"The Problem!
 We'd Developed A Software Program That Can Be Used In So Many Different Ways To Generate Income And Build Lists We Just Didn't Know What To Call It...  We Decided On PROFIT GADGET!"

You Can Use It To Create:

Secure Web Based Software
Viral Multimedia Tools
Cool Learning Applications
Quick Membership Sites,
Time Limited Products,
Password Protected Sites,
 Super Affiliate Promotions
'Live' eBooks . . .

. . . And Much More 

The Only Restrictions Is Your Imagination! . . . .

From: S. Kumar

Dear Marketing Professional,

Are you looking for a great way to create instant software applications you can sell or distribute to your customers in double quick time?

If the idea of creating software fills you with dread worry no more - because today's your lucky day, you're going to love Profit Gadget . . .

. . . In the next few minutes you'll be able to create brand new software applications with absolutely ZERO coding skills, you don't need 'recipes' or any kind of technical knowledge at all . . .

 . . . It's almost criminal how fast you can create products with this . . . If you can point and click a mouse you can create hundreds of great applications and start raking in huge profits!

For example you can create:  Password protected membership sites, Live ebooks, directory / resource software, multimedia presentations and much more . . .

What Profit Gadget does is securely wrap web pages, and allows you to present them as downloadable software. 

These can be your own pages, maybe with training materials for your subscribers, products that you recommend as an affiliate or even web based online scripts.

Tip:  Want to become a 'Super-Affiliate' then start using Profit Gadget to create free distributable applications that promote your affiliate links - It's easy!

Profit Gadget is a desktop based application that can be used to generate 'web based' software fast! 

With it's easy to use interface you can create any number of applications in seconds - here's are just a few examples:

  Directories / Resource based software.

  Password Protected / Date Expiring Access to Membership Sites.

  'Live' Ebooks (Update the content without your customers having to download again)

  Viral Multimedia Applications.  (Great for Audio and Video distribution)

  Super Effective Affiliate Promotion tools.

  Download Access Programs.

Basically ANYTHING that involves sending someone to a web page - Your options are almost endless.

Profit Gadget Is Super Configurable:

  Password Protect Your Software.
  Set Expiry Dates (and choose a redirect URL after expiry).
  Add A Splash Page To Your Software (and set Width & Height).
  Include An Exit Pop Page.
  Create Custom 'About' Boxes.
  Add As Many URL's Into The Software As You Wish (Creates A Page Menu).
  Set The Main Width & Height Of Your Application
  Enable/Disable Page Right Click (Use to hide source code and prevent copying)
  Enable/Disable Scroll Bars (Or select which to have)
  Add your own Header Graphic Into The Application
  Include Your Own Icon With The Application.

Profit Gadget Software - Here's How It Works:

The Easy Way To Create Brand New Software Is Here!

And Now You Can Fully Master It In 13 Minutes. . .

Want to spend hours studying some boring training manual trying to work out how best to use Profit Gadget?  Thought Not :)

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Video Tutorial Guide:

Everything You Need To Know In 13 Minutes:  We've created an easy to follow flash based video that shows you exactly, step by step, how to create your own brand new software products.  You'll even receive a copy of the software that's created in the video to take a closer look.

Be A Profit Gadget Guru In Just 13 Minutes Flat!



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To Your Success

S. Kumar