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'Dynamic Pricing Generator' -
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Dynamic Pricing Generator

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Dear Internet Marketer ,

Induce Dynamic Pricing Technology Today!


Does this scenario sound familiar?

You place an item for sale at your online store. You write a really great description filled with all those powerful words to get people to take action right now.

You price your product just right and you add the PayPal "Pay Now" button.

And then...


Oh, a few sales trickle in, but you're light years away from turning a profit. So you tweak your sales pitch and even offer a free bonus if people will just pay now.

And then...

You sell a few more.

And then...

Your creditors start asking when they'll see some profits.

The truth is, no one is in a hurry to pay these days.

And no matter what you do, your sales will remain a little flat ... kind of static.

Well, maybe your sales are static because your prices are static.

If you want dynamic sales,
then you need dynamic pricing

Dear Fellow Ezine Advertiser,

Advertising online is hard enough
...why should you having to worry about counting each and every character on each and every line in your ad copy.  It's time consuming and frustrating.  But, most ezine publishers and ezine co-ops have a specific character length per line that YOUR AD MUST BE SET TO.

Before I continue further...
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Let me ask you a simple question.

If you knew that the price of something you intended to buy would increase tomorrow, would you pay today? Of course you would. Why wait a day to pay more?

OK, one more question...

If you knew that the price of something you intended to buy today would increase in the next hour, would you pay right now? Silly question. Is it not?

But the truth is, 2% of the respondents thought it was a trick question? The other 98% said YES! YES! YES!

So that is dynamic pricing. As time marches forward, the price of your product increases. What an incentive for someone to Pay Now

And by using the Dynamic Pricing Generator , you set the increment of the price increases and the time intervals too. You have complete control over when and how much your prices increase.

  • Do you want to turn your inventory quickly? Use dynamic pricing and watch your products fly out the door.

  • Do you want to be paid right now? Use the Dynamic Pricing Generator along with the PayPal "Pay Now" feature and start making DYNAMIC PROFITS today!

So what exactly is the Dynamic Pricing Generator ?

  • It's a specially designed software that generates an encrypted code you insert into your HTML pages where you want to display your dynamic price .

  • It works with PayPal.

  • You'll download the generator and you'll start creating your dynamic prices - as many dynamic prices you want! 

  • You don't need to have any special skills at all. 

  • It will take only a few minutes to start selling with your dynamic prices and start making dynamic profits.


So how much exactly the Dynamic Pricing Generator Costs?

Well!, Quite frankly, that's a wrong question to ask!

Instead, don't you think you should be asking yourself:

“How much it will cost me If I DON'T implement the power of Dynamically Changing Prices for my products?"

Anyway, it costs an unbelievably low price of $37!

Only $37


PayPal Users


John Delavera & S. Kumar


"Dynamic Pricing Generator"(TM)
This website is not associated with
PayPal is the Trade Mark of

Copyright(C) by The Internet Company(R) & John Delavera
All rights reserved worldwide.


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What is OrderPageMagic and what can it do for me?

Here's the lowdown. OrderPageMagic is an easy-to-use software program that creates scientifically proven-to-convert order pages. This is not your run of the mill page creation software. OrderPageMagic creates custom made pages.

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Here's a simple way to boost your sales as much as by 300% from your existing levels!

It will be an electrifying experience for your subscriber as your sales pages becomes alive with his name. Your sales page appears as if it is specially written for him...instantly placing him into a better 'buying mode'. Everyone loves individual attention and special treatment.

You will know it in 10 minutes how simple it is -- if you follow this technique with undivided attention and what a two line code you can induce to your website. It takes 7 minutes (max) to copy it to your webpage. Flat.


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Instant Marketing Secrets

This is the concept Ewen Chia termed as "turning content into cash" and it also ties in closely with preselling to make you more money.

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CamStudio - On Screen Video Recorder

CamStudio is a tool for recording screen activity into standard AVI video files. If you move the cursor, launch a new program, type some text, click a few buttons, or select some menus -- anything that you see on your screen -- CamStudio will be able to record all these and allow you to play them back later on.

You can use CamStudio to:

  • Make Your Own Info Products That You Can Sell for Profits with Audio and video.
  • Demonstrate features of a new software
  • Create movies used in user trainings
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The Buy impulse - 26 Mind
Control Tools

1. The single greatest mind control technique there is. Adding just THIS ONE technique to your site will easily double your conversion ratios the instant you implement it.

2. How to get your customers engaged in your web site.

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The Buy Impulse - 26 Mind Controlling Tools

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Proven Pricing Secrets

How would you like to Skyrocket your business profits with proven pricing secrets special report package?

Skyrocket your business profits with the proven pricing secrets of...Dan Kennedy, Michael Kimble, Jonathan Mizel,Ken McCarthy, Wes Blaylock, Terry Dean, Corey Rudl, Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver...
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62 Web Page Transitionz

Instantly Add Amazing Entrance & Exit Transition Effects To Your Web Pages With Tranzitionz!

  • Amaze Your Site Visitors With Awesome, Animated, Attention-Grabbing, Captivating, Eye-Popping Special Effects As They Enter & Exit Your Web Pages
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