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From:  Bertus Engelbrecht

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Everyone knows that writing and submitting articles are probably one of the easiest ways to get targeted traffic to your sites and build nice backlinks in the process.

The PROBLEM is that you spend an hour writing and researching your article and submit it to an article directory, only to find that you hardly get any traffic at all.

The reasons is that you can't just submit hundreds of copies of the same article to so many article directories and websites.  Google sees this as duplicate content.

So how can you solve this problem?

You can use spin ready articles to create hundreds of unique articles with the click of a button.

By using these special articles that are in spin format (spin ready articles), you can pump out hundreds or even thousands of articles that are unique in Google's eyes. 

That means that you don't have to FEAR Google's duplicate content penalty.

What exactly is a spin-ready article?

It is an article that is written in a specific spin syntax, giving different sentence and word variations so that you can spin it to create multiple unique articles.  ie.

Here is the regular sentence:
This is what a spun sentence looks like.

Here is the same sentence in spin-ready format:
{This is|This is an example of|Here is|Here is an example of} {just what|exactly what|what} a {pre-spun|spinnable|spun} sentence {would look|might look|looks} {like after it's spun|like once it has been spun|like}.

And when you put this spun sentence in a spinner you would get 100's of different versions of that sentence. ie.

Version 1:

Here is just what a pre-spun sentence might look like once it has been spun.

Version 2:

This is an example of exactly what a spinnable sentenc would look like after it's spun.

You can see that the sentences are different, but still has the same meaning.

This means that a well spun article can produce thousands of unique articles!  The better it is spun, the higher the uniqueness % of your articles would be and the MORE unique articles you would be able to generate.

So, how are you going to create a super spinnable article that is still readable and use it to create 1000's of backlinks and generate more traffic?


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