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Finest Freelance Work Options

Do you want to be an Independent Consultant or Freelancer with World Wide reach?

Freelance jobs worth billions are online and millions more are being added everyday. To cut costs companies have shifted to outsourcing and freelance workers.

This opens up tremendous prospects for freelancers.

But the question is who is awarding what freelance work around the glob?

Many web services facilitates you to find freelance jobs and helps you to execute them. Here are some such quality (screened) freelance jobs resources.


 22 Recommended Freelance Work Markets


 Maggie Linder?s Freelance Profit Online Academy is another good resource that will help you to become a freelancer in 8 weeks.


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Recommended Freelance Job Sites: Here is a list of some top performing markets for freelancers and other contract professionals.  

  1. https://www.freelancer.com: This is a high-powered site, one of the reputed and in existence for over 10 years. The site looks simple! But behind it hides a massive machine. Everything that you ever need to become a successful freelancer is here. Sell your professional services worldwide, deliver them online and get paid for it.

    They connect over 19,566,499 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions and territories.

    Now if you are Entrepreneur, Frelancer is even better! You can outsource your coding, programming, promotional work and so forth to real professional at competent rates. Visit Freelancer Here.
    Free Registration.


  2. https://www.greatlance.com: Greatlance is free to join for both Buyers and Providers except, that the freelance worker will be charged 10% of the project Fee.

    Geatlance provides two types of Freelance Work Membership. Normal and Premium. Normal members pay the 10% of their Project fee o greatlance. Premium members only pay 10$ one time flat fee for a life time. Free Registration.
  3. https://www.project4hire.com: Project 4 Hire is a freelance job site where you post projects and get jobs done at competitive prices. As a freelancer, you will have access to a wide range of jobs that may befit your skills. Freelancers from all over the world can gain access.

    The freelance jobs can be in areas like website development and promotion, software and programming, writing, graphic design, business cards, ebook writing, database design, marketing, hardware support, sales, seo and so on. Free Registration.
  4. https://www.legitimateonlinejobs.com : LegitimateOnlineJobs.com is a paid freelance jobs membership site that provides each of its members with full access to the best, professionally reviewed, and totally verified online jobs. Both full time and part time jobs as well as contractual jobs are available.

    Job categories include accounting, design, content writing, consulting, editing, education, human resources, green jobs, food and beverage, sales, research, programming, project management, business, instructors, training etc.

    You?ll find over 2,000 screened and legitimate jobs in the database, so be sure to sign up today!

    This is a paid membership site of about $49/year and not free.
  5. https://www.freelancezone.com.sg: Freelance Zone is a freelance website based in Singapore. Basically meant for freelancers and companies in the South East Asia.

    Many types of jobs are available. For e.g. IT, media, consultation services, accounting, finance, engineering, medical, photography, writers, sales and marketing and more. Free Registration.
  6. https://www.homejobstop.com: This is a Very Good Resource for Tele-Commuting Jobs which you can sit at home and do from any part of the world. Not free.

    What ever your skill level may be, your unique talents are represented. Homejobstop offers bi-weekly Update Reports of the latest jobs, lifetime access to the highly maintained and diverse Job Bank in freelancing.

    The Job Bank is well maintained, properly screened and contains quality opportunities. A Good Resource For a Freelancer.

    This subscription site is meant only for serious people interested in worldwide freelancing. But the Pricing is extremely low at $12/ Year! and only $24 for a life time Membership. Visit Homejobstop.com Now!

  7. https://www.moneyandshopping.com: Big businesses need a way to capture the real experience of their average customers so that they can assure the best customer service. Not free.

    That is why they need secret shoppers - people just like you - who shop stores, restaurants, movie theaters, banks, apartment rentals and more. As a secret shopper, you act like an average customer but your real mission is to report on your experiences. You'll get paid to shop and eat!

    Becoming a secret shopper is a wonderful way to work part-time and MoneyandShopping.com can help you jump-start a career in secret shopping. This site is not free.

  8. https://www.surveyjunction.com: Marketing Service specializing in locating individuals from around the world who are motivated to work from home and to participate in high paying survey opportunities. They have nearly 200 of the worlds most elite Market Research Companies with them. Joining them is not free.

    Your detailed opinions have tremendous value to these companies as it directly influences the way companies develop products, services and policies to better meet the needs of consumers. This in turn helps the companies to reduces costs.

    Visit SurveyJunction.com to find out how you can even earn between $75 -$150 for participating in 30 to 60 minute panels and forums? 

  9. https://www.housecares.com: You can choose to become house sitter  yourself, help out people and make money too in the process. Register your  availability, preferences, location and wait to see if  there's a homeowner in your area who's desperate for  a little peace of mind. 

    The site provides exceptional service and is dedicated to the satisfaction of their members. The effective qualities of the site substantiate the claim, ?Peace Of Mind While You`re Away.? 

    Visit Housecares.com. Its a world Wide Service but not free.


  10. https://www.fiverr.com: You can post what tasks you are willing to do and buyers pay you $5 to do that task . Some examples of gigs on fiverr (as the posts are called by them). For e.g. I will write a short rap for you on whatever subject you would like for $5.

    Got the idea how Fiverr.com works! Ideally, you should be offering something creative that you can finish in 5 minutes and get paid $5 for the task.
  11. https://www.academia-research.com: Academia-Research is a freelance writing service company with a strong community of professional writers dedicated to studies, writing and research. You may join them if you are a professional writer.
  12. https://microworkers.com/: MicroWorkers facilitates you to do elementary odd jobs like posting links on blogs, facebook liking, uploading pictures and so forth. For apiece job you finish, you can earn from a cent to a dollar or more. Free to join.
  13. https://www.mturk.com: Run by Amazon.com. You do errands that do not need much of time investment but earn from 1 cent to $10 for each task completed.

    You don't make a lot of money here but if you require $50 to buy a book from Amazon, a few nights at mechanical turk will get you enough cash to pick it up. Free to join.
  14. https://onlineverdict.com: Lawyers or legal professionals will post a case summary and verdict questions for participants to answer. The participants who are jury eligible and match the demographics of the selected venue will then be emailed an invitation to review the case

    You need to answer them as a participant and get paid for it.

    (Note: You have to be a US citizen over 18 years old to participate).
  15. www.aspirelifestyles.com/: VIP Desk continually recruit and cultivate highly capable professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds to join their work-at-home virtual team.

    They provide Virtual Contact Center, Concierge Services, and Loyalty Programs. You can get jobs like phone operator, customer service representative, virtual receptionist and so forth.

    (Note: Yu have to be a US citizen and Canada to some extent).
  16. www.freelance.com: Free global resources for Freelancers specialized in IT, telecommunications, training and consulting.
  17. https://www.freelancebbs.com: Bulletin board helps you to find freelance jobs and opportunities in many different areas.
  18. https://www.kickstarter.com: Do you have a kickass project in your mind that needs funding? Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. It goes like this. You set a monetary goal with a dead line of 60-90 days for raising the money. You need to invest $50 for this.

    If you have a good idea that is communicated across well that can spread fast and wide, then you have access to a large group of people who can fund the project and who can provide the necessary encouragement.
  19. https://www.indiegogo.com: Have something you are passionate about? You can create a funding campaign to raise money quickly by tapping into your network of supporters and beyond. This trusted platform has helped to raise millions of dollars for over 25,000 campaigns, across 183 countries.

    The beauty with Indiegogo is that, it doesn't cost a dime to kick start your project
  20. https://www.odesk.com: Odesk is a great site to find freelance work on multiple areas like web designing programming, freelance writing, remote jobs such as telephone operators, back end office work and more of such freelance jobs.
  21. https://www.freelancer.com: Freelancer.com is a website that provides an online freelance job marketplace for freelance workers from around the world. Buyers (individuals or companies) who wish to outsource their work to providers (freelancers). Freelancers may be full or part time self-employed persons, or those who wish to make some extra money on an ad hoc basis.

    Once a buyer has selected a freelancer, they are each provided with the others contact details. It is up to the buyer and freelancer to mutually agree a timeframe for project completion and payment schedule. Free Registration.




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