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"How to Make Money Online the Smart Way by Taking Advantage of Other People's Money, Other People's Time and Other People's Traffic... Quickly and Easily..."

,You Are About to Discover The Amazing Profit-Generating Secret of a 23-year-old ex professional pianist from Nashville Tennessee... Who Was Forced to Use his Brain... or... Starve to Death!


Jo Han Mok"Jason generated $10,997.68 in sales in his FIRST month"

When I saw that Jason generated $10,997.68 in sales in his FIRST month, my jaw literally hit the floor with a resounding THUD!

I personally LOST $7000 my first month online and this guy generated $10,997.68 in sales his first month!

That little XXXX (beep!)

Jo Han Mok,
Scientific Marketing Institute


Dear Internet Marketer ,

Use The Power Of Marketing Miracle Today!


Have you ever imagined, what it would be like to be able to work from the
comfort of your home?

To be able to lead a worry-free life?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to do whatever you want whenever you want it?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be able to generate thousands of dollars in profit for you and your family at will?

Well, guess what. You can. And I will prove to you that you can do it quickly and easily.

Let me Ask you Something and Give me Your Honest Answer:


Let's say that you knew of a webmaster whose site was receiving thousands and thousands of visitors a month.

Imagine that this very webmaster had build a large list of thousands of subscribers. Subscribers who would be willing to buy your products or services. Wouldn't you like to have those subscribers visit YOUR site? Of course you would!

Imagine those thousands of subscribers coming to your site and gobbling up your products like piranhas on a starving frenzy.

Imagine them whipping out their credit cards and sending the money to your bank account.

How does that make you feel? Excited. right?

And... what if.. the next day…

You Could it Again?!

Here's a short story....

It's true...

I was a professional pianist who would play in hotels in order to make a living. Exchanging my time for money in order to survive.

I had heard so many things about the Internet and how many people had made untold fortunes online. But... "this was not for me." It would take me years to build an online business successful enough to support me financially!

And...I didn't have the time... or money to invest.

Are You in the Exact Same Position Right Now?

One day, I was back from The Renaissance Hotel. It was late... and... I was dead tired. I had just given another 6-hour performance in exchange for a couple hundred bucks... and... I probably wouldn't be given the chance to do so again for a week.

I started thinking: "This can't be right. Exchanging my time for money is a bad strategy. If only there was a way for me to use the power of the internet in a smart way..."

No sooner had I finished that thought when...

It Hit me Like a Ton of Bricks!!

Of course! How could I have been so blind? If somebody else has the time, the money or the traffic I need, why not just go ahead and... ask them to give it to me?

But... I had to do it right.

I couldn't blow it.

I immediately started reading everything I could find on the subject. Courses by the biggest masterminds in marketing. For weeks... months...and... I never stopped until the student became the master himself.

I now speak in teleconferences and seminars sharing this very knowledge I'm about to give you immediately.

Think about it for crying out loud! Someone has spent months and years building a list of loyal and responsive subscribers.

They paid for a web page developer, then they spent months creating a perfect product or service, then they paid hundreds or thousands of dollars optimizing their pages for the search engines then they waited and waited until the traffic started arriving and after that they waited for months until they build their subscribers list to a respectable size.

Who Has Time for All That!??

I know I don't. And I suspect you don't either.

Look. Let's not hide behind our finger. Time is the most valuable asset you have. Once it's gone, it never comes back...and you can pass your time much more enjoyably than starring at a computer screen for months and years...expecting for a Genie to pop out of it...or expecting a miracle.

Just imagine if you could take all the time the above webmaster had devoted to his business...and use it to your advantage. Wouldn't that be worth thousands of Dollars to you?

"Yes Jason, That Would be Worth Thousands of Dollars to me... But How the Heck am I Going to do That?"

Listen up: The answer to all the above is what is called a "Joint Venture." This is essentially a "deal" that is arranged between you and someone else (The famous webmaster in our example.)

Someone who already has what you want. Money? Time? Traffic? You name it. It all can be yours. But... there's a small catch here. And the catch is that...

Most Peoples' Joint Venture Proposals Suck!

It's true.

I witness it myself daily. Every day I find at least five to ten joint venture proposals waiting for me in my email inbox. (No typo)

And... most of the time... I trash them. They weren't created professionally. They couldn't convince me... and... you can rest assured that they won't convince anyone else either.

You see, there are two ways to writing a JV proposal. The right way and the wrong way. What type of Joint Venture proposals can you create?

"Ok man, I get it! Please Show me How to
Write Effective Joint Venture Proposals!"

You will discover how to create effective JV proposals. Here's the deal though. Right now, I'm up to my eyeballs. I'm so busy that I just don't have the time to show you how to do it one on one. This would take some of my time (which I currently don't have).

Plus, it would cost you at least a thousand dollars just for me to write one JV for you. Even then, it would be the steal of the century considering that such a letter could end up making you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, I decided to do something else. I took all my knowledge and packed it in a very special software. The name of the software?


Instant Marketing Miracle!

"Never Before seen! The Amazing Software That Writes Outrageously Successful JV Proposals FOR You!"

Instant Marketing Miracle

And a miracle it is.

Here are just a few of the comments I have received from extremely successful marketers who took the software for a "test drive..."

"Talk about easy!"

Joe Vitale

"Talk about easy! Fill in some simple blanks--- and I DO mean simple---and seconds later you have what you need to create joint-ventures.

They are generated FOR you. Talk about nano-second technology helping you make money fast! Whew! This is a beauty!"

Joe Vitale,
#1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"

"This is one of those software products people still will be using 30 years from now. "

Larry DotsonI'm speechless!

After reviewing this software I wanted to buy up all the copies so my competition wouldn't get their hands on it.

I've written tons of joint venture proposals but it's never been this fast and simple!

This is one of those software products people still will be using 30 years from now. My biggest complaint is that it wasn't available sooner."

Larry Dotson
The Hypnotic Business Center

"It contains the most diverse collection of JV offers we've ever seen."

Stephen PierceJason,

We decided to try out your software. Love the format. No installation needed. Me and my staff were certainly inspired to do JV's (which everyone should be).

All serious marketers can do well for themselves to have this handy software at their finger tips. It contains the most diverse collection of JV offers we've ever seen."

Stephen A. Pierce,
Author of "The Whole Truth"

"The easiest, most powerful marketing tool I have EVER SEEN. "

Graham HamerJason, I am hooked!

The Instant Marketing Miracle is the easiest, most powerful marketing tool I have EVER SEEN. You definitely have yourself a winner!

I'm just speechless.

The Instant Marketing Miracle is a MUST-HAVE product for ANY serious marketer. ***** (five stars)"


Graham Hamer,
creator of "The Traffic Jam Formula"

Within minutes after you download it , you will be able to generate perfect JV proposals on any type of deal you want to close. In fact they are too many to list here!

You see, people who know how to create successful Joint Venture proposals... also know...

"How to Make More Money That Any Sane
Person Can Possibly Spend!"

This is THE solution to your problem:

Here's how it works:

Step 1) You choose the type of JV you want to create.

Step2) You fill in a few blanks

Step 3) You click a button.


Here's just a sample of what you will be able to do once you download this amazing piece of software

  • How to capitalize on all the time and labor that someone else has already put in!
  • How to create your own outrageously successful deals with the clicks of a few buttons...
  • How to get access to Information Products of your choice without spending a dime!
  • How to earn commission for people publishing your articles in their ezine...
  • How to increase your Traffic by actually Giving Away Your E-book!
  • How to have other sites link to you so that you capitalize on their traffic and receive more eager-to-buy visitors... and have them THANK you on top of that!
  • How to have a big player join your affiliate program and have them explode your sales!
"Joint ventures have enabled me to create gargantuan downlines simply by positioning heavy hitters under me."

Jason, I'm blown away by your incredible software.

Even though I come from a background of network marketing, Joint ventures have enabled me to create gargantuan downlines simply by positioning heavy hitters under me.

Your software has made it infinitely easier!!

Charles Fuchs,
Network Marketing Specialist

You will also learn:

  • How to gain free content for your ezine. No need to spend endless hours trying to come up with a good article idea.
  • How to use articles to gain free exposure for your business... and bring even more free traffic to your site...
  • How to get Reprint Rights to Information Products of your choice... without forking out hundreds of dollars. You can now have your own product that you can sell for hot cash... even if you don't have one creative bone in your body!
  • How to gain publicity by donating your products. A sneaky way to gain traffic to your site not many people are aware of.
  • How to have an ad of yours run in another ezine without paying a dime!
  • How to be the Knight in Shining armor for another business... and explode your bank account at the same time!
  • How to have someone else endorse YOUR product to HIS list!
  • How to have an expensive solo ad in another ezine for FREE!


"Gee, That's Amazing Jason! But how Many Arms and Legs Are You Going to Charge Me?"

Listen up: A normal Email contains anything from 100- 300 words. Let's take it to be 100 words. Joe Vitale for example, charges $2.50 a word with a thousand words minimum. This makes a single 100 word email he crafts to be $250. The software contains 35 templates. Multiply $250 by 35 and you'll get $8,750. Throw in the costs of the plug and play technology, and you're looking at something in the area of $10,000.

But you won't need anything close to that amount. In fact, this amazing piece of software can be yours for just $194. Special 50% off! If you download immediately, the software can be yours for a token $97!

"Thanks Jason! But... Wait a Minute... Why Such a Drastic Drop in Price? What's the Catch?"

There's no catch.

Actually, there are two very good reasons for this steep discount.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't THINK of charging anything less than $5000.

These are not normal circumstances.

You could say that you have hit me in a "strange situation" and that's why you will be able to download the software for a mere $97...


Unfortunately, not Everyone Will be Allowed to Download this Amazing Software...

Why not you ask? Well, it's pretty simple really. There are some people (very few fortunately) that will download the software and let it sit on their hard drive. They will not use it... and... they will not make any money with it.

After a couple of months they will ask for a refund because they where too lazy to even click a few buttons!

No, I'm not joking. There are people who are so freaking lazy that won't even do that. Hey, this is a twisted world we live in.

When someone that lazy downloads the software, I waste my bandwidth, my time and my money. And I don't like it.

So, if by any chance you happen to fall into that category (it's an estimated 2% of the population) then I will kindly ask you to let the next person take advantage of this offer.

Who knows? Maybe you are already making all the money you please. Maybe your site receives more traffic than it can handle. Maybe you already have all the time in the world to spend with your loved ones.

If on the other hand you don't have all the money, time, or traffic you please, and... if you promise that you will put the software to use... then you can download your own copy immediately.

Download your own copy here

Just because I want to prove to you that I care about your success and just in order to show you how much confidence I have in the Instant Marketing Miracle, I'm willing to make you an offer that you can't refuse. (Simply as that) .

Here it is :

If for any reason you feel that the Joint Venture Proposal created by the software isn't "up to snuff" I will personally look over it and improve it until it's perfect for you. This is essentially one-on-one coaching and is worth at least $500.

How can I make this offer since my spare time is so little? Simply: Only about 3-4 people out of 100 will need my assistance in this. All the rest (and probably you as well) will find the software easy to use...and... deadly effective.

As you can see...

"There's NO REASON for You to Miss Out on this Never-Before –Seen Piece of Software"

If "Instant Marketing Miracle" isn't everything you expect it to be... or if you are dissatisfied for any reason, anytime in the next 90 days... or if you fail to increase the profits of your online business, then please drop me a line... and I'll purchase the software back from you...


You Get To Keep The $641 Worth Of Digital Bonuses As my Way Of Saying: "Thanks For Trying"

How can I afford to be so confident? It's easy. Once you experience firsthand the amazing power of this software, the only way possible that you wouldn't improve your current web profits, would be if you don't use it.

Simply as that.

In that case, I wouldn't want your money anyway.

Listen up: It will make no difference to me whether you download the Software or not. I already know how to create outrageously successful JV proposals. I already know how to profit online.

The question is...

How About You?

Download your own copy of the Instant Marketing Miracle.

Thank you very much for your time.

Your Internet Friends,

Jason Mangrum & S. Kumar

PS. Ask yourself this: If you don't download your own copy of this powerful software immediately, how much more money are you going to be leaving on the table... and why should that happen?

Click here to enjoy the miracle now

PPS. Can you imagine what it will be like be able to create your very own outrageously profitable Joint Venture deals? Working from home... just using email. Do you think that you could use the extra money you generate to buy yourself and your loved ones a gift maybe?

Click here to experience the miracle now

"With your new software at my disposal, I will become 5000 times more effective and maximize more of my time"

Jason Mangrum is a JV Software genius.

Instant Marketing Miracle will create hundreds of thousands of dollars for the smart people who realize what an incredible product it is.

I know how powerful Joint Ventures are. They are the ONLY technique I use to promote my business.

With your new software at my disposal, I will become 5000 times more effective and maximize more of my time, setup hundreds of super successful and highly profitable JVs, and bank even more money this year.

You have done it Jason - Kudos!


Marc Goldman
Author - Joint Venture Secrets Revealed.

Download Now

"I would LOVE it if everyone used this when they offer me a JV."

Jason, your IMM Software is AWESOME! I really like it!
Although I don't contact people with JV offers much (they
usually contact me),

I would LOVE it if everyone used this when they offer me a JV.

It would sure be a whole lot more organized and I'd get all the info I need right there! :o)"

Warm Regards,

Diane C. Hughes

Live Your Dreams Now

"It is exactly what I need right now to move forward in my business!"


You are a genius!! This product you have created is truly amazing!

It could not have come at a more perfect time. It really IS a "marketing miracle" and is exactly what I need right now to move forward in my business! Thank you for your dedication to helping others succeed!

Suzie Dawson
Intuitive Life Coach

Move Forward in Your Business

"Now, even novice marketers will be able to write professional looking JV letters in a matter of minutes!"

I think I've just figured it out! Jason Mangrum is NOT from this planet! He's an alien!.... and he used advanced "alien" technology to create "Instant Marketing Miracle"! After all, this program is far too advanced to have been produced by us simple humans! Sshh! Don't worry Jason, your secret is safe with me. ;-)

Actually, I wish I could keep this product "secret" from everyone else's THAT good! We all know what powerful money making vehicles JV's can be, but how many internet marketers really understand how to write a partner making JV proposal? NOT many!! And those few that can, are taking home all the money.

I'm particularly excited about this software because English is not my first language and I have to agonize and struggle over every single word I write! (No more "writers block" for me!)

This new software of Jason's is going to "level the playing field". Now, even novice marketers will be able to write professional looking JV letters in a matter of minutes! If you hope to make a living online these days, this is the kind of technology you need to have. My best advice to you is .... don't walk, RUN, to buy your own copy of "Instant Marketing Miracle"!

Anne Ahira
Editor The Best Affiliate News

Get Your Own Copy Now

"Even novice marketers can complete a professional JV letter in 5 minutes."

Well done, Jason! Your new JV software is so easy to use.
Simple and powerful. Even novice marketers can complete a professional JV letter in 5 minutes.

Now, instead of spending valuable time thinking hard about how to write the letters, you can focus on looking for potential joint venture partners.

In fact, each letter template itself is a JV idea. So, you're getting dozens of ideas INSTANTLY. That means not only you can produce a JV letter fast and easy, but also access practical ideas anytime you want to make a JV proposal.

I wished there's such a helpful product when I first started! I highly recommend anyone interested or active in JV to take advantage of IMM software now."

Alexander Teo
JV Specialist and Newsletter Publisher

Experience The Miracle Now

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