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77 Different Types Of Hot Riveting Unblockable PopUp Creators & Squeeze Page Generators That Lets You Create All Types Of Stunning Unblockable PopUps & Squeeze Pages To Boost Your Opt-In Email List By 224% And More...!

An Incredible Collection Of PopUp Creators And Squeeze Page Generators, Comes With Master Resale Rights....

 Use Them Yourself Or Sell Them
 For Massive Profits !


Dear Profit Conscious Webmaster ,

Why do successful website owners continue to use PopUps and Squeeze Pages even ten years later?

Go to any successful website and you will find unblockable PopUps in one form or other! Sliding, gilding, spinning, dissolving all around you.... Or, you will find Stunning squeeze pages with audios and videos demanding your attention asking for your email and name.

Your NAME & EMAIL are the most important data that an online marketer needs to have. His future business depends upon this information.

And every online marketer worth his salt knows that the money is in the list. Proved over and over again, over the years even in 2012! Period.

email marketing proof

email marketing proof
Courtesy - Foresee.com

The picture is very clear! Most consumers prefers to receive sales offers by email than any other media!

As you look ahead to your marketing promotions for the new year, make sure email marketing tops your list. It is a proven, effective and easy marketing tool that works!

The facts below proves that most of the top marketers have given priority to email marketing in 2012!


Here is even more proof for seriously considering email marketing and building an explosive list! Just take a look at this latest Emarketer.com research findings.

The above research findings conclusively proves that,

  1. 58% of the email users subscribe to receive discounts and special offers!

  2. 39% of the email users subscribe to take part in a specific promotions!

That's enough of a revelation. There is enough money in email marketing and you just need to have an opt-in list to do that!

But the most important question is,

But how do you get your first opt-in subscriber? And then how do you take it to a level of 10,000+ subscribers fast and furious?

With today's new generation PopUp Tools & Squeeze Page Generators available to you,  it's easy to build a responsive list in 1000's super fast!... within no time!

In fact, these list building tools are quite pleasing in an unobtrusive way, cannot be blocked, are charming and amusing to the visitor.

Introducing The BEST Of
PopUp, PopIn & Squeeze Page Solutions!
All In One Shot!


!-Latest Release-!

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"Intelligent Squeeze Page Software Creates Squeeze Pages That Use A Simple But Proven Layout!"

Unique Feature: The generated Squeeze Page can detect if a user has previously entered their details and if so you can forward them direct to a pitch page, etc


Ezy Exit Pop

!-Latest Release-!

  Personal Rights Worth $19.95

"A Lovely Piece Of Software That Generates Those Fantastic Lightbox Exit Pop-Ups!"

These are different. When the user moves their mouse outside the main browser window (as if to close or change address) an attractive window appears in the browser

It does not actually stop them leaving or changing but it captures attention and often grabs you a lead you would have lost otherwise.


Wordpress Easy Opt-In Generator

!-Latest Release-!

  Resale Rights Worth $19.95
(Comes With Excellent Installation Instructions)


"It Takes Just 3 Minutes To Add A Squeeze Page With Full Products In Place And An Upsell Range To Your Blog!"

You Think You could do it? If you 'YES' It's Probably Because You Already Have A Copy Of 'Easy Wordpress Opt-In Generator!.

Click Here For More Info On - WP Easy Opt-In Generator


Customized Ticker Generator

!-Latest Release-!

  Resale Rights Worth $19.95
(Comes With Excellent Installation Video Instructions)


"How To Show Any RSS Feed In A Scrolling Ticker On Any Site And Attract Immediate Attention Of Your Site Visitors!"

The New Attention Grabbing Technology To Provide Stickiness On Your Website ...


Chat Pop Box

 Put This Attention Grabbing Technology To Use For YOUR Websites Today!!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $16.95


"Brand New Technology Put's Your Click Through Rate On BLAST! You Are The FIRST To See It! Never Seen Software!"

A simple to use tool designed to increase sales and leads from ANY webpage by effectively attracting people's attention through a Facebook Look-A-Like chat window!...

Click Here For More Info On - Chat Pop Box


 Bring Your Lead Capture Popups to Life Quickly and Easily!!

Video Pop-In

!-Latest Release-!

  Private Label Rights Worth $67


"How To Instantly Turn Your Old Static Pages Into Lead Capturing, Sales Driving, Attention-Grabbing Magnets To Stuff In More Subscribers & Sales!!"

This new software will bring new life to your web pages to increase your opt-in rate, improve your sales conversions, and keep visitors on your site longer...

Click Here For More Info On - Video Pop-In


iFrame Generator

!-Latest Release-!

  Resale Rights Worth $19.95
(Comes With Excellent Installation Video Instructions)


"How To Create A Styles iFrame And Insert a 'Mini Window' Anywhere With Any Content On Your Website!"

Draw The Attention Of Your Site Visitors To Your Opt-In forms, special offers and free downloads ...


Collapsible Content Maker

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $27 (Comes With Excellent Installation Video Instructions)


"How To Create A Collapsible Content Box That Is Initially Collapsed When The Site Loads And Then Expands When The User Click!"

Create A Collapsible Content Box For Your Website In A Couple Of Clicks!!..

Click Here For More Info On - Collapsible Content Maker


15 Minute Lead Generator Script

 Use it on any page you want to capture your prospects information!!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $67


"How To Create A Responsive Lead Capture Page within 15 Minutes & Triple Your Sales With Your Next Product Launch!"

Build a list of JV Partners! Build a list of known purchasers who want to be notified of new releases!..

Click Here For More Info On - 15 Minute Lead Generator Script


WP Optin Form Plugin

 You no longer have to rely on placing your autoresponder opt-in forms as widgets in your Wordpress side bar. Now you can put them where your visitors will actually see them, at the beginning of your blog posts!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $9.97


"Use The WPOptinForm Plugin To Build Your List With Every Post To Your Wordpress Blog!"

Displays An Autoresponder Opt-In Form At The Beginning Of Your Latest Blog Post, Or Every Post If You Want..

Click Here For More Info On - WP Optin Form Plugin


Exit Offer Creator

 Did you know that on an average.... 95% or more of your visitors are leaving, going somewhere else to make their purchases & filling someone else's pockets full of their money!!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $17

Watch The Video Here

"No More Worries.... Today You�re Getting COMPLETE ACCESS to the Ultimate Tool that Helps Suck in Extra Opt-ins, Increase Conversions by 200% to 300% and Make Your Sites as Sticky as Flypaper!"

This is NOT an irritating script that is enabled if your visitor accidentally move his cursor outside the active window�!

Click Here For More Info & LIVE DEMO On - Exit Offer Creator


Teaser Video Opt-In Pages Creator

 Three marketing legends are using teaser video opt-in pages to build their lists and create profit pulling empires. And now you can too!!

!-Latest Release-!

  Private Label Rights Worth $49.97
(Comes With Excellent Installation Video Instructions)

Watch The Video Here

"Steal the Secret Strategy of the 25.9 Million Dollar Men --Frank Kern, John Reese, and Jeff Walker"

Teaser Video Opt-in Page is a web page that appears to have a playable video. But when you click "play"... you're prompted to provide your email address before the video can be viewed!

Click Here For More Info On - Teaser Video Opt-In Pages


Fancy Opt-In Form Generator

 Specify the parameters and paste your form code in and you have a custom web form!

Fancy Opt-In Form Generator

!-Latest Release-!

  Web Value Worth $9.97


"How To Easily Create An Opt In Form Box To Your Specifications Using Your Own Custom header And/or footer, Color, Font Or Text With A Few Mouse Clicks!"


Responsive Email
Marketing Video Series

 - Email Marketing Is As HOT As It Used to Be A Few Years Back, But Your Competition Is Now More and Stronger. Find Out How to Still Be the #1 Attention Winner In Your Customers Inbox! -

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $47

"Are You Ready to Discover Three Hidden Secrets to Write Super-Responsive, Profit-Pulling Emails and Triple Your Sales?"

  1. Why Writing Responsive Emails Determines your list success [5 mts & 38 secs]

  2. Brainstorming [4 mts & 22 secs]

  3. Different types of Promo Emails You Can Write [6 mts & 18 secs]

  4. Avoid these when writing your promo emails [5 mts & 56 secs]

  5. Importance Of A Good Email Subject Line [10 mts & 14 secs]

  6. How to Format your Emails For Easier Reading [3 mts & 34 secs]

  7. Importance of a good Email Body [5 mts & 20 secs]

  8. How to get your readers to take action [5 mts]

More Info On Responsive Email Marketing Videos


Modal Popup Maker

 Amazing Pop-Over Technology To Make Sure Your Offers Grab The Attention of Your Visitors!

Modal Popup Maker

!-Latest Release-!

  Web Value Worth $27

Article Merge Software User Guide


"Turbo-Charge Your Sales and Skyrocket The Size of Your Email Lists With Simple Point and Click Instant Popover Generation Tool!"

Quickly Create "Unstoppable Pop-Ups" With A Few Clicks of Your Mouse To Ensure Your Offers Get Read!

Click Here For More Info On - Modal Popup Maker


Super Sign-Up System

 The complete hands-off system to build your opt-in list...including top quality products to give away!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $29.97

"Supercharge Your Sign-Up Rate, Build A Massive I.M. Niche List in Record time & Make An Easy $97 In The Process...With Just One Squeeze Page System!"

You will be giving away quality information products on popular topics that others could quite easily charge for. Doing this will place you as an expert in the field of multiple internet marketing related subjects whilst showing your subscriber that you provide REAL value to them!

Click Here For More Info On - Super Sign-Up System


Slide Up FX Script

 A Novel Script to Produce Customizable Slide-Up Ads!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $47


"Here's a New, Breakthrough Way to Increase Your Opt-ins by 5, 10, 25% Watch Your Sales Skyrocket � Without Doing any Programming!"

It�s unheard of, but it�s really possible with this new product that�s easy to use and installs in seconds - No technical skills are required!...

Click Here For More Info On - Slide Up FX

WP List Pro

 Instantly Transform Any Wordpress Blog Into A Stealth List Building MACHINE!!

Wordpress List Pro

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $27


"Now You Can Tap Into The Most Powerful And Hands Free Way Of Putting Your List Building Efforts Into Automatic Overdrive!"

WP List Pro is a Wordpress plugin that acts as an invisible list builder which collects the name and email address of everyone who comments on your blog and subscribes them to YOUR autoresponder! ...

Click Here For More Info On -WP List Pro

20 New Video Opt-in Templates

 Twenty stunning video Opt-In templates where you ONLY have to plug-in your video code and Autoreponder code!!-

!-Latest Release-!

  Private Label Rights Worth $27

"Get Your Visitor To Join Your List By Using The Four Most Popular Tactics On Call!"

  1. 5 Free Course Video Opt-In Templates In 5 Different Colors. 

  2. 5 Free Gift Video Opt-In Templates In 5 Different Colors.

  3. 5 Free Membership Video Opt-In Templates In 5 Different Colors.

  4. 5 Free Report Video Opt-In Templates In 5 Different Colors.

  5. All comes with editable .psd files

  6. Comprehensive User's Guide Included


IM Popup

 - And do it in just a few simple steps - even if you don't know a single line of HTML code!! -

Im popup

!-Latest Release-!

  User Rights Worth $27

Click Here To Watch The Video
Watch The Video

"Demand Your Visitors' Attention, Tap Into Missed Sales, And Practically Force Your Prospects To See Your Message With The Latest Cutting-Edge Technology...IM Popup!"

  1. Quickly and Easily Create Unblockable Popups with 20 Built-In Ready-to-Go Templates

  2. Create Delayed Popups for Maximum Effect

  3. Deploy "Exit Pops" to Grab Attention Before Visitors Leave for Good

  4. Embed Affiliate Links Directly Into Popups

  5. Fade-Out the Page Behind the Popup ("LightBox Effect")

  6. No Monthly Fees - You Own the Software!

  7. Comprehensive User's Guide Included

More Info On IM Popup


WP Contact Pro


!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $27


"The Most Powerful And Easy Way To Put Your List Building Efforts On High Speed!"

Capture the names and Emails of people who contact you on your blog!


John Hostler's 10 IR Squeeze Pages

 An easy way to squeeze more profit out of your exit traffic... Guaranteed!

!-Latest Release-!

  Private Lablel Rights Worth $27


"Includes 10 Highly customizable Squeeze Page Templates From The Master - John Hostler. Good For Collecting Leads And Saves Time Compared To Writing Your Own And Format Your Squeeze Pages Yourself From Scratch"

Set of 10 neat squeeze page templates. Comes with PLR Rights and install instructions, resell package and resell graphics.


How To Build Your List For BIG Profits

 77 tactics to build your opt-in list even if you are just starting out!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $27


"77 Extremely Powerful Tactics You Can Use To Build A Responsive Big List For Big Profits...!"

Bullet pointed list building techniques to amass an awesome big opt-in list.

More Info On How To Build Your List For BIG Profits


 An easy way to squeeze more profit out of your exit traffic... Guaranteed!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $27

"How To Instantly Create Urgency In Your Opt-In Campaigns And Boost Up Your Subscription Rates By 300%!"

This is the MUST HAVE tool if you want to motivate subscribers to take action and join your mailing list, upcoming tele-seminars, memberships or even if you just want to test the effectiveness of each opt-in page you have.

More Info On Opt-In Motivator

Click Here To Watch The Video
Watch The Video


Psychic Popups

 An easy way to squeeze more profit out of your exit traffic... Guaranteed!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $17

"New DESKTOP SOFTWARE That Works Directly From Your PC, Predicts The Very Moment Someone Tries To Leave Your Website & Stops Them Dead In Their Tracks With A Profit Pulling Unblockable Psychic Popup"

More Info On Psychic Popups

Click Here To Watch The Video
Watch The Video


Traffic Converter Pro

 Applying This Instant 30 Second Change Will Instantly Increase The Profits Of Any Website... Guaranteed!

unblockable popup generators

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $27


"New Technology Predicts The Very Moment Someone Try's To Leave Your Website & Stops Them Dead In Their Tracks With A Profit Pulling Unblockable Exit Popup!"

Traffic Converter Pro is a little 'exit traffic salesmen'. As soon as they get a sense someone is about to abandon your site they jump into action!

More Info On Traffic Convertor Pro
With Live Demo

Page Peel Ads

 It pulls down in a smooth animation, like peeling the page down to reveal the whole ad while not effecting the normal operation of the website!

page peel ads - unblockable popups

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $37


"A Great Hidden PopUp Marketing Tool That Lets Your Visitors Peel Down From The Right Corner Of Your Web Page, Revealing A Hint Of Something Behind Like Your Special Discount!!"

A Cool Unobtrusive Way To Make Your Site Visitor Creatively Focus On Your Current Offer!


You Can't Block This

 Increase Your Opt In Rates By A Towering 319% With Popups!

unblockable popup generator

!-Latest Release-!

  Resale Rights Worth $27


"Grab The Latest Three-In-One Unblockable Popup Generator Technology That re-enforces Your Messages In The "No Block Zone"!

Lets You Create Unblockable PopUps That Are Astoundingly Attention Grabbing And Scream Out "You Can't Block This...

  1. Create PopUps On Exit That Can't Be Stopped.

  2. Create Unblockable Normal Popups.

  3. Create Peel Ads That unfolds from the corner.

Pop-In Generator

 If you own a website it's time you start thinking and aiming for 0% annoying/online intrusion advertising and shift towards more pleasing pop-ins. The closer you can get to the 0% the more successful your advertising will be...

  Master Resale Rights Worth $297


Skyrocket Sales, Conversions, Sign-Ups to Your List(s) and Click-Through Rate Utilizing Powerful, User-friendly, Unobtrusive and Unblockable Attractive Multi-Shaped Pop-Ins!!

More Info On Pop-In Generator

Check All Pop-In Generator Effects


Squeeze Page Manager

 You could very well be leaving money on the table... when visitors peruse your salespage and leave without sharing their email details with you.

!-Latest Release-!

  User Rights Worth $49


"Never Fear! The Simplest, Fool-Proof System For Generating More Sales, Subscribers And Profits For Any Product Or Affiliate Program You Are Promoting Is Here!"

  1. Create an unlimited amount of squeeze pages

  2. View how many people visited your squeeze pages.

  3. See how many people subscribed to your pages.

  4. View the unique visitors to subscribers conversion ratios for each squeeze page.

  5. View past months statistics

  6. Personalize the after page (ie sales letter) with the subscriber's first name, last name, email address and up to 5 optional fields that you can customize (very powerful!).

  7. And much more..

More Info On Squeeze Page Manager


Ultimate Exit Popup

 Today it is harder work and more expensive than ever to get traffic to your site. It makes sense then to take steps to turn as many visitors as possible into prospects if not confirmed buyers... before they can leave to buy from someone else!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $27


"Why Let Over 95% Of Your Visitors Leave Your Site Without Spending A Single Dime... When There Is A Tool That Will Stop Them In Their Tracks And Suck Them Right Back In?"

  1. A REAL Exit Popup�
    Immune to ALL popup blockers�

  2. Shows up ONLY when your visitors hit their back button or try to close your sales page�

  3. Not an irritating script that is enabled if they accidentally move their cursor outside the active window�

  4. Dynamically serves up any page, form etc. you want to show behind the popup (can you say upsell, downsell, audio, video, live chat or just about anything else you can think of!?) �

More Info On Ultimate Exit PopUp


Pop Up Machine

 Do You Realize You Could Be Losing An Amazing 80% Of Your Sales, and Opt-In Subscribers Because Of ISP and Toolbar Popup Blockers?

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $97


"What If There Was A Way To Avoid Popup Blockers, Start Generating More Income, and Increase Your Email Opt-In Lists That's Simple and Easy?.."

  1. Create PopUps On Exit That Can't Be Stopped. Popups today are blocked 80% of the time by popup blockers.

  2. Internet Service Providers are taking action against popups.

  3. If your popups are being blocked, you're losing a vital stream of revenue.

More Info On Pop Up Machine


Note Pops

Unstoppable note pop ups that draw attention like a 10 ton magnet!

!-Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $297

"If you've been waiting for an opportunity to create a monthly income without spending dozens of hours on creating content, writing, or updating a product, this is exactly what you've been looking for!"

You can use Note Pops for your own use, you may sell it for a one time profit or start a membership site that gives you a recurring income!

More Info On Note Pops


Exist Survey Pro

 Save months of split testing & let your prospects tell you exactly what will make them buy NOW!

!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $97


Discover How Your 'Exit Traffic' Can Tell You Exactly How To Increase Your Sales, Get More Subscribers, & Explode Your Profits... Literally Overnight!!

Finally, a reliable way to cash in on your 'abandonment traffic'...

Exit Survey Pro deploys an unblockable pop up survey whenever someone leaves your site without buying or opting in to your list.

More Info On Exit Survey Pro

No Stopin' This Popin

 The best popup building software to hit the scene. But these are not simply popups. These are absolutely attention grabbing , cannot be ignored, opt in snatching popups like you've never seen before!
unblockable popups
!-Latest Release-!

  Master Resale Rights Worth $27


"Discover The Latest In Unblockable Popup Technology That Squarely Puts Your Messages In Front Of Your Visitors And Increases Your Opt In Rates By An Amazing 319% With Popups That Are Absolutely Attention Grabbing And Scream Out Your

No Stoppin' This Popin - is so easy to use that it doesn't even require installation! Simply click on the file and it opens up, ready to use!

More Info On No Stopin' This Popin


Graphical Opt-In Box Collection

 "Ready To Go" Graphical Opt-In Boxes!!

!-Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27

"Introducing... a Fast, Easy Way to Increase Your Opt-In List By Grabbing The Attention of Your Visitors With Elegant and Classy Graphical Opt-In Boxes!"

With all of these great graphics and templates it's easy for anyone to create HIGHLY effective squeeze / lead capture pages FAST& EASY!!

More Info On Graphical Opt-In Box



Video Opt-In Graphics

!-Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27


"Suck More Subscribers Into Your Lists... Like You Owned The Worlds Most Powerful Vaccum Cleaner!!"

A package of professionally designed graphic templates, specifically designed to grab the eyeballs of your visitors and get them to watch your video!

 "Ready To Go" Video Opt-In Graphics!!

More Info On Video Opt-In Graphics

4 Video Squeeze Pages

!-Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27


"4 Professionally Done New Video Squeeze Pages To Increase Your Opt-In Rate!"


 "Ready To Go" Video Squeeze Graphics!!

More Info On 4 Video Squeeze Pages

John Hostler's Squeeze Page
Video Tutorial

 If you've never seen the genius copywriter John Hostler at work, then prepared to be awestruck.

!-Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27

"Does Your Squeeze Page Suck? Does It Perform Like Clark Kent With A Kryptonite G-String ........? Let The Master ACTUALLY SHOW You How To Create An Explosion Of Sign-Ups!"


 Discover how one of the best copywriters around, John Hostler, creates his own and clients squeeze pages.

More Info On Squeeze Page Video Tutorial


35 New Video Squeeze Templates Web 2.0

 Video Squeeze Pages Are Rapidly Replacing "Regular" Text Based Squeeze Pages!

Video Squeezepage Templates
!-Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.97

A Set Of Powerful Templates Will Draw Your Visitors' Eyeballs to Your Opt-In Video Like A Lightning Bolt to a Lightning Rod!

5 New Video Squeeze Templates In 7 Web 2.0 Colors For a Total of 35 Stunning Video Squeeze Templates!

Click Here For More Info On
Video Squeeze Templates Web 2.0


Impact Graphics Squeeze Pages Web 2.0

!-Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27


Dazzle Your Visitors With UNIQUE And MEMORABLE Web 2.0 Sales Squeeze Pages That is Guaranteed To Boost Your Opt-in-Rate!

An Amazing Collection Of Superbly Designed Squeeze Page Ready To Use!

Click Here For More Info On Impact Graphics

Aweber Marketing Tips

 Stay one step ahead of your competitors and start earning huge profits in a matter of days!

Aweber Marketing Tips

!-Latest Release-!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $16


Inform Hundreds Of People About Your Business With A Single Click. Enjoy A Global Reach. Make Your Product Or Brand A Household Name. You Can Do All With The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Initiatives For Your Business!

Click Here For More Info On Aweber Marketing Tips

Squeeze Pages For Newbies - PLR

 - Don't waste time with a lot of researching and writing for your next list-building project - instead just use this ready-made... Squeeze Pages For Newbies Report!

Squeeze Pages For Newbies

!-Latest Release-!

  Private Label Rights Worth $19.97

"How To Get Targeted Opt-Ins Using The 'Squeeze Pages For Newbies' Report & Squeeze Page - Now Available With Private Label Rights!"

  1. Introduction...

  2. Squeeze Page Systems...

  3. Before Getting Started...

  4. Planning Your Theme...

  5. Writing Squeeze Pages That

  6. Convert Visitors Into Subscribers...

  7. How to Increase Your Conversions...

  8. Getting Targeted Traffic to Your Squeeze Page!

More Info On Squeeze Pages For Newbies - PLR


Sizzling Web 2.0 Squeeze Page Templates With PSD.

!-Latest Release-!

 Web Value Worth $27


Stunning Squeeze Pages That Your Visitor Just Cannot Leave Without Willingly Opt-In!

A Fantastic Collection Of Super Squeeze Pages With PSD that you can modify to Suite Your Needs!

Click Here For More Info On Web 2.0 Squeeze Pages


Seen Enough?

PayPal Users


!- 15 More Super Bonus PopUp Creators With Master Resale Rights -!

Squeeze Buzz Generator

Here's the Secret Code Generator to Growing Your Opt-In List Fast and Filled With Laser Targeted Prospects!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $37

More Info On Squeeze Buzz


"Discover How This Awesome Squeeze Page Generator Will Help Crank Out Squeeze Pages On Instant Demand & Build You A Huge List!"

  • Create unlimited amount of squeeze pages customized according to your marketing needs with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Allows you to choose between 3 different high-converting templates with three background colors
  • Enables you to enter meta tags conveniently for our Search Engine Optimization purposes
  • Enter your autoresponder codes directly into the designated field
  • Add images or audios/videos to your squeeze pages using normal HTML tags (so your squeeze pages will be interactive!)
  • Convert your squeeze pages directly into HTML files or place it on the clipboard so you can paste it in your HTML editor for further editing

Impact PopUP Creator



 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

More Info On Impact PopUP
(With Live Examples)


"This is the latest in PopUp technology and are unblockable. You can use Impact PopUps to highlight:

1.Your Product's Most Important Feature - Highlight it in a popup and make that impact!
2. Special Discounts Or Promotions - Highlight your special promotions!
Contest & Sweepstakes Announcements - Who doesn't want to be a winner?
4. Product Updates - Displaying an "updated last week" message will skyrocket your sales.
5. Reminders - Inform your prospects that a new product is coming, or that a sale is ending so they'd better act fast!
6. Opt-in List Building - Tell your visitors about a free gift and your list will grow by leaps and bounds.
7. Up Selling & Cross Selling - Include an Impact PopUp on your thank you page and grab your buyers while their credit card is still on the table!
8. Affiliate Product Promotion - Let your prospects know about new product launches the minute they get to your site.


Desk Top Pop

Relax Now There's A Way To Guarantee Your Messages Get Seen By 100% of Your Subscribers Every Time!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.95

More Info On Desk Top Pop

"Here's just a few of the ways you can use 'DeskTop Pop':

  • Newsletters - Guaranteed delivery of every issue of your newsletter -- no more accidental filtering or blocking of the e-mail version by ISPs and filtering software!
  • Special Offer Alerts - Your prospects get instant notification of all your latest special offers!
  • Backend Promoter - Strike up affiliate partnerships and promote them through 'DeskTop Pop'.
  • Affiliate Updater/Motivator - Inform your affiliate's of your new promotional material and products. Keep them up to date with their affiliate stats and motivate them to make YOU more money!
  • Membership Site's - Run your membership site through 'DeskTop Pop', now your members will always know as soon as you add new content.
  • Product Updates - Inform your customers of the latest updates to your products so they can get instant access without even opening their browser or email program!
  • Download Area - Have your website download area contained within 'DeskTop Pop' so you can bring people back to your offers long after they download your freebies!
  • And many, many more! The possibilities are endless.

Opt-In Buzz Generator

 Master Resale Rights Worth $37

More Info On Opt-In Buzz


"Discover How This Magic Optin Form Software Can Help Boost Your Subscriber Opt Ins Magically By At Least 200%" 

What This Amazing Software Does:

  • Allows your subscribers to receive their rewards INSTANTLY without having to go to another page
  • Increases your optins magically by at least 200% and satisfy your prospects immediately
  • Personalize your sales letter and address your prospects by name
  • Boost your response rates by at least 30%
  • Add images, videos, audios or anything else that can be possibly be placed on a website as a thank you message after they opt in
  • Works with almost all of the main autoresponder services (such as Aweber, GetResponse and EmailAces)

Magic Button Creator

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

More Info On Magic Button Creator
(With Live Examples)

"Magic Button quickly generates attention grabbing, moving buttons or simple fixed text messages such as 'Order Now!"

Now the real beauty is that Magic Button can't be closed down by your visitor or it cannot be blocked. You can use your Magic Button to open a new window or even send you an email - the potential uses are limited only by your imagination.

What Magic Button does is act like an attentive store assistant - always close at hand ready to assist your visitor when the time is right.

Don't let visitors hunt for your most important links, your order link, your subscribe link or your affiliate links - capture their interest, stir their imagination and make them click.

Float-In Window Generator

Automatically Create UnBlockable Float-In Windows By Just Pushing A Button to Instantly Insert Your own "Float-IN Windows" Into The HTML code of Any of your Web Pages In Less Than Two Minutes. These 'Next Generation PopUps' are simply unstoppable and unblockable!!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $39.97

More Info On Floating-Windows Generator
(With Live Examples)


  • Your Ads Float In Smoothly From Any Direction You Choose (Top, Right, Left Or Bottom).
  • You Can Set Your Float-Ins to Appear Instantly, Or Delay Them (In Seconds) to Appear At Any Time You Choose.
  • You Can Set The Speed At Which Your Float-In Windows Move Into View (In Pixels Per Second.)
  • You Control Exactly Where Your Float-In Windows Land On Your WebPages Using Simple To Understand X/Y Plotting Coordinates.
  • You'll Reduce Visitor Annoyance By Setting How Many Times Your Float-In Windows Will Appear To Each Visitor. Once Every Hour Up To Once Per Day.
  • You Can Even Use Multiple "Float-In Windows" On A Single Webpage.
  • Excellent tool for boosting sales, affiliate commissions, subscriber rates. Boosting whatever else you want your website visitors to do.

Spinning PopUp Generator

Spinning Popup Generator - Unblockable Popups!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

More Info On Spinning PopUp
(With Live Examples)


"A Spinning Popup gets your visitor's instant and full attention as it grows from nothing into Full Size in an amazing and spectacular spinning motion."

Spinning Popups are powered by a little-known "secret" built-in feature of Internet Explorer browsers (version 5.5 or greater) that allows you to create spectacular spinning motions with any type of HTML content.

,Very few developers are even aware of the existence of this amazing feature, but you can now reap the benefits of this relatively unknown discovery without having any programming knowledge whatsoever...all of the coding is done for you automatically...

Squeeze Page Form Generator

Easily create PERSONALIZED message copy by collecting information from the customer and using his name throughout the course of your sales letter!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $97

More Info On Squeeze Page Generator


"Personalization coupled with Persistence are the two key elements of marketing excellence!"

  • Utilize the power of these two Ps to boosting your sales beyond recognition and collecting literally thousands of opt-in email addresses
  • Simply collect the customer's name and integrate it into the sales letter for a hard-hitting sell and Speak directly to the visitor.
  • Play with different fonts, headers, borders, widths, colors etc
  • Display the text you want on buttons and headers
  • Set which download site to direct your customers to once they buy your product
  • Incorporate your current Autoresponder to run your opt-in email address collector automatically!
  • Insert the collected personal details throughout your sales letter to pinpoint individual traits, likes and dislikes and use them to close the sale, without having to figure out the codes yourself!
  • And so much more..

Fly In Ads Creator

 Master Resale Rights Worth $89.50

More Info On Fly-In Ads Creator


"Fly-in Ads Creator - Automated Prospect capture."

Fly-in Ads Creator is a friendly, "layer" that is not blocked by pop-up blockers. It has such captivating effectiveness that it closes sales for you and skyrockets your subscription rate!

  • Product Source Files Included
  • Salespages Included
  • Image Source Files Included

Scroll Windows Creator

Bob Bastian's Scroll Windows Creator

 Master Resale Rights Worth $47

More Info On Scroll Windows Creator
(With Live Examples)


"Scroll Window is a popup-style window that launch whenever a visitor scrolls past any location on the page of your choice"

With Scroll Windows Creator you can create NOT just one, but TEN different types of scroll windows:

  • Cover Windows

  • Dialog Windows

  • Popup Windows

  • Full Windows

  • Confirm Windows

  • Subscribe Windows

  • Mail Windows

  • Bookmark Windows

  • Home Page Windows

  • Alert Windows

Click Magnet Ad Generator

 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.97

More Info On Click Magnet
(With Live Examples)


"Place unobtrusive ads on you website with ease. And your Click Magnet ad stays with your visitor as they scroll down the page."

  • You can craft Text or Image popups and link to any page or site.
  • You have the power to make the Ad appear on upper left, upper right, lower left or lower right of your web page. You can control the size too! Make it big, small or tiny.
  • Add special effects to your text! Be it 3 Dimension, Glow or Plain Text. You can even change the color of your text ad!
  • Easily test your Ad. See how your ads look and the layout before you put it on your site. You can improve up on it until you are satisfied with the outcome.
  • 5 Minute Design Process. Easily design your Ad. Just fill in the blanks and your ad is ready!

Sonic Opt-In Code Generator

Here's the Secret Code Generator to Growing Your Opt-In List Fast and Filled With Laser Targeted Prospects!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $38.50

More Info On Sonic Opt-In


"Sonic Opt-In does something really cool. It increase your conversions as well as make your list grow faster!"
  • 4 steps to create your opt-in!
  • Include audio in your opt-in page with a special control. Choose auto start or manual start.
  • Special bullet editor allows you to include as many as you like!
  • People who have already opted in are taken automatically to your sales page. No getting stuck behind the opt-in page again!
  • Prospect can be taken to a special page targeted exactly to their interests.
  • Depending on the prospects answers, subscribe them to different autoresponders. Create sub-niche lists with ease!
  • Personalize your sales page. when you use the prospect's first name in your copy it increases conversions.
  • Built-in HTML templates or create your own.
  • Even works without an autoresponder account for people who are just interested in the personalization feature.

Magic Subscriber

Magic Subscriber
 Master Resale Rights Worth $29.95

More Info On Magic Subscriber
(With Live Examples)

"You can use MagicSubscriber™ on unlimited websites: With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can consistently, predictably generate a steady stream of targeted traffic and leads."

It's effortless: Whenever someone visits your site, MagicSubscriber™ automatically GRABS your visitor's name and email address from their Microsoft Outlook® email program and sends it to you... or feeds it to your mailing list/follow-up software/autoresponder

It's 100% compatible: Add instant email-capture to any mailing list or autoresponder service. MagicSubscriber is guaranteed 100% compatible with any system you're using right now.

It's flexible: You have advanced control over the pop-up message and when/how often your automatic capture box should appear. i.e.( instantly, time delay, on entry, on exit or both! etc.)


MsAgent Java Script Editor

MsAgent Javascript Editor

 Master Resale Rights Worth $39.95

More Info On Magic Subscriber
(With Live Examples)

"Prepare to be Amazed at the response you get from your visitors! Take an ordinary webpage and bring it to life Instantly."

  • Show visitors what is important on your site.
  • Direct them to additional information about your product or service.
  • Greet them and ask them to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Show them how to download your latest software creation.
  • Tell them What to buy and How to do it!
  • The uses for this software are left to your imagination!

Squeeze Page Synergy

 Resale Rights Worth $37

More Info On Squeeze Synergy

"Discover How This Awesome Squeeze Page Generator Will Help Crank Out Squeeze Pages On Instant Demand & Build You A Huge Subscribers List!"

  • Create unlimited amount of squeeze pages customized according to your marketing needs with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Allows you to choose between 3 different high-converting templates with three background colors
  • Enables you to enter meta tags conveniently for our Search Engine Optimization purposes
  • Boosts your productivity greatly and allows you to accomplish so much more
  • Add images or audios/videos to your squeeze pages using normal HTML tags (so your squeeze pages will be interactive!)
  • Convert your squeeze pages directly into HTML files or place it on the clipboard so you can paste it in your HTML editor for further editing
  • And Much Much More!

 Your Three More Extra Bonus PopUps -!

InstaMAIL Generator

Web Value - $67

Important: This is NOT the usual mailto: tag!
Click Here For An Example

"InstaMAIL 'PopUps' offers you a brand new way to get your visitors' attention and invite them to subscribe to your ezine/autoresponder with a minimum of effort."

In brief, instaMAIL Generator will create a small script to include on your web page(s) that will automatically launch a 'subscribe' email message complete with the destination address(es), subject line and body text.

All your visitor has to do is click the 'Send' button in order to be instantly subscribed to your ezine /autoresponder. You can do this on entry, on exit or even on conditional exit!


Floating Email Sender

Web Value - $27

Click Here For An Example


"Description: This is a simple floating layer that always stays in view. Visitors can send you email by clicking on it. You could replicate this with any other suitable picture or advert."

Cookies can be set by user to prevent repeat viewings!


Subscriber Snatcher

 Master Resale Rights Worth $19.95

"Quickly create subscriber boosting download forms on your website, where users can come along, enter there name and email address and have an email sent to them containing their download link."

At the same time you'll also get an email with this persons email address.

A great tool for building up your mailing list!

Now you're going to need some cool freebies to use in conjunction with this software to start adding names to your list right away - These are some great products you can offer for free to your own visitors:

!- More Super Duper 16 Extra Bonuses -!

Niche Profit Formula

Wes Blaylock's Niche marketing tactics is one of the most highly recommended and endorsed roadmaps to niche marketing success online. Now you have the opportunity to join him and thousands of others by using incredible marketing tactics to explode your profits!

 Master Resale Rights Worth $49.97

More Info On Niche Magic Formula

Inside Niche Profit Formula, You'll Discover the Secrets of:

  • The absolute #1 best niche product to be selling right now on the internet and how you can find or create your own. Follow this concept and you will have NO competition.
  •  4 shocking ways that will show you exactly, step-by-step how to get YOUR OWN product in a minimal amount of time. As you read earlier, selling your own product is key to huge profits.
  • 3 sizzling sections on getting your own products without having to create them. Don't think you can write or create your own? No problem, use these three sections to create a product that will sell!
  • Learn 2 potent tactics to get your thought process exploding with profitable ideas. A simple concept for generating massive profitable ideas - at will, without even thinking about it!
  • How to know if your niche product will be hugely successful before you ever finish it. Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by following this strategy.
  • How to cure writers block in no time flat. You may think that once you sit down to write, nothing happens. Now you can kick writer's block where it counts and write like a mad man!
  • Don't think you have a product inside you that you can create? That's okay, Wes will show you how to create something to sell without any knowledge about anything.

 Confessions Of A Follow Up Marketing Geek

No matter what you're selling, very few prospects will buy on their first visit to any website - even if they have a defined interest, desire, or need for the product.

 Master Resale Rights Worth $27

More Info On Confessions Of A
Follow Up Marketing Geek




Depending on whose stats you read - as many as 80% of all website visitors will pass on making a purchase the first time around.

Maybe they want to "think about it" for awhile. Maybe they need to wait until payday. Maybe they aren't [yet] sure of your business credibility.

There are lots of reasons why a prospect won't buy right off the bat.

But the point is .... you need remind them about your product .... about the benefits of owning it .... about the solutions it offers to pressing problems.

You need to consistently follow up by email with each prospect until their objections are overcome and until your reminder arrives at a time when they are ready to make a buying decision.

Okay .... maybe you already know that.

After all, the concept of improving sales by way of follow up marketing is not one of those million-dollar guru secrets!


Operation: List Building Launcher

 Master Resale Rights $27


"How You Can Rake In Tons Of Hungry Buyers And Create A Recurring Income Like You Never Thought Possible!!"

No Matter What Niche You Are In You Can Use These Incredible Strategies To Build A List And Gain Thousands Of Targeted Subscribers!

Click Here For More Info On - Operation: List Building Launcher


Fabian Lim Confesses


This is a concise report where Paul Kleinmeulman shows how you can use the power of Google adsense into a sizable income with almost no work.

In his own words:

"I want to show you an absolutely true story that honestly blew my mind when a customer of mine showed me what he did with the Private Label Resell Rights within my Lawn Care Niche.

The reason it blew my mind was that it required very little effort to get
substantial results in a very small amount of time. It all started with this email to my previous customers, it went a little bit like this�"

Web Value $27.00

12 High Impact Squeeze Page Templates With PSD

 Private Label Rights $49.95

More Info On 12 High-Impact Squeeze Pages


"Grab Private Label Rights to...12 Professional Squeeze Pages Designed by the #1 Header Template Designer on the Internet, mw, for less than the price of a movie ticket."

Plus, As A Bonus, S Step-by-Step Video Tutorial mw showing You How You Can Easily Create Your Own Professional Squeeze Pages, Sell Them, Use Them and Keep them!

6 Amazing Squeeze Pages

 Private Label Rights $27

More Info On 6 Amazing ready-to-go Squeeze Pages


"Here's Your One-Time Chance To Grab 6 Amazing Squeeze Pages ...All Setup, Coded, and Ready For You To Upload To Your Websites!"

Introducing...The "Squeeze Pages Profit 6 Pack" - No Graphics Editing Required!

Squeeze Page Profits

 Master Resale Rights $27

More Info On Squeeze Page Profits


"Discover How To Craft Your Own Winning Opt-in Squeeze Page That Suck Subscribers Day in, Day Out!..."

Most people have no (or simply the slightest) ideal how to write a Squeeze Page that converts. Instead, they slop together elements that they have used in other Squeeze Pages - but usually do not put them together in the same way the owner of the successful Squeeze Page Did.

Email Marketing For Newbies

 Master Resale Rights $27

More Info On Email Marketing For Newbies


"Discover Secret Email Marketing Methods And Uncover How to Make An Absolute Killing With Email Marketing!"

It Takes Any Prospect You're Targeting An Average Of 7 Times Before They Finally "Tune In" To Your Sales Message... But It Can Take As Many As 13!

How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling Squeeze Pages

 Master Resale Rights $27

More Info On How To Write Lead Pulling Squeeze Pages

"Master The Skills Of Crafting Your Own Web Page That Sucks Fresh Leads & Subscribers Like A Vacuum... Without The OFF Switch!"
bullet Introduction to Squeeze Pages 6
bullet The Squeeze Page System 8
bullet What You Need Before Getting Started on Your Squeeze Page 10
bullet Planning Your Squeeze Page Theme 12
bullet How to Write a Squeeze Page that Converts 14
bullet Tips on Increasing Your Squeeze Page Conversion Rate 17
bullet Driving Targeted Traffic into Your Squeeze Page 19
bullet Finest Examples of Squeeze Pages 22
bullet Recommended Resources 25


Email Marketing Dynamo

 Master Resale Rights $27

More Info On Email Marketing Dynamo

"Are You Ready To Become An Email Marketing Dynamo? If You Are Not Concentrating On List Building, You Are Missing The Point That Matters Most!"

bullet Email Marketing, Discussed
bullet Three Types of Email Marketing
bullet How to Collect Email Addresses
bullet How to Generate the Emails
bullet How to Monitor the Results
bullet Tips and Tricks.
bullet And a lot more!


30 Amazing E-Mail Marketing Tactics

 "Instantly Get Access To 30 Amazing and Easy To Implement E-Mail Marketing Tactics...!...

Click Here For More Info On - 30 Amazing Email Marketing Tactics


"30 Amazing E-mail Marketing Tactics To Get More Subscribers, Increase Conversion Rates And Make Subscribers Happy!!"

Additionally, You Also Get:

bullet Master Resale Rights Worth $27.00
bullet Editable Website With Graphics
bullet Special Report In .PDF For Promotion
bullet Squeeze Page
bullet Editable Article In .DOC To Promote


Opt In Secrets Exposed

 Master Resale Rights $27

Click Here For More Info On - Opt In Secrets Exposed


"Explode Your Opt-In Rate With These Powerful Secrets To Creating Red Hot Offers That Your Visitors Can't Resist!!"

bullet How to create stunning squeeze pages that transforms visitors into responsive leads!
bullet Swipe a proven strategy to building irresistible incentive offers that triples your opt-in rate!
bullet Maximize your profits instantly without time consuming market research!)
bullet Use powerful 'triggers' to generate swarms of subscribers, instantly! (and how you can do it, too!)


Easy Video Squeeze System

 Resale Rights $47

More Info On Easy Video Squeeze System

"Finally, You Can Create Your Own Video Squeeze Page Templates Within Less Than 30 Minutes Starting Today! This Step By Step Video Series Is Nothing Like Anything Out There. Follow It And Start Raking In Cash In This High Demand Market."

bullet You'll learn Software You need and Understanding how it all works
bullet You'll understand the ImageReady features
bullet Action: Finding your video dimension and creating your template
bullet Putting it all together
bullet Understanding Slicing, How to Slice, and Optimize Your Pages
bullet Add Your Video and Finalize Your Webpage BONUS VIDEO: How to turn a Minisite template into a webpage

!- And The Two Extra Mega Super Bonus-!

Complete Autoresponder Guide - Video Lessons

 Value $37

More Info On Complete Autoresponder Guide - Video Lessons

"A complete video series that shows you everything from list setup to adding forms to writing an email sequence all the way to uploading your site!"

bullet How to create an autoresponder list
bullet How to create your autoresponder sequence
bullet How to create your opt in form
How to edit your website
bullet How to use CSS to make your opt in box pop!
bullet How to upload your website
bullet and lots more...


Aweber Unleashed!
15-Part Video Series

 Master Resale Rights $37

More Info On Aweber Unleashed Videos

"As An Aweber Subscriber, Are You Sure You Are Using The Service To Its FULLEST?...It's DOUBTFUL!"

bullet How To Create Targeted Lists That Brings You Profits Over & Over
bullet How To Create Opt-In Forms That Literally Sucks In Subscribers
bullet How to Broadcast Your Messages That Gets The Maximum Clicks
bullet How to Set Your Automated Follow-Up System The RIGHT Way For Maximum Impact
bullet How To Know If Your Marketing Is Effective Using Click-Tracking In Aweber
bullet How To Automatically Send Your Blog Entries To Your List Using Aweber
bullet ...Goes Up To "15 How To Aweber Tactics Videos" And a lot more!

Install An Autoresponder On Your Own Server
5-Part Video Series

 Value $27

More Info On Installing Your Own Autoresponder

"How To Install And Run An Autoreponder On Your Own Server!"

bullet How to install the free autoresponder script
bullet How to set up responders
bullet How to set up forms 
bullet How to use the back end processes
bullet How to set up the automation
bullet Easy to follow up with your leads
bullet Totally Automated
bullet Send broadcast offers to make even more money
bullet Easy to implement


Okay , I'm sure you'll agree that this is an AWESOME collection of 77 striking, riveting Unblockable PopUp Creators + Different Sets Of Graphic & Video Opt-In Squeeze Pages along with Some Sizzling Bonus Products.

Unlike some promotions where they claim the product is worth hundreds of dollars and the software thousands I believe all of the above indicated values are fair and accurate compared to the prices these type of items are being sold online for right now.  Some of these products could definitely be sold at higher prices and you could take anyone of them and start turning a profit in minutes.  If you want to spend time adding all of this up be my guest but you'll arrive at the following price.

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After all, it's your success I've been talking about!

S. Kumar
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Important Note: This crazy offer may close Today -. You do not have another day to ponder over! Time To Act Now!


Terms & Conditions:

Guarantees / Refunds:  This package does not come with a refund guarantee attached.  I know most people seeing this fully understand why I can't include a refund policy.  Once someone has downloaded these products I have no way of knowing what happens to them.  This offer isn't like a software program I need to guarantee that it will work.  It's a business opportunity for serious people - So I would urge anyone who thinks they may want a refund or needs some kind of guarantee with this to NOT buy the package and leave the license for someone else who will make money with it.

At $49.97 this has to be one of the best, if not the best investment you can make online.  You are getting valuable master rights products and private label rights and source code that you can use and sell how you wish but once you have accessed it then it is yours.  If this policy concerns you or that you genuinely feel $99.97.00 for everything on offer here is a 'risky' investment then again PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE!

Earnings disclaimer:  Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it's potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a �get rich scheme.�

Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

Materials in our product and our website may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995. Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events. You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as �anticipate,� �estimate,� �expect,� �project,� �intend,� �plan,� �believe,� and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential earnings or financial performance.

Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else's, in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from ours ideas and techniques in our material.



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