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Best Affiliate Programs-Home Business Options


"Make money while you sleep!

"This will liberate you with an income of $100000/month!

Sounds familiar? This is the general pattern of many Ads that one comes across on the Internet. Is this all true? Well! It is Plain Nonsense. If some one tells you other wise, shoot him.

What Is A Best Affiliate Program

However there are some very good programs on the Internet. But what is a good affiliate program? The Four Programs mentioned here has these attributes,

  • High first-purchase commission on customers referred by you.
  • Life time commission on all future purchases done by the customer originally referred by you.
  • Commissions on sales generated by affiliates referred by you.
  • Free to join programs where companies will not ask up-front money from you.
  • Has high-demand info products or services.
  • Rapidly growing product line that enables you to sell more products.
  • Chance for ongoing education, training and learning opportunities.
  • Provides superb marketing tools to build business.
  • Provides personal support if required.

Expect to make anything above $5000/month from any where in the world with the programs mentioned below, if you master the techniques. But learning the tricks of the trade requires time, effort and money.

Online business lets you accomplish goals faster and much more easily. But it requires thought, planning, persistence and the ability to learn every day.

And finally...the ability to keep away from quick-rich corn artists.

One of the Finest Free Affiliate programs on the Internet is listed below. Start clicking on the links.


Site Build 

5 Pillar Program-Redefines Affiliateships : Heard of Dr.Ken Evoy?. His 5 pillar affiliate program was chosen as the best affiliate program on the Internet some time back. His eBook Make your site Sell is considered as the bible on Site-Marketing.

These guys too realized early that Web appropriate products are the best suited for Internet, developed classic info products, struck with it and made a resounding success of them. 

All products are fairly priced and offers good value to the buyer. They had 6 high-demand products last checked.

The affiliate package is superb. High commissions, life long commissions on repeat purchases, Team bonuses etc.

But the Best Part we think is the Affiliate-Club Website!  Join For Free and access it. Loaded with tools designed to make you think and be creative, the club is definitely a plus point. Unlike other affiliate training websites, this club literally forces you to create and do your own thing...even by a Newbie.

                        This Video Makes It More Clear...

 SiteSell Home:


The other resource in the club is a set of Free Downloads! Free tracking software and about 1000 pages of pure gold on web marketing which can cost you more than $100 if you were to buy this information from other sources.

Need less to say, you cannot rush through these courses once you download them. But once read will loose your sleep. You will suddenly begin to realize the awesome potential of selling on the Internet with Web Appropriate products.

And you will know what are Web Appropriate products.

Free to join, available world wide, you do not need a website to promote. Highly Recommended. Join  

PS: If HTML is over your head but you are still keen on building a theme based professional website all by yourself, consider You end up owning a professional site with no head aches experienced by a a far less cost.



A live examples of success

After you join for the above programs did you feel all of them are foreign and unyielding! Natural if you are new to Internet business. But the truth is...Cracking the Internet business secrets is just a matter of weeks if you really crave to be a success.

The real quality that you need is persistence and the willingness to be flexible! There are guys who built up Internet empires with no knowledge of technology and Internet.

You just read about one of them. Ken Evoy.

Ken Evoy is a Canadian Medical doctor who did not knew a thing about Internet...and ended up writing the Bible on Website selling, Make Your Site Sell. He did not stop there! Went ahead and Wrote 6 More eBooks!...all classics. 

What do these guys have in common.

  • Honesty...real Intellectual honesty

  • Purposefulness...never say die attitude

  • Willingness to sit and learn

  • Total commitment to customers and affiliates

  • Innovation

  • Genuinely sharing what they know with the 
    rest of us

  • And finally Web savvy


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