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autorespnder script

autoresponder unlimited

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We all have fancies...of people buying on their very first visit to site! But in reality it doesn't happen that way! People are just not going to pull out their credit card and buy instantly.

You need to follow-up. Research clearly proves that it takes 5-12 repeat follow-ups before a person buys from you. Observe all the successful website. They follow-up with you regularly in a very systematic and automatic fashion.

...You need to follow-up automatically and systematically. The ingredients for auto-follow up are :

  • A professional autoresponder
  • A web page and/or email ID where people can sign up for your email courses/follow-up mails.

And Autoresponder Unlimited does it all with complete freedom for you. The software can be installed on your website including the free ones.

Autoresponder Unlimited!

Autoresponder Unlimited is the number one choice of website owners because it has the same powerful features of other autoresponder services and software but without all the cost! Plus, you get to sell Autoresponder Unlimited for 100% profit!

In the past if you wanted to create a powerful follow-up email campaign, you had to either pay huge licensing fees or pay a monthly fee but not with Autoresponder Unlimited.

No Gimmicks - No Hidden Charge - No Monthly Fees - Full Resell Rights

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  • No Monthly Fees - Pay Only Once & Own it for Life.

  • Easy to Install - in less than 10 minutes.

  • Complete Easy to Follow Installation Instructions.

  • Use on Unlimited Number of Domains.

  • Send Unlimited Number of Follow-up Emails.

  • Works on Unlimited number of subscribers.

  • Fully automated, will work for you 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

  • Super fast email delivery - 600 emails per minute

  • Automatically wraps words at 65 lines per line.

  • Full Customization - can send emails with actual names of clients and email addresses

  • Customized "Thank You" Page. You can set-up a thank you page after your client has subscribed.

  • All follow-up emails can have an attachment - you can attach any file type to your email messages up to 2MB

  • You can manually Unsubscribe any email addresses

  • Your subscribers can Unsubscribe using a Link in every email message

  • Power Checking of Duplicate Email Addresses.

  • Very easy to use Admin Control Panel.

  • Super easy to Export Email Addresses

  • Super easy to Import Email Addresses

  • Subscription Box automatically generated for you.

  • You will receive a report every time a follow-up is sent to your subscribers.

Limited Time Offer: 100% Master Resell Rights! You get to sell Autoresponder Unlimited for 100% profit.

You get complete Resale and Re-distribution Rights for this amazing software -- you can sell Autoresponder Unlimited or give it away to your clients as a bonus! It's the fastest, easiest way to generate more sales -- you keep 100% of the profits.

You get the website...yes, the sales page for this product. All you have to do is customize the order link and upload to your server. That's all there is to it. You have a veritable slot machine -- ready to pay off... and pay off BIG.

That's right. You get the complete Autoresponder Unlimited system for yourself, marketing rights and a proven money-making website -- proven to generate customers and sales -- FOR YOU.

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  • I will receive the sales website . I get all the graphics and templates so all I have to do is change the order link so I can start making money immediately.


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Web Page Personalization Script!
(Value $97)

"Go beyond personalizing the email messages in your autoresponder!
...Extend it to even personalizing your WebPages in real time!" 

This is a super-simple script that personalizes your web page, calls your  subscriber by his name and makes him feel good when he reaches your web page by clicking the links from your email messages! Your subscriber is 1000% inclined to buy from you, when he actually sees his name appears on the web page where he is directed to from your emails. You can make his name appear wherever you want on the entire web page.

e.g.: , If you are a subscriber of Learnhomebusiness.com, notice how I address you on this very same page!

And it takes less than 2 minutes to insert the code! This is a guarded script but you can have it for free!

Ultimate Ad Tracker V2.1

Run your own professional tracking system designed to give you precise statistics on your links! Tracking your ads, downloads, affiliate links an more.... lets you know what is effective for your product promotions thus saving you Valuable Time & hard earned Money!

  • Track hits by using different URL's for each ad campaign

  • Track Anywhere

  • Exact Time Formatting

  • Complete Statistics

  • Easy Instructions & Tips Included

Retail Price $25

Master Resell Rights

Autoresponder Secrets Exposed
by Marty Fiegl

This course is like nothing you've ever seen. Some things in this course may SHOCK you because they are extremely revealing!

Learn not only, how to write a killer autoresponder series or course, but how to sell without the customer even knowing they are being sold and THANKING YOU for sending them an offer.

When to send ads to your list, what day is the best to place an offer on the table and more Tips!

Retail Price $18

Master Resell Rights

Sequential Magic
by Allan Wilson

In Sequential Magic, you'll discover how to maximize the huge profit potential from sequential autoresponders... You get the chance to go full throttle with our easy to implement autoresponder marketing system and unleash the huge money making potential that this form of marketing provides. ...

Retail Price $19.97

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How To Make A Million In Your Own Business In 3 Years Or Less by T. Harv Eker

Power Principle: Conventional wisdom doesn't Work...and never did!

Power Principle: Change brings opportunity! Quick change brings quick opportunity!

There is a big difference between get-rich-quick dreams and knowing that getting rich quickly is feasible.

The softcover pack of this best seller book costs $25 but you can get the content and inherent wisdom in it for free! 

Retail Price $25

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And...Two Very Surprise Bonus!!

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You cannot think of Autoresponders and Follow Up emails without these two very useful product from one of the TOP Internet Gurus. It has the potential to change your life. Period.


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