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Worthy Mention-16 Selected eBook Classics

It's a sad truth that many of the eBooks floating around are just not worth the money! 

However, there are some classic eBooks out there which should adorn the eBook-Shelf of every Online Marketer! We have included the very best ones for you to pursue! And be sure that it is 10 times worth the money spend.

All these authors are Not Armchair-theorists! On the contrary they are Solid Practitioners who make real income from the Internet. Which means you benefit from their practical and workable techniques. 

It would be wise to remember that good lunches does not come FREE! These eBooks do cost some money ...few of them are even expensive!

The Editor's Picks.


How To write And Publish Your Own OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable eBook In As Little As 7 days *New V.2.0*: Jim Edwards, the master of eBook publishing for the last 12 years has just released his classy 7 Day eBook V2.0 for 2012.
  • Identify a Target Market with laser-beam focus
  • Create an eBook idea that will sell
  • Write your eBook quickly and more effortlessly than you ever dared to dream possible
  • Get free editing services
  • Publish your eBook to sell through the web
  • Step-by-step How To Publish and Sell your eBook on "Amazon Kindle? the Web?s #1 eBook Retailer!"
  • Start marketing, selling and making money with your eBook online!

Jim Edwards, brings in his wealth of experience of over a decade in the eBook industry to this classic and updated master piece. Visit - 7 Day eBook V.2.0 2012


Easy Software Profits: Software is the single most product that sells maximum online. in fact, software produces millionaires in just a matter of few months.

Here's how you can start, build and run your own successful software empire without knowing the first thing about programming, scripting or any 'Coder Stuff!'. Visit -Easy Software Profits


Dreams Not For Sale: Did you ever wish that for once someone would filter away all of the hype and the fluff about what works online and what doesn't, so that you could REALLY make some decent online profits?

Tahir Shaw does exactly that! It's one of the most down-to-earth and practical guides that you will come across to show you real PROVEN strategies to create online wealth. No hype - No Fluff... Just Strategies that work.. Visit -Dreams Not For Sale

Dreams Not For Sale - Internet Marketing Truths


Confessions Of A Lazy Super-Affiliate: This e-Book by Chris Rempel, teaches you to how to carefully select products if you are into affiliate marketing. You will also learn the various aspects of reading the sales page, judging the quality of the product before promoting and what commission you will earn realistically.

The step-by-step instructions reveals to you the secret of building quality long-term and extremely profitable niche sites for yourself. If you are serious about affiliate marketing as a way for income generation, get a copy of Confessions Of A Lazy Super-Affiliate.

Confessions Of A Lazy Super- Affiliate

Google Profits: Here's a brilliant work by Wade M. Winger, which reveals the secrets of combining the power of Google AdWords with the versatility of ClickBank to rake in huge online profits.

Every chapter is split into information and action sections. The information section will reveal to you specific secrets for each step in the Google Profits success formula. Then the action section will tell you how to use the information and forces you to take action so you can start making money as fast as possible. Visit Google Profits Here

Google Profits


Freelance Success Ebook: After all, freelancing is all about doing what you want to do, and being successful at it. From this eBook, you will learn the secrets of creating a successful freelancing business, learning how and what you need to get started, creating an effective workspace, using technology to develop your business and much more.

Strategies to help you to discover the special tips and tricks, which will help you during the beginning period of your freelancing career, allowing you to earn more contracts, fast, by avoiding common mistakes! Visit Freelance Success Ebook Here



Freelance Contracts In 48 Hours: Freelance Contracts in 48 Hours is a special guide for freelancers, with step-by-step, practical tools that will help them get contracts in as little as 48 hours!

Regardless of whether or not you have become an accomplished freelancer, or are interested in becoming one, the information revealed in here will substantially increase your odds to secure your success.

You would probably be shocked if you knew about all of the great freelancers out there, who are quietly making THOUSANDS of dollars each and every month, simply by exploiting their marketing secrets for obtaining fantastic contracts, fast. Visit Freelance Contracts
In 48 Hours Here


Software Requirements Unleashed: How would you like to be able to develop your own software, even if you've never programmed before?

Software is still the #1 selling digital product on the Internet. 

With the right knowledge, you can develop a successful software application that you can sell and keep 100% of the profit to yourself. 

And here's is a totally beginners guide that teaches you the process of software development, idea generation techniques, how to design your own software and deploy (sell) them

Verify It Here
Learn To Develop Your Own Software


How to Create Killer Mini-Sites that Sell Like Crazy! : This is a deep down dissection of the most successful mini sites on the web that are real cash cows!...that too with a one or two page simple sites! with a secret 9-Block Formula!

The Author Alpha del Bosque gives you exclusive access to his 9-block formula for creating killer mini sites that sell like crazy! Learn to create Killer Mini-Site!

(Please Note: This eBook is available from us at 50% Discount with 100% Resell Rights and with Mega Bonuses! Click Here Now!)


Profit Pulling eBooks: This is a step-by-step 81 page manual for creating eBooks that really do produce results. Extremely useful even if you are total novice.

The author Jimmy D Brown reveals his own closely guarded formulas as a super successful eBook writer and Marketer. The highlights being 8-step formula to develop eBooks and 8 screen shots that actually SHOW you how to create your own eBooks!. Learn to create your own eBooks Now!

(Please Note: This eBook is available from us with 400% additional Benefits and with 100% Resell Rights. Click Here Now!)


Ebook Secrets Exposed : Unlike many other eBooks written on "eBooks"...this one clearly stands out from the pack. The subject is dealt in detail and with deep insights rather than just dolling out what we already know.

This is essentially a tips book. Tips that are so valuable that the little investment you make on this will payoff at least 100 times more in the long run. Learn More about Ebook Secrets Exposed

How to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Internet Membership Web Site65% of Americans Pay for Online Content. US consumer online content spending will grow 10.4% this year, reports eMarketer.

The author Michael Rasmussen portrays the operation of a membership website from start-to-finish with step-by-step instructions. His detailed plan reveals exactly how to build a profitable web site from the ground up!... It even shows you what content people will pay for and where to find it. 

Owning a membership website is an excellent project to work on now and launch it this year. Learn More about 'Recurring Income Membership Web Site'.


Make Your Knowledge Sell : This is a classic by Dr.Ken Envoy. He teaches you step-by-step in a friendly style how you can bring out any knowledge residing in your head and heart and convert them into solid cash.

Soon you will learn to create your own money-spinning Info products without any Programming Knowledge...rather than trying to waste time and money on useless affiliate programs and in re-inventing the wheel. Learn More about Make your Knowledge Sell.


Make your site sell: Another classic by Dr.Ken Envoy. All the ingredients to make your site stand out from the rest of the flock are here. It goes even beyond! You will know exact secrets on making money from your site. 

One thing is Definite. You are sure to loose sleep after reading this Book! A world of opportunities and ideas which has not crossed your mind so far will begin flashing now. Download a Free Trial from www.sitesell.com 

Learn what's inside "Become a Global Home Business Pro ( Deluxe )!

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