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From: Rob Howard & David Bullock
Internet Marketers
Date: Sunday Night


Dear Fellow Online Marketer,


I ...hate ...writing articles!... to me, it's the least leveragable system to drive traffic online. I barely spend any time on it, and instead focus on other traffic methods (like PPC)...


But then one morning a few months ago it hit me like a ton of bricks...


What if I started using Ezinearticles.com in a similar way to my other writing styles?...

"In fact," I thought "If I could do this, it would shave hours off of my writing time...and with the right experimentation, I could dominate article writing...because no one is doing it this way...

So I got to work...and after a few days of testing, I was shocked at the results..


"My Articles Were Producing

30% to 70% Clickthru Rates!


But that wasn't enough for me...I had to figure out how to dominate the SEARCH ENGINES by using Ezinearticles very own interlinking structure...

And finally I have done it...

Watch this video to find out more...in it, I reveal The 7 Secrets And How 1 Of Them Actually Works!


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What makes this system different?




Video 1: Planning Your Article


I cover how to pick up info from your competitors articles, including their keywords!

Video 2: Writing Your Article


Here you get to watch, over my shoulder, as I write a demo article! You'll see how quickly it takes me to churn out a high quality, pre-selling, monster that has your visitors begging for more!

Video 3: Proper Bio Box


How to write a proper bio box, that gets the click, always!


Video 4: Killer CTR


The final touch that will blow your CTR sky high!


Video 5: How To Get Massive Traffic And Instant Approvals


The final part of the strategy that will finish off what is left of your competition!


Bonus Video 6: How To Niche Test And Dominate Article Marketing For Massive Traffic Part-1


Bonus Video 7: How To Niche Test And Dominate Article Marketing For Massive Traffic Part-2


Bonus PDF eBook: How To Write 90 Articles In 3 Days






"This makes it so much easier!"


Thanks so much for your article writing course. I've always struggled with the concept of writing articles and having to compete with all these Ezine 'experts', and it has really been one of the biggest obstacles for me. But this makes it so much easier! In fact, I actually did write an article in 10 minutes that I would happily submit! Amazing stuff!!!


>> Jodie Thwaite




"Bum Marketing on Steroids!"


Your new video, especially after watching the others, is really bum marketing on steroids!!


>> HansM




"The Bonus Alone Was Worth It!"


Nice One!

Thanks for the videos...
and thanks for not boring me to death with the same old stuff.


Just the bonus alone was worth the 7 bucks!

I hate writing articles just as much as the next person, but
who want's to let free targeted traffic go to waste!

This is a nice idea you have here!


>> Sarge




"Clickthru Rates Have Shot Straight Up"


I couldn't hardly believe how my click through rates have Shot Straight Up since using your method! Thank you for not keeping this to yourself and allowing us to have an "unfair advantage" too.

And your right, after seeing your method I thought "Doh, how could I have missed this for so long...and right under my nose too!"


>> Rog




"I Have to Say That it is Incredible!"


I've just read through your content and I have to say that it is incredible.


This is the stuff that will take your Click Through Rate those extra %'s up.

I have been struggling a lot with article marketing but I think the end has come! Those $7 would have been the best I've spend at an e-book so far.


And the bonuses, don't even get me started, why didn't you just sell them separately?

When my first next generation articles are upload and have reached over 100 clicks, I'll PM you (be ready to expect it really soon )


>> Koos




"Exactly What I Need to Move Forward"


Thanks for the tremendous value!


I have yet to see any success from article marketing-because I have been going about it all wrong! Because my articles have never worked, I started to avoid A.M. So, of course, I have yet to make anything more than chicken feed as far as money.


This course is exactly what I need to move forward.


>> Darvon




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