Fiverr Video #6 - Backlinking / Profiling And Avoiding Spammers

In this video, you will pick up techniques on how to outsource your SEO, backlinking, profiling, and more.  You will also become adept in avoiding spammers.  

Spammers?  Yes, there are a lot of illegitimate people on Fiverr and you don't want to accidentally pay them 5 bucks.  I've been there and done that.

Fiverr Video #7 - Graphic Artists and Video Editors

For five bucks, you can get really good graphic artists to create your logos, business designs, and so forth.  And if you know how to find them correctly, you'll identify them in this'll be able to save a TON of money.  

You'll also dive into video editors. Video editors are a hard breed to find, at least the good ones.  In this video, you will be shown how to find them.  Remember, a lot of people will claim to be what they are not, just to make an extra five bucks, so you'll definitely want to avoid them.

Fiverr Video #8 - BONUS - How to turn a freelancer into a long term assistant

If you want good long term results, you will need to understand how to turn a fiverr freelancer into a long term assistant.  

I've taken freelancers who did a great job, and given them tons of jobs on fiverr.  Keep in mind however, that fiverr protects your identity, so you can still use the freelancer for long periods of time; you just need to find that freelancer who does their job on a consistent you know they aren't going to run away.

Fiverr Video #9 - BONUS - How to negotiate cheaper deals and make a freelancer happy

5 bucks is already cheap.  But there is still a way to negotiate cheaper deals on fiverr, and still make the freelancer happy.  

If you want good results from your freelancers while saving money, there are a few tricks left in the bag. Obviously, I won't reveal them now, but these simple and easy tips can be the difference between you saving time and money. More on that in this video.

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  • Video #5: Giving them a test projects

  • Video #6: Hiring them and Paying them

  • Video #7: Increasing Productivity

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Now that you know how powerful fiverr 5 bucks outsourcing system can be for you...

Grab this sizzling video series now and become a master in outsourcing your monotonous and tedious business tasks, to expand your business!


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