Discover The Way To Automatically Track The Progress Of Any Website Promotional Effort With Site Page Tracker... Guaranteed!

If you're like me, the long road to ranking high in the search engines can get discouraging at times. Checking web hits is not a good indication of initial progress toward promoting a new site.

I submitted a unique article to over 200 article directories last week only to get a few hits to my site. Sound familiar? I'm in it for the long haul, but it's still tough to hang in there when all I can track are web hits and keyword ranking.

Number of Pages Indexed and Number of Backlinks are ANY TIME better stats to measure, especially at the beginning of a site's life.

But up until now, these stats have only been accessible manually or five functions deep into some high-priced complicated SEO software.

That's all changed!

Click on the following picture to view how easy Site Page Tracker is to set up and access:

Track Add Your Link Pages
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Site Page Tracker uses a PHP script to accomplish its magic. Setup is a snap, and as you can see from the picture above, your stats are saved each time the software runs. You can even copy & paste into a spreadsheet to chart your data.

Site Page Tracker installs on your own domain and can track as many domains as desired from a single installation. Daily updates can be forwarded to you by email automatically.

In addition to pages and backlink stats, you can also track how many times your articles have been published. Simply enter the unique article title or author to start tracking.

Finally, let me share with you what one person recently wrote me after using Site Page Tracker for the first time to track his add link success:

" Thank you so much for one of the handiest monitoring tools I've ever used. Certainly one of the easiest.

It's great to get DAILY EMAILS telling me how many backlinks I've gained or lost for my sites in each of the big 3 search engines.

But what I've especially appreciated lately (now that I am into article marketing in a bigger way) is to be able to see how many ARTICLE listings of mine are "out there".

When I'm writing the article, I check Google to be sure to give each article a unique title -- then enter that title into Site Page Tracker and follow its progress day by day. It's neat to have the option to toggle between either seeing the current totals for each article OR the day-by-day figures.

A mighty handy piece of kit.

Recommended without reservation. "

Gary Harvey


" I installed Site Tracker and must say I love it! Your instruction videos were so very easy to use. I usually have problems with most of the software I try to install as I am not a webmaster but want to learn everything about everything so I give it all a try. Yours was by far one of the easiest to get up and running and start getting some valid results. I love the feature where you can click on the indexed pages and go right to the search engine page with your listing. I must say I am totally impressed. "

Elsie L. Roach


" Chris, your Site Page Tracker Rocks! In just two minutes I was able to tell exactly which articles have the most back-links, which article submission service was working best for me and which titles attracted the most buzz around my business. Even better - I can tell which of my thousands of online pages are indexed well and even found some excellent "hidden" super affiliates that I am now working with to really pump up sales. Your tool is so simple to use, but powerful - I haven't seen anything like it before. Thanks, "

Jeff Smith


This Site Page Tracker PHP script is delivered to you online, immediately.


Here is Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied with the Site Page Tracker, simply ask for your money back within 8 full weeks of your purchase. I guarantee 100% of your money back with no questions asked. It's that simple.

You can begin receiving encouraging web stats immediately after you order. You'll have 8 full weeks to use and benefit from Site Page Tracker and still get a refund if you don't like it. So go ahead and click the order link below and get started.


System Requirements: The script is PHP, so most web hosts will already support it. If not, we can recommend a host that does support this for you.


After using Site Page Tracker for a week or so, Sam Knoll copied me on an email he sent to a relative recommending Site Page Tracker. He gave me permission to paste part of his email below. Here is what he had to say:

" I bought it, and have found it both useful and very easy to use. It comes with great customer service, and I love getting the daily (I could reset this to weekly or whatever) reports that are automatically sent each night giving me an up-to-date report on my progress with getting pages indexed and getting backlinks.

The automated reporting involves setting up a cron job, which can be a bit intimidating, but Chris Crompton (the publisher) gives the most easy-to-use instructions for setting this up that I've ever seen. "

Sam Knoll


And here is what many oridanary folks like you and me had to say

" I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your new product - Site Page Tracker. First of all, it's an absolute breeze to install and setup, and then you just sit back and watch the results come in! I haven't seen a more useful piece of software in quite some time. This is a must have product for anyone trying to get traffic to their site. Congratulations on a Job Well Done!! "

Ben Poston
Poston Publications


" I have been reviewing SitePageTracker for several days now and I like it more each day. It works incredibly fast and gives me lots of valuable information. Before using SitePageTracker I have never known how many backlinks I had in the search engines and how well my articles where doing. By the way: I had the idea to track my competitors pages too, so that even gives me more valuable information. You created to fantastic tool that anyone who is interested in SEO absolutely must have! Thank you very much! "

Joerg Hillebrand


" Even though some tools provide some of the same info, the "set it and forget it" nature of Site Page Tracker can't be beat. Simply keep your list of article titles and domain names up to date as you submit new articles or build new sites and you're good to go. It's like having a personal assistant email me status reports on my sites and article submissions every single day. That's absolute must-have info for anyone with numerous sites or lots of article submissions out there. "

Kenton Newby


" Chris I've been using your Site Page Tracker since version 1 and I thought you were crazy to sell it for that price, or perhaps I should say give it away for that price. You're moving through new and improved versions faster then I can keep up and the speed and visual improvements not to mention user features all for the same ridiculously low price is amazing.

I've personally emailed you noting problems I saw with an upgrade expecting to hear back from you the next day with a reply and instead heard back from you with in minutes and shortly there after you had me trying a fix you had! A person would never see such customer service from the big boys. The other thing that separates you from the rest is that your open to new suggestions to improve Site Page Tracker which you've shown in current versions and I'm sure I'll see others getting added in future versions.

The other thing I like about SPT is the fact I can track tons of my sites (I have over a hundred) linking progress from a single interface which means I can view my stats from any computer anywhere not just from home where I have a piece of software installed like I've had to do in the past with other peoples more expensive software. Keep up the good work Chris; you're making the big boys look silly and greedy.


Stephen C. Dayton "


" Very nifty. I had a small problem on installation, but you cleared this up very quickly. Wish everyone provided customer service like you do!

I then tested the software with approximately 20 websites, and the results were back in several heartbeats.

I like this program! "

Sam Knoll

Note: The quick script upload instructions have been updated based on Sam's feedback.