Losing Track of Things Can Cost you Time and Money!


Whether its Personal or A Business related to
Accounting, Real-estate, Marketing, or
ANY specific Niche or Service

...Get Organized with Data Manager Pro. An Information Manager Software Designed so that you can customize it to your own wants and needs.

From the Desk of: S. Kumar

Time is your most valuable asset, it can not be controlled, it can only be managed.

Data Manager Pro is without a doubt, the most complete, extensive, robust and easy to use web based personal information management software designed for webmasters and business professionals who need fast, reliable and flexible information and management front-end to accumulate and access information at any given time from anywhere around the world effortlessly and  efficiently.

“By Organizing Your Information, You Can Be Efficient…You Can Be Productive…You Can Be the Best of What You Can Be Right Now!”

Data Manager Pro keeps You Organized!

Features and Benefits:

What makes Data Manager Pro so unique is that it gives YOU the ability to create, organize and manage ANY type of Information that you want to easily have access to.

  • NO Predefined prefabricated database with specified fields that limit you to what type of information you can input. With Data Manager Pro YOU can add what type of Information you want to manage.

  • Other Information Managers require you to fill out details that are pre-defined and Limit you to the information you can input.

  • Data Manager Pro Allows You to Create your own categories.

  • Create Your own Features within each category to organize and manage the type of information that you want and need.

  • Add/Edit/View/Delete and even instantly Modify categories and features you create.

  • Incredibly Powerful Search Function that enables you to seek and find your data by any field or feature you create.

  • Easily move Category Features from one Category to another.

No Longer are you at the mercy of only being able to enter data specified by a program.

Have You Ever Purchased a Product and Later Needed Proof of Purchase, A Transaction ID or Receipt No. 

Or worse - Have you ever came across a product and thought to yourself, this looks familiar, I might already have it or something similar. With Data Manager Pro - You can even create a database of ALL your purchased or downloaded Products with The Information YOU Want Managed. Even Add to it at any time. YOU get to specify what type of Information you want to Manage and have available 24/7 with a click of a button.

Data Manager Pro Lets You Manage and Organize Any Information You Feel is Vital to Your Business... 

Here are just a Few Examples. The Possibilities of what you want are endless:




-- Inventory Database -- Debt Management Database -- Income Expenses --
-- Fitness Logs Database -- Telephone Logs Database --

Articles -- Create a database the allows you to save vital information regarding Your Articles and where you've added them or submitted them to. Know exactly which domains you are showing a specific article on. 

Ezines -- Create a database the allows you to save vital information regarding ezines and where you purchased ads, how many subscribers they have, what the rate for advertising is. Favorite Ezines. Manage your own lists of ezines and Any Information that you want to go along with them.

Newsletters -- Have a database that allows you to save vital information regarding your newsletters, or newsletters that you belong to. List Important newsletters and even store specific details of information that pertains to each newsletter for future reference.

Recipe Database -- Have A database that allows you organize information about all your Recipes, Favorite Breakfast Lunch and Dinner recipes, and even recipe swap details.

Auto-Responder Accounts -- Create a database that allows you to organize and manage the different types of Auto Responders that you have. Even have access to what messages are being delivered on what days from your own auto-responders.

Adswap Database -- Have A database that allows you organize information about all your ads, your links, and even articles and ads that you swap with others.

Products Database -- Keep track of all the products you purchase and download. Store information regarding the creator of the product, the price of the product, URL location where you purchased it from. Even file locations so that you never loose track where you download it to. (One of the Biggest Headaches for Everyone is locating where they just downloaded something to. This alone will save you hours a day).

Personal or Business Contacts -- Never be without that important phone number or address. If you are traveling and find you need a phone number. The Internet is accessible just about anywhere around the world.

-- Affiliate Program Details -- Auto Surf Program Details -- Forum Details --
-- Auction Details -- Adword Details --

Whether its Personal or A Business related to Accounting, Real-estate, Marketing, or ANY specific Niche or Service. YOU Name it. Information that you want to Manage and Organize can easily be at your finger tips.

Success comes to those who can manage their time according to their priorities.

Are you willing to establish a more organized living, to use your time wisely, and to start doing things now rather than the day before it becomes chaotic?

If you are just starting out in Business, the day will come when the information you have at hand will be so overwhelming. Some call this Information Overload. If you are not organized, Your hours will turn into days.

With Data Manager Pro you will discover the True Power of Information Management. The ability to access vital information at the click of a button will be at your command.

The Possibilities are Unlimited!


 Requirements and Set Up Details
  • Linux/Unix Server with PHP and MySQL

  • The Ability to Upload Files to Server.

  • Included - Database Setup Instructions for Beginners needing help setting
    up a Database

  • Free Installation Available but it's really to easy to install, but nonetheless
    it's available.

  • Support for any Questions, comments or Concerns:

  • May Be Installed onto as many domains as you like as long as you own them.

Detailed Instruction Manual and also a How to Video Included

Pre Made Categories and Features Module in case you want to use what I've already set up. (Without my own Information added of course).

Similar Programs would cost you Monthly Fees. Other Management Systems allows you to only fill in the details in fields which they specify. Grab a copy of DataManagerPro Now and
Keep track of the things you want and need. 

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Best of Everything!

S. Kumar