Article Submitter Screen Shots

Step One

Fill in your personal information. 

On the bottom of this step it asks for a user name and password.  This will be for the Article Directories that require a login.  I suggest you user your email as the user name for any and all directory sites you sign up to.  This way you will be assures that no one else already has the same user name and it will work for all the directory sites you submit to.

Click to next top tap, "articles" to continue

Step Two

Click the "Add Article" Button and a box will pop open. 

In the first space enter your articles title.

In the second space enter the full article that you wish to submit

In the Third space enter a brief summary of your article- 50 to 75 words should do.

In the forth space enter any keywords that relate to your article, and then click "ok" to save your article.

You may enter as multiple articles in this way.

Select the article you wish to submit on this run by clicking it, you will see that it will stay highlighted when it is selected.

Click to next top tap, "websites" to continue

Step Three

In this step you will select the directories that you wish to post to. You may select just a few by using the check boxes, or select all by clicking the "select all " button.

While you will not need to edit the directory sites often, it may become necessary if any of them ever change their login page or submission page URL.

Click on the site you wish to edit and select the "edit button"

A box will open as below, enter the new login or submission URL. You may also save individual sites login details with this same method.

You may also delete article directories with the "delete" button in this step

Step Four

This is the auto fill submission step.

The first time you run the software you will most likely need to sign-up at all the directory sites that require a login for submission.

This first time running the software will require a bit more work then normal dues to this, but the payoff will be worth the time spent as the next time you run the software if you have saved your passwords they will all auto fill to log you in.

We recommend using your email address as your login so you can use the same login for all of the sites you signup for, this will make the process much easier next time you submit articles.

If you have not selected an article this function will not work, so be sure you have completed all pervious steps before attempting to start submitting your articles.

Article Submitter does not just blast your articles to hundreds of sites unattended.  If it did there would be too many sites that would think your articles was just spam as every directory sites submission process is a bit different not to mention they change all the time.

The purpose of Article Submitter is to help you submit your articles in "much less time' then they would take to manually submit by placing all of the access to the directories in one handy software.

Article Submitter will then auto fill in all your information including your articles once it is at each site. 

You will still need to manually select the category your articles belongs in and manually hit the submit button on each site. This small but of manual interaction on each site keeps your submissions appearing totally manual and makes your articles appear to be of much better quality than articles submitted by similar Article Submitter "Spam Machines".

Step Five

This is the manual fill submission step. It is totally optional some users may not wish to unitize these directory sites as they will require more interaction on your part.

On the few directory sites that are set up to not allow auto fill on their forums we created the manual fill step.

You can still try the auto fill button at the bottom of this step and many time you will have much of the content filled in for you but for the most part on these sites you will still need to manually fill in the content the old fashioned way.

We only added these sites in to the software as we thought it still may be useful to be able to find and access them all in one place through the Article Submitter software.

Have fun with Article Submitter!  Soon you will have links backs and traffic coming in from all over the internet!


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