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Introducing Small Business CD-ROM ...

small business CD-ROMs, starting a small business,Small Business books, Small business guides

Discover the Amazing Techniques and "Dirty Little Tricks"
That will Help Boost Your Sales, Pile Up Profits
and Leave Your Competitors in the Dust

Running your own business or just planning to start one? Then learn to handle frustrating situations that could have been avoided before they turned into costly problems.

This CD-ROM contains a whopping 220 topics that cover almost any business situation you can think of. Equip yourself with scores of tricks, secrets and shortcuts to use at once

According to Dun & Bradstreet, 90% of all business failures analyzed can be traced to poor management. You will acquire the Know-How to do everything right the first time.

MSB is by far the most comprehensive and authoritative small business reference guide. It is packed with guides, forms, worksheets and checklists. You will be amazed at how simple these strategies and concepts are and how easy it will be for you to apply them to your own business or project.

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Here's  just a partial list of the 220 topics
included in the Course:

  • How to start a successful online business 

  • How to make money with reseller programs

  • How to get top search engine positioning 

  • How to promote your website 

  • Successful email marketing methods

  • Links to useful resources on the Net 

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Home Based Business

  • Home business: is it for you?

  • 5 Crucial things to consider before you start 

  • Planning a home based business 

  • Fundamentals of home business financial planning

  • Record keeping, taxes, insurance and permits 

  • Building the image of your home business 

  • Useful tips for home business success  

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Starting a Business

  • Basics of starting a small business 

  • How to determine the feasibility of your business idea  

  • Checklist for before going Into business 

  • How to develop a winning business plan 

  • How to plan and start a new business  

  • How to decide on the legal structure of your firm 

  • How to borrow money  

  • How to raise venture capital money  

  • How to find new products 

  • How to make money with your new idea or invention 

  • Essentials of patents 

  • How to select the right location for your business 

  • Checklist for entering into a partnership 

  • How to select a franchise business 

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Sales & Marketing

  • Marketing checklist-a must do! 

  • How to develop a winning marketing concept for your business

  • How to learn about your market

  • How to develop a results driven marketing plan 

  • How to perform a low cost market research 

  • How to create a results oriented marketing budget 

  • How to plan your advertising budget 

  • Planning a retail advertising program 

  • Writing effective marketing copy 

  • Deciding on the advertising media 

  • How to develop effective as well as cost effective advertising that get results 

  • How to evaluate your advertising results  

  • How to promote your business (43 Super-Slick idea list) 

  • How to find new customers 

  • How to expand your market (top strategies for growth and expansion)

  • How to take advantage of a market switch 

  • How to forecast your sales with new techniques 

  • The art of selling (most important) 

  • Publicity tips 

  • How to set the right prices 

  • Signs as a marketing tool 

  • How to sell on consignment 

  • How to sell by mail order 

  • How to sell through independent sales agents 

  • How to ensure that your products will produce maximum sales

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Financial Management

  • Key factors to successful financial management

  • How to read and understand financial statements

  • Financial ratio analysis 

  • Successful cash flow management  

  • Forecasting and obtaining capital 

  • Essentials of financial management planning

  • Understanding money sources 

  • Effective credit and collection methods  

  • Checklist for watching your profit 

  • How to reduce costs (average28-35%) 

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Personnel Management

  • How to develop an effective personnel system

  • How to hire the right employees 

  • Employee training and development 

  • How to build employee trust 

  • Productivity improvement 

  • How to effectively delegate work and responsibility (

  • Effective management of employee relations

  • How to set up an efficient pay system 

  • Effective supervisory practices 

  • How to use and apply positive discipline measures 

  • How to deal with employee grievances 

  • Communicating with your employees

  • How to manage employee benefits

  • Checklist for developing a training program 

  • How to effectively and economically use temporary help services

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Personal Skills

  • How to make the right decisions-7 step decision making formula that works!

  • How to be pointed toward profit 

  • How to handle stress the easy way 

  • How to solve problems 

  • How to be a better communicator 

  • How to effectively present plans and ideas 

  • How to make non-verbal communication work for you

  • How to write effectively 

  • How to improve your reading power

  • How to conduct successful meetings the easy way

  • Communicating effectively within the organization

  • How to prepare a winning resume

  • How to succeed in a job interview

  • How to lead and manage people-Get 200% out put!

  • How to improve your personal effectiveness 

  • Tips to improve your planning abilities 

  • How to develop yourself 

  • How to set and achieve goals

  • How to better manage yourself 

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General Management Issues

  • Boost your business performance through a management audit 

  • How to manage effectively 

  • How to develop a profit plan to increase profits by 64% 

  • Planning and goal setting made easy 

  • How to Implement a merchandise improvement program

  • Fundamentals of retail pricing, sales and markdowns

  • Successful retail advertising and promotion

  • How to develop a results driven strategic plan for your business 

  • How to eliminate hidden costs through simple inventory control

  • Risk management 

  • Business survival tips 

  • How to fix production mistakes

  • Checklist for managing a family business

  • How to balance family and business goals

  • Common problems in managing a family business - and how to solve them once and for all

  • How to prevent embezzlement

  • How to prevent employee pilferage

  • How to prevent burglary and robbery loss

  • Outwitting bad-check passers

  • How to prevent retail theft

  • How to set up a quality control system

  • Essentials of purchasing

  • The lease or buy decision 

  • How to maximize productivity in your firm

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But do you really need all this knowledge? You bet! A Military saying puts it this way,

Bleed more during peace so that you less bleed in war!
-A Military Principle

Free valuable bonuses (worth $500)

1.A Fully Featured Small Business Accounting software (Win95/98/Me 
- a $70 value).

2. Advanced Contact and Information Manager (Win95/98/Me - a $63 value).

3. An Easy to Use Project Management Software Program (Win95/98/Me - a $60 value).

4. Fast And Easy Program For Effective Forms Management (Win95/98/Me 
- a $60 value).

5. list of 5000 media contacts, including magazines, weekly newspapers, daily newspapers, radio and TV stations (a $120 value).

6. Bookmarks of essential small business resources on the Internet (a $50 value). 

7. A collection of 70 invaluable, ready-to-use business & legal forms (a $77 value).

That is a total value of $500 in free gifts, yours to keep regardless of whether or not you decide to keep the Course.

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